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ECW 1993

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So a while back a couple of friends and I started a 1993 booking project. I was the arbitrator of the project, with them representing WCW and WWF, but I decided to join in as head booker of ECW. We did a talent draft to start with, with me entering in something like the 20th round. I thought I'd share what I wrote up here.


Now, there are a couple of cheats with the timeline, mainly because I didn't really follow ECW. Most obviously, ECW didn't become 'Extreme' until 1994, I believe. I also have Joey Styles as my head announcer from the start, and I know he didn't come on board until later.


I picked up a couple of names in the draft that probably stretch credibility quite a bit too. However, I did try to stay true to the spirit of the promotion.


I'll maybe post one every couple of days. Here is the debut episode.


ECW TV- 1/1/93


Show opens with Joey Styles in the ring, welcoming everyone to the debut episode of ECW TV. He runs down the planned card: the semi finals of the tournament to crown new ECW tag team champions, and debut of the legendary 'Beautiful' Bobby Eaton of the Midnight Express. Lex Luger walks to the ring (no music). Styles looks shocked and excited and offers his hand to Luger. Luger snatches the mic instead and ushers Styles out of the ring.


LL: "Are you kidding? You're out here hyping the debut of Bobby Eaton, when you've got the biggest star in wrestling, the Total Package, Lex Luger on the show. This is the debut you should be talking about".


Styles has made his way to the commentary booth and calls Luger rude. Luger says he came to ECW to make money and win titles, and since he already makes more than the rest of the locker-room combined, that just leaves winning titles. He says the fans should consider themselves lucky just to be in his presence, and he's the only star in ECW, and what a real champion looks like. Enter Sandman hits and the Sandman comes out. Sandman says these are good honest people like him, and they don't need Luger and his ego. He calls Luger overrated. Luger says Sandman talks a lot of crap, and wrestles like crap too. He goads Sandman into a title match.


We go to commercial. When we come back Styles says that it's been made official. The Bobby Eaton debut will now take place next week, and instead we have an ECW title match to start the new year.


Match 1: Brian and Brad Armstong Vs The Highwaymen (Rex Mason and Steve Henry- the former Well Dunn). Tag team tournament semi final with a 15 minute time limit.


The Highwaymen cut a short promo before the match saying they rob the men blind, but treat the women kind, and a better team you will not find.


The Armstrongs are the babyfaces. Brian is treated as a rookie and doesn't get much offence in. Brad gets the win for his team with a small package after about 10 mins. Played up as a mild upset.


A video package for Sabu airs, showcasing his high-flying and violence.


Match 2: Maximilian Payne Vs Barry Horowitz with a 10 minute time limit.


Payne is doing his grunge gimmick from WCW. Styes hypes these two up as great future stars for ECW. Horowitz gets a flurry of offence, but this is mainly a showcase for Payne. He wins with the Payne Killer arm submission in about 4 mins.


The Sandman cuts a promo in the back about Luger's lack of respect and what the ECW title means to him. He says this is his house, and he'll do anything to defend it.


Match 3: Tracy Smothers and Ricky Morton Vs The Arkansas Hit Squad (Canterbury and Knight, the former Tex Slazenger and Shanghai Pierce). Tag team tournament semi final with a 15 minute time limit.


Morton and Smothers use their quickness to nuetralise the big men early on, but eventually Morton takes a rough shot into the guard rail and that leaves Smothers at the mercy of the Hangman's Noose (Knight takes out the opponents legs while Canterbury drops them with a neckbreaker). Time of fall: 7 mins. During the match Marc Mero joined Joey Styles on commentary and said he can't wait to compete in ECW and to stayed tuned because he's the one to watch in 93.


A video package airs showing the shadowy outline of an imposing wrestler (Adam Bomb), and it just says "He's Coming".


Styles tries to get a quick word with the Hit Squad, but they tell him they'll do all their talking in the ring.


Match 4: The Sandman © Vs Lex Luger for the ECW Heavyweight Title, with TV time remaining.


