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  2. He's just a common man working hard for his carbs
  3. Basically, the guy eating junkfood and living lazy is the babyface, and the progressive guy caring about the environment and his own health is the heel. At this rate, I'd have a SJW on a Pole match or something... (and I say that as someone who's often annoyed by some vegans' holier than thou attitude)
  4. Available on the Network, Vault, Hidden Gems, 1983. "Every Dog Has Its Day", September 9, 1983. Talk about it here
  5. Is it too harsh to say vince has become late 1980's Verne gagne ? Stuck in his ways and in a "it worked before so it'll work now" mode of thinking. The TV isn't working or not to the level it should be.
  6. I have no clue who the Spellbinder is but he's absolutely juiced to the moon with a thick, high-pitched New York accent. Good luck to anybody other than Lance trying to narrate this whole segment. The man really was a treasure. Even when the candles are lit the flames are flimsy wee things and both Spellbinder and Brian are coated in so much baby oil that a flamethrower would struggle to permeate it. Actually, maybe it's the opposite and the baby oil makes the tiny flame dangerous. Any sort of contact and those guys are going up like a furnace! That fireball shot looked pretty great and Lance shouting "YOU THREW A FIREBALL AT HIM, YA IDIOT!" was amazing. You know somebody fucked up when Lance is calling someone a hoodlum or an idiot or some such. This was total Memphis stupidity so I guess I loved it?
  7. GeneJackson95


    Southeastern would llike to book the World Champion on 3/9, 3/11, 3/16, and 3/18 We'd like to book the World Lightheavyweight Champion on 3/2, 3/4, 3/8, and 3/9.
  8. I want the exact opposite. I Hogan works the producers into believing his tall tales and depicting them in the movie as the unvarnished truth. I want to see Hogan wrestling in front of Elvis in Memphis, beating Antonio Inoki to death in the ring and then reviving him with CPR, partying with John Belushi after Wrestlemania 2, slamming Andre and then visiting him on his deathbed the next day, the whole nine yards.
  9. Today
  10. It's the one scenario where I would be happy with KO. I remember one promo when he was feuding with Dean, where he said "I'm going to eat popcorn and drink soda every day of my life!" and the crowd cheered so I guess they'll be on his side
  11. Pillman is an amazing nutjob and naturally when you add that to Lance being Lance you get something hugely fun. I got sort of giddy at the possibility of a Pillman/Lawler interaction, but we didn't really get one.
  12. KB8

    [1997-02-08-USWA-TV] Bobby Bolton and Mike Samples

    No idea who Bolton is, so I'm inclined to agree with Samples that he has no business shooting commercials for Memphis restaurants. This was like two minutes and wild as fuck. "WE'RE SHOOTIN' A COMMERCIAL HERE!" Many plates are smashed, tables and chairs broken, patrons hurriedly exiting as they leave dinners uneaten. We all had the Concession Stand Brawl top 15 on the Memphis set so I think it's only fair that this gets six and a quarter stars.
  13. Matt D

    WWE Hidden Gems

    It's silent but it's very vivid, with entrances and some awesome post-match footage. (You still can't entirely see the crowd).
  14. This felt a bit like a fun ten minute greatest hits version of Negro Casas v El Hijo del Santo. They hit the mat a little, brawled a bit, Casas tore at Santo's mask, Santo hit a Santo tope, they communicate the hatred, etc. More of a neat addendum to their eternal rivalry, but it's these two so you can't really go wrong.
  15. KB8

    [1997-02-03-WCW-Nitro] Roddy Piper and Hulk Hogan

    Man, this might be the most detestable Hogan has been since the turn, and that covers a fair bit of ground. Bischoff as his obnoxious little sidekick really was perfect here as well, and Piper referring to Hogan as Terry is one of those goofy pro-wrestling things that can easily come off corny, yet by pro-wrestling's standards Piper is a good enough actor to pull it off. Gene as the straight man in the middle was also really good and Piper blowing a gasket felt like a nuclear moment. Heenan shouting "WHIP HIM WITH THE BELT!" was awesome. How much of a prick must you be to force Bobby Heenan to back Roddy Piper? By 1997 this match-up is pretty much washed, and I guess in hindsight you question how smart it is when the WWF are on the other channel setting up a pretty hot long-term group of main eventers, but in the moment this felt like the biggest match in wrestling. I love Piper anyway so I'm cool seeing him show up some more. Maybe a top 5 nWo segment so far.
  16. I'm all about Regular guy family man Kevin Owens vs. EcoTerrorist Daniel Bryan. Sign me up.
  17. paul sosnowski

    WWE Hidden Gems

    The AWA footage is silent instead of the Florida one
  18. I kinda don't blame them for not having a clear card for WM. There were some events that threw curveballs at them. For instance, no one could predict that Ali would get hurt and Kofi, his replacement, would get absurdly over to the point where they are booking a 1v1 match at Fastlane. Do they go with the hot hand and make Kofi a transitional champ, and then go on with DB as normal? Did they have plans for Dean Ambrose and his apparent retirement threw a wrench on it? R-Truth got hurt during the Rumble, and afterwards became US Champ in a botch/audible. Usos may not be renewing. The Revival got their demands in order to not leave. All in all, they could have avoided some, but also couldn't have avoided other stuff. The two programs they have set are interesting, though.
  19. GeneJackson95


    Southeastern drops Ali Baba and Frank Savage
  20. WingedEagle

    WWE Elimination Chamber 2019

    From what I saw I was the high man on the women's chamber but the Kofi run at the end came close to pushing the men ahead of it. Not going to drop any spoilers here but the tentative title match at Smackdown is quite yawn worthy. Hopefully somehow Kofi picks up enough momentum into and coming out of Fastlane to warrant a change in plans at the big show, but I'm not getting my hopes up.
  21. Wahoos Leg

    Uncle Elmer

    No information yet.
  22. I could see this being a touch confusing or overly cute if you try to make too much sense of it. Hall and Nash have been so confident that Sting is nWo, so walking away when he shows up sort of contradicts that. Or maybe that's the point? Their confidence is more hubris than anything and all that talk about him being nWo is them keeping up appearances. Maybe they're not nearly as sure as they'd have us think. And then you throw in the ultimate wildcard in Savage and yeah I guess I talked himself into thinking this was actually pretty good. I mean, it's five guys shooting looks at each other and the crowd were eating it all up. If you didn't know already, WCW were on a hell of a hot streak.
  23. Wahoos Leg

    Jerry Valiant

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  24. This was another fun segment and I thought Shawn's promo was totally fine. Bret might be the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be, but he's not the WWF champion. We're sure getting some edginess to the two top babyfaces as Bret calls him a punk, jackass and degenerate. Neither one of them comes across as being terribly easy to root for or, you know...LIKE. Austin is probably more likeable than both of them and he's a sociopath. Maybe it's because he's an unapologetic one and so you get exactly what you see with him, whereas Bret is pretty sanctimonious and torn-faced about everything and Michaels is sort of obnoxious and not very endearing. Actually Undertaker might be more likeable than all of them and he's a Satan worshipper or something. Bret standing on the belt and flipping off Michaels was kinda awesome, though. Really cool segment. WWF are definitely onto something with what they're doing at the top of the card and things are sure feeling very Attitude-y.
  25. Matt D

    WWE Hidden Gems

    Ok, the Monroe match is up. Solid VQ. A ~37 year old Solie is commentating. From the 3/26/66 tv show, which also had a Lothario match on it. Hopefully they have that too. Seeing a 32 year old Lothario would be awesome.
  26. Wahoos Leg

    Takashi Iizuka

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