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    All Elite Wrestling

    That's why I'm hoping MJF gets it first and we use his title win as a way to prolong the feud with Cody into the summer. He's a surefire star for them, and the biggest obstacle he's currently facing is that he isn't featured enough. The bulk of their program so far has been Cody cutting promos and the occasional MJF focus, but again: Cody's on every week, and often takes up a quarter of the show.
  3. icemandave

    Australian Wrestling Association (AWA)

    All-Star Wrestling Episode 3 Eric Bischoff and “Handsome” Harley Race welcome us to All-Star Wrestling. Bischoff explains that the race for glory in the AWA heats up tonight with the fist of 2 ten-man battle royals, with the winners to meet for the AWA World Title at Super Show-Down Under. Race reminds us all that he is an 8 time former world champion, so no one knows better than he does how hard it is to win that belt, and he knows that every competitor tonight will do whatever it takes to win tonight and earn a shot at that championship. Bischoff also tells us that the first two matches in the World Tag Tea Title tournament will also be occurring. Race says he has also been a World Tag Team Champion, so he understands what type of teamwork is required to win that gold. Bischoff says “You’ve done it all, haven’t you?” Harley responds “That’s why I am the Emperor of the Ring Bischoff”. Jeff Jarrett beats Steve Lombardi after a cross body. Bischoff talked up Jarrett as the young lion, but Race said that youth normally equates to inexperience, and that usually leads to mistakes, and he sees nothing but mistakes in Jarrett’s approach to the ring. Craig DeGeorge is backstage with Ted DiBiase and “Cowboy” Bob Orton. DiBiase reminds us that “Every Man has their price for the Million Dollar Man”, and that tonight he intends to prove that when he wins the Battle Royal. He says that his plan has already been put into effect, and he guarantees he will be in the World Title Match. DeGeorge asks Orton if he intends to win the Battle Royal, and Orton tells Craig to stop trying to stir up trouble. He says he knows what his role is tonight, and that is to ensure Ted DiBiase takes the next step to Championship glory. Nikita Koloff pinned Barry Horowitz after the Russian Sickle. Bischoff says that Koloff would be one of the favourites to win next weeks second battle royal. Race said he does not agree. He says that big muscles does not equal a championship contender. Graig DeGeorge is with Paul Ellering and the Powers of Pain. Ellering says that he has formed together the greatest tag team the world has ever seen. He says they have the size, power and ability to dominate this business for many years. He also says that what sets these men apart from other wrestlers he has been associated with in the past is that they listen to everything he has to say, and put it into action. And next week they will implement the game plan he has developed to move one step closer to the AWA Tag Team Titles. Kokina w/Paul E Dangerously squashed SD Jones with a Banzai Splash in the corner. Bischoff said that Kokina will be difficult to eliminate in the Battle Royal next week. Race agreed with him, but said a smart wrestler, a true world championship contender, will find a way. Eric Bischoff is in the ring, and he is joined by Jake “The Snake” Roberts. Jake says that he has travelled the world, and is truly impressed by the hospitality shown to him by the Australian People. He said he truly feels at home her. He says maybe it is because Australia is home to 7 of the top 10 deadliest snakes in the world. But at the top of the list is Jake “The Snake” Robert. He said that he can see the prize, it is within his grasp. He says that this week he will sit back and watch 10 men battle it out for a shot at the World Title, and then next week he will step into the ring and prove how deadly he is when he beats 10 other men to earn his shot. Jake says that he will do whatever it takes, and he promises to slither his way to victory next week. The British Bulldogs beat The Young Stallions when Dynamite Kid pinned Jim Powers after a diving headbutt. The match started with some scientific exchanges, but the Stallions could not match the class of the Bulldogs, and were easily beaten. To their credit Powers and Roma shook hands with the Bulldogs after the match. Bischoff talks up the sportsmanship, but Race says it has no place in a wrestling ring, and that’s why the Stallions were not good enough. Craig DeGeorge is with Paul E Dangerously and the Samoan SWAT Team. Paul E says that tonight the Australian fans saw what Kokina can do in the ring, and now they will see just how good the rest of his family are when the SWAT team take care of Bad Company in the ring. The Samoan SWAT Team (Fatu & Samu) w/ Paul E Dangerously beat Bad Company (Brian Pillman and Bruce Hart) after Fatu pinned Pillman after a flying splash. This match was a lot more competitive than the last one. Pillman and Hart worked together, and Pillman’s aerial moves created headache’s for the Samoans. In the end a four-way brawl broke out, distracting the ref. This allowed Paul E to hit Pillman in the back of the head with his phone, and Fatu to come off the top rope. We get a montage of quick interviews with the competitors for the upcoming Battle Royal, with everyone saying they intend to win and then go on to become the AWA World Champion. “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase won the 10-man Battle Royal. The other competitors were Rick Martel, Terry Funk, Kerry Von Erich, Ron Garvin, “Cowboy” Bob Orton, Tom Zenk, Outback Jack, Jim Brunzell and Brian Blair. Bischoff pointed out that there are four former world champions in this match, and Race said that there was also a potential future world champion as well. Outback Jack was eliminated in the first 30 seconds by Orton and DiBiase, who then paired up to eliminate the Killer Bees. The rest of the competitors battled around the ring. Funk eliminated Garvin while Von Erich sent Zenk from the ring after a discuss punch. Funk then snuck up behind Martel and eliminated him as well, but Kerry then eliminated Funk. This left Von Erich, Orton and DiBiase. Von Erich battled both men, and rammed their heads together. Von Erich hit the discuss punch on DiBiase, who teetered on the brink of elimination. Von Erich then sent Orton over the top rope, and turned to stare down DiBiase. DiBaise offered Kerry money to eliminate himself, but Kerry said no. With his back turned, Orton snuck back in the ring and levelled Von Erich from behind, and then DiBiase threw him from the ring to win the match. Bischoff cried foul, complaining that Orton had interfered after being eliminated, but Race said that DiBiase told everyone before the match that he had a plan, and clearly his plan worked. Bischoff questions if DiBiase will be our next AWA World Champion, or whether the winner of next week’s battle royal will do so. Race says next week’s match could bring a challenger that even DiBiase’s money can’t buy off, or it could see one man become very rich in helping DiBiase become a world champion.
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  5. MoS