Luger is jaw jacking with fans as he comes out, saying if this is Sandman's house it's time for a home invasion. They go at it fast and hard, brawling. Luger soon gains the upper hand, and dominates the match with power. Styles says Luger lives up to the hype and might just be too good for the Sandman. He goes for the torture rack, but Sandman rakes his eyes and unleashes a flurry of offence that has Luger reeling. Luger is busted open. Out of desperation he goes to a low blow, unseen by the ref. Luger pins him with his feet on the ropes, stealing the ECW title. Match time: 12 mins. Styles says Luger broke into the Sandman's house and stole his prized possession. The show cuts off with Luger backing up the ramp, bloody and beaten, but the new ECW champion.

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Absolutely don't mind that you didn't exactly follow up everything happening in ECW IRL for this one. Looking forward to the continuation of that series! :)

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ECW TV- 8/1/93


Joey Styles is in the ring. He hypes ECW TV as the best one hour of wrestling you'll find anywhere, and the place to be on Friday nights. Tonight we have the debut of Bobby Eaton, and the Sandman has demanded a match tonight. Styles says there's definitely a full moon over Philly tonight, and he can feel the tension as both the Sandman and the new ECW champion, Lex Luger are expected in the building. He introduces video showing the final moments of last week's show when Luger stole the belt. From there we cut to a backstage promo by the Sandman.


Sandman says he's pissed off. Pissed at Luger, but pissed at himself for getting conned out of his belt by a bodybuilder. Last week he said ECW was his house, but ECW is more like his church, and Luger came in and pissed in the holy water. There will be a rematch, and he vows to hurt Luger and take back what's his.


Styles has made his way to the commentary position. Jump Around by House of Pain blares out the speakers and Scotty Flamingo comes out. He heads over to Styles and tries to get Styles to "jump around" with him. Scotty makes it to the ring and grabs the house mic. He introduces himself as Scotty the Party Starter, and says he's here to save them from their humdrum existances, and make everyday a party. Theme From Midnight Express comes on, and we're ready for our opening match.


Match 1: 'Beautiful' Bobby Eaton Vs Scotty the Party Starter, with a 15 minute time limit.


Eaton is a house of fire, pummeling Scotty around the ring, even throwing him into the crowd- "here's your party". They get back into the ring and Scotty takes over, slowing the pace down. Marc Mero joins Styles on commentary, and puts over Eaton and Scotty as exciting wrestlers. He asks Styles if he thinks Beautiful Bobby is more beautiful than him. He says 93 is going to be his year, he's gonna be bigger than Seinfeld, bigger than Guns N Roses. Eaton makes his comeback and finishes Scotty off with the Alabama Jam top rope legdrop in 6 minutes. Eaton got to show off a lot of his best offence in what was basically a squash match.


After commercial, another Adam Bomb video airs, again just showing the outline of his physique, not his face, and ending with "He's Coming".


Quick video of the finishes to last week's tag team semi-final matches air, and Styles says next week will be the final. He cues up a backstage interview with the Armstrong brothers.


Brad starts by saying what an honour it is to team with his brother, but Brian cuts him off and apologises for letting the team down. Brad says they won, but Brian says that it was all Brad and he didn't pull his weight. He promises to do better next time. Suddenly, the Arkansas Hit Squad attack the Armstongs. Brad is blasted into the wall and they lay the boots to Brian. Canterbury then restrains Brian ("watch this, boy") while Knight delivers a neckbreaker to Brad. They tell Brian "you're coming with us", and drag him off.


After a moment, the Hit Squad come into the arena. Knight is dragging Brian Armstrong by a bull rope tied around his neck, and Canterbury is brandishing a hot branding iron. They get him in the ring and lay some more boots into him, and then rip off his shirt and brand him on the back of his shoulder. Bobby Eaton, Tracy Smothers and Ricky Morton run out and the AHS back away. Cut to commercial.


We come back from commercial with Brian Armstrong being helped out by Brad Armstrong and referees. Tracy Smothers has remained in the ring and has the mic. He says he's known the Armstrong family for years, and calls out the AHS so he can gain some retribution for them. Rape Me by Nirvana plays over the speakers, and Maximilian Payne makes his way out. Styles says Payne is scheduled for action next, but it doesn't look like Smothers is going anywhere. Payne gets in the ring and he and Smothers start whaling on each other. Smothers rocks Payne with a dropkick, but Payne swats away a second one and locks on the Payne Killer. Refs finally get him to break the hold.


Match 2: Maximilian Payne Vs Barry Horowitz. 10 minute time limit.


