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  2. She actually posted a video of that session about a month ago on her YouTube account: The vibe I always got from the Alexa Bliss new character is really akin to the kids TV shows like Big Comfy Couch (she admittedly said she watched it to help build her character) but I can understand how for some, it feels so uncomfortable. I'm very well in the minority on this board about her character and I respect all of your stance on it (I like stuff that goes outside the box and feels different but that's just me). My main concern right now is that I just hope that the pre-taped stuff doesn't become a crutch for her character because that won't fly too well once they get filled arenas again. Given the current circumstances, I'm OK with how they're developing it but they have to start immediately to limit those pre-tapes as much as possible. You just can't pull what they did in the main event of RAW during the Women's Rumble Match, you just can't. It would be a logistical nightmare.
  3. Thanks for the recap! Amazing read!!
  4. Jumbo Tsuruta & Genichiro Tenryu vs Stan Hansen & Ted DiBiase - AJPW 12/12/86 WESTERN LARIAT! Hansen & DiBiase look at each other as if to say "Do you know the plan?" and then BOOM! Hansen explodes into a LARIAT on the unexpecting Tenryu at the bell. Everyone brawls on the outside this is off to a red hot start. Things settle down into an incredible Tenryu face in peril segment. What I love more than anything are the frequent tags and the cutoffs. It really feels like Tenryu is overwhelmed with these two beasts. Hansen sets low and Tenryu punt kicks him, but DiBiase YANKS Tenryu down from behind by the hair to prevent the tag. Tenryu backdrops DiBiase and Hansen rumbles in and cuts him off with a well-timed knee to head. The offense is brutal and they are snuffing out hope spots with precision. Deep Boston Crab by Hansen. Jumbo cant take anymore and saves Tenryu from the Boston Crab, but DiBiase and the ref force him out of the ring. Tenryu Enziguiri! Hansne wrangles him before he can get to Jumbo, each time Tenryu is getting closer and closer. They are buidling to the hot tag so well. DiBiase knocks Jumbo off the apron and makes sure to get his licks in on Tenryu before leaving. BIG HANSEN DROPKICK! For Two! DiBiase backdrop! Tenryu holds onto ropes and DiBiase crashes & burns on dropkick! My favorite cutoff, Tenryu is so damn close and Hansen comes charging in full force and bowls Tenryu from clear across the ring to prevent the tag. They have built this hot tag to a fever pitch! Tenryu gets the boot up on a charge and HOT TAG! WHAT A FUCKING HOT TAG IT IS! JUMBO TRUCKS DIBIASE WITH A LARIAT! ATTAKCS HANSEN! HIGH KNEE TO DIBIASE! HE IS TAKING ON TWO MEN AT ONCE AND PLAYING TO THE CROWD! HE IS ROCKING! HANSEN TACKLES DIBIASE TO SAVE HIM FROM JUMBO MONSTER LARIAT! OUTSIDE THE RING HANSEN CLOBBERS DIBIASE WITH THE LARIAT! JUMBO GETS BACK IN THE RING! COUNTOUT VICTORY! HOLY SHIT! THAT WAS AWESOME! Awesome sub-ten minute sprint! That I dont think a lot of people talk about. I was totally expecting a 30 minute draw or a long match at least, I think the pace & structure caught me totally off guard. This was a great curveball! ****1/4
  5. SirEdger

    World Wrestling Federation (2.0)

    Captain Lou vs Mr. Fuji had to be quite the spectacle. Good idea to also start with a red hot Sting to pump up the crowd from the beginning!
  6. Superstar Sleeze

