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    [2014-02-24-WWE-Raw] Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker

    Taker looked especially creepy here.
  3. kevinmcfl

    AWA Georgia Championship Wrestling

    Fun house shows! I must say that I can't wait until the next TV show as I need to know with Krupp was doing in the ring with Saito and then helping Stallion. Patera seems to be on fire and could be a huge player in the singles scene. I like seeing Prichard getting a nice run. I always thought he was pretty underrated
  4. kevinmcfl


    August 25, 1984 Music intro with a montage of all the stars of Stampede Wrestling past and present is shown. Broadcasting to our local affiliates in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, the American Wrestling Association proudly presents Stampede Wrestling, coming to you from the CHCT Studios in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Ed Whalen: Hi everybody and away we go with another edition of Stampede Wrestling. I am Ed Whalen coming to you from the CHCT Studies in downtown Calgary. Today we will be showing some matches from last Monday in the Corral right here in Calgary along with some great interviews including a special segment with Stu Hart with the dapper Jim Davies. I promise you another ring-a ding-dong- dandy of a show so let’s not waste any time and get you right to the action. MATCH: MX-1 vs Al Costello The masked MX-1 continues to look good here in Stampede has he makes quick work of Castello with the Airplane Drop. MATCH: Paul Orndorff with Bobby Heenan vs Ben Bassarab Bassarab put up a good fight and almost pulled the upset as he hit the flying cross body block and got a 2 ½ count but a distraction by Heenan was all Orndorff needed as he ended it with the Piledriver. POST-MATCH INTERVIEW: Bobby Heenan: My God, Stu Hart is one of the dumbest humanoids I have ever met. We got Paul Orndorff wasting his time with jobbers like Ben Bassarab. Just a hint there Mr. Stampede… Paul Orndorff is a Main-eventer! Jim Davies: But you must admit that Ben Bassarab almost beat Paul Orndorff Bobby Heenan: Shut up Davies! The stupid from your hat is seeping into your brain! (Commercials) Promos for Monday’s show at the Sales Pavilion in Edmonton Calgary Stampede Match (All 4 in the ring at once- Anything goes) Mr. Pogo & Gama Singh with Sheik Adnan Al Kassie vs The Sheepherders Truly wild… the Sheepderders are using the flagpole while Mr. Pogo and Gamman Singh are taking liberties with the bamboo stick brought in by Pogo. The problem here was Sheik Adnan Al Kassie knew there was no DQ so he was involved from the get go. The end came with Luke Williams losing focus and going after the Sheik which allowed Mr. Pogo to basically take his head off with the bamboo stick and giving the Sheik’s men the victory. POST MATCH INTERVIEWS: Sheik Adnan Al Kassie: Mr. Jim Davies… I told you last week that King Hussain of Jordon told me to do whatever was necessary to get rid of the locust infestation around here and continue our rise to the top of Stampede Wrestling. Tonight, we did just that and hopefully the plaque has left Canada. MATCH: Curt Hennig with Bobby Heenan vs Ric McCord Almost an identical match to the first one tonight with Heenan’s stable. McCord gets off to a quick start and is doing well until a quick Heenan distraction and then Hennig is on fire with the end coming with the Cradle Suplex. The post-match interview is once again similar to earlier with Heenan calling for more competition but this one was different as an angry Animal and Hawk came out and said that they were sick and tired of Heenan saying he has no competition and that they have just signed to meet Orndorff and Hennig this week in Edmonton. Bobby Heenan makes the mistake of mouthing off to the Road Warriors. Bobby Heenan: Is that supposed to scare the Heenan Family. Last time I looked you lost your last two matches. One to the British Bulldogs and then you lost the World Tag Titles to some team of losers by the name of Shaska Whatley and Tiger Conway Jr. WHAM! Hawk almost takes Heenan’s head off with a clothesline. Curt Hennig sees this basically decides that facing the Road Warriors 2-1 would be insanity and heads for the hills leaving Heenan in a heap on the floor. (Commercials) Promos for Monday’s show in Edmonton STAMPEDE TAG TEAM TOUNRAMENT SECOND ROUND MATCHES Stan Hansen & Bad News Brown vs The British Bulldogs The question here is could the Bulldogs beat the Road Warriors and then the team of Hansen and Brown in back to back weeks. In the beginning it looked good as they were using speed and wrestling to keep Hansen and Brown off balance… but this can only last so long. Unfortunately, the ref got in the way of a Hansen Lariat and he went down. While the action continued, the Russians hit the ring and ripped Bad News Allen off the apron and rammed his head into the ring post busting him wide open. In a strange twist, both Stan Hansen and Dynamite Kid rushed over and started brawling with the