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  2. peachchaos

    Best Makeovers

    Cactus Jack into Mankind into Dude Love into Mick Foley
  3. It's interesting how Tony's genuine fannishness on the Austin pod is bring mistaken for him overhyping the Double or Nothing matches in some responses that I've seen, including on Twitter. Not that his fannishness couldn't potentially pose a problem, but it's far from just hype on his part, even if we're not exactly used to that in this role. Also, it was fun how genuinely impressed Austin was by the type of knowledge that Tony had gleaned from watching old tapes, if just because he's going to be the closest thing we ever get to a PWO regular as a major wrestling promoter.
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  5. SirEdger

    MLW Fusion, anyone watching it?

    At the pace David Starr is calling out promotions the way he does, how long before major promotions refuse to book him?
  6. SirEdger


    I know that Bobby Heenan is the Brilliant One but challenging Rick Martel to an Olympic Style Greco Roman Wrestling Match might not be his greatest idea.
  7. gordi

    Best Makeovers

    Also Rocky Maivia to The Rock I will go!so far as to assert that, in my opinion, both of my picks were quite successful after their image change.
  8. gordi

    Best Makeovers

    Ringmaster to Stone Cold.
  9. If they go with this direction of Beast Slayer Seth beating the fuck out of everyone with chairs along with LassKicker Becky they could do some cool shit here. I'd turn em heel and have em wreck shit. I know everyone here hates Seth. I don't, but I like him much better as a heel, and him and Becky as the top heel act could be money. I mean, right now it's what.....Shane and Baron Corbin?
  10. Is it sad that I think the most interesting feud on Smackdown is the one between Sonya/Mandy and Ember over video games and donuts?
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  12. Ricky Jackson

    World Cast: A WCCW Review

    Episode 71 https://soundcloud.com/prowrestlingonly/world-cast-71 August 27, 1983 (WCCW 87) As summer winds down in the territory, the boys examine an interesting card featuring a variety of wrestling action and ruminate on various topics... -After weeks of experimenting, Chris Adams unveils the perfect formula for a scientific match against Jose Lothario -Mike Reed: The only living jobber in Dallas -The greatness of Buddy Roberts -Bruiser Brody takes on a not-ready-for-prime-time Boris Zurkhov -Non-Network Bonus Match of the Week: David/Kevin vs Garvin/Gordy, 8/15/83 Ft. Worth!
  13. This is a brutal, violent, and iconic match for ECW. I enjoyed the beginning of the match much more than the ending portion. The spots where they were whipping each other with barbed wire and wrapping themselves in it didn't really stick with me. The finish is lame, but the beginning of the match is so violently beautiful that it makes up for it. ****
  14. I love his "Make Tag Teams Great Again" gimmick, it's a little too on the nose for a heel to go around pointing out how the tag division sucks. It's one thing to say it when it doesn't and he's a heel saying heel things, but it *does* suck so it just makes you agree with the bad guy.
  15. Why we love Bryan: after Saxton brings up the Bushwhackers in relation to Heavy Machinery, Bryan says to look up the Sheepherders on the network instead.
  16. spaldoni

    Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling

    House of Humperdink was causing some havoc until King Kong Bundy showed up! Bundy wins it all! Awesome angle here with the battle royals. Upset of the week has got to go to Lane over Brisco. In the middle of all this, Weaver beats Kernodle for the Atlantic Coast title! Jake the Snake comes to town and DDT's Cash on the outside! Always something happening in Florida!
  17. spaldoni

    AWA Worldwide Wrestling

    Lot's of great action going down in the WWF! That Magnum/Steele Lights out match will be epic! Beefcake is out and Black Bart is in. Beefcake might turn into a top face after this. Ventura costs Johnson his match with Superstar. Cant wait for the next Johnson/Ventura match! I can just see Johnson unloading his lightning jabs on Ventura. It took 4 monsters to do it but they break Andre's ankle. They better watch out when the angry Giant comes back! Backlund wins the title!!! After a wild cage match, Backlund barely escapes and walks away the winner. Really loved this chase.
  18. spaldoni

    AWA World Class Wrestling

    Islanders are on a roll. The Midnight's and Windham's put on some great matches. OH MAN! Talk about a blockbuster main event! Fans got their money's worth on that match.
  19. kevinmcfl

    Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling

    Bundy is so fun in this games and I love how you made him so important right away! Johnny Weaver is on FIRE!
  20. Yesterday
  21. NintendoLogic

    Is Impact the best promotion in wrestling history?

    Considering what happened to Scarlett the last time she worked AAA, I don't think she'll be returning any time soon.
  22. Apparently the Dana Brooke-Sara Logan match at the Main Event tapings got stopped when Dana got a Dustin-level crimson mask from an knee.
  23. I think Kofi could work. It's harder to say with him because he's been mainly programmed against a stale as hell Kevin Owens and Dolph Ziggler.
  24. The Thread Killer

    MLW Fusion, anyone watching it?

    I never agreed to that.
  25. The Thread Killer

    MLW Fusion, anyone watching it?

    Hell yeah. LA Park vs. Savio Vega? That calls for a...
  26. Ronda and the rest of the Horsewomen are backstage at SD
  27. C.S.

    MLW Fusion, anyone watching it?

    Before I post this, I want to acknowledge the great posts and discussion by @The Thread Killer and @El-P. People like them are why I love this board so much. We can agree to disagree, while still having a civil and quite frankly kickass debate where we acknowledge each other's valid points along the way. (BTW, Savio Vega rules! Met him and Miguel Perez at an airport once, and they couldn't have been nicer. I actually glanced up, noticed someone with massive back hair, and said to myself "that looks like Miguel Perez" before I even saw his face. Sure enough, it was.) Anyway, it looks like there's another controversy brewing for MLW. Click on the tweet because there are more comments below.
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