    [1986-10-21-AJPW] Jumbo Tsuruta vs Stan Hansen

    NWA International Heavyweight Champion Stan Hansen vs Jumbo Tsuruta - AJPW 10/18/86 Stan Hansen has been since stripped of the AWA Championship in a infamous story. He is defending the International Heavyweight Championship against Jumbo , which was traditionally Jumbo's title. This is considered the greatest of their matches of a rivalry similar to Hansen/Misawa that generally people are lukewarm on. Joe Higuchi's all orange outfit with a white accents was ******, eat you heart out, Omega. As I was watching this match, I was like what is the big deal? Yes, it is great and I would say it a cut above the other two from 1986, but I didnt see it as a major leap up. Patience is a virtue and if you wait, you will be rewarded with a terrific double juice brawl! I did like how chippy this started out. Some great slashing chops from both men. I really liked how Jumbo fought through the onslaught to earn his offense. He ends up eating the railing. Hansen starts in on the left shoulder. At first it is nerve holds and such, you are not too sure this will become a focal point or if he is just wasting time, it does become the object of his attack. There's a nice moment when he was going to send Jumbo into the buckles but if he would hit the wrong shoulder so reverses course so that when Jumbo takes the bump it is on the correct shoulder. What could look like a flub to the untrained eye, was a brilliant moment of psychology. Hansen really grinds on the arm. Offensively, there are two Hansen's: Bull In The China Shop Hansen and Grind It Out Hansen. I greatly prefer the former. I was gobsmacked at this point that this match fared so well. I was like yes this might be the best grinder Hansen has looked at targetting one body part and Jumbo is not going to make a Top Ten Seller list is doing a great job selling, this is still more like in **** territory than anything else. Then the high knee happens... Jumbo nails the High Knee as a hope spot. In the follow-up, Hansen drops down and Jumbo goes sailing over the top rope. WESTERN LARIAT! JUMBO BLADES! HOLY SHIT! In one moment, I go from this is great to this is fucking great! I love when a heel has held control, loses control for a brief moment and his reaction is to just hit the biggest possible bomb and then on top of that JUMBO BLADED! Ok, I think I can fuck with this. Hansen attacks the cut and Jumbo''s selling is the best he has ever done! The way he was stumbling around ringside. Hansen DROPKICK! Exposed kneelift to the cut! Bloodstain on the thigh! Fuck yeah! If it is right armed Lariat is it Eastern Lariat? Eastern Lariat gets two. Hansen is pressing his advantage. It is the full court press. Big jumping elbow drop from Hansen just kicking Jumbo in the cut as he is down. This is killer. Football shouldertackle sends Jumbo careening out of the ring. I like the change of pace. He was not getting the job done inside the ring. Lets brawl! He sends Jumbo into hard metal objects and JUMBO REVERSES HANSEN INTO THE RINGPOST! HANSEN BLADES! I love that they used the outside as a means for Jumbo take over. He was in such a deep hole that this was the only plausible way for him to regain control. Big, meaty snapmare to bring Hansen back in over the top rope. Jumbo is FEROCOIUS on offense! Attacking the cut! Great clenched fist in the ring to pump up the crowd! Jumbo HIGH KNEE! 1-2-NO! Crowd has been rocking since the blood started to flow. Jumbo goes nuts attacking the cut, Hansen lunges at Jumbo out of desperation but eats the buckles and goes tumbling to outside. Again, it is the outside where the match changes hands. Jumbo HIGH KNEE TO RINGPOST! Great double countout tease! I thought Higuchi called for the bell, but no the match continues. Jumbo suplexes Hansen back in on a bad knee. Jumbo misses the Bombs Away Knee! Holy shit! Hansen wicked short elbow to the knee. Hansen grinding the leg. Jumbo HAMMER FISTS TO THE CUT to get Hansen off the leg. I love it! Single Leg Crab by Hansen! I love the shifting gears. WESTERN LARIAT~! He does NOT cover! Protects the finish. He also hit it differently, he kinda hugged Jumbo on follow through. All to protect the move. Hansen takes the Bret Bump as he is reeling backwards, Jumbo scoops him up into a Small Package to win the match and regain his Championship. Hansen ever the sore loser attacks Jumbo after the bell, but he is vanquished and all is right in Japan again. JIP to the high knee, I could see people calling this *****. I think lets take the average and call it ****1/2. I really enjoyed the bloody brawling. Uptempo, gritty, lots of struggle and lots of earning the offense, great selling and loved the transitions. Definitely check this out, but be patient!
  7. I dont know. I watched the Alexa Bliss and Asuka interview segment on Raw, and the match from later in the show, and I didnt get the impression that Alexa Bliss' little girl stuff was supposed to be sexual. I feel bad if it comes off that way to a lot of people because I don't believe that's the intent. Like George Steele or Norman the Lunatic were supposed to be childlike but not sexual. I dont think it's good however.
  8. Pretty sure I heard she's been training with Teal Piper.
  9. Here's the match if anyone wants to watch: Yeah, this match was really solid. Lots of good matwork, lots of fire, really made Devil Masami look super super strong considering Jackie won the vacant strap again in a couple of weeks.
  10. Jetlag

    Best YouTube & Dailymotion Channels

    It would be great if you could put those in a Google Drive or something because that sounds like absolutely dope material.
  11. Afraid to google that. But if it's what I think it stands for, yes, it's hard not to get the vibe that this is designed to appeal to their super hardcore audience of creepy old men. Or their creepy old man boss
  12. EricR

