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  2. Looking back on this now, the lower ranking of women in particular makes this list look dated AF to a lot of younger fans. Also Brock being so high, though i think the Suplex City bullshit hadn't taken over yet when people were voting. Really curious what a 2026 community list would look like, not going to lie...though you'd get vastly different results on here vs. the regulars on wrestling Twitter or such.
  3. Den Scorpio

    World Wrestling Federation (2.0)

    HOUSE SHOW: Friday 7/10 | Pittsburgh, PA @ Civic Arena (17,788) King Kong Bundy defeated Ted Arcidi @ 4:36 after 2 Avalanches & a Splash. Tito Santana defeated ‘Dr. D’ David Schultz @ 13:52 with a small package reversal. NEW Intercontinental Champion Greg 'The Hammer' Valentine (w/Bobby Heenan) defeated SD Jones @ 6:44 with the Figure-Four Leg Lock. Sgt. Slaughter defeated Steve Lombardi @ 4:11 with the Cobra Clutch. NEW WWF Heavyweight Champion Bruno Sammartino In-Ring Interview w/Lord Alfred Hayes: Bruno thanks Pittsburgh for their undying support spanning the decades. Promises to take Pittsburgh everywhere he goes, as he defends the Title with pride, dignity, and unquenchable fire! Bob Backlund interrupts to the ring, demanding Bruno return the belt to him if he has any integrity, adding that he’s (Backlund) Pittsburgh’s new Moses. Bruno pretends to offer the belt & knocks Backlund’s lights out instead! Backlund retreats to the back holding his face, leaving Bruno standing tall to a raucous ovation! [Intermission] Ken Patera defeated Barry Horowitz @ 6:33 with the Spinning Full Nelson. Patera was hampered by a heavily taped leg, coming out of the Mania match last week. The Red Scare defeated The Scufflin’ Hillbillies @ 5:43. Ref was distracted by Jim/Nikolai battling outside the ring, while Luke had Boris pinned. Blassie clocked Luke with his cane & Boris rolls over to get the 1-2-3. NEW World Tag Team Champions the Von Erich’s & the British Bulldogs fought to a Double DQ @ 15:19. Barnburner showdown with a bit of everything. Eventually broke down to a 4-man brawl. Ref tried to break things up & got tossed aside by Kerry & Davey Boy for his trouble. Both teams brawled all over ringside, then to the back. Bob Backlund defeated Andre the Giant via count-out @ 12:14. Andre dominated the match, which spilled outside. A reeling Backlund rolls back in to escape the onslaught, right at the 10-count. Afterwards, Andre attacks Backlund in the ring & hits the Sitdown Splash. Bruno Sammartino returns & joins Andre in sarcastically bidding farewell to the retreating, battered Backlund. Bruno taunts Backlund with the belt from afar. He & the Giant then send the crowd home happy.
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  5. AJPW Triple Crown Champion Mitsuharu Misawa vs Toshiaki Kawada - AJPW 7/23/99 I wasn't even aware this existed until a few weeks ago. I wouldnt say I am a hardcore AJPW fan, but I consider myself pretty knowledgeable and I am surprised I never heard of this. I agree to an extent that if Baba was booking they would have waited until 2000 before another match since they did the title switch in January. I will say since Kawada had to vacate the title due to injury, it is logical to give him a title rematch sooner rather than later. I enjoyed their 98 and 99 match so I was curious to see what this was like. They dont really break any new ground. I would say they substitute some of the athletic workrate of their earlier matches with brutally stiff strikes. Both men were going head-hunting but it was Kawada that was getting the best of it trying to kick Misawa's head off. There was a nice cutoff where normally Misawa stops himself going into the buckles and turns around and smashes someone with an Elbow but Kawada cut if off with a Yakuza Kick. Misawa made his first mini-comeback, elbow immediately into Tiger Driver for nearfall and then Elbow Suicida. Awesome transition when Misawa attempts the Tiger Driver off the apron only to be thwarted and Fireman's Carry off the apron. Very nice exchange and strong transition. Kawada sticks with the kick, punch, knee Misawa in the head game plan. Misawa gets a couple licks in but Kawada stays in control. Kawada tries for Powerbomb but Misawa Elbows his way out of trouble. I got to admit there's not much in the way of highspots. They are working a strong, brutal style thats lean and compact. That Left Elbow was BRUTAL and Kawada's jelly leg sell was perfect! Misawa's comeback doesnt last long and is met a Jumping High Kick. Brainbuster and Powerbomb in short succession give Kawada a strong nearfall. Misawa pants almost come down in the Misawa-Rana. Misawa DRILLS Kawada in the back of the head with an Elbow, fixes his pants and Tiger Suplex. The home stretch is red hot. Misawa just absorbs every stiff to the head including a Closed Fist and returns fire with brutally stiff Elbows. TIGER DRIVER '91~! Misawa is poised to Elbow again, but Kawada never gets back up which is a weird, anti-climatic ending. It is a retread and I think I prefer their 2005 Dome Greatest Hits Nostalgia match to this. I do think it is better than Overkill 97 match but yeah this is the second from the bottom. I still wish 98% of wrestlers could construct such a smartly laid out match around strong, meaningful transitions and building to a home stretch. Every transitions was money and the heat was still there, but this was basically hit each other as hard you can in the head. It is a great match but not one of their classics. ****
  6. sek69

