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  2. Man do I miss seeing wrestling magazines on the rack. Can you imagine going through the magazine rack at a local bookstore today and seeing THAT? It would be so awesome. I think PWI still is running but it is so tame. I bought an issue a few years ago and it was so uninsteresting.
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  4. paul sosnowski

    Does anyone know what magazine issue this is?

    I don't have a clue who they are. The one on the bottom might be Jos Leduc?
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  6. spaldoni


    TNT drops Stan Stasiak and would like to pick up Gene Anderson as a manager.
  7. spaldoni


    TNT puts the Honkytonk Man and Jimmy Hart on the trade block. I can send both in a package deal for one wrestler in return. Also considering moving Tony Atlas. I would rather send him to another territory than watch him slide down the card here.
  8. spaldoni

    AWA World Class Wrestling

    You defiantly have Bock down LOL. Great promo. Barry Windham is a marked man as both Studd and the Grappler are coming after him. Islanders pick up a huge win over The Movement! Conway shows his power and orders a beat down. I bet Candy and Brown will be coming after him. Hickerson and Duncum are perfect as the Highwaymen. Nice job here. Damn what a main event! Saito looks double tough but Kevin shows how tough he is by making him submit. Kevin looks strong going into a match with Bock for the title. Cant wait for that blockbuster match.
  9. spaldoni

    AWA Pacific Wrestling

    Man, so much happening in Pacific! Roddy Piper returns! Rose has been taking every challenger down but now he must deal with a crazy Hot Rod! Love the team of Slater and Borne! Also like the Guerreros playing heels. It pays off as they capture the Golden State tag titles. Garvin wins the TV title and it looks like he will be a true fighting champ. Pacific is defiantly a place where you need friends.
  10. You know, it certainly could be. It's funny because when I first glanced at this cover, I thought it was two modern guys with all those tats. But I think this could be it. Thanks, friend.
  11. fakeplastictrees

    All Elite Wrestling

    Tony dedicated an entire WHW episode to his time in WWF. IIRC, he enjoyed and only really left due to money. There might have been some other factors, I can't remember at this time, but overall it was a positive experience for Tony. He also mentioned WWE has shown zero interest in him post WCW and if he was working for WWE he would like to work as an archivists/librarian.
  12. spaldoni

    AWA Worldwide Wrestling

    Great to see you back! Khan continues his path of destruction. Bob Roop gets credibility right away with a win over Pat Patterson Blair and Bart make such a unique team. Teaming together guys like this is what makes this game fun. Jr. tourney provides some exciting match ups. Magnum continues his hot streak with a win over the Body! Awesome feuds like Snuka/Backlund and Rougeaus/Samoans continue to keep the fire burning.
  13. paul sosnowski

    Does anyone know what magazine issue this is?

    This is from 1978, but there could be others that used the same phrase
  14. sek69

    Current Lucha Talk

    Also the CMLL edecanes dressed up as Liger for the main event intros, which also featured an awesome performance from a Japanese drummer.
  15. bkord123

    [2002-03-17-WWF-Wrestlemania X8] The Rock vs Hulk Hogan

    I just rewatched this match yesterday and man is it awesome. The crowd noise when Hogan kicks out of a move and Hulks up is off the charts. I get goosebumps. If I was in charge, and I heard that crowd going into the match, I would have put Hogan over with the leg. My god they badly wanted that.
  16. The Thread Killer