Russians. The ref woke up very confused and had no other choice but to begin the 10 count. As he reached 10 and called for the bell, he raised the hand of Davey Boy Smith who was standing in the ring. While there was some confusion, the ring announcer declared that Hansen had been counted out. POST-MATCH INTERVIEWS: The British Bulldogs were upset at the way they won and said that they felt bad for Allen and Hansen who didn’t deserve to by attacked by the Russians but that they would give it their all no matter who they fought in the finals as they really want to become the first Stampede Tag champs. Hansen and Allen were fuming and all of their anger was directed at Koloff and Volkoff. They didn’t know how or where …. but they were going to get them out of Stampede Wrestling. The Russians were pumped up at what they had done as the reminded everyone that they warned Bad News Allen not to get in their way and now he has paid the ultimate price… with his own blood. (Commercials) Promos for Monday’s show in Edmonton STAMPEDE TAG TEAM TOUNRAMENT SECOND ROUND MATCHES Bret Hart & Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart vs “Dr. Death” Steve Williams & Manny Fernandez An instant classic as this match had it all. Some wrestling from Hart and Williams and some brawling from Neidhart and Fernandez and everything in between. The finish leaves us with some unanswered questions as Dr. Death was trapped in the corner and just as he escaped, it looked like a fan tossed something in the direction of Manny. Manny was angry and jumped off the apron to yell at the fan. This caused Dr. Death to not have anyone to tag in and got pulled back to the Hart Foundation’s corner where he was hit with a powerslam from Neidhart. Fernandez saw the ref start to make the count and rushed in but was too late to make the save as the Hart Foundation got the win. POST-MATCH INTERVIEWS: The Hart Foundation promised there were no hard feelings towards the Bulldogs for throwing in the towel costing Bret his North American Title but that there were no friends once you step foot in the ring and that they would do anything to beat the Bulldogs this Monday night in Edmonton. Many Fernandez and Dr. Death promised that they were okay with each other and that they were disappointed in the fact that they lost the bout. Promos for Monday’s show in Edmonton NORTH AMERICAN TITLE MATCH: Ric Flair vs JYD Basically, picture every bout Flair ever wrestled. We get a bunch of momentum changes before Flair plays it real dirty. JYD makes the comeback and actually hits the Thump but before the ref can make the three count, we see Heenan pull the ref out of the ring causing the DQ. Promos for Monday’s show in Edmonton As Stu Hart comes out to announce the full card for Edmonton, he calls out Bobby Heenan and Ric Flair. Heenan comes out in a neck brace from the earlier attack by the Road Warriors. Bobby Heenan: Finally, Stu Hart… finally… you show up. You saw the Road Warriors attack me and you were no where to be found. You better be out here to apologize and say you are firing those lunatics… Stu Hart: Just shut your mouth for once. I mean didn’t the Road Warriors teach you anything. I actually have something you will like. As much as it pains me to say it, Ric Flair is the North American Champion making him the #1 contender to the AWA World Title. Well, Ted Dibiase will be in Edmonton on Monday and it will be Ric Flair vs Ted Dibiase. As Heenan and Flair start to glow and thinking about the World Title, Hart makes one stipulation… due to Heenan’s actions tonight where he interfered in two matches…. if he does anything to the referee or Ted Dibiase on Monday…. Ric Flair will be stripped of the North American Title. As much as Heenan and Nature Boy protest, they are still excited by the news of the title shot. After Heenan and Flair leave, Stu proceeds to give the full card in Edmonton. SALES PAVILION: AUGUST 26, 1984 MX-1 vs Ben Bassarab Dr. Death vs Mr. Pogo with Sheik Adnan Al Kassie The Road Warriors vs Curt Hennig & Paul Orndorff with Bobby Heenan STAMPEDE TITLE MATCH: Sgt. Slaughter with Sheik Adnan Al Kassie vs Manny Fernandez Bad News Allen & Stan Hansen vs Nikita Koloff & Nicolai Volkoff STAMPEDE TAG TEAM TOUNRAMENT FINALS: The British Bulldogs vs Bret Hart & Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart AWA WORLD TITLE MATCH: Ted Dibiase vs Ric Flair Ed Whalen: Folks, if you are anywhere near Edmonton this Monday night, make sure to get a ticket for the show. It is going to be a wild one at the Sales Pavilion. Could Ric Flair be both the North American Champion and the AWA World Champion? Will the Bulldogs or the Hart Foundation be the first Stampede Tag champs and what is going to happen when the Road Warriors face Heenan’s Family and when The Russians face Hansen and Bad News Allen. You will just have to wait until Monday to find out but for now we are running out of time. So, in the meantime and in the in-between time… that’s it, another edition of Stampede Wrestling.
  5. Alucard

