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  2. conker8

    WWE Network... It's Here

    @khawk20 there are 7 observers from 1983 and 15 observers from 1984 in this link https://archive.org/details/WON1984
  3. Zoo Enthusiast

    Dark Side of the Ring: Viceland docu-series

    Truly a horrible company.
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  5. SirEdger

    AEW Rampage - October 22, 2021

    IIRC, when Andrade debuted with Vickie Guerrero this summer, they were teasing a big surprise. Apparently, the original plans were for Black to align with Andrade but they chose to do the Cody thing instead.
  6. spaldoni

    Wonder Women Wrestling

    Velvet and Medusa go all out until chaos ensues. Nice visual of Velvet and Medusa forming an impromptu alliance to fight off the monsters. Another hot tag match. My favorite part was the post match when Pardue throws a bucket of water at the heels. That's good television. Fun battle royal as each woman get to shine. I thought Babyface was going to pull off the underdog upset but not tonight as the red hot Moretti wins it and retains her many titles. WWW has some serious momentum going!
  7. MikeCampbell

    AEW Rampage - October 22, 2021

    Andrade/Pac was great stuff. But, I just don't understand what is going on with the booking. Why are they dicking around with first FTR and now adding Black for no good reason, when Dragon Lee and Dralistico are right there, and set up an obvious trios feud? I get that Pac lives in the UK, and his family is over there, so he's got to travel and that's why he's not around very often. But, what's the reason for Andrade? He could be putting on bangers like this every week, and he's barely used. I loved the match, but I hated the aftermath. Let Pac get his win and bring out the Lucha Bros to celebrate with him, and end the show with Death Triangle standing tall. Cody and Black was totally shoehorned in, and they could have easily done that during a promo or something instead of stealing the spotlight.
  8. spaldoni

    Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling (v3)

    Props to you, Mid South and Continental for doing such a great job working together under the NWA banner. Gaylord continues to get over. Youngblood's arrive to TV! Solid promo and a very nice tribute to Jay. Jay was defiantly a Mid Atlantic favorite. Luger is pumped up and even puts his TV title on the line in an open challenge match. I wonder which one of the Spectral hand will accept. Bold move for Luger. Harts get a good TV win. Can they continue this momentum against Brutha's in Arms? Slater's the man! Can't wait for next week's non physical encounter between Dibiase/Williams and the Andersons. Renegade Warriors are off to a great start taking down the RnR Phantoms. LOL, what a great name. I'm sure the fans in Albany will pack the house. Embry ends the show with a big win over long time favorite Mr. Wrestling 2. All roads lead to Halloween Havoc!
  9. BigBadMick

    My World : Jeff Jarrett's podcast

    Finished the podcast - what exactly was Jarrett’s complaint in the middle of the show? Something along the lines of the questions he prepared to answer didn’t concern the late 80s and early 90s? Felt weird. Also, are these episodes live on the video feed? If not, they really should have taken a break to talk among themselves..
  10. The perfect capper to this would be if Charlotte pulls some shit with Sasha next and her crazy stan army goes on the attack.
  11. As for Akiyama's amateur pedigree, I was surprised to find that the JWF database has no records of him (and I checked both his legal and ring name). It could be a gap in their records, but if he'd been an Olympic alternate I am certain that he would have done well enough in collegiate tournaments to be on there. Edit: according to this he was a runner-up in the All Japan Student Amateur Wrestling Championship.
  12. That's my error, sorry. The author wrote in such a way that it seemed that he was referring to a match between the two teams, and I honestly blanked on it.
  13. https://mobile.twitter.com/JRsBBQ/status/1451940807833964550?t=O3iKsNVa-nZcNE_5KI1x6A&s=19 Not the nicest news to see, hoping he comes through it alright
  14. BigBadMick

    My World : Jeff Jarrett's podcast

    Listening now. Conrad portraying a moody prick gets irritating quickly. By the way, has ‘chat me up’ any meaning in the US? Here, to chat someone up is to flirt.
  15. Autistic Dragon