    All Elite Wrestling

    This. I've heard Tony Schiavone say in multiple interviews and podcasts that calling baseball is his main passion and #1 priority. I think he really likes Pro Wrestling, but he loves Baseball. I can't see him taking a gig that wouldn't allow him his summers off to work for the Braves Triple A team. Having said that - to quote Ted DiBiase, everybody has a price. I'm sure if Vince backed up the old Brinks truck, Tony would listen. However, if Bruce Prichard is to be believed (and that is a big if) Vince didn't even like Schaivone, Tony only got the job because Linda hired him and Vince was glad to see him go. Apparently, he was too "southern." So I can't see Vince paying Tony enough to get him to quit doing baseball when Vince didn't even like him to begin with. Then again, this is 2019. If you'd have told me a year ago that Bruce Prichard, Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff would all be working behind the scenes again in WWE, I would have laughed in your face. So anything is possible, I suppose. I can see Schaivone doing some sort of gig on the WWE Network that doesn't take up too much time. I've heard him say he'd love that kind of job. Moreover, if hiring Tony Schiavone meant we might get Michael Cole or Mauro Ranallo away from the microphone, then in the name of all that is good and decent, pay that man whatever he asks for.
  17. Boss Rock

    NJPW G1 Climax 2019

    Star ratings from last few days: Archer-KENTA **3/4 Disappointing match considering how much I liked the beginning with KENTA chopping Archer's legs out from underneath him. They moved on from this pretty quickly though and had a rather listless David vs. Goliath match with a few cool spots scattered about. But KENTA's LaBell Lock is better than Bryan's. EVIL-SANDA ***1/2 Pretty good match but the beginning was way too slow. I liked the psychology of both guys knowing each other so well with EVIL putting SANADA in a Paradise Lock and SANADA hitting EVIL with an Everything is EVIL. Okada-Fale *** Typical decent Okada-Fale match with the added twist of Fale attacking Okada before their entrances which I thought was clever. Okada mostly worked from the bottom and had to overcome outside interference. Perfectly fine but not on the level of their New Beginning match this year or the awesome Invasion Attack 2015 match. Fale just sucks. Okada continues to get his groove back against the folks who beat him last year with a decisive win and dropkick to send Fale packing. Tanahashi-Sabre **** Loved that they worked a sprint here with both guys in a must-win position struggling on the mat. Tana and Zack have such good chemistry together. Ospreay-Ibushi ****1/2 Match of the tournament contender and even better than their WK match. I liked the approach of both guys going after the other's injury, although the mat work went a bit too long for two guys who are known for fast-paced action. Wish Ibushi sold the leg more but Ospreay did a good job selling the neck. Incredibly dramatic finishing stretch that really put the ending in doubt even if Ibushi getting his first win was a given. Taichi-Shingo: **** The Taichi heat segment at the beginning wasn't great but this turned into an exciting, fast-paced match. I just don't get why Taichi needs to be able to withstand so much damage and kick out of a Last of Dragons. Still, another standout match for Shingo and a pretty good showing from Taichi. Cobb-Juice: ***1/4 Decent match where Juice surprisingly dominated the first half. Really like how Juice has more focus and intensity since the loss to Moxley. Cobb has his faults, but he's still fun to watch toss people around. Finishing stretch was good but still never quite took off. Yano-Jay: ***1/2 Another Yano special. He'll never have any MOTYC's, but he's always one of my favorite people to watch in this tournament. And holy crap was not expecting him to win! Glad he's been more of a spoiler this year than the last two. Naito-Goto: **** Really liked Goto attacking Naito from behind. It's one thing to say you've reinvented yourself, but you better show your work and Goto did here. Naito did a good job rallying back and working the leg. Some nice drama in the end that put the finish in question. Mox-Ishii ****1/2 Welp, this was as good as you'd expect. Ishii did a top rope splash through a table. Must watch and possibly the best match of the tournament. Ishii is the clear frontrunner for tournament MVP and Mox has continued to impress. Fale-Sabre ***1/2 Fale is usually a drag in this tournament but loved Zack's approach here. He knew he was in a must-win situation against a guy much bigger and stronger than him, so he immediately tried to go for the submission win. We got some interference from Jado and Chase, but it led to a pretty fun crowd brawl where Zack outsmarted Fale for the win. Tanahashi-Archer ***3/4 Haven't been as high on Archer's last two matches as most, but this was really good. Loved Tana's urgency by attacking Archer before the bell and Archer in turn nearly murdered him in retaliation. Really good David vs. Goliath match and further proof that Archer is capable of a good match. Tana is also still the man. EVIL-KENTA **** KENTA has acquitted himself well this tournament but thought he disappointed in the Archer match. And combined with EVIL's inconsistency, I wasn't expecting a good match here. But holy crap did they prove me wrong. KENTA was in perfect dickhead form, trying to wipe off EVIL's eyeliner and put it on himself. The crowd brawling was also really fun and didn't feel contrived. The finishing stretch had some really good, hard-hitting action. A definite sleeper hit. SANADA-Ibushi ****1/4 Don't think they quite topped the match they had last year, but this was really good. No real underlying story except two excellent athletes going fast and furious. SANADA continues to prove he can hang with the top stars in the ring. Ospreay-Okada ****1/4 Arguably the best match they've had against each other. Unfortunately, like their last two, it started off a bit too slowly. Okada is my favorite wrestler but I really wish he'd pick up the pace during these opening stretches. Still, liked how Okada wasn't afraid to go after Ospreay's neck and Ospreay in return hit him with the loudest chop I've ever heard. This became the fast-paced, reversal-heavy match you'd expect from these two with a few extra twists like Okada hitting the dropkick early and Ospreay hitting an Oscutter on the outside from the guardrail. I agree with Coffey that it got a bit overkill near the end, but I honestly though Ospreay might pull it off, so it definitely worked. Ospreay continuing to prove he's the best in the world when it comes to output this year. Great stuff.
  18. sek69

