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    [2011-Xbox 360] WWE All Stars

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    [2011-PS3] WWE All Stars

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    [2011-PS2] WWE All Stars

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    WWE Hidden Gems

    "Rarely seen match from Nitro"? WTF? How do you put something that's already on the Network up again as a "Hidden Gem"? Ridiculous.
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    Random Newsletter Stuff

    "Dusty Rhodes beat Lex Lugar (on his robe it's spelled Lugar and I figure he knows best)" - Sept 7, 87 Observer "Superstar Billy Graham and George Steele both won't be wrestling for a while in the New York State because they failed to pass the athletic commission's physical." - Sept 21, 87 Observer "Wendi Richter lost her title to Leilani Kai on the 2/18 MSG card. I guess it should be expected since Leilani and Vince are involved with one another and I do mean involved." - Mat Results Vol 03 No 08 "On 5/30 at a Titan card at the St. Paul Civic Center, after a match between the Hart Foundation and the British Bulldogs, the Midnight Rockers shocked the sparse crowd by coming out after the match and challenging the Foundation to a title match." - June 8, 87 Observer "Blackwell beat Brody on COR. Brody apparently got mad of Jerry screwing with the match's finish or something and decided to leave. Perhaps Verne wanted Jerry to pin Brody and this was his way of saying a loud no! The fans chanted 'Bullshit' loudly and in unison, showing their contempt." - Jan 85 Eastern Wrestling News "Thunderbolt Patterson quit because he wasn't happy with opening matches, David Crockett said he picked up his check but left his booking sheet. Tbolt has a shoe store with the money from the Crockett lawsuit settlement." - Mat Results Vol 04 No 02 "Lots of people cut Crockett down for taping in the studio, however Ted Turner wants it that way and having the two hours in the studio on Saturday is a whole lot more beneficial than not being on WTBS at all." - Sept 21, 87 Observer "Brody left because of incompetence in his opponents (namely Blackwell) screwing up endings and because Verne didn't want to pay the top dollar Brody commands, already having to pay Superstar, Slaughter & Warriors." - Jan 85 Eastern Wrestling News "Buddy Landel is the new manager of the Headhunters. He won them in a card game from Kevin Sullivan." - Mat Results Vol 05 No 04 "2-1 St. Paul Coliseum will be a TV taping for Pro Wrestling USA to be done in two sessions (afternoon and evening). Each session will cost $7.00 for 2 one hour shows. How's that for clipping the fans. This comes from the man who's getting rid of Brody (his best draw) as a cost cutting measure. It's funny how obvious Gagne's greed is isn't it? " - Jan 85 Eastern Wrestling News "Dusty Rhodes pinned Lex Luger (his robe now spells the last name Luger and I figure if anyone knows how to spell it, it's him)" - Dec 7, 87 Observer "Jesse Ventura was flown in to Atlanta last week just to dub commentary over one match - Bossman vs. Rude - then was sent home" - Dec 25, 93 Torch "Billy Graham and George Steele have been reinstated as far as wrestling in the New York state is concerned. Apparently the pressure was put on and since the bulk of tax money received for running the New York State Athletic Commission comes from Titan (and more specifically, Titan shows at Madison Square Garden), the commission backed down." - Oct 5, 87 Observer "Brody's first week in Memphis drew a $12,000 gate, second week a $22,000 gate and the 3rd week a $16,000 gate which means the crowds averaged between 3,000 and 5,500 instead of the sellouts I reported." Mat Results Vol 03 No 11 "Here is the actual story about the firing of the Midnight Rockers. Apparently the head honchos gave a speech about what happened to Jim Duggan and the Iron Sheik and warned the guys that this sort of thign wasn't going to be tolerated. After the show in Rochester, the Rockers were behaving in public as if this sort of policy didn't apply to them and it did." - July 6, 87 Observer "The small crowd broke out laughing when Sam Houston was announced at 220 lbs." - Mat Results Vol 04 No 03 "Luger tried to get him up for the backbreaker and it didn't work out. Even though they pretend Dusty weighs 270 and Lex 277 it looked like an ant trying to carry a watermelon." - Dec 7, 87 Observer
  9. Blehschmidt

    WWE Hidden Gems

    I never would have thought to associate the words Hidden Gem and Super Calo, but the rest of those are pretty sweet!
  10. Jetlag

