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    [1971-12-09-JWA] Dory Funk Jr vs Seiji Sakaguchi

    NWA World Heavyweight Champion Dory Funk Jr. vs Seiji Sakaguchi - JWA 12/9/71 Two out of Three Falls Very interested by this match as most JWA matches feature either Baba or Inoki, so this is a seemingly rare glimpse to see what Sakaguchi future New Japan lieutenant could do when left to his own devices. This NWA Championship belt is the generation before the Ten Pounds of Gold and Junior has Terry & Dicky Murdoch with him. First Half: Very enjoyable NWA Championship wrestling. I do not understand people that say Junior is dry or slow. His European Uppercuts look phenomena (the fired off a couple off at the beginning and even went for the Butterfly Suplex early, but surrendered) and he is always shooting for takedowns or working in and out of holds. No one would confuse Dory with Harley or Flair, but he does let Sakaguchi win most of the mini-battles in the beginning. Lots of great Fireman Carries and I loved Junior's drop toehold and seamless roll into short leg scissors (calf-slicer). Sakaguchi has a nice power out. They do the Benoit/Scorpio monkey flip/knucklelock sequence in 1971 and Dory ends up in a body scissors. I am sure other people aped it even before Benoit/Scorpio, but they were the first I ever saw do it and I remember my mind was blown. Junior expertly transitions this Body Scissors into a Boston Crab. Sakaguchi powers out again. Dory is maybe looking for an abdominal stretch but he executes a banana split roll-up. Sakaguchi proficiently transitions this into an Inverted Deathlock ala Jushin Liger and his leaves Dory hobbled. Sakaguchi is like a shark smelling blood and zeroes in on the leg. Dory escapes to the outside and Terry & Dicky massage the leg. This match has been sneaky. I was just vibing with the matwork and all of sudden we got serious drama on our hands. Sakaguchi tries for an abdominal stretch too close and Dory biels out. Sakaguchi executes a nice single leg pick up from his knee. I love the tenacity. In the spot of the match thus far, Junior applies a headscissors with his ankles instead of his knees and it looked painful as hell. He then snapped Sakaguchi off. Awesome spot. Enjoying this one and excited to see where it goes in the backhalf.
  3. Conversely I met Kurt Angle at a TNA house show in Podunk WV and was taken aback that he was just about the same size as me. In my brain a pro wrestler who was a gold medalist would have dwarfed me.
  4. Laz

    Dark Side of the Ring: Viceland docu-series

    I think Doc as a good ol' boy jock douchebag type running roughshod over a lot of the midcard could've worked, personally. I don't see him being a fixture for very long, but at least for a year or two with some occasional flirtations around the ME.
  5. Shrike02

    The Destroyer

    I think the main reason Destroyer might not show up in the top 25 of many people's lists is either 1) some of the voter pool decide for whatever reason not to watch enough of the available footage; or 2) some of the voters who do appreciate his career mark him down a bit for lack of footage compared to other top candidates. Personally I think it's undeniable that Destroyer has both the peak and the longevity to be a top candidate. It becomes a bit of an issue of extrapolation and how comfortable you are using some judgment in making a final call on how high you can rank him.
  6. I remember meeting William Regal. I'm 6'1 so I'm not tiny, but he was at least 6'4. Really surprised me.
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  8. DylanZero

    Jaguar Yokota

    I think one thing that justified her as a top tier candidate and arguably more than anyone else in wrestling is she has direct influence on her style all the way to this day more than the greatest of her era otherwise. Now I say that to a certain extent. Every fat guy who has shown up has had some kind of Jumbo comparison made but if you watch them they don't really wrestle like him. Compare the guys in Lucha like MS-1 to any CMLL main eventer today and it's like a totally different world. You can trace small parts of the Flairs and Races and at times Bock to today's US heels but I would say they aren't really direct successors to their style. With Jaguar you can see her not just with the Toyotas who she helped bring in and along but all the way to today with the Mayus and Kairis and Ios, you can see Jaguar in them to this day. She was my number 1 rated women's wrestler last go and I strongly suspect she will be again. She was also in my top 20 and I see no reason for her not to be again.
  9. elliott

    The Destroyer

    Top 10 sounds reasonable to me. Another one of those folks who just got it.
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  11. WingedEagle

    [1985-08-22-AJW] Chigusa Nagayo vs Devil Masami

    Many thanks for a phenomenally and meticulously prepared review that has me eager to watch this match. We'll see if I dive right in or wait to watch more early 80s AJW for some context. Kudos.
  12. strobogo

    Darby Allin

    I actually don't like watching Darby because I always feel like I'm going to see a broken bone on live TV. My first impression of him seeing him in EVOLVE was man this kid is dumb and then I saw him on TNT doing the same shit and now Sting is his dad and I guess that's pretty cool.
  13. rainmakerrtv