Horowitz requested this rematch after being disappointed with his performance last week. This time he takes the fight to Payne, but the result is the same. Winner by submission, Maximilan Payne in 5 mins.


A backstage promo by the Berzerker (not in that gimmick). He says when you think of vikings you think of barbarians, savages, pillagers, but that doesn't tell the full story. he says the vikings were kings and noblemen. They were great civilisers. Next week, he says, Nord is coming to civilise ECW.


A video airs showing Ron Simmons in his college football days, with interviews with his coaches and former teammates about what a great athlete and great man he is. "Coming soon."


Styles says he knew tonight was going to be crazy, and the main event is still to come. He says Brian Armstrong has been taken to a nearby hospital to treat his burns, and hypes up the tag tournament final next week. He says next week will also see the renewal of one of the legendary feuds in wrestling as Bobby Eaton of the Midnight Express faces Ricky Morton of the Rock N Roll Express. Also next week is the debut of Nord.


Match 3: The Sandman Vs Rex Mason w/ Steve Henry. 10 mins.


Sandman knocks Mason from pillar to post. Henry causes a distraction allowing Mason to get a couple of licks in, but Sandman goes right back on the offensive. After about 2 mins he waffles Mason with a chair for the DQ. He gives Henry a chair shot for good measure. He gets the mic. "Luger- where are you, Luger? I know you're here. Come on. Let's do this." An official scurries into the ring and whispers something to the Sandman. The Sandman bolts out the ring and makes his way to the back. Styles says he's just been informed that Luger is outside the arena with Sandman's wife. A camera follows Sandman as he makes his way out back. Outside, about 30 feet away, we see Luger holding a woman by the arm. He yells at Sandman to stay back. The woman pleads with "Jim" to listen to him. Luger says Sandman kept talking about a home invasion, and that gave him a good idea. He said that in two weeks Sandman will get his rematch for the world title, but Luger's already got everything he wants. He shoves Sandman's wife down and jumps into a car, speeding off as Sandman makes a futile pursuit on foot. "I'm gonna kill him." Styles wonders if Luger just signed his own death warrant. The camera scans up to the full moon hanging over the arena, and then fades to black.

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Feels so weird to see Raven in the ECW environment as another alter ego, even moreso as Scotty Flamingo/Scotty the Party Starter. Looking forward to see where this goes.

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ECW TV Episode 3- 15/1/93


We're going straight to match action this week as Styles welcomes us to a blockbuster show from the commentary booth.


Match 1: Bobby Eaton Vs Ricky Morton. 15 minute time limit.

Styles talks about the rivalry between the Midnight Express and the Rock N Roll Express, but says this is about the future and singles success for these two. They shake hands to start. They wrestle a fast paced match, with both men getting ample time to show off their movesets. Marc Mero joins Joey in the booth. He puts over Eaton and Morton and says these are the kind of guys he's looking forward to mixing it up with. Styles asks Mero when exactly he's going to get in the ring. "Hold those horses, Joey, my friend. 1993 is early yet, but you can rest assured that when Magnificent Marc Mero gets in the ring, it's going to be the event of the year". Lots of near falls before we reach the time limit making this a draw. A little pushing match after the bell between Eaton and Morton, but they shake hands and hug. We cut to Mero giving them a standing ovation. "Stand up, Joey. That was a hell of a contest. Hell of a contest".


Madusa is in the back for a promo. "Hey ECW. Madusa here, and I'm looking for a man. A man with power. A man in peak physical condition. A man who can get it done in the ring... and out of the ring. Remember boys, I'll be watching you."


The Wayne's World theme song plays over the speaker system, and we see that Scotty the Party Starter is in the ring, dressed as Wayne. Joey Styles wonders what's going on, calling Scotty a goof. Scotty has the mic. "Welcome to Scotty's world. You're not worthy.. you're not worthy. Last week I made the mistake of inviting you all to my party. This week I'm just looking for one person to come to the party. Anyone in the back wanna step into Scotty's world?" Barry Horowitz walks out. Scotty asks if he's kidding, and said he's a two-time loser to Payne, so why would he think he can hang with him. Horowitz pops him in the mouth, and we have an impromptu match.


Match 2: Scotty the Party Starter Vs Barry Horowitz, 10 minute time limit.