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    I wonder if explaining to Corny that Shida's neither a schoolgirl or a geisha, but a cosplay enthusiast who's ring gear is based of Tifa from Final Fantasy VII would make it better or worse.
  7. cm funk

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    He's started again "by popular demand" but I think it's more due to the hype around Fyter Fest and GAB going head to head. I'm just starting listening to this week's Experience (we'll see how long I last this time....I usually need to do it incrementally)......I don't think he's going to last too many more weeks I rarely e-mail Last but I think I'll suggest to him what a few people here mentioned about reviewing old WWF shows from the network that happened before he was there and perhaps has never seen. That would be way more interesting than hearing him shit on modern stuff, but ultimately they're going to do what gets them the most downloads
  8. El-P

    Is Impact the best promotion in wrestling history?

    Between Madison Rayne interviewing herself on Locker Room Talk (those mini-steps killed me, also I'm convinced she's been inspired by Nicole Kidman in To Die For), Swinger trying to be Suicide and failing miserably and Moose saying there was "no proof the Earth was round", this week's show has been the most fun in weeks. Plus two strong matches in the opener of Taya & Rosemary vs Susie & Kylie Ray and the closer of Callihan vs Alexander. They sure did a good job with the video hyping the main event of Slammiversary too. Also been enjoying Kimber Lee, hopefully she'll get some wins in the future. Dunno what the tease was this week with a Beautiful People match in the Flashback... Maybe Tara. Maybe, well, Velvet (if Bully Ray shows up, why not ?).
  9. El-P

    AEW Fyter Fest 2020 - Night two

    If she wasn't locked with IMPACT, I say get Madison Rayne in the role. She would be just great. Can do announcing, cut promos, work angles, bump, be funny, show tons of ass. Just a perfect fit.
  10. El-P

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    Not racist at all... BTW, had he not quit reviewing the current stuff for the last time a few weeks ago ? I mean, this is a complete joke.
  11. Also, that's not to say a babyface triumphing in the end isn't one of the most emotional moments wrestling can create. However part of what makes that a strong moment is having a strong heel champ to overcome in the first place.
  12. In my case, before the era where WWE had an antagonistic relationship with fans, the booking was usually done where vice was punished and virtue was rewarded. Even if the hero didn't win the title in the end, he was able to hand some sort of comeuppance to the heel. The key was that the heel champ had to be someone capable of elevating others around him. Look at how Jericho's run as first AEW champ was so crucial. He made everyone around him look like a star, and if they were already a star they looked even better. IHMO, Moxley's run as champ hasn't been as great since he doesn't seem to have that same ability. I totally get someone who grew up through Hun-tor's reign of terror and all the hopelessness of WWE heel champ booking not seeing the appeal of a good heel run, but all I can say is that it wasn't always that way.
  13. El-P

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    Actually, I don't need the stamp of approval of anybody to think current pro-wrestling is great. Not Meltz, Not Morton, not anyone. On the other hand, a guy like Ricky Morton saying it threatens all the bitter old guys yelling at clouds because he's someone they put on a pedestal and represent "the good ol' days" and "the right way". So it's much more comfortable to think that he *must* have ulterior motives and he can't be genuine, when everything he has done in the last few years rather points in the other direction. Whatever. I just think it's pretty cool to have non stubborn, stuck in the past veterans appreciating what is being done today and working alongside the current generation. And yeah, it has to drive some people crazy, so again, gotta get into denial mode... or else...
  14. I think it was @Jimmy Redman who articulated why I feel long face runs being better than long heel runs, everything else (booking, characters etc) being roughly equal: face title reigns are just a nicer experience. It might be predictable, but at lesst it's a happy prediction.
  15. kevinmcfl