    Current Lucha Talk

    Real recognize real.
  19. World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy - Smackdown 8/28/09 Steel Cage Loser Leaves Town Match I am kinda surprised that this match does not get more play. It is a very high profile Free TV main event with high stakes. I liked doing the title change on PPV and following it up with a Loser Leaves Town Cage Match on Smackdown as it makes Smackdown must-see. They did a great job selling the attrition from the PPV. I am such a mark for pre-match beatdown to get that extra little bit of heat on the heel and sympathy for the babyface. A bandaged Punk hobbling down the ramp blasting Jeff from behind and throwing him into the cage was great. Once they get into the ring, Punk wants the bell rung quickly so he can immediately escape was great heeling. Jeff cut Punk off three and each time Punk cut off Jeff focusing on his back. I loved Hardy's offense in this match as he just hurling his body at Punk and going for broke. Whether it was a missed cross body or a the cross body that landed from the top or the Whisper in the Wind or the mid-match Swanton Bomb. It was all about throwing caution to the wind and just using his body as a weapon. Punk did great on his desperation saves to make it look like he had a chance of losing. Overall, I thought Punk did a much better job with character work in this match. The facial expressions of being so close were really good. He was heeling harder. He was almost out the door and saying he already won because his head was out was good. Punk was going for G2S, which he did not hit at Summerslam or here, which I liked. The first time was countered into a backslide with good heat on the nearfall. The Welcome to Chicago Backbreaker by Punk was a good nearfall. Punk attempted the G2S again, but was met with a Twist of Fate which put Jeff back in the driver's seat and Jeff went for the escape. This time we get the MASSIVE Superplex! Great climatic spot. It is a bit weird for the heel to hit it as that seems like it primed for the babyface to bring the heel back into the ring. Also as a cool spot it is just going to get a pop. You dont want fans to choose between: 1. Oh no my favorite did not win and 2. Oh shit that was so cool because it causes a 50/50 reaction. I do love that the superplex led directly to the finish because the superplex should be treated with respect. Punk very injured struggles to escape. Hardy meets him and looks to pull him back in just as Punk did, but Punk THUMBS Hardy in the eye! Hey! I was just saying that should happened at Summerslam! Well it was perfect here as the dick thing to do. Bounces Hardy's head off the cage and then Hardy takes a nasty spill off the ropes to the ring and Punk drops to win. Punk's heeling was much better here. He attacked pretty much, he sold like a chump heel should and then he cheated to win. Hardy did a great job portraying that cool daredevil throwing his body at Punk. The Superplex was a great climax spot. Hardy gave a very nice, professional promo about leaving and thanking the fans and saying this was not goodbye forever. People were crying. Punk attacks him again right as the shows goes off. Get that extra little bit of heat! Love it! Solid Free TV Main Event with high stakes. We need more Title Matches on TV and more matches with high stakes. ***3/4
  20. sek69

