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  2. I love that Lacey Evans is doing the Brutus Beefcake intro gimmick. Just walking out in the middle of matches or whatever.
  3. spaldoni

    AWA Southeastern Championship Wrestling

    The big card I was waiting for! Humungous takes it up a level as he goes after the Fullers! After a good chase the Rat Patrol takes the straps from the Midnight Express. I think the Midnight's will be back. I agree with Edger, I'm sure Lawler had no problem taking that C.O. win over JYD. Blockbuster main event as Hansen and Brody brawl in the cage! Hansen gets the hard fought win but Brody leaves him laying which I'm sure will give us a heated rematch.
  4. A hair below their MOTYC in BJW but still an excellent clash of the titans. I couldn't help but feel things started off a little bit slower than usual ( I'm really tired of the obligatory crowd brawling spots in these matches) but once they kicked into second gear they really took off. Excellent effort by all four but Okabayashi and Ishikawa felt like the stars here. Their exchanges (while going a bit too long near the end) had tons of impact and intensity. Suwama and Sekimoto were great in their own right by breaking up the pins and evening the odds. And extra points to Suwama for throwing in a Tenryu enziguri. ****1/2.
  5. Well, this ruled quite a bit. Having a lackluster match with Ishii is pretty hard to do (Taichi got rather close), but this was easily the best YOSHI-HASHI match I've ever seen. Really loved the theme of the two friends and stablemates pushing each other so hard it looked like they hated each other's guts. Ishii brought the violence as always but YOSHI-HASHI managed to convincingly go blow-for-blow with him and had some really fiery comebacks. YOSHI-HASHI has really endeared himself to me as the guy who almost always loses and know he's probably going to lose and yet never gives up while finding ways to overachieve in singles matches. Definitely seek this one out. ****1/2
  6. Bit of a slow start but really good stuff. Liked how they continued the theme from the Ishii/YOSHI-HASHI match of the Chaos stablemates pushing each other to the limit almost to the point of disdain (particularly Okada throwing some stiffer forearms and booting Ospreay's head while he was down). Ospreay's offense was great as always and Okada did a great job selling bomb after bomb. ****
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  8. paul sosnowski

    WWE Hidden Gems

    They split the taping, some of the matches were from the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie and the rest from Loch Sheldrake
  9. kevinmcfl

    Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling

    Great mix of talent here. House of Humperdink running wild in Florida is always fun. Mike Graham might just need a little Dusty help here! No matter what role he was in, I always enjoyed Hercules Hernandez.
  10. PeteF3

    WWE Hidden Gems

    My memories and cursory re-examination over the years indicate that this place (in Loch Sheldrake, New York, apparently at the Community College) made the Fernwood Resort look like Cowboys Stadium.
  11. Al

    WWE Hidden Gems

    They found a place worse than Fernwood?!
  12. PeteF3

    WWE Hidden Gems

    The most notable thing about this show is that among all the tiny dumps the WWF taped television in from late '93-'95, this special has to be the absolute worst. It looks like it's coming from an industrial warehouse basement somewhere. That and maybe the surprise finish to Crush-Bret.
  13. Afro Steel

    Wrestlemania 35 - Voluntary Colonization

    But enough about some wrestling podcasts...
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  15. kevinmcfl


    All-Star adds Roger Kirby with its open spot
  16. paul sosnowski

    WWE Hidden Gems

    For March 21, 2019 03/13/1994 – March to WrestleMania X [Duration: 01:31:20] Tatanka battles the mammoth Yokozuna while Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart faces Crush on the road to WrestleMania.
  17. NintendoLogic

    Wrestlemania 35 - Voluntary Colonization

    The match I'm looking forward to the most is Lesnar vs. Rollins. I have no love for Seth, but it's pretty much impossible for Brock to have a bad match with a smaller guy who's willing to bump big. Joe vs. Rey would have been off the chain in 2005, but Joe hasn't been that level of worker in eons. And from what I've seen of Rey since returning to WWE, he's basically a PWG wrestler now. Plus, Rey always gets a raw deal when it comes to match time. He's only had two Mania singles matches go longer than 10 minutes.
  18. NintendoLogic

    Is Impact the best promotion in wrestling history?