    NXT UK Guide

    Marcel Barthel/Fabian Aichner vs. Trent Seven/Tyler Bate NXT UK 1/13 (Aired 1/30/19) (Ep. #27) This was great, probably the best UK tag match so far. This was a more successful version of the GYF vs. Mustache tag from TakeOver, with all the fat trimmed out and nothing but action remaining. This is half the time of that tag and really hits the target. The first 2/3 of this felt like a great early 90s WCW tag, with no overly long heat sequence or too long shine. It had quick tags and constant momentum changes, making it feel more like a Brainbusters/Fantastics match, which is a great thing to see in modern wrestling. Barthel is really great at getting into position for offense, and that's important against someone like Bate who goes through a lot of "same moves in the same order" offense. The quick tags by both sides made this match feel more epic than it probably was, as I was shocked it was only a 13 minute run time (felt longer, in a good way). Aichner and Barthel control with cool suplexes and body scissors, both Bate and Seven get runs at wild hot tags (I really liked Seven running wild with a DDT, snapdragon, big lariat, and Bate going wild with a no hands running plancha to the floor), and they did a great job of ramping up the crazy. The teamwork from Barthel/Aichner is excellent, and they're smart about using Bate's actual best strength: running into painful offense. My least favorite parts of Bate matches is when everyone has to line up to take his offense in a specific order. I never like when guys selfishly derail things like that. But he has a real gift for taking some stupid bumps and crash landing his body in very unselfish ways. There was an awesome moment here when he went to do his Ray Stevens shoulder spring into the ropes, except he springs directly into a Barthel enziguiri. Bate has a way of committing to these spots that I truly admire. It always surprises me, because when he does his own offense there is always him waiting for guys to make sure they're in proper position; but when the plan is for him to intentionally miss a tope or something he just does that tope the exact same way he would have done it if someone were catching him. So he flies into that top rope and just catches Barthel's boot between the eyes, and it looked so great I was hoping it would be the finish. Bate's willingness to die at some point of a big match always makes it more annoying when he comes back with his planned comeback, but again, Barthel/Aichner are great at taking fast offense (it's not easy to plausibly take that rolling double kappo kick but GYV and these two make it look good). The finishing stretch is hot, and while I wish Barthel and Aichner would have won (Mustache Mountain is already established and I'm really not sure losses would hurt them at this point, the others have far more to gain with a win), this whole thing was great action. Mark Coffey vs. WALTER NXT UK 1/13 (Aired 2/6/19) (Ep. #28) NXT UK is great at delivering on these compact ass kicking matches that get out of there before any of the violence is deemed pointless by repetition. If two guys are beating the hell out of each other, you really only need several minutes of it, as the longer it goes the more redundant the damage becomes. WALTER debuted in ring last week, crushing Jack Starz, and I like how they sent him out the next week against someone much closer to his size. A WALTER squash is plenty fun, but seeing him trade chops and clotheslines with another big guy is much more fun. Coffey does cool things with his control, and I think a lot of his offense hit even harder than WALTER's. Coffey's chops can't come close to matching WALTER's, but his body punches sure as hell hit harder. Coffey also throws hard kicks to WALTER's back, stomps his calf to set up a chinlock, works in and out of a snug back stretch, and a truly great elbow smash to WALTER's jaw. Having a big meaty opponent gives a nice canvas for WALTER's offense, big strikes landing hard across a broad surface. He drops Coffey with a nasty backdrop on the apron, throws loud chops in the corner, hits a nasty running kick, and stretches Coffey over the top rope by jamming his boot underneath Coffey's chin. More chops, uppercuts, clubs to the chest, both guys really dealing, all of it heavy. Match ends a little simply, with a WALTER dropkick and powerbomb. It wrapped things up a little neatly, but I much prefer the match wrapped up neatly in 6 minutes than seeing 10 more minutes of chop exchanges. This is one of the harder hitting NXT UK matches we've gotten so far, here's to more!
  13. cm funk

    WM37, WM38, and WM39 dates/locations confirmed by WWE

    https://www.f4wonline.com/wwe-news/wwe-still-undecided-top-wrestlemania-37-matches-330986 30k on both nights??! Meanwhile the Super Bowl.....
  14. Den Scorpio

    World Wrestling Federation (2.0)