Scotty gets the upper hand and starts to beat Barry down, stopping to jaw with the fans, and pose. Horowitz ends up catching him with an inside cradle for the pin after about 3 mins. Scotty tries to attack Barry after the match but Horowitz socks him again, and then puts on Scotty's Wayne wig and headbangs with some fans.


Another Bomb video. Eastern lettering runs across the screen, and then it says "You all shall fall. He is coming".


Styles says that Luger and Sandman have both been banned from the building for tonight, but they did both tape promos earlier in the day, in anticipation for their ECW title rematch next week.


Luger cuts a promo asking Sandman if it counts as a home invasion if he was invited in with open arms.. and open legs. He says Sandman is a Philly piece of scum, and there isn't going to be a Rocky ending for him.


Sandman says that Luger stole his title and put his hands on his old lady, and his only saving grace is that his kid wasn't home. He says that's the only reason Luger is still walking, but as it is he has just seven more days before he gets destroyed.


Styles speculates that Luger is trying to get into Sandman's head, but says he wouldn't want to be Lex Luger next week.


Match 3: Tracy Smothers Vs Nord. 10 minute time limit.


Smothers has his shoulder heavily taped, a result of his altercation with Maximilian Payne last week Styles tells us. Nord gets a big time entrance. The lights go out. Simulated lightning bolts and thunder. A spotlight shows Nord standing in the entrance way in an animal pelt. He takes a drink from a wooden goblet as Prokofiev's Dance of the Nights starts up. He throws down the chalice and marches to the ring. he immediately jumps on Smothers with brawling offence. The bell hasn't rung yet. The ref manages to back him up and Smothers says he wants to fight. The bell rings and Smothers goes at Nord with right hands, fighting through the pain. But he runs into a big boot and that's all she wrote, Nord winning in about a minute. Nord crosses Smothers' arms across his chest and stands over his fallen body. Styles says Nord is scary.


A Ron Simmons video airs, showing Simmons in the gym, and doing some wrestling drills. Some comments from other gym members about what a good guy Ron is. Ron Simmons will be live on ECW TV next week.


We cut to a close-up of the letters AHS burnt into flesh, and pan out to show this is Brian Armstong's back. Brad comes into shot and says the Hit Squad messed with the wrong family, and that vengeance is coming.


Match 4: Tag team tournament final with a 20 minute time limit. The Arkansas Hit Squad Vs Brian and Brad Armstong.


The Armstrongs get a good shine on the big guys, with fisticuffs and a pair of dropkicks sending the Hit Squad to the outside. The Armstrongs go after them but that leads to a turnaround, and Brian is now in trouble. They work Brian over for several minutes, before Brad finally gets the hot tag. Brad is a house of fire, getting a couple of near falls on Knight. Canterbury gets the branding iron, but Brian cuts him off at the pass. Brian climbs into the ring with the branding iron. The ref tries to stop him using it but Brian pushes the ref away. Brad comes up behind Brian to stop him but Brian instinctively turns and waffles Brad between the eyes with the iron. He looks remorseful. Canterbury pulls Brian out the ring and Knight covers Brad for the win, and the titles. 12 mins. Canterbury drills Brian into the guard rail, and then the AHS deliver a Hangman's Noose to Brad before standing over him with the tag belts held aloft. Styles gets a quick plug in for the world title match and Ron Simmons appearance next week as we go off the air.

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ECW TV Episode 4- 22/1/93


Joey Styles on commentary welcomes us to the show and gets us pumped for Sandman Vs Luger 2, in our main event. We're kicking off with 6-man tag action. As the competitors are introduced, Styles shows us the bracket for the television title tournament, which starts next week.


TV Title Tournament Round 1:
'Beautiful' Bobby Eaton Vs Tracy Smothers
Maximilian Payne Vs Barry Horowitz
Ricky Morton Vs Brad Armstrong
Scotty the Party Starter Vs Brian Armstrong


Match 1: Scotty the Party Starter and the Highwaymen Vs Bobby Eaton, Ricky Morton and Barry Horowitz. 15 min time limit.


