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  2. Once things switched to NXT TWO POINT OOOOOOOHHHHHH their bars suddenly went from "pretty solid for someone who doesn't do this for a living" to "wack as fuck" so it seems like their lines are 100% written by nerds now.
  3. not exchanging the titles and instead unifying them or some shit would be a #choice
  4. It is, without a shadow of a doubt, the most annoying theme song in wrestling. It's weird that I actually like the group but find their bars fucking WACK and that's like 50% of their presentation.
  5. IMO that only proves how awesome Hit Row is that they can debut them in the middle of a damn corn field and they got over. Also I kinda want to fly to Brazil and follow bubba around with one of those 80s big ass boom boxes playing HIIIIIIIIIIIIT ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW
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  7. Hit Row's debut being in WICHITA, KANSAS and actually being fine and getting an alright reaction from the crowd is, without question, a doozy.
  8. spaldoni

    AWA Major League Wrestling

    AWA TV @ The Hammond Center 10-22-86 Show opens with footage from 2 weeks ago when Carlos Colon snapped and attacked Steamboat. That's followed by last week's comments from both men. Jerry Jarrett is sitting in his office with a SuperClash poster behind him. Jarrett: As you all know, the AWA will present SuperClash on November 26th at the St. Paul Civic Center. This extravaganza will also be available on closed circuit TV throughout all AWA arenas. During the past week, myself, Verne Gagne and members of the AWA board have decided that at SuperClash, Ricky Steamboat will defend the AWA world title against Carlos Colon. Furthermore, next week from Minnesota, there will be a press conference involving both Steamboat and Colon, along with several members from the media. The AWA is very excited about SuperClash and it promises to be the event of the year. Brenda Britton will be on later with another SuperClash update. Enjoy tonight's show. Lance Russell: Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of AWA Major League Wrestling. Well you just heard the blockbuster announcement. I for one am very interested in hearing comments from both Steamboat and Colon at next week's press conference. Last week you heard Steamboat tell Colon, he will get another shot. Well, that shot takes place at SuperClash. We've got a big show lined up tonight. 2 more opening round National tag title tournament matches. Greg Gagne and Scott Putski will have a rematch and if Putski wins, he will get a TV title shot. Also on the program will be Nick Bockwinkle, The Dream Machine, Jerry Blackwell, Curt Hennig, Ox Baker's entire stable will be in 6 man action. And El Canek returns from his tour of Mexico. That and a lot more, so lets get to the ring. El Canek vs. Neil Jordan Canek shows off both his wrestling skills and power. Canek swings Jordan to the ropes and hits a sidewalk slam. Canek presses Jordan above his head and drops him with a Military Press Slam/Backbreaker for the win! Canek looks into the camera and yells " Voy por ti Haystacks!" Commercial Break 1st Round National Tag Team Title Tournament Match Gold Standard vs. Karachi Vice Gold Standard start off hot as they use their strength and power. Kiniski swings Gama to the ropes and back drops him, then tags in Kelly. Gold Standard swing Gama to the ropes and put him down with a double back elbow smash. Makhan charges in but Gold Standard double scoop slams him down. Kelly hits a standing leg drop on Gama but the Ref is guiding Kiniski to his corner. Makhan goes for a cheap shot but Kelly kicks him, picks up Gama and knocks their heads together. Gama spins around and gets punched by Kiniski (from the apron) Kelly clamps a Full Nelson on Gama and twirls him around. Makhan charges and nails Kelly with a forearm blast to the back of the head. Kiniski runs in but the Ref guides him back which allows Makhan to drag Gama to the corner. Makhan tags himself in. Kelly staggers up as Makhan clotheslines him down 1..2..Kick Out. Makhan swings Kelly into the corner and charges in but Kelly moves, dives over and tags in Kiniski. Kiniski's on fire as he hammers away on Makhan and dropkicks him down. Gama runs in and gets dropkicked down. Makhan staggers up, Kiniski grabs him and quickly cradles him 1..2..Gama breaks it. Kelly runs in and pounds away on Gama. The Ref grabs Kelly and guides him back. Kiniski picks up Makhan but Gama runs over and clips him behind the knee. Makhan falls on top as the Ref runs over and counts 1..2..(Gama gets up as Kelly mows him over) 3! Kelly realizes what just happened. He picks up Makhan and swings him into Gama, which sends them tumbling through the ropes. Kelly checks on Kiniski while glaring out at Karachi Vice. Karachi Vice advances. Commercial Break Nick Bockwinkle vs. Sam Smith Bock is aggressive tonight as he works over Smith's leg before finishing him off with an Indian Deathlock. Resnick: Nick Bockwinkle, another tremendous win. Bock: Of course it was. Right now one could say, I'm not in the best of moods. I was in line for another shot at the AWA world title but was told I would have to wait because Mr. Steamboat is at home healing his injured neck. Mr. Steamboat, life is hard when you're a champion. If you cannot take it then do the right thing and relinquish the title. Resnick: Come on now, that's a bit unfair. Bock: What's unfair is the severe lack of competition here in the AWA. It's laughable. A man of my caliber should be in