    All Elite Wrestling

    Unless he gets a Maria-like stupid money deal, I honestly would be shocked to see him go there. He didn't seem to enjoy working there the last time (granted it was forever ago but it's not like it isn't the same guy still in charge) and he seems to really enjoy calling baseball games.
  21. Superstar Sleeze

    [2009-08-23-WWE-Summerslam] CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy (Ladder)

    World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy vs CM Punk - Summerslam 2009 Ladder Match My brother and I loved this feud so much in the summer of 2009 that I bought this PPV. During this time when I was in college, I'd only buy on PPV a year if that. The 2009-2010 Straight Edge CM Punk is one of the all time great heel runs. This is one of the few times that Smackdown shone brighter than RAW and they rewarded with a PPV main event which is extra special because it is Summerslam. The CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy storyline based on Hardy's demons and Punk's Straight Edge personality made for great TV. I have very fond memories of this match delivering in spades, but ultimately all I could remember was the huge spot at the end. I think the match is still great, but not quite as great as I remembered I thought this would contend for match of the year. I thought the transitions held this back as too many times Jeff Hardy would take serious punishment and be right back up delivering offense such as when he took the superplex on the ladder only to deliver a Twist of Fate and then eat knees on a Swanton Bomb attempt. I thought the match started off strong enough. Each man tried to climb the ladder, but the other man knocked them off. Each man tried to hit their finish, but neither man could deliver. The first big time spot was Punk catching Hardy in Poetry in Motion and dropping him back first across the back of the chair. OW! That looked like it hurt. Punk kicked ass but failed to hit that big chair shot he was looking for. Hardy paid him back by hitting a home run shot with a chair and then Poetry In Motion on the floor. I liked the escalation and Hardy paying off the earlier shot and succeeding where Punk failed with the chair. Right then Hardy missed the splash from the top rope to the table on the floor. Big Time spot! Punk goes for the climb, but I thought Hardy had too much energy on the climb and end up powerbombing Punk off the ladder. This is when they began trading shots and felt like each spot lost consequence. One spot I really liked after that superplex on the ladder (great selling by Punk) and then the missed Swanton Bomb was Punk when for his high knee/Bulldog Combo but Hardy stopped the Bulldog and just dumped him over the top rope through a table, but you dont see the table so you think Punk is just going to go splat. Helluva a way to break your fall! The lead up to the BIG spot is great as Punk goes for the Chair Halo around Hardy's neck and Hardy just goes ballistic at the thought of being maimed. So he kicks Punk's ass from pillar to post probably the most violent Ive seen Jeff. He really let Punk have it. This all sets up the Spot. Where he does the Swanton off that ridiculous Ladder through Punk and the announce table. Insane. They do a great job milking it. Both men get attention, but Punk squirms into the ring. As Jeff is being loaded onto the stretcher, he realizes he needs to get back into the ring. I love Jeff's punch drunk selling spilling all over the ring as he attempts to prevent Punk from winning the match. I thought the finish was lame. One Punk kick to the injured ribs (assuming the ribs are injured from the death-defying Swanton) and then a punch. I would have liked an eye rake or a punch to the throat. Something more underhanded. It seemed too even for a heel to win that way. I did like The Undertaker appearing to set up the next feud immediately. It made Punk/World Championship feel like a huge deal and that momentum would keep rolling into the school year. I thought there were a lot of individually great spots, but not enough connective tissue to tie it together, nor did I think Punk or Hardy delivered a great character performance that really elevates this to a classic level. It was something that entertained me throughout and built to the big spot, but didnt feel like a match of the year contender. ****
  22. SirEdger