    National Wrestling Alliance

    July 18, 1985 The North American Wrestling Alliance proudly presents NWA Main Event coming to you from Irish McNeil’s Boys Club in Shreveport, Louisiana. Jim Ross: Hello everybody and welcome to NWA Main Event. I am Jim Ross and my partner as always is Cowboy Bill Watts. Cowboy, we got a great show on tap tonight. Cowboy Bill Watts: That’s right Jim. The Rock n Roll Express have returned to the NWA and will be in action tonight. We will also see Kamala, I mean Bad News Harris in action along with his “manager,” Ernie Ladd. We will also have the NWA North American Champion, “Gorgeous” Jimmy Garvin in action and lets not forget the rematch from last week as the youngster, Paul Roma has vowed to have more success against the wily vet, “Professor” Bill Ash and in our main event, we will see Hacksaw Jim Duggan take on the Cuban Assassin. Plus we will be hearing from many of the other NWA superstars. Jim Ross: Well let’s not waste anymore time. Let’s get to the ring. The Rock n Roll Express defeats Larry Cheatum and Verlon Biggs with a Double Dropkick on Cheatum Jim Ross: What a pleasure it is to have the Rock n Roll Express back in the NWA and it really started with a bang last week. Let’s take a look back at how last week’s show came to an end. VIDEO FROM LAST WEEK: Jim Cornette: Oh, not today. Not today you big bag of wind. Bill Watts, you will not ruin our party. This is a celebration of the fact that these titles are right back where they belong. Let’s go over to the ring so the party can in fact begin and the fans can give the Midnight Express a proper ovation. As the fans boo louder and louder, the Midnight Express and Corny head over to the ring with Bill Watts following with a microphone. Big Bubba Rogers, Cornett’s bodyguard, rolls out a big cake. Jim Cornette: We told you Watts. It was a celebration. Look at this cake. It’s better than any wedding cake I have ever seen. It cost hundreds of dollars and it is part of Mother’s bonus for us winning the titles. She told me have the greatest party ever; with one stipulation. Do you know what that stipulation was Watts? Watts: No idea. Jim Cornette: Mother’s only rule was that YOU ARE NOT INVITED! Hahahahah. Hey Beautiful Bobby, Lover Boy Denis… why don’t you two get in the ring and take a victory lap. With Big Bubba holding the ropes down for the Express, they enter the ring and start to jog around the ring. All of a sudden, in a bit of a shock to Cornette, the crowd goes bonkers with their cheering. This is because The Rock n Roll Express have returned to the NWA and have snuck up behind Jim Cornette. Bill Watts sees them but says nothing. WHAM…. Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson have slammed Cornette’s face into the cake and he falls forward destroying this multi-tiered masterpiece. As Cornette is sliding all over the place trying to get his footing, the Rock n Roll Express dash of to the locker room before the Midnight Express and Big Bubba ever see what is happening. After the video Cowboy Bill Watts: No matter how many times I see that, I just can’t help but laugh. Cornette is such an arrogant piece of you know what and he got exactly what he deserved. Robert Gibson: You got that right. The Rock n Roll Express have been fighting the Midnight Express all over the country and now that we are both in the NWA, we are looking to pick up where we left off. Ricky Morton: I mean you guys here in the NWA must have seen it a hundred times. Cornette interferes just enough to keep the Midnight Express wearing those championship belts. Whether it is with his tennis racket or ordering Big Bubba to get involved, it always feels like no matter how much in control of the match you are, Cornette pulls some trick to steal victory from defeat. Well last week, Robert and I saw a chance to get a little pay back and smashing his face into that cake and ruining their celebration just felt right. It was also our way of letting Cornette know the Rock n Roll Express is here and we are coming for those NWA National Tag titles. Cowboy Bill Watts: Do us all a favor… keep sticking something in Cornette’s mouth so we don’t have to hear him anymore. Great to have you guys back in the NWA! Commercial MATCH: Bad News Harris (Kamala without the gimmick) with Ernie Ladd defeats defeats Brian Eleon with the Giant Splash This match is identically to one of the squash matches we are used to seeing Kamala in outside of the face paint and Kim Chee running around like a chimpanzee. Bad News just overpowers Eleon with his size. The moves are from the same limited bag of tricks that Kamala used; from the big chops, headbutts