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  2. ohtani's jacket

    Devil Masami

    Devil had a solid twenty years or so as a good worker. She had good matches at each phase of her career and was excellent at the roles she played. I think my favorite era is when she jumped to JWP and became a matriarch of sorts. On regular JWP shows, she'd bully, stretch, and terrorize the girls, but when they competed against AJW there was no way she wanted her girls to lose to her old team. I also quite like her early heel run where she bullies Hagiwara all the time.
  3. Matt D

    Rey Mysterio Jr.

    We kind of sort of got to see what he'd look like as an ace/Mil Mascaras style attraction in Lucha Underground. There are new mid 90s AAA matches popping up this year.
  4. Reel

    Rey Mysterio Jr.

    Has Rey done enough since 2016 to move up on the overall list? I can't say my opinion on him has changed, he's still one of the most consistent wrestlers ever. But he has another 5 years of being one of the best TV workers in the world, including maybe the best TV match in WWE history, and so good stuff on big shows, like the 6 man on All In, the Brock match, and some multi-man US Title matches in 2019.
  5. Just watched this and really loved it - Kingston and Thatcher have to be two of the best around at making a match seem like an absolute war.
  6. On this episode of ThROH The Years, Matt and Trevor review The Final Showdown, a quality offering that features Homicide and Bryan Danielson in a feud ending cage match, Austin Aries and James Gibson in a big world title rematch, and one of the most beloved ROH comedy matches of all time. All of this and Danielson finally allows himself to use a fork. https://redcircle.com/shows/throh-the-years
  7. elliott

    Devil Masami

    Maybe the under the radar top 10 all time Joshi contender just based on no comments so far. When I think of Devil, I think of one of the great faces in wrestling history. She was so expressive. Doesnt take a backseat to Jaguar or Chigusa or any other wrestler in my mind. The 93 match against Bull Nakano is one of the great performances (from both women) of the decade.
  8. Matt D


    I know exactly how I feel about 09-12 Christian, but I need to figure out when he got good enough to matter on my list. In the '16 list, that was enough well for him to do very well, but I'm putting so many new wrestlers on. I did catch an 06 match vs Corino tonight which was a good babyface performance with some of the key elements but you got the sense Corino was driving it more.
  9. AstroBoy

    Darby Allin

    Darby's matches against WALTER and Sabre, and to some extent, Thatcher in EVOLVE are really great stuff. Also the one brawl with Ethan Page where he won and it should have blown off their feud. Probably outside my list but he's a special talent.
  10. AstroBoy

    Brock Lesnar

    I will probably vote for Brock. So he got to do things others didn't get to do? He got to break formula? So what, good for him. Wrestling needs more attractions like him, and good for him for advocating for something different. I won't hold his "shortcuts" against him at all. I would be much more apt to hold them against someone like Edge leaning on gimmicks or Michaels and HHH getting every main event shortcut in the book handed to them. With Brock, the shortcuts are inherent to who HE is. His advantages are Brock Lesnar advantages. I view him largely the same as Stan Hansen or Vader. A largely one-of-a-kind monster who actually transcended the WWE formula and made it so much more in lots of cases. Now. . . as far as where he'll place I'll have to watch performances again. But come on. He was great.
  11. spaldoni

    National Wrestling Alliance

    OMG and Reed is going to be an explosive showdown! I hope Reed has a plan to counter Ladd. DUSTY RHODES is home!!! I know the fans blew the roof off the place when Rhodes hit the ring. Sullivan better be ready. Brody and Race earned their way into the tournament by getting a satisfying win over Larry Z and Goto. I don't think this is the end of Z and Goto. Damn, look at those teams in the tournament! Fans and viewers get a treat with a battle royal. Lot's of bad blood in that ring. Terry Gordy prevails in convincing fashion. No doubt Gordy has his hands full in Dallas but if anybody can pull it off, Gordy can. Adding dark match results is a nice touch.
  12. Today
  13. spaldoni

    Wonder Women Wrestling

    I'm loving the Moretti/Majors cage match build. I can always count on a solid tag match every week. Nasty Girls vs. Star Girls put on another competitive match. Medusa and Nellie is a great TV main event. Medusa has some momentum going. Only a matter of time until she gets a shot at Richter.
  14. strobogo

    Is Impact the best promotion in wrestling history?

    Gonna be extra lol when Kenny wins both the TNA and Impact titles and is on Dynamite with TNA's head guy and it isn't mentioned.
  15. Matt D

    GWE Non-Thread Worthy Comments

    I looked at my 2016 list for the first time in a while tonight and it is nuts once you get past the top 30 or so.
  16. Tenese Sarwieh

    Is Impact the best promotion in wrestling history?

    There are going all out to make this match as special as it can get, would be great if AEW did some promotion on Dynamite.
  17. Dewar

    Is Impact the best promotion in wrestling history?

    Telling me I don't have to listen to Matt Striker call the main event gets me interested, and that interest is instantly killed off when they tell me that Mauro is the one replacing him.
  18. Matt D

    The Destroyer

    I hemmed and hawed about Destroyer last time around and I ultimately felt like I hadn't seen enough to be sure and I left him off. I will watch and likely at least capsule review everything this time around.
  19. Superstar Sleeze