    HOUSE SHOW: Friday 1/8 | Toronto, ON @ Maple Leaf Gardens (15,881) Sting defeated Pete Saint-Pierre (local worker) with the Stinger Splash. Huge opening pop for Sting. Capt. Lou Albano (w/George Steele) defeated Mr. Fuji (w/Saito) with a schoolboy. Cousin Luke defeated Al Snow with a Vader bomb. ‘Mr. Wonderful’ Paul Orndorff defeated ‘Ravishing’ Rick Rude by DQ, after Hart interfered. Rude attempted a piledriver on Orndorff, but Orndorff backdropped out of it. Orndorff tried a Rude Awakening but Rude escaped & bailed to the back with Hart. [Intermission] The debuting Killer Bees defeated Red Scare (w/Mr. Fuji) by DQ, when Nikolai borrowed Fuji’s cane to use on Blair. Rick Martel fought Virgil to a double count-out. Big John Studd defeated Ivan Putski after a second powerslam. Sgt. Slaughter & Tito Santana defeated Greg Valentine & King Kong Bundy when Slaughter hit Valentine with a Cobra Clutch drop during the 4-man breakdown at the end, to end the night.
  15. PhilTLL

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    Some of the talk is that one reason they shut down NBCSN is because their biggest contracts like NHL and Premier League are up next year, and they don't expect to retain them. So maybe that situation would be temporary for WWE.
  16. PeteF3

    Best YouTube & Dailymotion Channels

    Then there's this from that channel that blew my mind: Akira Taue vs. Harley Race from '89. In a match that's not on the 1989 AJ TV set--this must be another match that only aired on local/regional TV, which we have a few of around this time but obviously not everything. This is one I've never heard of before.
  17. The match is JIP and we only get 4 or so minutes of it and it’s more so a quick fun short Cesaro showcase sprint so you know it’s not a MOTYC or anything along that line. We get some odd scrambles early on and then we get some stiff European uppercuts from Cesaro and a lengthy big swing. Ziggler’s inoffensive in this as he’s mostly along for the ride by eating the big shots and just flying around to display Cesaro’s strength. Cesaro reversing a sleeper into a suplex was pretty neat as was the finish which seemed like a throwback to his CHIKARA matches catching Ziggler in a pop up Neutralizer. Nifty little 5 minute TV match.
  18. khawk20

    Best YouTube & Dailymotion Channels

    I jumped around that channel when I saw this and saw that match and grabbed it immediately. Glad I did if it got pulled already, must’ve been just after I grabbed it. fun channel!
  19. I suppose that's true. Although I could argue there wasn't much further down Shorty G could have gone.
  20. PeteF3

    Best YouTube & Dailymotion Channels

    That channel also uploaded (and has subsequently pulled) Antonio Inoki vs. Bearcat Wright from 1975, one of Wright's final matches. It's nothing altogether spectacular and Wright was pretty old, but he's a seminal figure in wrestling history, a WON HOF member, and a guy with very little footage out there. It was a neat find regardless of match quality.
  21. Strong Heavyweight title match. This was pretty fucking great. Nakanoue is no stranger to title matches in Korakuen to start the year off and he's certainly not a stranger to Okabayashi being faster and much stronger than him. So Nakanoe goes to the body and opens up the little window he needs to have any sort of chance in this. Without Covid there's no doubt in my mind this would've trigger some very special Korakuen magic because both Yasufumi and Yuji put on a fucking show and make you believe the underdog has a legit chance. The nearfalls were dope, the strikes were on point, the struggle for moves was classic Strong BJ and the ending...dope fucking match right here.
  22. I disagree wholeheartedly. Gable's feud with Corbin was the best thing that he had for a while, and it WAS a banger of a feud. This Roman/KO feud reeks of good AE shit
  23. Pat Buck out here with the 1980s Vince suit
  24. spaldoni