Before the match the Highwaymen cut a promo, telling Madusa that they know how to treat a woman, and the Highwaymen do everything together, so it's double your pleasure. Midway through the match Madusa comes out onto the entrance way and watches the action with keen interest. All 6 guys get a little bit of shine in a match that goes about 12 mins. Finally, with the rest of the combatants brawling on the floor, we're left with Horowitz and Steve Henry in the ring. Horowitz hits a German suplex with a bridge to pick up the win. Madusa applauds Horowitz. Styles says Horowitz is on a bit of a role. Dance of the Knights starts and Styles says the roll is about to end. Nord makes his entrance as the heel team slink away. Eaton, Morton and Horowitz stand primed in the ring. Nord drinks from his goblet then rushes the ring. He fights off the attack of the faces, tossing Eaton over the top rope and taking Morton down with a clothesline. He gives the big boot to Horowitz, then to Morton.


A recap of the Sandman/Luger feud airs, followed by another Adam Bomb video.


Match 2: Tracy Smothers Vs Maximilian Payne, 10 minute time limit.


A video shows the altercation between these two men from two weeks ago. As Smothers comes out, still bandaged up, we see a pop-up promo by him in which he challenges either one of the Arkansas Hit Squad to a match next week. He says he considers himself part of the Armstrong family, and he won't rest until he's got some revenge for them. Smothers takes the fight bravely to Payne, but once again gets caught in the Payne Killer and has no choice but to submit. About 2 mins. Styles proclaims Payne the favourite to win the TV title.


Joey Styles is in the ring and introduces us to the All American, Ron Simmons. Simmons comes out, slapping hands with fans along the way. Styles welcomes Ron to ECW and gives him the floor. Simmons says if the fans will indulge him he'd like to tell them a little story. He said that just a couple of months ago he made history when he became the first ever African-American world champion. He said he felt like he was on top of the world, but it soon became apparent that the top brass 'down South' had no intention of promoting him the way a world champion should be promoted. He said instead of main eventing shows and doing promotional tours and autograph signings, they had him buried in the midcard, just waiting for the first chance to get that belt back on a white man's shoulder. He said the fans don't want him to tell them about their favourite southern wrestling stars. "Let's just say that for some people, the 'american dream' doesn't extend to people of colour, and not everyone has a 'flair' for race relations". He goes on that he couldn't get out of the south fast enough, because he knew that up in the north of the country he would be welcomed with open arms, and judged not by the colour of his skin, but by his ability and his character. "Boy, was I ever wrong. Up here in Philadelphia I see the most bigoted, redneck, hillbilly, hayseed, inbred pieces of trailer park trash that I ever saw in my life." Styles tries to protest. "Don't interrupt me Joey Styles or I'll slap that smug look off your lily white face. The problem with you people is that you only tolerate a black man if he's rapping for you or catching touchdown passes for the Eagles. You want to own us just as bad as they do down south, but at least they have the guts to say it". We hear another voice from the aisle way. "Finally, someone who is willing to tell it like it is". Brian Armstrong is making his way into the ring. He climbs in. "Listen, brother, if anybody knows how it feels to be a black man in this town, it's me". Simmons looks at him like he's lost his mind. "I know what you're thinking. Why didn't I speak up before? I only wish I had, but it's hard when you look out at a sea of people and only see hatred and resentment. But together, we can make a difference." RS- "You and me?" BA- "You and me. Look, see this BA on my trunks? That doesn't stand for Brian Armstrong. That stands for Black Asskicker". RS- "Oh, you a black asskicker?" Simmons levels Armstrong with a clothesline. He throws him out the ring. Styles has made his way back to the commentary table, and says that Brian Armstrong must have been knocked loopy by the AHS last week. Simmons starts choking Armstrong with a camera cable. "You think this is a joke? This funny to you, boy?" He tosses him back in the ring and grabs a chair, following him in. He crowns him with the chair, then casually tosses the chair onto the mat, and delivers a spinebuster to Armstrong on the chair.


A video shows The Arkansas Hit Squad winning the tag titles last week, and Styles says they have accepted Tracy Smothers' challenge, but now it's time for the main event.


Match 3: Lex Luger Vs The Sandman, with TV time remaining, about 15 mins.