    Greatest Career Rehabs

    All I've really seen of him was the awful awful comedy shit he was doing upon arriving in WWE that turned me off huge until the cruiserweights got off Raw and I stopped watching 205 so I don't really see him. On the other hand. Aries is one of my all time favorites. Huge fan of his original ROH run, his climb to the top of Impact, and his wasted WWE run but everything about the Aries/Neville feud ruled.
  6. sek69

    Greatest Career Rehabs

    Yeah I think it still counts, and I'd agree he probably doesn't mind.
  7. C.S.

    Greatest Career Rehabs

    Aries is such a geek that even other geeks think he's a geek. Gallagher is incredible - and incredibly misused - so I hope he jumps ship the minute his WWE contract ends.
  8. This is for the X Division Title, and came at the time when AJ would routinely bounce between being a contender for the X Title and then the World Title. This is from TNA's first 3 hour PPV, with the hook being that AJ is the X Division ace that Petey would have to overcome if he wanted to cement his own credibility as champion. Because of this there's a real buzz at the the beginning of the match from the crowd and the opening exchanges are really good with lots of intensity, and I liked, whether through reality or design that Petey looked to be having to work extra hard to keep up with AJ, who just felt like he was just getting started. I think this is the story they were trying to tell in the match, but ultimately it goes too far and this is way to one sided. Again, not sure if this is by design or just simply that in non kayfabe AJ is on that next level, but he just looks several notches above Petey here. He rolls out some fantastic sequences including a back flip off the apron and then scoring with a kick from behind, as well as dodging Scott D'Amore interference on the outside to score with a springboard forearm and is so smooth but also explosive in everything he does. Petey by contrast rarely gets to land a blow unless it's a opening caused by D'Amore distraction. I remember that being a criticism at the time that Team Canada matches wouldn't often devolve into too many D'Amore spots and that would overshadow matches, and that's the case here. When done right, manager involvement can be a fantastic storytelling tool but here the interference overwhelms the match, and while they were probably hoping for a bit of show stealer coming in, Petey comes across as nowhere in AJ's league and someone that flukes his way to retaining rather than being sneaky or resourceful. (** 3/4)
  9. All for people trying to be creative with stipulations and be different, but the whole "24 hours spent in solitary confinement with no food or water" is pretty hokey and save for them initially selling the reaction to the bright lights, means nothing once the actual match starts. There's some decent intensity in this, but it's a fairly average brawl with your typical garbage spots. Given he often put together the WWF Hardcore Title matches, I wouldn't be surprised if Raven was the one structuring this. I did enjoy Monty Brown a lot in both the match and his pre-match promo and it just reminds me that he could've been such a big star. He's still rough around the edges in the match itself but he had so much natural charisma and Goldbergesque explosiveness to him. As others have highlighted the double table spot for the finish is really well done and builds to a good crescendo, but I thought the rest of what went before it was pretty uninspiring. Abyss in particular would go onto have much better hardcore/Monsters Balls matches against the likes of Jeff Hardy and Sabu the next year.
  10. El Dragon


    May I change the day I had all 3 champions booked from September 20th to September 18th please?
  11. spaldoni