    USWA TV @ The Knoxville Civic Center 1-22-86 Footage from the Louisville Gardens is shown as Dusty Rhodes defeats Ron Fuller to earn a USWA World Title shot at the David Von Erich Memorial Tag Team Tournament. USWA Champ Terry Funk attacks Dusty after the match and piledrives him on the USWA title! Lance Russell: Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of USWA wrestling here on the USA Network. Tremendous show lined up. Tonight's main event will be the Fabulous Ones taking on the Stud Stable, Robert Fuller and Jimmy Golden. The Spoiler will be in action as well as High Fly'n Fever, Mark Lewin, Billy Jack Strong, Kevin Kelly, the South Pacific Connection and the debut of Nord the Barbarian. Powerage will wrestle Hard Knocks and the winner will be invited to the David Von Erich Memorial Tag Team Tournament. That big extravaganza will take place on Feb. 12th, 13th and 14th, shown right here on the USA Network. We now know that Terry Funk will defend the USWA title against Dusty Rhodes at that event. We all saw what happened in Louisville and I understand next week's TV main event will tie into that. Switching gears, I want to show you footage from last week's show. Footage is shown of Tony St. Clair successfully defending his TV title in a hard fought match with Mike George. Afterwards, Jesse Barr hits the ring and attacks George. Lance: In a moment we'll see Jesse Barr in action. I was informed by Jerry Jarrett earlier this week that next week's TV main event will be Dusty Rhodes and Mike George taking on USWA Champ Terry Funk and Jesse Barr. Oh my, that should be a barn burner of a match. Let's get to the ring. "The Lone Wolf" Jesse Barr vs. Clinton Stitch Barr swings Clinton to the corner and follows with a running knee to the mid section. Barr just unloads with kicks and punches. Barr rakes the eyes, then grinds Clinton's face across the top rope. Barr swings Clinton to the ropes and hits a belly to belly suplex for the win. Barr gives Clinton a few more stomps before heading to the podium. Lance: I don't know what your specific problem is with Mike George but... Barr: (interrupts) I don't like him! He's soft! Is that specific enough for you? Lance: Ah, um, ok, well, next week it's you and Terry Funk going up against George and The American Dream. Barr: Am I suppose to be scared? Why would I be scared when I have the one and only Terry Funk backing me up. I've already beaten that wimp George up multiple times and not even the so called American Dream can help him. Not with Terry Funk around. Mike George! I wont be satisfied until you can't walk anymore. That just might happen next week! Commercial Break Billy Jack Strong vs. Henry Jones Strong executes an overhead back suplex on Jones, then picks him up and delivers a brainbuster for the win. Footage from Louisville is shown as Kamala chokes Carlos Colon into unconsciousness. Then as Colon is being helped up, Kamala puts him back down with a kick to the head. Lance: I'm here with Billy Jack Strong. Billy, you have a monster task ahead tomorrow night when you meet Kamala at the Evansville Coliseum. You'll also have to be watching out for Curtis Iaukea. Strong: It's been my privilege fighting side by side with Carlos Colon and Rocky Johnson. The fight continues tomorrow night with you Kamala! Lance, I'm stronger than I've ever been (Double bicep pose) and I'm ready to take the monster down. Iaukea! Go ahead and interfere because I would love to put you down as well! Commercial Break Winners will go to the DVE Tag Tournament Powerage (Bassarab and Doring) vs. Hard Knock (Myers and Flowers) Flowers and Myers (wearing matching black singlets and now both men are wearing black forearm sleeves) look irritated and frustrated as they wait for their opponents. "Flick of the Switch" by ACDC plays as Powerage heads to the ring. Bassarab is wearing a 'RUSH' tank top while Doring is wearing a 'Motley Crue' tank top. Before the bell rings, Hard Knocks attack Powerage. Powerage fights back and we got a pier six brawl going on. The Ref is frantically trying to get order as fists are flying. The fight spills to the outside. After a couple minutes, the Ref throws up his hands. Bassarab and Flowers fight into the crowd as Doring and Myers fight towards the podium. Lance gets out of there as Myers and Doring fight into the podium and knock it over. The fight continues as a commercial hits. Commercial Break An advertisement is shown- Friday April 2nd...Market Square Arena...available on Closed Circuit TV... the USWA presents..."The Happening" Lance: Ok, wow, things have finally settled down. Please welcome out Jerry Jarret. Jerry, things are really heating up with the tag teams as we approach the DVE Tag Tournament. Jarrett: That's exactly right Lance. Due to what just happened between Hard Knocks and Powerage, the match was thrown out and neither team will go to the tournament. Right now I would like to name the 9 teams heading to Texas. USWA Tag Champs Karachi Vice, Central States