    WWE TV 03/30 - 04/05 Pau no cu do Bolsonaro

    I don't like worked shoot bullshit in my wrestling so that promo was never going to be for me anyway, but I really wish they would stop burying the current era while always talking about how the attitude era - and now I guess some parts of the ruthless aggression era - was the time things were actually good.
  6. MoS

    All Elite Wrestling

    Completely agreed with this. I wouldn't put the title on Omega because he has a title right now and I am guessing there are plans to introduce a 6-man title, but someone like Cody is a perfect fit. Him being on TV every week and really getting over the importance of the TNT title and how much it means to him is the best way to establish this title imo. Darby can be the guy who beats Cody to take the belt off him, finally getting a win over Cody after two attempts. That would mean more for the title and for Darby's career imo.
  7. Shrike02

    International House of Combat

    What about a link to the podcast?
  8. This is tecnicos vs. tecnicos. The best matchup of the primera is unsurprisingly the Atlantis-Texano chain wrestling interactions. The first tease of tempers flaring happens when Muñeco and Angel Azteca tumble outside of the ring. Blue Demon is as green as green paint here, yikes. Texano finally heels it up by punishing Atlantis’ leg and finishes him off with a Chicken wing armlock for the primera. Segunda starts with everybody on good terms and Angel hits an amazing flying arm drag on future rival El Dandy. Texano all over Atlantis’ arm and shoulder and both his partners follow suit. Finish comes when Antlantis catches El Dandy in La Atlantida for the submission as his partners pin the other two de facto rudos. Tercera starts off with an amazing Dandy bump off a monkey flip and the pace quickens for everybody. Muñeco almost misses a suicide dive on a scary moment. The finish naturally involves Atlantis and Texano, it’s a little anticlimactic in the sense that Atlantis doesn’t get his full revenge, just gets caught in a chicken wing again and submits. The teases here led nowhere, the whole match felt like it never got out of second gear but hey, who’s gonna complain when there’s great bumping and moves all around? Fun, middle of the road match ***1/4
  9. Join Kelly Nelson and Steve Wille (of "The Main Event" on PTBN Wrestling) for a new podcast adventure--an exploration of the wonderful world of historical international wrestling! Each episode will be a watch-along of matches from around the globe. For the debut, Kelly and Steve examine two contests... Wayne Bridges vs The Mississippi Mauler (England, 1981) & Al Hayes vs Guy Robin (France, 1957) YouTube playlist with the matches to watch along at home! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLV6RCTo_Cd0Bo314nxGlwPp-IfC14LctC
  10. sek69