world title contention at all times. I would hardly call the competition here world title worthy. I will need to revaluate things until proper competition comes my way. My time should not be wasted. Good day. Commercial Break The camera zooms in on the glowing "SuperClash" sign then pans down to Brenda Britton. Britton: Hi everybody and welcome to another SuperClash update hosted by yours truly. Well looks like that attention craving Jerry Jarrett already revealed the big main event. I'm going to have a long talk with him about stealing my spotlight. How dare he do that. Anyways, at SuperClash, Ricky Steamboat will defend the AWA world title against Carlos Colon. I do have to say, that is a blockbuster of a main event. If you ask me, I should host that press conference next week. As I told you last week, the earth shattering rematch between El Canek and Giant Haystacks has also been signed. I've also been told that the winners of the SuperClash tag team battle royal wont have to wait long for their world title opportunity. Because they will receive their shot that night at SuperClash! That's great but I hope they're satisfied with the prize money because I don't think they're going to beat my favorite team Priceless. I'm calling that right now. Also signed for SuperClash will be Curt Hennig taking on Brian Adias. Things have gotten heated between the two former world tag team champions. I understand this next match is a special challenge match as Don Kernodle issued a challenge to Iceman Parsons. Parsons accepted so the match is official. I wonder what's going on there? I promise more matches to be announced next week. And don't forget, singing the National Anthem will be none other than Linda Ronstadt. The AWA finally got a celebrity almost as big as me. Ok, until next week, toooodles. Commercial Break TV Champ "The Great" Gagne w/Johnny Valiant vs. Scott "Powerhouse" Putski If Putski wins, he gets a TV title shot Gagne is a bit more focused tonight as he outwrestles Putski in the opening minutes. It didn't take long for Gagne to start showing his arrogance. Gagne clamps on a headlock and starts slapping the top of Putski's head. Valiant applauds him as Gagne nods and smiles. The smile disappears as Putski hoists Gagne up and executes a back suplex. The fans go wild and cheer Putski on. Both men rise, Gagne swings but Putski ducks and atomic drops Gagne. Gagne staggers as Putski clotheslines him over the top rope. Valiant runs over and comforts Gagne while yelling up at Putski. Putski goes to the outside. Valiant gets in his face then slaps him! Putski grabs Valiant by his shirt. Gagne charges over with a flying knee but Putski moves as Gagne nails Valiant. Putski regains his composure and rolls back in the ring as the Ref hits 10! Putski jumps up and down with excitement as the fans cheer. Putski gets a TV title shot! Commercial Break Resnick: How about that! Scott Putski just earned himself a TV title shot. Neither Gagne or Valiant seemed happy. Fans, this weekend at the Auditorium in Milwaukee, you'll see match 4 between the Fabulous Ones and Rock n Roll Express. As you know last week in Louisville, RNR brought home on victory. The Fabs now lead 2-1. The Dream Machine takes on Blackjack Mulligan. And Jerry Lawler will take on the 3rd opponent of Austin Idol's choosing. If Lawler wins, we will indeed get a National title shot. Coming out now is the AWA National Champ Austin Idol. Boos as Idol comes out and gives the camera a bicep shot while holding the title up with his other arm. Resnick: Ok, Austin, Lawler's beaten 2 of your picks. Myself and the fans want to know, who's your 3rd pick? Idol: You know Resnick, there's an old saying, if you want something done right then darling, you've got to do it yourself! Loser Lawler! I said you weren't getting another shot and brother you're not. I can guarantee that. (Looks at Resnick) You know why? Resnick: No, why? Idol: Of course you don't. Because I'm his next opponent! That's right! If there's one man who can prevent that loser from getting a shot at my title, it's me! Lawler you're through! Commercial Break "Crusher" Jerry Blackwell vs. Trent Watkins Blackwell hits a Samoan drop, gets up, swings off the ropes and hits a big splash for the pin! Blackwell gets up and acknowledges the cheers. WHAM! He's nailed from behind by KERRY BROWN! Kerry's hands are heavily taped as he pounds away on Blackwell. Kerry is relentless with his punches and opens up Blackwell's head. Kerry hurls Blackwell out of the ring. Kerry goes out, picks up Blackwell and rams him face first into the steel post! Blackwell's a bloody mess as officials run out. Kerry walks over to Resnick. Kerry: The Pitbull is here! Commercial Break The viewers see the AWA World tag team champs, Priceless sitting on their yacht. They're wearing shorts, sunglasses and fedora hats. A table sits between them with several bottles of champagne. Morrow finishes a bottle and throws it out on the water. Wells: Gerry, it's great to be on top of the world isn't it? Morrow: HAHAHA indeed it is. As all you poor untouchables can see, we are living de life of luxury. I understand we have a commitment to defend these titles by next week. Wells: Defend them we will. They both toast and laugh. Morrow: We are de champs and we call de shots. So next week on TV we will return to de ring for a title defense. Until then. Wells gulps his champagne and throws his bottle out in the water. Commercial Break Footage from the Louisville Gardens is shown as Billy Jack Haynes, Ox Baker and The Beasts of Burden brutally attack Jimmy