Champs the Bruise Brothers, The Fabulous Ones, The Stud Stable, The Technicians, The Devil's Duo, The South Pacific Connection, High Fly'n Fever, and The RPMs. As far as the tenth team goes, tomorrow night at the Evansville Coliseum.. Boos as the Vin Man, Kevin Kelly and Bodacious arrive. Vin: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Hold on JJ! Bodacious is in! Why didn't you include them? Jarrett: They're not in. You just said they were. However, tomorrow night you will have your chance. Bodacious will wrestle the team of Lance Von Erich and George Wells. The winners will be the 10th team. Vin: Bodacious was in! Why are you doing this to them? It's not fair! Donovan and Sommers huddle up with Vinnie and Kevin. After a moment, they hug and smile. Vin: You know what? It wont matter. Bodacious is the best and they'll show Lance and Wells why tomorrow night. Those two don't stand a chance against these two cool and charismatic dudes. Vin smiles and looks at Bodacious. Vin: (snaps his fingers) Boys on 3. 1..2..3. All of them: (singing and bobbing their heads) We are fam-ily! Kevy, Dougy, Chicky and Vin-nie! Oh Yea! Let's go show them how it's done Kevin. Jarrett and Lance look at each other and shake their heads. Lance: Back to the ring. "Mr. Magnificent" Kevin Kelly w/Vin Man and Bodacious vs. Vic Dutro Kelly finishes Dutro off with the full nelson. After the Ref signals for the bell, Kelly spins Dutro around and tosses him. Vin Man says something to Bodacious. Sommers and Donovan get in the ring, pick up Dutro and double hot shot him on the top rope. The fans boo as Vin Man's Crew have a group hug. Commercial Break The South Pacific Connection (Siva and Cocoa) vs. Sam Smith and Willie Lopez The fans are up and cheering as the Connection swings Lopez to the ropes and put him down with a double chop. Siva and Cocoa hop up on opposite turnbuckles and crash down with double diving headbutts for the win! They flash the fans the 'hang loose sign' and head to the podium. They cut an energetic promo on the DVE tag tournament and say they're coming to Texas to win and hold that trophy up high! Cocoa says it'll be good going back to Texas. Commercial Break The Spoiler vs. Gary Williams Not everyday you hear the Spoiler get cheered but after turning Paul Jones down and causing him a lot of problems at the house shows, the fans have taken quite a liking to him. Spoiler works Williams over before finishing him off with the dreaded claw! Spoiler holds up his claw as the fans cheer. WHAM!!!! Spoiler is attacked from behind by a masked man and Paul Jones! The masked man and Jones do a number on Spoiler. The masked man hoists Spoiler up on the turnbuckles and executes a SUPERPLEX! The masked man lifts Spoiler's head as Jones slaps him. Jones leads his man to the podium. Lance: Alright, just what was the meaning of that? Come on, a 2 on 1 attack from behind? Jones: Shut up Lance! I told you, nobody embarrasses me! Nobody! Please allow me to introduce the newest member of the Paul Jones Army, the greatest masked wrestler ever, the Super Destroyer! That's right! And he's coming for you Spoiler! What he just did was just a taste. I want to see you suffer and suffer you will, at the hands of the Super Destroyer! Lance: I can see they're going to be trouble. Commercial Break Footage from Louisville is shown of the Technicians defeating High Fly'n Fever to earn a USWA Tag Title shot. The Technicians vs. Carl Kellerman and Dave Dougherty Roop executes a shoulder breaker on Kellerman, then tags in Rheingans. Roop holds Kellerman in armbar as Rheingans comes of the top rope with a knee to the shoulder for the win. Technicians head to the podium. Lance: Big opportunity for you guys in Evansville tomorrow night as you face Karachi Vice for the tag team titles. Roop: Lance, you're looking at a pure wrestling team. We're a well oiled machine and as you just saw, more than ready for Karachi Vice. Rheingans: Karachi Vice have been coming out here and disrespecting all the great teams as well as the David Von Erich Memorial tournament. We've got news for you Karachi Vice. You're not going into the tournament as champs. Boos as Karachi Vice come out. Makhan: Hey, wait a minute, I don't remember us sending you chumps an invitation to the Karachi Vice tag team invitational. So you two mutts just keep your mouths shut and listen to the wise and great Gama. Gama: Thank you brother Makhan. No, we did not send these two weaklings an invitation. They do not have what it takes to compete in our invitational. But somehow, the corrupt people in charge think they deserve a title shot. I do not understand this. You call yourselves a top team but yet here we are as the champions. These belts say we're not only a top team but we are the very best and there's no way an inferior team like you stands a chance against champions like us! Roop: You two love to talk a great game but trust us, tomorrow night you both are in for the wrestling lessons of a lifetime. Rheingans: Talking isn't really what we're about. We'll just have to show you tomorrow night. The Technicians each tap the titles before leaving. This infuriates Karachi Vice. Gama: You trust me, a message to every team will be sent tomorrow night at their expense. After that, nobody will want to come to the Karachi Vice Invitational. Commercial Break "Maniac" Mark Lewin w/Curtis Iaukea vs. Ray Glader Lewin just destroys his opponent before finishing him off with the sleeper. The bell rings but Lewin's eyes are rolled up as he continues to wrench away. Iaukea runs in and kicks Glader while Lewin continues to wrench away. Cheers as Billy Jack Strong hits the ring! Strong nails Iaukea. Lewin picks up Glader and throws him at Strong. Lewin wants Strong but Iaukea holds him back and says "Not yet" They exit as Strong attends to Glader. Commercial Break The camera zooms in on the pink "Beauty Shop" sign then pans down to Brenda Britton. Britton: Hi everybody and welcome once again to the highest rated segment in wrestling, the Beauty Shop. Now, last week was the best show I've ever done. I mean come on, Gerry Morrow and Carl Fergie on my show along with champagne. That was so cool. Well, that's a tough act to follow and even though my guest tonight is a champion, I really don't think he will come close to last week's fun. Please welcome out the Mid America Champion, Dick Slater. Huge pop as Slater comes out with the title on his shoulder. Britton: Well Dicky Boy. You mind if I call you that? I got that from my good friend Doctor Dream Machine. Slater: Oh yea, whatever happened to that guy? Oh that's right, I ran him out of town! Britton: You watch it! You have a lot of wrestlers who want a shot at that title and I don't think you'll be holding it much longer. Slater: Brenda, I've beaten the best and..... Britton: Oh my! This is truly a shocking surprise! Big time boos as Tully Blanchard and Baby Doll come out. I mean big time boos. Baby Doll circles Slater and strokes his title, then steps back and shakes Britton's hand. Tully holds Brenda's hand and smiles as he shakes it. Tully's wearing a suit and sunglasses. He takes off his glasses. Tully: You know Brenda. Your show is the talk of the wrestling world. I told my perfect 10 Baby Doll that we just had to make an appearance. I see you have the Mid America champ on here. Slater, why don't you take a walk because the real NWA World Champion is here. Brenda I'm all yours. Slater: Hold on Tully, did you say real NWA champ? Last I heard, you said I Quit to Magnum TA and lost that title. Huge cheers. Tully is livid. Tully: Listen up Slater! I never said those words! I QUIT! I QUIT! I never said it! That big doofus Bill Watts had it out for me and paid off the Ref. That's what happened, so you better watch yourself! Slater: Don't you threaten me boy! Britton: Ok, stop causing trouble Dicky Boy. There are beautiful ladies present. Tully: Tell you what Slater. Since I'm a champion and since I once ruled this place, a shot at your title shouldn't be a problem for you...should it? Another title would look good around my waist. You got the guts? Slater: Just say when! But know one thing. I won't stop beating on you if you happen to say I Quit! Slater leaves as the fans cheer. Tully takes off his suit jacket and throws it down. Baby Doll calms him down. Britton: Don't let him bother you. He's classless. As for me, having a true champion like you along with the lovely Baby Doll made me forget all about Dicky Boy. Wow! It's great to have you two out here on my show, Tully: (calms himself) Brenda, it was our pleasure. I'll tell you what, when I take that Mid America Title from Slater, I will celebrate on this very show. Britton: Did you hear that everybody? I told you, this is the show where everything happens. Until next week, tooooodles. Commercial Break Another special message is shown. Elvis Presley's version of Also Sprach Zarathustra plays A Man with his back turned is wearing a king's crown and cape. "The Real King of Professional Wrestling is coming" Lance: We keep hearing about this King coming. We'll see what this is all about. I can't believe Tully Blanchard is on the scene. I had no idea he was coming here. He's already in hot water messing with Dick Slater. Well fans, we're set for another debut. Should be a wild one. Nord the Barbarian vs. Keith Rowe Nord storms around the ring, stomping and huffing. The bell rings and he just squashes poor Keith Rowe. Nord swings him to the ropes and nearly decapitates him with a clothesline to get the easy win. Nord stomps his way to the podium. Lance: (A bit nervous) Tremendous debut. Nord tell us about yourself. Nord: I'm a loud person Lance! I yell as loud as I want! I beat people up and get paid to do it! That's what I'm all about! Loud and big! And aint nobody gonna do anything about it! Nord leaves. Lance: Ok, the man is straight to the point. Commercial Break High Fly'n Fever vs. Larry Minelli and Chuck Ramsey Gagne and Savoldi come out wearing 70s