    AWA World Class Wrestling

    Props to you and Gene and the hard work you put into this Super Card! Battle Royal kicks things off. Fun watching the former great team of Steamboat and Youngblood teaming up. Garvin does some great heeling and wins the battle royal. Super Black Ninja continues to dominate and gets some great exposure with a win over Steve O. Islanders and Midnights have a wild match. Islanders have to settle for a DQ win but the look on Cornette's face after Tonga no sold that racket shot was priceless. No more Rat Patrol and no more Soul Patrol as the Bruthahood is born. It took a lot of men and a lot of chairs to do it but The Movement defeat the Road Warriors to become NEW AWA TAG TEAM CHAMPS! I love the Road Warriors but man I cant wait for a Movement title reign. I have to book them in TNT real soon! Kerry and Olympia finally get payback on the Grapplers. Great finish! The Elimination tag lived up to expectations. Lot's of intrigue and drama. Bullet comes in as the Mystery partner. Shultz takes the money and runs. And of course Buddy Landel is the last man standing. Classic Continental style match. Stud and Windham put on a hard hitting contest. WOW! Shultz blasts Stud and Windham unifies the titles! Shultz is one of my favorites in the league. Windham is a major player in WCCW. Absolute classic between Bock and Kevin! I thought Kevin won it! But NO! The classic Dusty finish LOL. I have to admit, I wasn't ready for Bock's reign to end so this works out and it keeps Kevin strong. Dibiase and Gordy finish the show. Gordy hung in there but the neck was the issue and Dibiase capitalized to retain the AWA title! Dibiase is ruling the AWA. Awesome job! I hope WCCW and Continental do this again.
  12. KawadaSmile

    Greatest Career Rehabs

    He does have a history just as long of being an asshole so maybe it evens out? But I agree, was just trying to have a laugh. Gallagher is incredible in/out of the ring, it was weird to me too.
  13. Yesterday
  14. Zero

    1995-08-06-SMW Fan Week Jim Cornette Q&A

    Oof. This interview aged like milk. Cornette does not come of well in this. Shocked more of this hasn't gone around with all the twitter heat Cornette has of late.
  15. hammerva

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    If MLW ran more shows they would probably be in trouble but given that their product is only a TV or in the future a PPV product that helps.
  16. hammerva

    American Indies running shows overseas

    I am guessing the working guys in FREEDOMS like Kasai and Takeda is helping GCW out big time. Plus judging from the crowd reaction to the show it isn't like they are going their blind. ROH running a tour in the UK is the same thing that TNA did when they were on life support in the US. They haven't burned out their product over there enough.
  17. King of Debt

    Greatest Career Rehabs

    Does it count as a step down if it was his call, though? If I remember correctly his not working DON had more to do with protecting the Dragon Gate title (even if it wasn't on the line) for Ben-K to win it at Kobe and get over than him not wanting to "do the job". It's absolutely a step down, but I really don't think he minds at all
  18. spaldoni

    AWA Georgia Championship Wrestling

    The Patriots pick up another impressive win. I'm impressed with the Horner/Prichard pairing. Good job here. They get a huge win over Duk and Hiro. Kokina is rising fast as he goes toe to toe with Blackwell in Macon then SQUASHES Beefcake in Columbus. Haystacks better be ready. Patera puts down Sawyer. Patera could be a main event player real soon. Race is rolling as he beats Muraco then tells Hart he better leave the territory for his own safety. Those are chilling words. I wonder what Krupp has in mind for the Italian Stallion??? I could watch Martel and Arn wrestle forever. Once again, you continue to do a great job building up the Reed/Saito match. When they finally meet one on one it will bring in nothing but money. Race/Blackwell and Patera are a true force as they take down Dibiase, Muraco and Sawyer. Did Gary Hart take Race's advice?
  19. spaldoni


    Good grief what a wild show! Battle lines have been drawn as Big Cat builds his army while Mulligan is finding some powerful allies. Loving the Mountain Men/Super Samoans series. It all comes down to the Coal Miners Glove match. Atlas/Leduc followed by Mulligan and Boone! What a segment! Bulba might be in trouble as he faces Mulligan in a bullrope match next week. I have a feeling chaos is coming. Leduc is nuts! He just threatened the Lawman's life! As if all this wasn't enough, Adams shocks everybody and turns on Mike! Apparently the Von Erichs have a lot of enemies. Wahoo and Big Cat brawl to a double c.o. It might be a long time before this gets resolved.
  20. El Dragon