Snuka. Jimmy Snuka is standing on screen with his entire face covered with bandages. Snuka: I just got out of the hospital. Haynes! Ox! Beasts! You put me there! You did this to my face! But this is not over! NO! It's only the beginning. Cabin Fever walk into view. Boone: The 3 of us have scores to settle! Manny: Ox Baker, you and your goons like to beat people up. Yea, you got the 3 of us pretty damn good. But the 3 of us are still standing! Let's see how tough you boys really are. SuperClash! We want all 4 of you in a match! A tornado streetfight daddy! Come on boys, there's 4 of you and only 3 of us. Do you have the guts to do this face to face? Back Live Billy Jack and The Beasts of Burden w/Ox Baker vs. Vic Dutro, Willie Lopez and Clinton Stitch Nothing but a chaotic and crazy squash. Beasts hit stereo boots on Lopez and then Billy finishes him off with a full nelson. Post match, the Beasts annihilate Stitch and Dutro. Billy holds up Lopez as Ox puts him down with a heart punch! Lopez is stretchered out. Resnick: (Very nervous) You guys just heard the challenge made for SuperClash. Do you accept. Ox looks like he wants to give Resnick a heart punch. Resnick hands him the mic and walks away. Ox: Snuka! Cabin Fever! I knew you were stupid but you've outdone yourselves. How many beatings does it take? Well, we'll gladly give you another. And after Billy Jack and my Beasts break every bone in your bodies, I'm going to send you all out with a heart punch! I hope your medical insurance is up to date. Commercial Break Curt Hennig vs. Todd Rooney Hennig shows off his wrestling arsenal before winning the match with a fisherman's suplex. Resnick: Curt Hennig, it's official. You'll be taking on your former partner Brian Adias at SuperClash. Let's not forget, he does have a win over you. Hennig: Oh very funny Rezhead. That was nothing but a fluke. Come SuperClash, that far from awesome Brian Adias is going to know what it's like being in the ring with a gifted and flawless wrestler. I'm going to embarrass and humiliate him in front of millions. I'm the true superstar in the AWA and don't you (polks his finger in Resnick's chest), Adias or anybody else forget that! Hennig storms off. Resnick: Ok, our next opening round.... Dream Machine and Paul Jones storm out. Dream is swinging a bull rope around. Jones: Mulligan! You think you're the only one who can swing a bull rope around? Dream: Looky here, I got one to! This weekend in Milwaukee babay, you're going to get a taste of this! Jones: Nobody threatens Paul Jones! Nobody! Commercial Break 1st Round National Tag Team Tournament match The Bruise Brothers vs. "The Ace" Art Crews and "Diamond" Timothy Flowers w/The Vin Man Pretty good hard hitting seesaw battle. Bruise take control when Cash sends Flowers flying with a jumping headbutt. Cash tags in Snowman. Flowers hobbles up as Snowman drops him with a flying shoulder tackle 1..2..Crews drops a knee on Snowman. Cash sends Crews through the ropes with a running forearm blast. Bruise Brothers swing Flowers to the ropes and double back drop him. Snowman hoists Flowers on his shoulder but Vinnie reaches in and trips Snowman. Cash runs around the ring and chases Vinnie but Crews pops up and clotheslines Cash. Crews gets in the ring. Him and Flowers pick Snowman up and hot shot him on the top rope. Flowers tags in Crews. Crews crashes down with a knee drop from the middle ropes 1..2..Snowman gets his shoulder up. An Irate Crews pushes Snowman in the corner. Crews stomps away as Flowers chokes him. Crews hits a vertical suplex on Snowman then tags in Flowers. Crews holds up Snowman as Flowers nails him with a double axehandle from the top rope 1..2..Cash dives in and makes the save. Crews comes in but Cash punches away, swings him to the ropes and hits his diving crossbody/headbutt! Flowers picks up Snowman but Snowman blasts him with several punches. Vinnie gets on the apron but Cash runs over and punches him off. Snowman hoists a stumbling Flowers up and hits a snake eyes on the top turnbuckle 1..2..3! Huge pop! The Bruise Brothers advance. Commercial Break Resnick: Ok, the Semi finals are set. Next week, Larry Z and Al Perez will take on the Olympians. The following week, The Bruise Brothers will meet Karachi Vice. Those should be some fantastic matches. Of course the finals will take place at SuperClash. Fans before we go, please welcome out Jerry "The King" Lawler. Huge pop as Lawler walks out smiling. Resnick: Jerry, you heard him. Your 3rd and final obstacle for a National title shot will be against the champ himself Austin Idol. Lawler: idol, you never were very bright. I not only get to beat you once but I get to beat you again for the National title. If you think you can stop me, you've got another thing coming. After Milwaukee you have no more excuses. You're going down Idol and then the National title is all mine! SuperClash St. Paul Civic Center, Nov. 26th Available on Closed Circuit TV National Anthem performed by Linda Ronstadt AWA World Title Bout Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat (C) vs. Carlos Colon El Canek vs. Giant Haystacks Curt Hennig vs. Brian Adias Tornado Street Fight! Jimmy Snuka and Cabin Fever vs. Billy Jack/The Beasts of Burden and Ox Baker Tag Team Battle Royal- Winners receive 100.000 Dollars and an AWA World Tag Team Title match later that night. Special Challenge Match Iceman Parsons vs. "Number One" Don Kernodle More Matches to be announced
  9. please change hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit roooooooooooooooooooooooow's theme song
  10. Laz