and side kicks and the Giant Splash being the big finisher. Jim Ross: Ok Ernie Ladd… what is going on here. How did the Ugandan Giant suddenly become Bad News Harris. Ernie Ladd: You will have to ask him yourself, but this all goes back to what I told you about last week and the corrupt authority in wrestling. From people like Blackjack Mulligan to Barry Windham and even you Bill Watts. Cowboy Bill Watts: Me! Have you lost your mind Ladd. You lost to Barry Windham and couldn’t handle it, so now you are back to bother us all as a “manager.” Jim Ross: Give me a break Ladd … you are a talker but the problem is… your talk is never true! I have no idea how this man went from being Kamala to Bad News Harris. For all I know, he can’t even talk English. Bad News Harris (shocks many by speaking with an easily detected southern twang): I speak English jis fine Watts. I was born and raised right across the border in Mississippi. My friends all know me as Sugar Bear Harris. You… you will call me Bad News or Mr. Harris. As Ernie Ladd pointed out how you are one of them. You see, I was a truck driver my whole like and with my size, some white cracker came up to me a told me I should git inta wrastling. When I did, I just started winning match after match and the crakers didn’t like that. They told me if I wanted a paycheck, I had to act like I was a wild beast from Africa cause there was no way no “boy” from Mississippi could ever take down one of their guys. I needed money so I player along. Well last year, the Movement took over wrestling and us brothers started to stand up for ourselves. Honorable people like Sonny King, Shaska Whatley, Tiger Conway and my brother in name… Bad News Allen. I didn’t know all the ins and outs of wrestling till Big Ernie Ladd sat me down explained it all. He told me about how Mulligan and Windham tricked him into retirement cause they couldn’t have a black man winning all their titles. He told me how the refs turn a blind eye to us brothers. He told me how people like you and Bob Geigel don;t give us title shots when we deserve them. Ernie Ladd convinced me to be myself and if the crackers don’t like it… too bad. We are goin to take wrastlin by storm! BY ANY MEAN NECESSARY! Ladd and Harris raise their fist in the air and walk off. The white fans in the crowd are fuming but the blacks are quietly smiling. Jim Ross: Well that was interesting. Cowboy Bill Watts: You said a mouth full. It seems like Ernie Ladd has struck again. I still don’t know what is going on around here but if Kamala or Sugar Bear or Bad News Harris thinks I had anything to do with his situation, Ernie Ladd is more dangerous then I even thought. COMMERCIAL MATCH: “The Professor” Bill Ash defeats Paul Roma when he rolls up Roma and grabs the trunks and puts his feet on the ropes for extra leverage. The match served a few purposes. First, through his dastardly tactics, the heat continues to grow for Professor Ash. Also, Roma’s never quit attitude and good looks are getting over with the crowd. They almost feel sorry for him and his losing ways and he is becoming their “class pet.” In another interview, Roma vows improvement. When Roma leaves, Jim Cornette comes storming out. Jim Cornette: Bill Watts, I have a bone to pick with you. Bill Watts: What else is new? Jim Cornette: Don’t start with your sass. I just arrived here and everyone in the back was laughing at me. Said that you showed the video of the what those criminals, the Rock n Roll Express, did to me last week. Bill Watts: I showed the video. It is our job to bring all the fans up to speed on what is going on in the NWA and of you don’t think the arrival of the Rock n Roll Express is big news then you are a dumb as you are wimpy. Plus, I think seeing you flopping around the floor with cake all over you face is funny as heck and part of our job is to entertain our viewers. Jim Cornette: Don’t you dare insult me like that. You know you showed that video because you don’t like me. You hate that I was born privileged and you are nothing but an over-sized garbage can. Bill Watts: I think you should be focusing on the Rock n Roll Express instead of me and a video that we showed. Jim Cornette: I will talk about what ever I think is important. Obviously since I haven’t mentioned those two bandana -wearing weirdos, the Midnight Express is not the least bit concerned about them. What you should be concerned about is Mother’s lawyers who will be serving you with a huge lawsuit if you show videos just for the purpose of laughing at me. This is a wrestling show for God’s sake. Show wrestling! Bill Watts: Are you done Wimpy? Jim Cornette: Yes Bill Watts: Good… roll