    Greatest Career Rehabs

    I mean Aries might be a dick but he has a long history as a great wrestler. Too many great matches to refute, imo. But Gallagher rules and is an awesome dude, so that one is super confusing.
  21. KawadaSmile

    Greatest Career Rehabs

    The main thing I'm grabbing is someone having interest in goddamn Austin Aries
  22. El Dragon

    Greatest Career Rehabs

    The main thing I’m grabbing from that is: You have zero interest in Gallagher? What is wrong with you?
  23. Thinking about the figure skating analogy, I was wondering what would happen if they made a wrestling show as an America's Got Talent style show. A series of matches, and after each one, a group of judges talk review it live on camera. I don't know if traditional wrestling fans would like it, but maybe new viewers would be interested in something like that.
  24. I hit the point earlier this year when I realized I should just be posting on wrestling classics, or whatever. I became that person that I openly mocked ten years ago. I'm pretty happy with my wrestling watching right now, though. Very little new stuff, even CMLL which I was following heavily a few years ago. I keep track of certain things, but it's like anything else: enjoy what you want on your terms. It's nice to have social interaction on all of this. I wish people would respond more to the new footage stuff we do on Segunda Caida or that I ran Secret Santo a little more successfully, but some of it I do to myself by not being on twitter, etc. That's the other thing about getting older. You tend to have a lot more going on in your life that ISN'T wrestling. I devote just about all the time I can to wrestling. Sometimes it's tough to slip in the three matches a week for New Footage Friday between work/kids/other hobbies, etc.
  25. Jordynne Grace is actually one of my least favorite going right now - although it's entirely based off of the things that she says, not the things that she does. Maybe unfairly, but I lump her in with the Joey Ryan's & Orange Cassidy's of the world. They have their niche audiences but I think they do more damage to pro-wrestling overall. Grace is actually a perfectly serviceable worker & I like the idea behind the books she wrote, calling out the creepers from social media. But I pretty much disagree with almost everything she says about wrestling. It's the entire new generation of social media workers. Of course, she's also only fucking twenty-three years old, so, welp. That's without even bringing up the debate/debacle that came from wrestlers using their real names on Twitter. Which was an entirely different headache altogether. Maybe I am in the old guard mentality. I've been watching wrestling longer than a lot of the current wrestlers have been alive. Admittedly, I'm tired of Jim Cornette as well, as I think all of his bullshit rants just come off as being ridiculously over-the-top & melodramatic just for attention seeking purposes. I do however buy into the theory that less is more, wrestling was healthier when they treated it like it was legit, and there was less fourth wall breaking & insider winking. Just because the fans know it's a work doesn't mean you have to keep telling them so. So when it's presented as more sports oriented, it usually comes with the territory that that also includes having less comedy & being booked more based around realism & outcomes. Which, in turn, leads to wins, losses & titles meaning more. Which to me should be the entire point. Wrestling being all inclusive? Great. Wrestling being all about Likes on Twitter, animated .gifs of spots, shock value stupidity & "This is awesome!" chants? Not so great. As much as he is loved, I actually think Kenny Omega is a big culprit of a lot of the things I loathe in wrestling right now too. Despite how much Meltzer puts him over. He's the definition of overindulgence & I hate when people try to bring the sort of comedy into wrestling that he seems to favor. I feel like the fans are too close to the show. The fans need to be pushed back to the crowd, back to being fans of the show & fans of the wrestlers. Everyone now is an insider, with intimate product knowledge, talking about the business workings of the companies & their booking decisions but no one feels like they're ever just watching the shows as they unfold anymore. Like, in example, a babyface turns heel. That used to be met with people gasping & being shocked & being angry. Now it's met with people saying "Why did they turn him heel? He'll make less money on merch. Didn't he just have a baby?" It's not the same. I know you can't forget what you saw once the curtain was pulled back on The Wizard of Oz but that doesn't mean you have to leave the curtain open afterward either. We don't consume content in the same way anymore. Now when a show is over, we're not talking about the stories or angles that they're doing, we're talking about if the show was any good based on match quality & discussing star ratings of matches. It's not an insult to the fans' intelligence when you treat the show as a show & have all of the wrestlers in character for the show. Is it asking too much for them to maintain kayfabe outside of the shows in this day & age as well? Perhaps, but I bet heels would get more heat & faces would draw more money if they did. It's the whole suspension of disbelief can of worms. Of course, this all makes me a hypocrite as I am personally guilty of everything I am condemning in this post as well. So it goes.