    [1971-12-09-JWA] Dory Funk Jr vs Seiji Sakaguchi

    NWA World Heavyweight Champion Dory Funk Jr. vs Seiji Sakaguchi - JWA 12/9/71 Two out of Three Falls Very interested by this match as most JWA matches feature either Baba or Inoki, so this is a seemingly rare glimpse to see what Sakaguchi future New Japan lieutenant could do when left to his own devices. This NWA Championship belt is the generation before the Ten Pounds of Gold and Junior has Terry & Dicky Murdoch with him. First Half: Very enjoyable NWA Championship wrestling. I do not understand people that say Junior is dry or slow. His European Uppercuts look phenomena (the fired off a couple off at the beginning and even went for the Butterfly Suplex early, but surrendered) and he is always shooting for takedowns or working in and out of holds. No one would confuse Dory with Harley or Flair, but he does let Sakaguchi win most of the mini-battles in the beginning. Lots of great Fireman Carries and I loved Junior's drop toehold and seamless roll into short leg scissors (calf-slicer). Sakaguchi has a nice power out. They do the Benoit/Scorpio monkey flip/knucklelock sequence in 1971 and Dory ends up in a body scissors. I am sure other people aped it even before Benoit/Scorpio, but they were the first I ever saw do it and I remember my mind was blown. Junior expertly transitions this Body Scissors into a Boston Crab. Sakaguchi powers out again. Dory is maybe looking for an abdominal stretch but he executes a banana split roll-up. Sakaguchi proficiently transitions this into an Inverted Deathlock ala Jushin Liger and his leaves Dory hobbled. Sakaguchi is like a shark smelling blood and zeroes in on the leg. Dory escapes to the outside and Terry & Dicky massage the leg. This match has been sneaky. I was just vibing with the matwork and all of sudden we got serious drama on our hands. Sakaguchi tries for an abdominal stretch too close and Dory biels out. Sakaguchi executes a nice single leg pick up from his knee. I love the tenacity. In the spot of the match thus far, Junior applies a headscissors with his ankles instead of his knees and it looked painful as hell. He then snapped Sakaguchi off. Awesome spot. Enjoying this one and excited to see where it goes in the backhalf. Got hungry and was listening to Jericho's pod and found Headbanger's Ball was back so I needed to check that out. I am back now with the second half. Second Half: Dory comes out from firing from the headscissors as Sakaguchi attempted another single leg pick up. European Uppercuts then the Funk family tradition of crashing down on an opponent's neck & spine when they are sitting. It looks brutal. I love how Sakaguchi fights through Junior's offense and earn his comeback with stiff overhand chops. Crowd comes alive for the backbreaker but really loses it for the Atomic drop! 1-2-3! First fall to Sakaguchi. Terry & Murdoch look worried. Second fall goes longer than I expected. When it spilled to the outside, I thought Sakaguchi was going to drop the fall by countout. Dory gets pissed when he cant negotiate the Buttefly Suplex. Terry and Murdoch jump on the apron. Sakaguchi grabs a sleeper...Dory slips out tries ab stretch...Sakaguchi bucks him off...headlock...Dory back suplex 1-2-3! All knotted up. Dory reminds me of Flair when he was in a grueling contests, really selling overwhelmed. The Sakaguchi camp is claiming it was only two, but Sakaguchi looks rough. They came out all Slam Bang in the third fall. Both men looked beat up and exhausted, they were just going to throw it all out there. Dory hits that gnarly splash on the sitting opponent. I love that the finish is a Butterfly Suplex. I have seen enough Junior matches to know I like him a good bit, but this cements it for me that Junior is a fun, Slam Bang wrestler. Sakaguchi was fine, but he just does not have the presence of a Baba or Inoki. ****
  20. Conversely I met Kurt Angle at a TNA house show in Podunk WV and was taken aback that he was just about the same size as me. In my brain a pro wrestler who was a gold medalist would have dwarfed me.
  21. Laz

    Dark Side of the Ring: Viceland docu-series

    I think Doc as a good ol' boy jock douchebag type running roughshod over a lot of the midcard could've worked, personally. I don't see him being a fixture for very long, but at least for a year or two with some occasional flirtations around the ME.
  22. Shrike02

    The Destroyer

    I think the main reason Destroyer might not show up in the top 25 of many people's lists is either 1) some of the voter pool decide for whatever reason not to watch enough of the available footage; or 2) some of the voters who do appreciate his career mark him down a bit for lack of footage compared to other top candidates. Personally I think it's undeniable that Destroyer has both the peak and the longevity to be a top candidate. It becomes a bit of an issue of extrapolation and how comfortable you are using some judgment in making a final call on how high you can rank him.
  23. I remember meeting William Regal. I'm 6'1 so I'm not tiny, but he was at least 6'4. Really surprised me.
  24. DylanZero

    Jaguar Yokota

    I think one thing that justified her as a top tier candidate and arguably more than anyone else in wrestling is she has direct influence on her style all the way to this day more than the greatest of her era otherwise. Now I say that to a certain extent. Every fat guy who has shown up has had some kind of Jumbo comparison made but if you watch them they don't really wrestle like him. Compare the guys in Lucha like MS-1 to any CMLL main eventer today and it's like a totally different world. You can trace small parts of the Flairs and Races and at times Bock to today's US heels but I would say they aren't really direct successors to their style. With Jaguar you can see her not just with the Toyotas who she helped bring in and along but all the way to today with the Mayus and Kairis and Ios, you can see Jaguar in them to this day. She was my number 1 rated women's wrestler last go and I strongly suspect she will be again. She was also in my top 20 and I see no reason for her not to be again.
  25. elliott

    The Destroyer

    Top 10 sounds reasonable to me. Another one of those folks who just got it.
  26. Yesterday
  27. WingedEagle

    [1985-08-22-AJW] Chigusa Nagayo vs Devil Masami

    Many thanks for a phenomenally and meticulously prepared review that has me eager to watch this match. We'll see if I dive right in or wait to watch more early 80s AJW for some context. Kudos.
  28. strobogo

    Darby Allin

    I actually don't like watching Darby because I always feel like I'm going to see a broken bone on live TV. My first impression of him seeing him in EVOLVE was man this kid is dumb and then I saw him on TNT doing the same shit and now Sting is his dad and I guess that's pretty cool.
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