the tape. The video of Cornette getting slammed into the cake is shown again. When it is over Cornette is so mad he is shaking. WHACK! Jim Cornette, can’t control himself and actually slaps Bill Watts. Watts doesn’t flinch and puffs out his chest and lifts his shoulders up in the air. You can tell he is fuming. Cornette, shocked at his own actions, opens his eyes as wide as possible and again starts to tremble but this time it is out of fear instead of anger. Cornette, like a tramped mouse, scurries off! Bill Watts: I am telling you Jim Ross. Cornette will get away with that once. Next time he will pay dearly. Commercial NON-TITLE MATCH: Jimmy Garvin (North American Champion) with Precious defeats Rocky Kernodle with the Brain Buster! Jimmy Garvin: Man, it’s just to easy when you are a s good as Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin. I mean it has only been like a week since the Great American Bash and I have already wrestled twice on TV! The NWA keeps putting the biggest and toughest opponents in the ring against me. I mean last week it was Joe Lightfoot and this week was Rocky Kernodle… two of the best in the business. Bill Watts: It is not my place to put any wrestler down but I am unsure if Rocky Kernodle is the best the NWA has to offer. In fact, we have a video of someone who is heading to the NWA for the sole reason of beating you and taking your title. Precious: Well that will be a wasted trip! This belt is staying around my man. A Video is shown of an interview with Austin Idol where he is wearing a cut off tee shirt, sunglasses and a funky cap. Austin Idol: Jimmy Garvin… I am about to shock the world but I agree with you. Good things come to the beautiful people. We get the cars, we get the girls, we get just about everything we want. In fact, you got two things I want… first is that NWA North American Title you got and the second is that pretty lady you got around your arms each time I tune into the NWA. I am heading to the NWA real soon to collect those things and there is nothing you can do about it. I am the one and only, the women’s pet, the men’s regret …. The Universal Heart Throb and you are not half as gorgeous as you think you are. Garvin… you know what I say is true. (Idol gives a big double bicep flex) Jimmy… look at these biceps… Ohhh do I look good. You don’t think so, look at that girlfriend of yours right now… she knows I am the real deal! See you soon “Not so pretty” Jimmy. When the video ends, you can tell that Precious liked what she saw and that Jimmy is fuming! Jimmy Garvin: Hahahaha, who does this beached blonde loser think he is. On the Jimmy Garvin scale of beauty, Austin Idol doesn’t even register; and the same goes for his wrestling ability. You know why he isn’t here yet… he is afraid! I mean he is only a plane ride away. If he wanted a piece of me, he would be here. Let’s go Precious… Garvin pulls a flustered Precious to the locker room. Bill Watts: Hey Jim, did you see the look in Precious’s eyes when Idol flexed? Jim Ross: Indeed I did. She seemed to be at a loss of words for once. Commercial MATCH: Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs The Cuban Assassin The match starts as a flag waving contest with the Cuban Assassin coming out first. He does a great job of getting some heat as he is waving the Cuban Flag and yelling Anti American rants. The crowd is fuming until Duggan comes out with "Old Glory" and the crowd pops. As for the match, the Assassin tried to attack for before the bell but Duggan was ready for it. This hyped up match turns into nothing more the a squash match as Duggan is all fired up. Ross and Watts speculate that his power and energy are being fueled by his "wanting" of revenge on Hacksaw Reed and Ernie Ladd! The match quickly ends with a football tackle and Duggan grabs the American flag and is waving it as the fans are screaming! Jim Ross: Oh gosh! What are they doing out here. It looks like business is about to pick up! Hacksaw Reed, Ernie Ladd and Bad News Harris surround the ring but as they get up on the apron, Barry Windham rushes in to somewhat even the sides. You can see a quick calculation of the situation by Ernie Ladd and you can still tell he likes he chances as he and his men continue to advance. WHAM! The 3-2 brawl is on! The crowd explodes…. Jim Ross: I can’t believe my eyes… It is Blackjack Mulligan! Mulligan is throwing big right hands and as we run out of time it is Duggan vs Reed, Windham vs Harris and Mulligan squared off with Ladd. Jim Ross: Business is about to pick up! There is carnage everywhere! Fans, I hate to do this to you. We are out of time. So long from Shreveport.
  16. MoS