    AWA Great Lakes Championship Wrestling

    Very nice build you're giving Scott Hall here. Battle Royals are so effective for that! And the Super Bowl of Professional Wrestling should be fun!
  23. SirEdger


    They might be ugly but they're freaking effective!
  24. Coffey

    NJPW G1 Climax 2019

    G1 Climax Day 7 - A Block ZSJ/Fale - This match from the jump is nothing but Sabre climbing Fale like a jungle gym, slapping on various submissions that Fale has no answer for. Even with all of his power, he repeatedly has to go for the ropes because he can't get out. That continues until outside interference from Jedo & Chase Owens, which allows Fale to take control, finally. I'm over the Fale, Owens, Jedo trio. Finish was pretty cool though. ZSJ slaps on an armbar in the crowd until the count of 16 & then sprints back to the ring to beat the 20 count. Fale doesn't make it back in time because he's slow. Archer/Tanahashi - Tanahashi starts quickly going for Archer's leg. Archer fights back with power. Hits a big Chokeslam onto the ring apron. Hits a big Black Hole Slam. Tells Tanahashi "I'm the Ace now!" & tries to put Tanahashi in his own Texas Cloverleaf but Tanahashi fights out of the turn. Repeated corner Avalanches by Archer. Last one countered into a Sling Blade. Tanahashi goes for his own Cloverleaf but Archer gets out of that. Tanahashi was going for Archer's rope walk, but Archer countered it with a big Arm Drag off the top. It's a story of one-upsmanship but neither man is really getting the upper hand. Archer does his rope walk around a corner & a half then goes for the clubber at the end but Tanahashi reverses it into a Dragon Screw Neck Whip/Twist & Shout. Tanahashi goes for the Flying CrossBody but gets countered into a Chokeslam. Archer fights for & gets the E.B.D. Claw hold but he's in the ropes. Archer goes for what I think was an Iconoclasm attempt but Tanahashi turns it into a roll-up for a 3-count. Pretty decent back-and-forth match. EVIL/KENTA - EVIL tries to look tough by no-selling a kick. KENTA wipes off EVIL's eye make-up. EVIL puts a chair over KENTA's head & then slaps the chair with a second chair. Some how that's not a disqualification. They brawl through the crowd, to the back & are fighting in a hallway. Then back into the crowd, up the stairs & onto a stage platform. EVIL folds & stacks up a pile of about a dozen chairs & goes to Suplex KENTA onto them but KENTA reverses & gets the Suplex on EVIL instead. Now the referee starts counting... The crowd is booing KENTA & behind EVIL. KENTA goes through his finishing sequence, running corner big boot, running corner basement dropkick & top rope doublestomp & gets a 2-count. KENTA counters an EVIL headbutt with a BIG knee to his face. Then a Penalty Kick. Then a Go to Sleep to the gut for the win. Another pretty decent match. Sanada/Ibushi - Fast, action-packed, athletic match. Both wrestlers bicker about who has a better fan response. Both try to outdo one another with athleticism. Breaks down into a strike exchange fest. I feel like these two would make better tag team partners than opponents. Ibushi eventually wins with a knee to the face but this match didn't really grab me like I thought that it would. I'm not even entirely sure where the disconnect was. Just not enough drama to pull me in, I guess. It was another decent match but that feels like what the whole show is. Nothing is trying to get to that next level. The matches have been fine but nothing great. Nothing where it would feel like you missed out if you didn't see it. No MOTY contenders or anything. But maybe that's on purpose to subdue the undercard a little heading into the main event... Ospreay/Okada - G1 Climax Tournament matches all have a 30-minute time limit. However, the way they're working early, I feel like this is going to go long. My expectations for this match, at bare minimum, are Match of the Night. But that should be a foregone conclusion with how the rest of the evening played out. I'm hopeful for a Match of the Year Contender. Which right now, I think my working Match of the Year is Cody Vs. Dustin Rhodes from AEW Double or Nothing because they told such a good story. Ospreay knocks Okada to the outside & then holds the ropes for him to get back in, which Okada refuses. Then Okada knocks Ospreay to the outside with his standing big dropkick in the corner & does the same with holding the ropes open. Okada works over Ospreay's injured neck with some forearms & clubbers. Ospreay, like A.J. Styles, makes everything he does look so easy. Ospreay hits a BIG open hand, knife edge chop which is so loud it echoes through the arena & gets a very audible, positive reaction from those in attendance. Okada hits an insane Dropkick shortly after his Rainmaker Pose. It irked me that even though Ospreay has the injured neck, Okada still used the Tombstone to set up the Rainmaker instead of going for a pinfall attempt after the Tombstone. Maybe that's the American wrestling fan in me though, where I've been conditioned to buy the Tombstone Piledriver as a finish. Ospreay uses the guard rail on the outside of the ring to hit his jumping Cutter. Will Ospreay reverses The Rainmaker into a one man Spanish Fly. Then hits a top rope Shooting Star Press for a nearfall. Ospreay goes for The Stormbreaker. Okada reverses it into a Tombstone Piledriver. Ospreay reverses that into his own Tombstone Piledriver. Okada then reverses a Stormbreaker into The Rainmaker & maintains wrist control while both are down. Okada then picks him up & hits another Rainmaker. Then is going for a THIRD Rainmaker, that Ospreay counters into a Stormbreaker attempt, which Okada rolls out of & hits a rolling Rainmaker. THEN STILL DOESN'T GO FOR THE PIN & is setting up ANOTHER freakin' Rainmaker. Way overkill here. Okada hits that Rainmaker & wins with that but the ending sequence was too much for me. They went over twenty minutes but the match wasn't where I expected it to be. Definitely not a MOTYC. Night 7 was fine, nothing special. You could probably skip the entire night.
  25. kevinmcfl