  26. Following the Jordynne Grace debate, I heard Lance Storm made the most baffling argument that pro-wrestling was actually a *competitive sport* : workers are actually competing for spots on the card. Coming from someone supposedly as smart as Lance Storm, this is a terrible (to stay polite) argument. First off, pro-wrestling is a fiction. Even JR says so in his podcast. There's no two ways around it. If "people fighting for spots" make anything a competitive sport, then what about people trying to climb up the ladder in their company, in their acting career, in their academic hierarchy, whatever. I mean, it's just a ridiculous argument. Storm also made the Mike Oles analogy with figure skating. Well, if that's the case, who is giving the prizes away ? Meltzer ? PWO ? Except it's not the case. Meltz is a critic. THE critic maybe, but NJPW did not boost its attendance in the 2010's by trying to get snowflakes from a newsletter guy and journalist from the US. Pro-wrestlers don't go sit on the bench after their match waiting for notations, with the highest ones getting the golden medal. Let's not even talk about the fact of how biased and screwed up figure skating as always been because of that "jury gives notes" way of working anyway. Of course it has a sporting base, and it has never been as important as it is today, because no matter what some people say, "great matches" have never mattered more than today. Because people know what pro-wrestling is and no one is gonna go crazy for Brutus Beefcake or this kind of 80's useless guys in 2020. People care about the performance because they know it is just that. But then, what is supposed to be sports anyway ? I mean, when the organization of the Tour de France makes the road of the next Tour, then make it so it can be a spectacle and a source of entertainment, because competitive sport at the highest level in term of mainstream appeal is just that : entertainment for the masses and money for the corporations and brands. When the rules of a game is modified because it makes it more entertaining, what is it exactly ? The whole ideology of competitive sport as a value is a complete joke in a capitalistic economy (generally speaking too, I might say). Now I'm thinking about the old pro-wrestling/porn analogy that everybody hates. I had seen a documentary about the relationships between porn and sports. At times it was eerily similar to pro-wrestling, again. There's no question that most of the girl are actual athletes, if only because their work is extremely physically demanding. One retired actress talked about how at 40 her knees were fucked up because of the thousands of hours on all four talking it doggystyle. Well, you can laugh, but it's basically the same thing as Keiji Mutoh doing too many moonsaults. There's also the performance aspect of it that some porn stars actually value, whether of not taking three dicks in your ass at the same time is more or less ridiculous/repulsive as taking a razor blade and slicing up your own flesh and actually bleeding buckets for visual effect in a pretend fight. Not even going into the performance enhancing drugs to stay hard or to be able to take the aforementioned three dicks in the ass. But like pro-wrestlers, porn workers are engaged in a simulacrum. Yes, they are actually "having sex", physically speaking, but not really. Like pro-wrestlers are actually taking bumps and hitting themselves on the chest while not really fighting. And selling is really important in both cases, really... Yet, porn really will never been seen as actual art, even though the old "non simulated scene in art movies" gimmick surfaces from time to time, and even if some efforts have been made from some directors to go well beyond simple masturbatory material. I guess what's make pro-wrestling so interesting and unique is the fact it can't really be classified. It's a sport, yes, but not only, and certainly not competitive. It's also a performance, but will never be taken seriously as performance art because it really isn't just that either. The day pro-wrestling gets into modern art exhibitions or the like in a non novelty way, I will change my tune, but for now, it's still its unique beast that has a very complex relationship with the truth and its own status. In the end, I do agree that the current generation has a much healthier rapport with pro-wrestling overall, like @sek69 said, which is why it's not an issue for them to, for instance, laugh with Orange Cassidy and later in the same card, be totally, sincerely immerged in a serious match with Cody.
  27. KawadaSmile

    WWE TV 08/19 - 08/25 The Return of the King of the Ring

    Two things: First, if they actually manage to integrate 24/7 segments into FOX's programming, they are probably going to get some nice exposure out of it, and maaaaaybe wrestling as a whole can benefit from the rub. Second, this video for Chad Gable is fucking incredible. They must have something going for him, at least in the near future.
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