    Dark Side of the Ring: Viceland docu-series

    Messiah was, far and wide, the only positive about XPW in terms of the product. I may have had a soft spot for Johnny Webb and Homeless Jimmy, but Messiah was the only one I thought could've gone places. I need to find a way to watch this ep. It's been the one I've wanted since the show started.
  11. King Woods is eaaaaaasily one of the best winners just by virtue of his coronation segment being great
  12. I wonder if they are going to make "The Viking" Brock Lesnar a thing
  13. This crowd is going APESHIT for this opening segment
  14. Even my PERFECTLY LEGAL streams are All Elite. The fuck, I don't wanna watch TNT OH HEY IT'S THE BIG FUCKING DOG ACKNOWLEDGE HIM
  15. KinchStalker

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    Fujinami didn't adopt the ring name with different kanji until he came back from the hernia, so I think it's him; sure, he's now wrestled longer under it than not, but he wrestled under his real name for the entirety of the Showa period phase of his career (that is, the stretch of his career when wrestling had the most cultural relevance). Kobashi also did his kanji change later on.
  16. Matt D

    Four (Singles) Matches In - Punk vs Danielson

    Danielson vs Serpentico is one of the matchups I honestly want the most. It would be the best Saturday Morning Slam Danielson match.
  17. Yesterday
  18. sek69

    Four (Singles) Matches In - Punk vs Danielson

    I could see him doing that for that exact reason. Bryan's whole decision making process beyond the obvious money matches seems to be "fuck it, why not?"
  19. rovert

    Four (Singles) Matches In - Punk vs Danielson

    Yuta is actually a very good shout. I'd save the first Garcia vs Danielson match to be something meaningful. Danielson deciding to wrestle to his fellow Pacific Northwesterner Luther for shits and giggles would be entertaining and a change of pace if we are talking about embracing the WCW Worldwide vibe.
  20. Matt D