    All-Star has Baby Doll, Ray Stevens, Bob Sweetan, and Rick McGraw on the trade list.
  26. texaspedro

    Mark Out Mania Saturday Morning Podcast

    We talked about AEW's Fight for the Fallen, G1 Climax, Liger in CMLL & Lucha Libre Ice Cream! Enjoy!
  27. kevinmcfl

    TNT Wrestling

    Great show here for the people in Memphis. Tough night for Steve O but I love how his nickname is increasing his role as a heel. Austin with the quick win. I wonder if this just means bigger things for Tully. I enjoyed your undercard and it just goes to the point that you have a stacked Tag Division. Kansas Jayhawks vs the Cowboys was my favorite match of the early card. The creativity of the Southern Tag title match made it really fun. No matter how old Wrestling II, he is a STAR under that mask! Atlas vs Ayala is a brawl where it doesn't matter who wins and they both would be the worse for wear and fans would watch the rematch any day of the week. Stasiak made the babyface turn of Decimation easy! Nice work. Terry Funk is a STAR and his heel-ness is amazing! Terry vs Tito has turned into Terry vs Tito vs Tully.... CANT WAIT! Now that TNT is focused on the old Memphis territory, it is only a matter of time until Lawler takes over. The main event may be the beginning!
  28. Superstar Sleeze

    [2007-01-28-WWE-Royal Rumble] John Cena vs Umaga (Last Man Standing)