    Championship Wrestling from Florida

    Jones arrives via Special Delivery. The Glamor Boys give a quick recap of their legendary feud with the Highwaymen. One match & Perez is already on thin ice & threatening to drag Santana down with him. Solie & Akbar's back-and-forth continues to be a highlight. Good to see Solie try to be the bigger man. Big Ripper. LOL. Spoiler shows up & gets wrecked by Mad Dog & The Maniac! He better find a friend fast! Big night in Lakeland. Duggan vs Hercules in a chain match! Bring it on!
  16. I'm not going to lie, this whole situation is the most interesting thing that's happened in WWE in I can't even remember how long.
  17. I'm a bit surprised to see Akiyama's amateur career described as rather lackluster. Wasn't he an Olympic alternate? I don't know if the author made an error or Akiyama simply misremembered, but Misawa and Kawada faced Gordy and Williams on 12/6/91. Jumbo and Taue faced Hansen and Spivey on the same card. Also, this is a common misconception, but the RWTL didn't have an official final for the first two decades of its existence. The last match was usually a de facto final in that whichever team won it would win the league. A tiebreaker match was necessary in 1986 and from 1995 to 1997 due to a tie at the top of the standings. 1998 was the first time that the top two teams regardless of points went on to the final.
  18. Most of Nia's incidents have been accidents due to her being sloppy. I don't get the impression she goes out with the intention of hurting people, shit just happens. Not that it's good that it happens mind you, but intent matters. Charlotte seems to have purposely gone out there to sandbag her co workers in a major angle. I know there's different rules for the top level people, but even then there's got to be a line drawn before someone decides to take matters into their own hands (like Bret ended up doing with Shawn).
  19. C.S.

    Is Impact the best promotion in wrestling history?

    Sad to hear this about Kylie Rae.
  20. What do Charlotte and Nia have in common (besides being obvious beneficiaries of nepotism)? They're both WWE products who've never worked outside the company. Another bang-up job by the Performance Center.
  21. They've left Nia Jax injure countless people on the roster so I think she probably has a lot of rope left.
  22. Just because the whole title swap thing is dumb doesn't make it right for her to be an unprofessional shithead. I just wonder how many of these incidents Vince is going to put up with. Clearly he doesn't want to give AEW another star, but this is starting to become a pattern.
  23. funkdoc

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    Aside from all this, i wonder if WALTER having a bit chunkier body type would also be a concern for the main roster if they're serious about going back to ~Ruthless Aggression Era~ ways
  24. El-P

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    That's what workers like Bret Hart and countless others, including famous brawlers, have done their entire career. I don't think anyone ever had any issues with it. Also, blading has always looked completely illogical, anyone having watched a boxing match that drew blood in their life would know the crimson mask is bullshit. There's a reason why the most common idea about blood in pro-wrestling is that it's capsule fake blood. Hey, I enjoy stiff work a lot. But I totally see the point of view of workers who would not take that kind of shit when it goes toward the extreme. Hell, to play devil's advocate, I remember The Honky Tonk Man making fun of Steamboat's machingun-wound sell of a guy slapping his chest with his bare open hand, saying it looked completely stupid (of course I disagree, but I understand what he means).
  25. Charlotte is a known source for Alex McCarthy, so anything he reports about her has to be taken with a grain of salt. Also consider that whenever a women's match or segment completely falls apart, it almost always involves the same person, and it ain't Becky.
  26. Gertner

    My World : Jeff Jarrett's podcast

    Just listened to it. God Conrad can be so beyond terrible. This is one of those times.
  27. NintendoLogic

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    Leaving bruises and welts is part of convincing the audience. How believable would it be for two guys to seemingly beat the hell out of each other and not leave a mark? Obviously, blading your chest like Tenryu did against Kobashi is the way to go.
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