The Sandman is pacing back and forth waiting for Luger to come out. When he does, Sandman goes straight for him and they brawl in the aisleway and into the fans. Sandman rains down the punches on Luger, busting him open hardway. Luger reverses an irishwhip into the guard rail, which gives him a chance to take off his belt and compose himself. Sandman is soon back on the attack though, beating him all around the ringside area. Luger takes over in the ring, but is getting desperate when a big powerslam only gets a 2 count. He grabs a chair from ringside but Sandman meets him with a kick. Sandman has the chair and Luger braces himself. Sandman is about to hit him, but pauses. Luger yells at him to 'do it!', but Sandman tosses the chair out of the ring. Luger tries to bolt but Sandman pursues him into the aisle. Luger is on his knees now begging off. The Highwaymen run out and attack Sandman, causing a DQ after 10 mins. Sandman tries to fight them off, but the 3-on-1 is too much. The Highwaymen hold Sandman's arms while Luger brains him with a chair shot. The show ends with Luger holding the world title aloft.

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I'd be tempted to say that Beautiful Bobby will win the TV title tournament but I can't bet against Brad Armstrong either!

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ECW TV Episode 5- 29/1/93

Show opens with Joey Styles in the ring, and he says we have a bumper show tonight including the start of the TV title tournament, but first he has a huge announcement. Lex Luger's music hits, and the champ strolls out. Luger asks if the announcement is that he is still the ECW Heavyweight Champion. Styles says no but it does concern him. JS: "ECW is bringing to you a special event, 3 weeks from now on Valentine's night, the 14th February. We invite you to spend your Valentine's night with the stars of ECW at the Radisson Hotel in Downtown Philadelphia. This is going to be a blockbuster night of action, and it will be headlined by the current ECW Champion, Lex Luger (Luger smugly holds his belt up in the air), as he fends his title against... The Sandman". Luger throws a tantrum, kicking the ropes, shouting the odds. JS-"It seems to me like you don't want to face the Sandman again. Like maybe you're scared of the Sandman". LL- "I'm scared of nobody. The fact of the matter is Sandman had his shot last week, and he couldn't get the job done. There's plenty of other worthy challengers in ECW, and I don't see why this Sandman is getting another shot at the gold". JS-"Myabe because you paid off the Highwaymen to attack Sandman last week when you knew you couldn't beat him". LL-"I didn't pay off anybody. Maybe if the Sandman didn't go around hitting people with chairs, he wouldn't have got jumped last week." JS-"Nevertheless, the match has been signed, and furthermore, the Sandman will compete tonight in a special 10 minute gauntlet match challenge against the Highwaymen, and if he beats both members within the 10 minute time limit, he will get to choose the stipulation for your match on the 14th". LL-"This is a crock, Joey, and you know it". JS-"If you're not scared of the Sandman, I don't see the problem". LL-"You think I'm scared of this bum? I'll show you tonight how scared I am of the Sandman."

A video airs showing a man trading amateur holds in a wrestling room. Close-ups of sweat flying and body against body, emphasising the toughness on display. A voice speaks over the footage. "Wrestling is all I ever wanted to do with my life. It's what defines me. I can still hear the fans screaming in Madison Square Garden. Sell-out after sell-out. A rush like that... anyone will tell you that it's like an addiction. I had to come back. I had to feel that again. Do I feel like I still have something to prove to the wrestling world? I feel I have something to prove to myself. That I can still do this, that I can still compete. That's why I'm here. That's why I came to ECW". As the monologue progresses we see that one of the men wrestling (and the man talking) is Bob Backlund.

Barry Horowitz is in the ring awaiting his opponent for our opening match. A pop-up promo airs in which Horowitz says that Madusa sets his pulse racing, and ever since she came on the scene he's been undefeated. He says this match is for her.

Match 1: Barry Horowitz Vs Nord. 10 minute time limit.

Nord engulfs Horowitz from the opening bell with a flurry of offence. Styles says if Horowitz was trying to impress Madusa, taking a match with Nord was probably a bad idea. Nord hits the big boot, which Styles informs us is called the Road To Valhalla, and picks up the win in about a minute.

We come back from commercial to see Horowitz being helped to the back. Madusa comes out and shows concern for him, walking to the back with him.