    Dark Side of the Ring: Viceland docu-series

    The New Jack episode might as well been titled "how a guy can do at least three attempted murders and get away from it because wrestling". I will say Sandman was entertaining as hell, he was a great get to the show. Maybe it's other incidents clouding my judgement, but it was hilarious to see Jim Cornette being all "well by golly Jack just said whatever he wanted to and we couldn't do anything about it" when he was the guy in charge.
  11. I've been down on Balor's heel run so far because it's been a bore and have been waiting for something that he can sink his teeth into and now he's found it in Gargano. This is the best Balor has looked in a good while and his opponent played a huge part in it with Johnny Takeover himself. Balor being aggressive and impactful with everything he did on Gargano made me feel that he finally found his groove in this heel role. Gargano was his brilliant self as usual giving a fast paced exciting performance. What also made me love this was him toning down the melodrama.
  12. I'm always amazed when these two go at it tapping into their PWG roots and this banger was no different, while it's not on the level of their previous encounters this still ruled. They had a excellent flow of mixing bomb throwing and outstanding feats of athleticism that the crowd ate up. Both men also had the chance to shine showcasing of Lee's strength and giving Dijakovic big spots like the spiral tap and the somersault to Lee in the chair in defeat. Good edition to their series.
  13. NintendoLogic

    Under-the-radar wrestling book recommendations

    Serious as a heart attack, bubba.
  14. This was a crazy fast paced non stop action packed match and I lived every minute of it. Both teams showed amazing chemistry being fluid and crisp in everything they did like their double team moves. I must say Fenix is on another level with his high flying, so graceful and effortless. The closing sequence of the match was one of the best I've seen in a while and Page/Omega are giving the BroserWeights a run for their money for Tag Team Of The Year. Easily one of the best matches in Dynamite's short history.
  15. Tenese Sarwieh

    [2020-02-19-AEW-Dynamite] Cody Rhodes vs Wardlow (Cage)

    This was a awesome spectacle that achieved two of its major goals: get more heat on the Cody/MJF fued and hide the limitations of Wardlow. This match is also a great example of why Cody has become one of the best big match performers today. He does what he knows best and what he grew up watching, old school territory storytelling that bring great emotion reactions from the crowds. While limited Wardlow held up his part by looking menacing and displaying good power moves, it also did hurt that Cody bled like crazy and having him kick out of the crossrhodes to get him over. The finish was fantastic with Cody tapping into his inner Kurt Angle with the moonsalut off the cage, again a awesome spectacle.
  16. Tenese Sarwieh

    [2020-02-14-RevPro-High Stakes] Zack Sabre Jr vs Will Ospreay

    An excellent match between Sabre's technical wizardry against Ospreay athletic prowess that played heavily from their match from The New Beginning tours. Ospreay tried his damndest to not get caught in any submissions especially the modified triangle choke that put him away the first time. Sabre was just his brilliant self as usual trying to stretch Ospreay any way he can. Everything they hit was smoothly landed escalating into one of the greatest finishing sequences I've seen. This is a banger and for certain this is a MOTYC.
  17. A well done sprint with the classic story of the young upstart against the wily veteran being told. Yokosuka was great in his role of trying to ground the high flyer by focusing on his left leg and throwing some bombs in the process. Francesco had great facials and comeback spots working underneath showing the heart he had by not going down easily but he did go down with a brutal looking lariat. This match conveyed that Akria Francesco is on his way but this day wasn't his to win.
  18. It sucked that things fell apart for Mayu to have her match with Sareee but they found a great replacement in Takumi Iroha. This was an excellent affair with Iroha working on Iwatani's arm and shoulder. Everything Iroha did was crisp, clean, and stiff. Mayu was tremendous working underneath with her selling and showing great urgency in trying to get the win quickly as possible. The closing stretch was a thing of beauty of Takumi throwing every bomb she could and Mayu with a great comeback not staying down until she couldn't take anymore. Iroha coming out the victor was the right choice as it'll set up another match for Mayu's red belt, a MOTYC for sure.
  19. Tenese Sarwieh