    Best YouTube & Dailymotion Channels

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxJ353H3dEId-YbpDYi60Zg/videos This channel has uploaded a fuckton of obscure joshi, LLPW, NEO, etc. Including what seems to be handhelds, and pre-split JWP stuff that I don't see listed on Quebrada, and stuff that seems to have slightly clearer picture quality than what I got from Quebrada.
  11. Lil Taue steps up and tries to take down his bigger and thicker ancestor. Actually liked this match a lot. Dug all the tight basic work. Jumbo is really fun putting over Misawas elbows, and he is also really fun selling Taues high kicks etc. The finishing run was great too with Taue busting out the desperate sumo slaps and Jumbo just waylaying him repeatedly with brutal lariats. I'm a little surprised this hasn't gotten more play because while it absolutely doesn't stand out above the metric ton of GREAT 90s AJPW MATCHES it's a really effective match and totally works.
  12. JIP to some slightly random back and forth move exchanges before Hansen & Spivey get things on track with some quality armwork on Misawa. Of course, this never ends up being important, and I'm starting to wonder why people started about these female wrestlers and juniors not selling properly when these all time greats here also did it all the time. Fun finish with Kobashi getting all excited only to eat a lariat to the mouth, but the highlight was clearly Hansen & Spivey dropping elbows.
  13. Just another night in All Japan Pro Wrestlings greatest period. Taue and Kawada are OBSESSED with beating the hell out of eachother and it's awesome! Kikuchi takes a beating! Grass is green! This is probably not a must see piece, but still so much fan to watch. Taue and Kawada are exactly fighting each other like two guys in a heated feud should - constantly derailing the match to beat eachother up. There is a good FIP secton on Kikuchi - he doesn't take one of his biggest beatings (thankfully), but still gets slammed and kicked around good - and in a funny moment he gets heel heat when breaking up a pinfall right after surviving said heat section. Nothing mindblowing, but I'm always glad I checked out a match which ends with Kawada punching Taue in the mouth repeatedly.
  14. SirEdger

    NWA: Era of Eras

    Broadcasted on weekend of September 22nd, 2018, taped at Ricoh Coliseum, Toronto, ON - 60-MINUTE EDITION -Dave Prazak is once again accompanied this week by NWA World Heavyweight Champion Bryan Danielson at the broadcast table for this week's Worldwide Wrestling. In the main event, we have mixed tag team action as Mika Iida teams up with SD Jones to take on Alison Wonderland & Salman Hashimikov. Victoria was supposed to be Hashimikov's tag team partner but Victoria deemed Iida "unworthy of standing in the same ring than her" so Wonderland will take her place. Match #1 Butch Miller beat Magia Blanca after interference from Luke Williams. After the match, Butch Miller says that the Sheepherders are back together and they're gunning for the vacant US Tag Team Championships! Match #2 Jules Strongbow (w/Chief Jay Strongbow) defeated Raymond Rowe with a top rope tomahawk chop Match #3 Alison Wonderland & Salman Hashimikov beat Mika Iida & S.D. Jones after a miscue between Iida and Jones. Victoria showed up, halfway into the match, popcorn in hand to taunt Iida. The referee got distracted when for a second show in a row, Matt Jackson popped out of nowhere to superkick Alison Wonderland before leaving through the crowd. After a shoving match, Iida accidentally struck SD Jones with a dropkick while she was aiming for Victoria. That lead to Hashimikov hitting a gutwrench suplex on Jones to score the victory for his team. After the match, Victoria hit Widow's Peak on Iida before throwing her out of the ring! Will Victoria's rampage continue this week on World Championship Wrestling?
  15. NickH

    WWE Hidden Gems

    Finally another 50s match and Pedro's first MSG title defense. Dallas Wrestling 08/26/1952 – The Fighting Fifties Mexican legend Rito Romero battles Danny Savich in a 2-Out-of-3 Falls Match from the famed Sportatorium in Dallas, TX. WWWF @ MSG 03/15/1971 – The Pride of Puerto Rico The beloved Pedro Morales defends championship gold against WWE Hall of Famer Blackjack Mulligan as their rivalry reaches a fever pitch. WWE 08/28/1987 – Demolishing the Competition WWE Hall of Famers unite when Tito Santana teams with the legendary Mil Mascaras to take on the tough tandem of Demolition. Nitro 09/23/1996 – Lucha Legend Rey Mysterio puts his WCW Cruiserweight Championship on the line against fellow luchador Super Calo in this rarely seen match from Nitro.
  16. Technically, this is from the July 21st tapings in Atlanta.
  17. This I'm down with. Classic junior tag match. BxB is more about kicks now which helps matters. Team Big Ben feels like a true tag team...very impressed. YAMATO looked fantastic. Exceeded my expectations.
  18. I don't watch DG so I cannot comment on the storylines. That being said, I respectfully disagree with Yoshino's selling being amazing. A person can only sell being KO'd/loopy/spaghetti legs etc. & then run around doing moves so many times. So, I suppose that the true flaw was the layout. They figured that was how they wanted to do it- OK. I enjoyed this for SHINGO or is it just Shingo now? He beat the crap outta Speed Star. Speed Star essentially no sold it a bunch of times, did some tilt-a-whirl stuff, eh 27 minutes could have been 17 instead. ****1/4 is 2018 big match inflation. Probably more like *** if in comparison to the tag match that preceded it because (to me) there is no way the two bouts are comparable in quality.
  19. Web Conn

    Is Impact the best promotion in wrestling history?