style track suits with towels around their necks. The finish sees Gagne hit a high dropkick on Ramsey, then tags in Savoldi. Savoldi goes to the top rope as Gagne picks up Ramsey by his hair and holds him while Savoldi nails him with a missile dropkick for the win. Boos as they wipe their faces with their towels and head to the podium. Gagne: You know, everybody is talking about the David Von Erich Memorial Tag Team Tournament. Well, everybody should be talking about High Fly'n Fever. Savoldi: That's right! Tell em Greg. Gagne: All you nerds, that includes you Lance, are looking at the winners. That's a fact! Something else we're going to get is the Central States Tag titles. Savoldi: (Laughs) That won't be a problem. Gagne: No, it really wont. Those two dancing clowns won't know what to do when they face our arsenal. We're High Fly'n Fever and you better catch it! Lance: (Rolls his eyes) Our main event when we come back. Commercial Break The Fabulous Ones vs. The Stud Stable The bell rings and these teams go at it. The Ref is showing a lot of leniency as he lets them fight. The Fabs swing the Stable to the ropes and double back drop them. Stable staggers up and the Fabs drop kick them through the ropes. The fans are cheering as Fuller and Golden try and regroup. They stagger up and yell at the Ref to get control. Things settle down as Keirn and Golden go at it. Golden rakes the eyes then swings Keirn into the corner and charges in but Keirn sticks his boot up and nails Golden. Keirn hiptosses Golden over and tags in Lane. They swing Golden to the ropes and put him down with a double back elbow smash. Fuller runs in but gets taken down with a double clothesline. Lane works Golden over, swings off the ropes but gets kicked in the back by Fuller (on the apron) Golden rolls over and tags in Fuller. Fuller stomps on Lane, picks him up and hits a backbreaker 1..2..Kick Out. Fuller slams Lane and drops an elbow 1..2..Kick Out. Golden sticks his boot out and Fuller slams Lane's head on it then holds him as he tags in Golden. Golden comes off the top rope with a double axehandle 1..2..Keirn breaks it. Fuller runs in but Keirn punches him back. The Ref guides Keirn back, which allows the Stud Stable to double suplex Lane. Golden hops on the middle ropes and comes down with a forearm drop then tags in Fuller. Fuller hops on the middle ropes and crashes down with a knee drop but Lane moves! The fans erupt when Lane dives over and tags in Keirn! Keirn swings Fuller to the ropes and back drops him. Golden runs in and gets back dropped. Keirn picks them both up and knocks their heads together. Golden falls through the ropes. Keirn slams Fuller, swings off the ropes and delivers a jumping elbow drop 1..2..Kick Out. Keirn picks up Fuller and tags in Lane. Keirn swings Fuller to the ropes then drops down as Lane hits a superkick 1..2..Golden runs in and breaks it. All four men start fighting. During the melee the Ref takes a bump and is down. Lane dropkicks Golden into the turnbuckles and follows with a running clothesline. Keirn is hammering away on Fuller in the opposite corner. Boos as Ron Fuller runs to the ring. He pulls out a pair of brass knuckles, hops on the apron and blasts Lane! Keirn runs over and punches Ron off the apron and checks on Lane. Ron gets up and slides a chair into the ring. Rob grabs it and blasts Keirn from behind! The Ref staggers to his knees and sees Rob covering Keirn. He crawls over and counts 1..2..3! BOOOOO! Lance: What a miscarriage of justice. I don't even think the legal men were involved in the outcome. The poor Ref took a big hit and i can't blame him for being groggy. But I do blame Ron Fuller for... The Fullers and Golden come to the podium. Ron: Lance, the Stud Stable is here to run things. I hope everybody received our message loud and clear. My bother Rob and cousin Jimmy have their sights set on winning the David Von Erich Memorial Tag Team Tournament and nobody better get in their way, that includes those teenie bopp'n boys the Fabulous Zeros. And I want Dusty Rhodes to hear this. Dusty, we're not done boy. Not by a long shot. Stud Stable exits Lance: The Fullers and Golden certainly made a statement but I know The Fabulous Ones will want another go at them. Fans, I'll see you next week as Dusty Rhodes and Mike George will take on USWA Champ Terry Funk and Jesse Barr. Should be a wild one and don't forget about our big night of action in Evansville tomorrow night. I'll see you next week.
  25. Remember when we all thought Dom was going to be great when he had those matches with Seth? Then he ran into the black hole of suck and is now Just A Guy. Speaking of, Baron Corbin is like Bray Wyatt without the horror nonsense. Everyone he feuds with ends up coming out of it lesser than they went in.
  26. For real. I mean, her doing that wasn't surprising in of itseld, but she made it look absurdly easy. The segment ruled. Heel Bayley has been a joy to watch.
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