    [2020-02-20-NJPW-New Japan Road] Shingo Takagi vs Tomohiro Ishii

    It's Ishii, it's Takagi you know what's going to happen here. This was an intense stiff brutal tough man battle to see which would be the last one standing that draws you in with every blow. Ishii has entered hof worker status delivering every single time for the past seven years. Takagi on the other hand is probably in the makings of having a midas touch year on the same vein of his 2015 title run in Dragon Gate.
  20. An intense battle with Kagetsu trying to finally best her trainer/mentor. She comes out in her old attire during her Sendai Girls tenure signaling that she wanted to go straight for her final match. This went back and forth with Satomura throwing on point brutal kicks in efforts to slow down her former pupil. As Satomura continued to gain steam Kagetsu had no choice but to spray her with that mist. The finishing stretch was amazing with each women kicking out of the other's finisher multiple times then finally it ends with Satomura hitting Scorpion Rising to put away her former student. Highly recommended watch to all and what a way to end your career for Kagetsu.
  21. C.S.

    Under-the-radar wrestling book recommendations

    Assuming you're serious, if that doesn't make it a must-read, nothing will.
  22. A great strong style battle with both men going all out. It started off going back and forth until Tanaka made his focus on Takeshita's right leg. This was vicious limb work escalating in Tanaka using the Sliding D with Takeshita's leg tied to the ropes, excellent spot. I know some had issues with the comeback with Takeshita not selling the leg enough but I'll chalk that up to the old classic line of "he's running on adrenaline". The finish was something with Tanaka hitting a Sliding D out of nowhere for the win, it's currently my move of the year. It's amazing that after all these years and all the punishment he has taken over the years Masato Tanaka at 47 is not only having a great 2020 but is still putting out quality performances. Konosuke Takeshita came out with the loss looking tough standing toe to toe with a respected puro veteran giving his all and battling back. Please find a way to watch this.
  23. SmartMark15

    Joseph Montecillo Video Essays

    On today's video, I look into one of the most famous US independent rivalries of all time between Bryan Danielson and Ngiel McGuinness. Also, a healthy serving of clips from Amadeus, my favorite movie of all time. he
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  25. There's two types of wrestling cheese. The good and the bad. An example of the good kind is Undertaker and Triple H having a stare down, whilst a cell lowers around them whilst Metallica plays. The bad kind is Shawn Michael's entire performance in this match. His GCSE drama level acting is distracting and takes away from the match big time. Every time he counts a near-fall, he flails around the place like a moron. 'Taker and Triple H drum up some classic Wrestlemania Moments™. The Sweet Chin Music to Pedigree spot made me think that Triple H is going to end the streak. They use all the bells and whistles they can to give this a big match feel and it works for the most part. The weapon spots, ref bumps and finisher kickouts, it's all here. The opening brawling might lack heat, but the storytelling and visuals (Trips tripping after the Undertaker sits up is a particular favourite of mine) make up for it. This isn't the masterpiece they were hoping for, but it's a bloated epic that every wrestling fan needs to see, even if they end up hating it. ★★★½
  26. SirEdger

    BTTF Rosters & Transactions

    WWF releases Mike Kelly and signs Sam Houston
  27. LowBlowPodcast

    BTTF Rosters & Transactions

    Paul Diamond and Pat Tanaka are leaving WCW to look for more stable work. Buzz Sawyer and Eddie Gilbert are coming in on a short term basis.
  28. Ricky Jackson

    Greatest year ever by a wrestler

    Well put. 100% agree. Being a huge Bret fan, that was such a fun time. I ordered all the main ppvs, watched Raw every week and was also live for Canadian Stampede. Total investment. So much so, I remember being very pissed off that (of all things) Bret didnt finally win PWI wrestler of the year. I dont think he even placed! And then of course it all came crashing down in Montreal and my fandom has never been that intense for one wrestler and one promotion ever again. Great, great year
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