    TNA or Impact is best as a weekly wrestling show on an obscure cable network. And I don't mean that as a negative they are excelling at what they are right not. They've lasted longer then WCW by 5 years and ECW by 9 years. They've managed to stay in business for 18 years and they've had some dark days. The amount of talent that has passed through TNA is a whose who of the past the present and even the future.
  20. Web Conn

    All In

    Hahha i posted in the wrong thread. Let me post something ALL IN related Marty vs Okada might become the match that made Marty, to me it was a star making performance. It's one of the matches of the year. Marty is an underrated performer and when Okada wants to he can go out there and make his opponent are star. Marty lost and all we talk about is how good HIS performance was.
  21. Web Conn

    Web's Weekly Wrestling Wrant

    Episode 66 - "Brock Lesnar Ruins Everything" It’s not Monday like I promised but it’s Wednesday and we have a new podcast and it’s topical as I speak on Sundays Hell in a Cell PPV. The stupid fucking finish of the main pissed me off so much that I had to calm down before I reviewed the match to keep the rant to a minimum but I still ranted. This is why id on’t watch WWE as much as I was the booking is stupid and nonsensical. Other than voicing my frustration over WWE’s contemporary booking style I also discuss This Years Starrcade taking place in Cincinnati and I recap the 9/25/95 Monday Nitro. Leave questions, comments and concerns to [email protected] or on twitter @webconn69. https://soundcloud.com/websweeklywrestlingwrant/episode-66-brock-lesnar-ruins
  22. Web Conn

    Web's Weekly Wrestling Wrant

    Episode 65 - "The Summerfest 2018: Now With 100% More Terry Crews" Sorry for the delay, I meant to get this out on Thursday as you will hear in the intro but here it is on Saturday. I still will try to get the next one out on Monday. This week I watched Impact Wrestling’s Twitch special from MediaCon, I’m still reviewing Nitro and I finally get to SummerSlam almost a month after the show but hey earlier than last year. Leave questions, comments and concerns to [email protected] or on twitter @webconn69. https://soundcloud.com/websweeklywrestlingwrant/episode-65-the-2018-summerfest
  23. Web Conn

    Web's Weekly Wrestling Wrant

    Episode 64 - "The Indie Fans Wet Dream" I had to do it. ALL IN happened on Saturday I had to talk about the show immediately. Two days is immediate for this podcast trust me. ALL IN took place on 9/1/18, the biggest independent wrestling show of all time! The show was fucking bonkers! That good. I also discuss the 2nd Nitro ever from 9/11/95. Leave questions, comments and concerns to [email protected] or on twitter @webconn69. https://soundcloud.com/websweeklywrestlingwrant/episode-64-the-wrestling-nerds
  24. Web Conn

    Web's Weekly Wrestling Wrant

    Episode 63 - "Where The Big Boys Played" Hello Scumbags and welcome back to Saturday releases. This week I was hoping to get to SummerSlam but I have yet to watch it. First week of school I ran out of time. This podcast is in a sense a special one, I start the podcast out talking about ALL IN, a show which will be tonight September 1st at 4/7 depending where you live I give my match predictions while barely containing my excitement. After all of that I discuss my favorite wrestling promotion WCW. I talk about Thunder cuz duh but I've also been reading the new book NITRO: The Incredible Rise and Inevitable Collapse of Ted Turner's WCW (https://www.amazon.com/NITRO-Incredible-Inevitable-Collapse-Turners/dp/0692139176/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1537418388&sr=8-1&keywords=nitro+book) a very good read so far (149 pages in) and is the inspiration for me to go back and watch Nitro from the beginning so that is what I did I end the show discussing the First Nitro that aired 9/4/95. Leave questions, comments and concerns to [email protected] or on twitter @webconn69. https://soundcloud.com/websweeklywrestlingwrant/episode-63-where-the-big-boys
  25. Web Conn

    Web's Weekly Wrestling Wrant

    Episode 62 - "The I Watched Contemporary TNA Episode" Yo Scumbags welcome to a special episode of 4W this is all about Impact Wrestling the former TNA. I don't normally watch Impact but I watched Slammiversary (7/22) cuz I heard really good things about it, I also Watched an episode of IMPACT! (8/16) cuz I by chance had access to POP TV the network that airs the fucking show. I also discuss the Jeff Jarrett Lawsuit. Oh yes there's a Jeff Jarrett lawsuit it wouldn't be TNA if Jeff Jarrett wasnt involved in some sort of way. Leave questions, comments and concerns to [email protected] or on twitter @webconn69.
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