Scotty the Party Starter comes out and takes a house mic. He says he was supposed to be taking on Brian Armstrong tonight in the first round of the tv title tournament, but little Brian got himself in some bother last week with Ron Simmons, and now he has a concussion and a rack of broken ribs. Scotty says this means the party has officially started, because he's moving on to the semi-finals, and will soon be the television champion. He demands a referee raise his hand, and the announcer announce him as the winner by forfeit. Brad Armstrong makes a beeline for the ring and attacks Scotty, opening up on him with lefts and rights, and drilling him shoulder-first into the ring post. Scotty collapses to the floor, and Brad grabs the mic. "Let me tell you something about Brian Armstrong. Now, Brian may have said some things he shouldn't have last week, but this is just a kid, a good kid, and he didn't deserve the beating he took from you, Ron Simmons. Brian Armstrong loves his family, and he loves his country. In fact, he fought for this country in the Gulf. Yeah, that's right. More than that, he's my baby brother, and you don't put your hands on my baby brother and get away with it. Simmons, this ain't about race, or anything like that, and I don't give a damn about your reputation. I'm going to kick your ass for what you did to Brian, and that's from one Georgia boy to another."

Match 2: Tracy Smothers Vs Knight w/Canterbury. 10 min time limit.

Smothers is still banged up from his run-ins with Maximilian Payne, and Knight goes straight on the attack, zoning in on the shoulder. Smothers fired up and fights back though, eventually hitting a missile dropkick and going for the pin. Before the ref can count 3, Canterbury is in, giving Smothers the win via DQ in 5 mins. The Arkansas Hit Squad hit Smothers with the Hangman's Noose, leaving him laying.

A clip airs of the finish to last week's title match, with the Highwaymen and Luger laying out Sandman.

An Adam Bomb video. We see a desert, a sandstorm, which merges into an egg timer with the sand running out. All this interspersed with shots of Bomb's impressive musculature (but no face). The words appear on the screen: "Emperor, your sword won't help you out, sceptre and crown are worthless here, I've taken you by the hand, for you must come to my dance". And then "He is coming".

Match 3: Brad Armstrong Vs Ricky Morton. TV title tournament, first round. 10 min time limit.

Marc Mero joins Styles on commentary. He says he's gonna tear it up in 93, just like his friends Boyz II Men. Styles asks why Mero isn't in the tournament, and Mero says as prestigious as the TV title is, he's already a champion in the hearts and minds of his legion of fans. Brad and Ricky wrestle a fair match, although Brad is a little more aggressive than usual. Morton reverses a sunset flip to get the pin. Ron Simmons comes out to the commentary position with a mic. "I've already put one of you boys in hospital. I'll put you right there with him with a snap of my fingers. You shut your mouth too Styles. You think this isn't about race or like I'm supposed to care about your brother being a war hero or something. You're just another white fool who can't handle a strong black man speaking his mind. Just like all you bigots. I'm not stepping in the ring with you because I don't perform tricks for these people. I fight when I want to fight, step where I want to step and say what I want to say, and you racist rednecks better learn to accept it because I ain't no house negro, I'm the master". Morton and the referee are trying to restrain Brad as this is going on. We cut to commercial.

We come back and Brad Armstrong is laid out in the back. Styles shows us the video of Brad making his way backstage looking for Simmons, and Simmons coldcocking him from behind, before wrestlers and officials pull him back.

Match 4: The Sandman Vs Rex Mason w/Steve Henry.

This is the first part of the 10 minute challenge gauntlet match. Luger joins Joey Styles on commentary and cheers Mason on, as Mason stalls, and uses Henry as a distraction to get the upper hand. About 5 mins in Sandman makes his comeback, sending Mason and Henry into each other and then downing Mason with a piledriver for the pin. Luger leaves the commentary position and takes out Sandman with a clip to the knee. he stomps away on the knee as the ref tries to restore order. Luger yells that this is his match now and tells Sandman to get up. Sandman lunges at Luger and rains down the punches on him. The ref rings the bell.

Match 5: The Sandman Vs Lex Luger.

Styles says it looks like Luger has taken Steve Henry's place in the match, but there's only about 4 mins left in the challenge. Luger kicks out Sandman's leg and goes to work on it, and is in complete control of the match as time ticks away. He's cocky, asking the fans if Sandman looks like a champion. Sandman catches Luger with a low blow, and rolls him up, pinning him with a handful of tights and his feet on the ropes, the same way Luger beat Sandman for the belt. Sandman hobbles to the commentary position, as Luger is dumbfounded in the ring. Sandman gets on the house mic and says 2 times they faced before tonight, and twice Sandman left Luger a bloody mess but Luger escaped with the belt. he said that won't happen a third time, because they're going to meet in a first blood match. Luger sells concern, and Styles closes the show by saying it's going to be a bloody Valentine for somebody.

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