    Pacific Coast Wrestling

    Pacific Coast Wrestling from the Tacoma Dome, Tacoma, April 12th Jeff Jarrett vs. Chris Candido Candido's Suicide Blondes partner Todd Morton was skulking around the ringside area during this match, and while Jarett did his best, the distraction proved too much as Morton tripped him coming off the ropes and Candido was able to hit a piledriver for the win. After the match, Candido and Morton beat down Jarrett until Dan Severn entered the ring and they fled in terror. Jarrett tried to thank Severn, but the Beast simply turned his back and walked away. Ron Simmons vs. Joel Deaton The feud between the Brigade and the Crazy Gang continued with this battle of two warhorses. A bruising and hard hitting affair that ended when Simmons was finally able to take Deaton down with a running spear. The Midnight Express vs. Black Gold (Steve Blackman & Shane Douglas) Both teams will be in the big tag team tournament at Vegas Vengeance and were looking to show they deserved their place. Both teams impressed, but the Midnights took it when they hit a double goozle on Blackman. Nick Busick vs. Mr. Hito Hito proved to be a very tough opponent for Busick, but in the end the man from Powerhouse Hill prevailed when he caught Hito in a Spinebuster Slam. The Thundercats (Too Cold Scorpio & Norman Smiley) vs. The Hart Foundation Another match between teams bound for the Vegas tag tournament. A fast paced and intense match that went in favour of the Harts after Bret pinned Scorpio following a top rope clothesline. Barry Windham vs. "Mean" Mike Miller Another match in the Brigade/Crazy Gang feud. Windham has clearly been getting sick of the Crazy Gang interfering in his matches, and was looking to unleash his frustration on the Gang's leader. The result was a bloody, knock-down, drag-out battle that finally ended with Windham blocking an over the shoulder neckbreaker and following up with a running bulldog that got him the victory. The two continued to slug it out after the match, with Ron Simmons and Joel Deaton getting involved, until the PCW officials ordered them to the back. Pacific Tag Team Title Match : The Wild Bulls (Ed & Rick Gantner) © vs. The Vice Squad (Jimmy Del Ray & Randy Rose) The Vice Squad are former Pacific Tag champs and mounted a concerted campaign against the Gantners to regain their titles. They put forth a credible challenge, but then they whipped Ed into the ropes to try a double flapjack, he countered with a huge double clothesline that drove them to the mat. He tagged in his brother , who hit the Hangman's Drop (two handed chokeslam) on Rose to successfully defend their titles. Pacific Heavyweight Title Match : Eddie Gilbert © vs. The Great Muta Gilbert seemed to have all of Muta's tricks and traps spotted throughout the match, so Muta went for the nastiest shot he had, blasting Hot Stuff in the face with the Green Mist. While the ref called for the DQ, Muta and the Hart Foundation beat down Gilbert until the Thundercats rushed in and ran them off. (The other members of Hyatt International had the night off and weren't in the building, which is why they were unable to back up their leader.)
  14. Phil Schneider

    Darby Allin

    Folks need to check out Darby's EVOLVE stuff if they haven't before, he had some absolute classics there before going to AEW. The Zach Sabre Jr. , Hero, WALTER and Riddle matches are especially worth checking out
  15. ohtani's jacket

    Stan Hansen

    The Hennig match is good, but it's nowhere near a classic. I will say that I thought Hansen did a great job of selling for a guy, who to my mind, is not the most credible brawler. I also loved all of his little adlibs. I didn't like the finishing stretch much, and I thought Hennig was kind of mediocre overall, but it was a pretty good studio match. To consider it a classic, it would need to have something that elevated it over other great studio matches and I didn't see that at all.
  16. NotJayTabb

    2026 Nomination Thread

    Iron Mike Sharpe The ultimate "knew his role" guy. Canada's Greatest Athlete was rarely put in a position to have great matches or stand out, but he remains memorable thanks to his work. A big powerful guy, he'd make his opposition look great by stooging, missing big with wild swings and loudly protesting. His offence looked good, nice clubbing blows and though he rarely won, he still made it look impressive to beat him Matches: vs Tony Garea (WWF Prime Time 16/6/86) vs B Brian Blair (WWF Prime Time 5/5/86) vs Sivi Afi (WWF Prime Time 28/4/86)
  17. Kadaveri

    Watch Parties

    We talk about all the moves that were copied from 80s Joshi, but what about all the moves that weren't copied from 80s Joshi.
  18. elliott