    You can put me in the "uncomfortable for personal reasons" category. A man beating up a woman isn't something I can find entertaining under any circumstances. Plus, a woman having a competitive match with a man makes a complete mockery of any pretense of realism and destroys my suspension of disbelief. It's like deathmatch wrestling. It doesn't matter to me how well-worked it is because it's too inherently offensive to my sensibilities to derive any enjoyment from.
  19. Excellent write-up! This was just a ton of fun from beginning to end. All the guys coming out at the end made the DQ finish enjoyable rather than a let down. I haven't seen a Duggan match in a long while but, this was a fine one with Dusty The more Dusty I watch, the bigger fan I become. He really was a performer in the truest sense.
  20. This really is an awesome match and the first time I've seen a full Johnny Valentine bout. He and Bull Curry beat each other senseless here...and I loved it! It was really great, simple yet violent pro wrestling. The quality of the footage is excellent as well. So very glad I watched this!
  21. Wrestlemanias can be 3 hours, hell even 4 can be okay if done right. Wrestle Kingdom was like 4-5 hours and it breezed by because it was properly paced. WWE rubs salt in the wound by having skits and commercial type breaks like it was a Very Special Episode of Raw and not a major PPV show. There's no reason for any show to be over 6 hours, at that point you're just abusing the audience that paid to see you at that point. It's as if moving to the Network has made them lazy in terms of blocking out segments for PPVs and there's a general feeling of "fuck it, we can go as long as we want now" that they aren't locked in to the traditional 2 hour 45 minute PPV window.
  22. KawadaSmile

    Wrestlemania 35 - Voluntary Colonization

    Well he kinda did this dick move at the GRR. It payed off for him and Cena because the crowd reaction was grand. Think about the other end of this issue: Wrestlemania XI sucked dirty ass and was around 2 hours. Which would you have between those two options?
  23. I don't think it's being pessimistic considering the last two Wrestlemanias were way too long, and this year's show looks to be even bigger. If you have to break your show into sessions to keep the crowd from passing out, your show is too goddamned long. No one's "forced" to watch it all of course, It used to be a bucket list goal of mine to attend a Mania at some point, but I couldn't possibly imagine paying even StubHub prices to attend a 7+ hour stadium show.
  24. No chance in hell Trip vs Batista isn't closing the first half. No, what would be really hilarious would be Trip vs Batista as the opener. "Hey, good luck later on..."
  25. Wouldn't it be hilarious if Brock Lesnar vs. Seth Rollins or even Triple H vs. Batista ended up closing the show?
  26. KawadaSmile

    Wrestlemania 35 - Voluntary Colonization

    I think we are being pessimistic here, guys. Not only it takes a while for the whole crowd to get in, as we saw in previous Wrestlemanias, there are matches clearly designed to be breathers, with Angle/Corbin being the most obvious example. Plus, we've got Alexa segments and a guaranteed Elias show, that surely won't be in any way interrupted. I get that long events can be really tiresome (and I'm missing the show because I'm going to a festival over the entire weekend, Lord have mercy), but it seems to me that they've wisened up. They got a stacked card and it looks like they are trying to make things work in "sessions", with breathing space in between the big matches. And, given how they've got 3 matches they can call Main Event, people can tune in for the matches they like the most and leave early, or get in late etc. They aren't forced to sit through the entire thing.
  27. At some point WWE has to decide if it's worth being able to brag that eleventy million hours were viewed on the Network if it comes at the expense of turning your marquee event into a crowd destroying death slog every year.
  28. nivvad

    [2019-03-16-OTT-Scrappermania 5] WALTER vs Jordan Devlin

    Like their first match, this didn't feel like a MOTYC to me, but still a really great match. This was NXT "sports entertainment" style storytelling with a complete over-dramatic emphasis on Devlin "knocking out" WALTER which was baffling to me to think that's even close to realistic. Fortunately, the actual structure of the match was well laid out as Devlin didn't give WALTER an inch to dominate him. Excellent payoff to a storyline that I thought still had more time to tell, ****1/2.
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