    I just want to echo what everybody said when Cena works his own cut to fire himself up thats the moment that put this over the top for me. WWE Champion John Cena vs Umaga - Royal Rumble 2007 Last Man Standing John Cena should have been wrestling more matches like this throughout the second half of the 2000s. Classic pro wrestling match. When I think of pro wrestling, the first style I think of is the monster heel beating down the valiant babyface and that babyface making the heroic comeback. To me this is the epitome of the style. Umaga injured Cena's ribs on Monday at RAW delivering a big splash from the top rope through a table. This is Cena 101. Sub-minute shine followed by a looooooooong heat segment (with plenty of hope spots) and then a rousing comeback. What separates this match from the usual Cena fare is how damn good the Monster is that he is fighting and that it deviates from a lot of his usual routine. Umaga was a great wrestler and even better gimmick. He was a throwback to the 80s and did a great job as this invulnerable Creature from The Black Lagoon who would keep rising again. A lot of people talk about Cena's selling, but Umaga's selling was perfect for his character. He would register the pain and just when you think you had him down, he would shake it off. It was not that he not selling. It was that he was just that much of Monster. He was creating an Everest for Cena to climb. Cena begins the match by standing toe to toe with the Samoan Bulldozer. He valiantly tries to slug it out with Umaga, but Umaga bury a punch to the breadbasket and so much for that. The slaughter begins. Umaga is relentless on the abdomen and Cena is so great at selling. Cena is going full Ricky Morton here. It is amazing to watch. I love that Cena never dies on us and is constantly peppering in hope spots. I loved the escalation. First it was stuff like bouncing Umaga's head off the apron or getting his feet up on a corner charge each to no avail. It then became HURLING THE STEEL STEPS FROM THE RING INTO UMAGA'S FACE and Umaga missing a butt splash into the stairs. I love how the action ramped up. Umaga had some great cut offs like a Mack Truck Lariat and a great catch of Cena's crossbody into a Black Hole Slam on Cena's bad ribs. The match really kicks into high gear when Cena starts his standard comeback but he does it so that everything involves Umaga landing on the steel stairs for maximum impact. Cena goes for the FU but his back gives out and he falls forwards. His head smacks the steel steps as the weight of Umaga drives him into the steps. Great spot! Cena comes up bleeding the match goes from great to instant classic. My complaint is out of these two wrestlers' control, but I want to say it because it bums me out. If this took place in the 80s, the place would be rocking for Cena's comeback. It would have been nuclear heat. Taking place in 2007 with half the crowd chanting Cena sucks and booing Cena, it is such a drag. The best moment of the match is when Cena works over his own cut to get himself revved up. He starts punching himself in the forehead and the blood really starts to pump. He just roars to a massive comeback only for Umaga to hit the most SAVAGE SAMOAN DROP I have ever seen! He basically piledrove Cena from his sholders! Talk about electricity! That was so fucking badass. I love how they teased the Samoan Spike at this point as it feels like it could at any time and put Cena down permanently. Another thing I love about Umaga matches is how much missed moves matter. More often than not, the person that causes the most harm to Umaga is Umaga. Umaga is so powerful that when he misses a move like the butt splash in the corner or the flying headbutt, it causes him so much pain. Cena hits his top rope leg drop and this one looks extra vicious as Umaga really takes it on his head. Cena blasts him in the head with the monitor and still Umaga won't go down. Umaga catches Cena again and this time he drives him bad ribs into the steel post. Brutal. Back to my point of how Umaga is his own worst enemy. Umaga tries a running splash across the announce tables to obliterate Cena, but only for Umaga to eat the table. Umaga is only down for 9! Estrada undoes the entire top rope. He wants Umaga to give Cena a giant-sized Samoan Spike by using the turnbuckle as a spike. Now that would have been insane. Cena catches him with an F-U! I love how the nearfalls have been escalated. It was not 8 million F-Us and Samoan Spikes. Each was teased and it was the F-U that hit first. Then Cena choked Umaga out with the top rope in an STFU. Great visual with Cena wearing a Crimson Mask and Umaga's tongue sticking out and his eyes fading. Cena lets go prematurely and Umaga makes one last gasp but Cena pounces and chokes him out for good. Holy shit! What a hero vs monster match! Cena's went down early, took a lickin' keep on tickin' and he looked like the world's biggest badass when he was punching his cut to get the blood to flow. Umaga was such a great monster. Great offense and the perfect amount of selling. I loved that so many hope spots for Cena were generated by missed moves by Umaga. Umaga is the only one powerful enough to hurt Umaga. Cena really drew you with his selling, but he never died, he kept fighting back and never gave up. The finish is just pure testosterone and I fucking loved it. Every bit the classic people say it is! *****
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