    Four (Singles) Matches In - Punk vs Danielson

    Yuta should get the match to make up for the Mox squash.
  21. What could they say? Big Dog got humbled by the Bunny Dog
  22. It’s wrestling. They’re all working.
  23. rovert

    Four (Singles) Matches In - Punk vs Danielson

    On a dork note. Danielson is working on a taping of Dark in Universal Studios this weekend. Obviously, the Suzuki match happened last week. But still, it is wild he never did an NXT (or NXT UK) cameo/one-off. Who he works and how he approaches the match will be so interesting. HE MAIN EVENTED WRESTLEMANIA THIS YEAR too.
  24. SirEdger

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    But considering in hindsight that this is the match that ignited PCO's comeback in the independent scene, I'm sure it was all worth it for him. So you can pretty much thank Walter if we get to see PCO work 40 dates in GCW in 2022.
  25. ragemaster

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    You not in control of your own bump's on those moves, up to your opponent on how you land. You just jump to make it easier for them to do the move to you, more likely to be injured on those bumps. But Walter chops are not something I would like to experience, anymore than a Vader punch/ forearm combination. I don't think they worse than flair/wahoo/Tenryu/ kobashi at their stiffest. I think a lot of it is how his opponents are booked to die after one chop from him, rather than get into a major chop war.
  26. joeg

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    Walter beats the shit out of guys, but his work is safe. Its a lot of hard open handed strikes to the chest and shoulders. Yeah it leaves a bruise, but he doesn't do anything that actually could result in injury. There are no closed fist strikes, there are no kicks to the head/face, there are no head drops or spikes, there's minimal running the ropes, there are no big bumps at weird angles, there are no big bumps period, there are no dives. Walter's style of work is a lot safer than lets say Kenny Omega or Okada or Seth Rollins and looks so much more dangerous because he does leave his opponents bruised and covered in welts.
  27. I've finished transcribing the next four chapters of the Pillars bio, and am currently sifting through the material to figure out the best way to distill and arrange it. In the meantime though, Igapro just posted a historical post with a couple new pieces of info on the earliest days of the IWE. I put my IWE history project on indefinite hold when I managed to get a copy of the Pillars book—and after Herr Sitemeister tweeted this, I fear that it may become my brand—but this shit is too good to keep to myself. I plan to eventually incorporate it into a rewrite of the first IWE history post It looks like Hiro Matsuda had ulterior motives during his short tenure for the IWE. He had been made director of the promotion upon its formation, and on top of making the merger with the flailing Tokyo Pro Wrestling happen due to his connection to Antonio Inoki, Matsuda''s link to Eddie Graham (who wasn't running Championship Wrestling From Florida yet, but was already involved in its booking according to the Hornbaker NWA book) made him an effective booker. (Note that I am using "booker" in the classical puro industry sense; a booker scouts and secures foreign talent to work a tour, while a matchmaker puts the shows together. It's possible that Matsuda was also the matchmaker, but the word "booker" is always used in the former context in these stories.) Graham himself worked on the IWE's first tour, and it was he who allowed the Danny Hodge NWA junior title defense against Matsuda to take place. As it turns out, Graham had Sam Muchnick's approval for all of this. Like Al Karasick, the Hawaiian promoter who sought to wrest control of the JWA from Rikidozan, Graham's ambition was to take over the IWE. Apparently, Matsuda was in his corner because he was disappointed in how his original plan to break from the sumo-inherited hierarchy of JWA puroresu in favor of an American-style freelance system had been abandoned. Graham applied on Kokusai's behalf for NWA membership, the plan being to become a stockholder and eventually oust Isao Yoshihara. However, the combination of Inoki's departure, TBS's cold feet in going ahead with a broadcast deal, and Kokusai's already large debts due to talent salaries led to Matsuda and Yoshihara's fallout over the handling of said debt, though it is unknown whether Yoshihara was aware that Matsuda had sought to betray him. The JWA would maneuver to acquire NWA membership that year, and whatever Muchnick's reasons for approving them instead, Graham would order Matsuda to withdraw and return to the States when his plans failed.
  28. sek69

    WWE Saudimoney Bloodmania, Saudimania Bloodmoney

    This was probably the first Saudi show that wasn't mostly cobbled around old guys blatantly just showing up for the paycheck, and the one old guy that *was* there for the paycheck (Goldberg) at least had his working boots on.
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