    Watch Parties

    OH RIGHT THAT ONE TOO! Hahahaha. Goddamn.
  19. strobogo

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    WWF jobbers in the Raw era sucked outside of Chris Hammerick doing his bump once in a while and a couple of cool names like LA Gore. Otherwise it's just a bunch of shitty ECW guys and like....Thrasher. The squashes themselves also weren't fun unless it was the Steiners or Yoko killing dudes. Unlike WCW where those jobbers got WORK.
  20. elliott

    2026 Nomination Thread

    Monster Ripper Deserves a nomination and a re-evaluation. She's an awesome heel and knows how to use her size well. The Jaguar match is a revelation. Good athlete when she was younger and could really bump for someone her size. I'd really like to watch everything out there in her prime. She had World Class opposition and looks more than capable of holding her own. The Jaguar match isn't a carry job but two wrestlers working beautifully together. vs Jackie Sato 3/15/80 vs Jaguar Yokota 1982 vs Devil Masami 11/83 Chain Match
  21. ohtani's jacket

    [2002-05-04-IWA-MS] Ian Rotten vs Chris Hero

    This was the first time I've seen Ian Rotten. I loved how hard fought this was. It was rough around the edges and a little bit amateur at times, but you couldn't fault the intensity. Both guys put a huge emphasis on the pain being inflicted and there was some great selling both vocally and in applying the holds. This is the kind of stuff I like to see from the indy backwaters.
  22. This began with a contract signing for a hair vs. hair match and turned into an excellent match. Easily one of the best lead-in matches to an apuestas match that CMLL has ran since probably the big cage match at the end of 2001. Blue Panther was on hand to expertly guide the Japanese guys through the match, but I'm gonna eat my words here -- I talked shit about the Japanese guys touring Mexico, which was something I didn't wanna see at all, but these guys have taken to lucha like Fuchi and Onita took to Memphis. I am super excited for the hair match, which I hope doesn't lead to huge disappointment. Shocker is starting to stake his claim for 2000 Lucha WOTY. He's really begun flexing his working chops the past few weeks. If he keeps this up, there's no stopping him. Magica is doing okay in his role too, and like I said, the Japanese guys get it without having to play sneaky, stereotypical Japanese heel roles. And as an added bonus, we get a little Satanico vs. Panther, which is like two galaxies colliding. I'm amped.
  23. El Dragon

    Watch Parties

    Honestly the Vertical Suplex/Jackhammer into Backbreaker is what really got me. Good god damn.
  24. El Dragon


    Christian is in the all time “Input over Output” Mount Rushmore to me. If you are just ranking this by pure high end matches, Christian has no case to be made. He has the Orton series with is arguably the best thing Randy was ever part of, the Title Loss to Swagger, and and a bunch of good not great. But if you were watching him week to week during his ECW title run, you understand just how good he was. And if he can stay healthy for a run, he’ll remind you again. There is no worker I’m more convinced can still be good as his body breaks down then Christian, because his greatest asset is his brain. Mixing his spots up in clever ways that never feel scripted, building interesting dynamics match to match, all stuff I value significantly, and Christian is a fucking master at it. I need to deep dive his ECW Title run to illustrate how great he was at his element. A complete lock for my ballet, and hopefully we can get him just a few spots higher to that top 100 spot instead of just short.
  25. Shrike02


    I've always been a big fan of Christian and certainly hope he'll make my list. Very consistent worker who mastered the fundamentals of match psychology and I've always liked how he consistently sold throughout a match. If he got his arm worked over, he didn't forget to keep selling that body part later on. I think the lack of any really top-end matches will hurt his ranking but again, he's got a very high floor and I don't think I've ever seen a bad performance from him. I will also say that the E&C tag team was consistently funny with their mic work; Christian was the glue that kept the matches somewhat coherent.
  26. Jim Cornette sucks and the WNBA rules.
  27. elliott

    Watch Parties

    I dunno about you all, but I'm still reeling from that gorilla press into a backbreaker.
  28. This was an excellent match. Honestly, it's night and day between this and their return match, I guess that boils down to the circumstances. Toyota was going over here so she was happy to let Ito shine whereas in the return match was dropping the title on her way out. The return match is odd because they usually have excellent matches together. One thing I've noticed about Ito recently is that although she put on weight over the years, she wasn't very tall and not really that big in the traditional sense. She just wrestled big. I swear her footstomp is one of the most brutally effective moves in the history of professional wrestling. It doesn't matter how many times I see her do it, it always leaves me in awe. Toyota brought her usual bag of tricks. Don't expect a leopard to change its' spots this far into its career. If you can appreciate the totality of a Manami Toyota match and don't get caught up in the details then you'll enjoy this. Coupled with the great Momoe/Maekawa match from the same show, this show makes the highpoint of the 2000-2001 AJW revival with things going downhill from here. Great pair of matches to go out on.
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