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    Yeah. It's honestly a gobsmacking statement. It's genuinely ewuivalent to me getting confused by late 1980s JCP and going "Flair, Cornette, Windham, Eaton..there are just too many similar-looking tall white guys here for me to keep up!!"
  17. sek69

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    Well Ricky's put his money where his mouth is and actually participates in modern wrestling (well at least until covid hit). Terry Funk saw the landscape and adapted to changing times to give himself an entire second career, no reason to not think Morton did the same thing based on available evidence.
  18. I've never understood the affinity some fans have for long-term heel champions. Wrestling is escapist entertainment. Why would I want to watch something centered around someone the viewers are supposed to consider unlikable and undeserving? If I want to see vice unpunished and virtue unrewarded, I can just turn on the news. The real world is shitty enough. I don't need my entertainment to be shitty.
  19. Jesus, that's like Andre standing on a crate being interviewed by Vince Jr in the 70s
  20. Not to mention if he was anywhere near his billed weight (210) at his height, he'd look like Taz.
  21. Zack Sabre Jr is billed as 6'0 by New Japan, here he is with Adam Cole.
  22. ohtani's jacket

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    Let's take what the old timers say with a grain of salt... until they say something we agree with!
  23. I saw Adam Cole work Jimmy Jacobs in EVOLVE and Jacobs worked a David vs Goliath match with him, with Jimmy Jacobs as Goliath
  24. Wrestling in general is better with a heel champ IMO. It may be from me being raised on a steady diet of Harley and Ric coming to town to make the local hero look good, but there's a lot more that can be done booking wise. Babyface runs tend to quickly turn into "challenger of the month and/or PPV cycle".
  25. Ricky Jackson

    Introduction to the Board as a wrestling fan

    Welcome aboard! From a pure ego perspective it always makes me feel good hearing about someone enjoying Titans and other podcasts I've been involved with over the years. I'm feeling nostalgic because we're wrapping World Cast up with #100 and I'm stepping back from podcasts other than an occasional show here and there. Yesterday I was reminiscing about Titans. Anyway, glad we were able to steer you to PWO
  26. JustYourAvgBozo

    Under-the-radar wrestling book recommendations

    I've went through the thread and saw a lot of books that I own and enjoy. But, for the heck of it, I'll toss in a couple I haven't seen listed that I feel others would enjoy. -"Professional Wrestling in the Pacific Northwest: A History, 1883 to the Present" by Steven Verrier There is a lot of information packed into 232 pages of small-type. -"The Four Horsemen: A Timeline" by Dick Bourne. My brother got this for me one Christmas. Resident of the Mid-Atlantic Gateway Bourne breaks down the different angles, shows and storylines on how the Horsemen became and thrived throughout JCP into WCW. -"WWE Book Of Rules". The cover is made to look like a Manila envelope complete with string tie, which means you can't just slide in back on your shelf without risk of ripping. It's basically what MAD Magazine would do if they had the idea; "official documents", "office circulars" and decrees (for example, they have a document stating that Bayley's "wacky inflatable tube men are not under contract", therefore that's why you see them at stores and auto dealers on their off time). It's 100% goofy but if you can get it on the cheap, it's harmless fun. (Best served as a library book. You'll read it once, have a few chuckles, then return it.)
  27. spaldoni

    Pacific Coast Wrestling

    Couple of fun house shows with a lot of great action. Perez keeps racking up wins. I could see him as a good challenger for Orton. I'm really liking this Spivey story. Now I look forward to what he's going to do next. Rose has inadvertently created a monster. Knobbs and Gaylord prove to Rose that they can take care of business. Meanwhile Dundee pulls off the win over Golden. This is far from over. Awesome 8 man tag! Busick gets a huge rub by getting the fall. The Guerreros bend the rules and get a win over the Thundercats. I'll be watching the Guerreros closely. Busick picks up another big win and even makes Hito submit. Haynes and Snuka continue to put on some great brawling matches. Orton keeps rolling as CA champ as he puts down the tough challenge of Smothers. Nord causes the DQ and Texas Red doesn't like it. Don't mess with Texas.
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