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    [2020-05-15-WWE-SmackDown] Daniel Bryan vs Drew Gulak

    The match went 12:54, but with one commercial break, we only got to see 9:30 of action
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  3. Matt Hardy makes his AEW wrestling debut in a tag team Street Fight against members of the Inner Circle, Le Sex Gods. Talk about it here
  4. Drew McIntyre defends the WWE Title. Talk about it here
  5. Takashi Sugiura defends the GHC National Heavyweight Title. Talk about it here
  6. paul sosnowski

    RIP Wenona Little Heart

    The Wrestling Observer reports that Wenona Little Heart has passed away. She is believed to have been 64 years old
  7. House show footage from Greensboro NC. Ric Flair defends the NWA World Heavyweight Title.
  8. Originally broadcast on the MSG Network. Available on the old Coliseum Video, Best of the WWF Volume 4. Not currently on the Network
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    Matches That Changed Wrestling

    Savage & Poffo put Ricky Morton through a table a year earlier (6/25/84) And I'm kinda surprised no one has mention Taker-Foley HIAC yet
  10. paul sosnowski

    Holy Grails

    Phil, I just discovered that match recently and it does look fantastic. But I believe it is from Atlanta, 2/1/87, not Greensboro. Now I'm not sure...
  11. What the hell...we only get 7:20 out of 21:33?? I hate incomplete matches!!!
  12. paul sosnowski

    [1990-04-13-WWF/AJPW Summit] Hulk Hogan vs Stan Hansen

    Umm...Stan was already working a complete All Japan tour from March 24, 1990 to April 19th... He worked April 9th, so he may have been on a short break for a few days before the Dome
  13. paul sosnowski

    [2020-04-17-WWE-SmackDown] Cesaro vs Daniel Bryan

    I thought it was pretty great, but let's not forget, there are 2 commercial breaks. Instead of a match going about 14 minutes we only get to see less than 7 1/2 minutes of the action
  14. This is their 4th consecutive match at MSG. I believe it was the only time a heel was brought back four times in a row to challenge the champion. The crowd is already in a frenzy as both men start their way down the aisle. There is no referee inside the cage, no pinfalls. Only way to end the match is escape the cage, through the door or over the top. Pat Patterson enters the cage first, and tries to ambush Backlund on the way in. Backlund unleashes a flurry of punches and immediately rams Patterson headfirst into the cage. He grabs Patterson by the hair and throws him into it again. Backlund elbows Patterson and rams his head down to the mat and hits a legdrop. Backlund starts climbing the cage, Patterson grabs his ankle and pulls him down, Patterson nails Backlund with two big punches and tries to escape out the door. Patterson gets three quarters of the way out, but Backlund pulls him back in. He picks Patterson up by the hair and again rams his head into the cage, and hits a kneelift. Backlund tries to escape, Patterson grabs his head and rams it into the cage twice. Patterson goes for the door, Backlund lunges and grabs him by the leg, and stomps on his face, raking Pat's eyes with his boot. Backlund goes for the door, Patterson grabs him and starts punching his chest and starts choking Backlund. Patterson climbs to the top rope and tries to go over, he rakes Backlund's eyes twice and starts going over the top for the escape. He gets almost out of the cage, Backlund climbs up, punches him in the gut, elbows him in the head. They're battling on top of the cage, Patterson finally shakes Backlund off him with a big elbow, but winds up trapped upside down with one knee hanging over the cage. Patterson quickly uprights himself and climbs the cage again, Backlund follows him, grabbing the ankle. Backlund elbows him in the head and now Patterson falls over the top of the cage, with only one knee holding him up there. Somehow, Backlund locks up Pat's leg and pulls him back over with the tights. Backlund starts going over the top, Patterson hooks his legs and kicks him in the balls. Both men fall backwards to the mat. Patterson starts crawling towards the door, Backlund grabs his ankle and pulls him back in. He nails Backlund with a big right to the head and scrambles towards the door again. Backlund lunges at him and prevents the escape. Patterson hits another shot to Backlund's head and kicks and stomps him in the gut. Patterson goes to the opposite corner and starts climbing the ropes, Backlund grabs the ankle again, Patterson kicks Backlund in the head and stomps on his hand. Patterson goes over the top, Backlund catches him again, Patterson elbows Backlund twice in the head, and also undoes a piece of the metal turnbuckle from the top of the cage. Backlund falls to the mat, Patterson comes after him with the metal object and busts him open.. Patterson hits him with it again and goes for the door, Backlund grabs his leg and pulls him back to the center. Patterson unleashes eleven unanswered blows to the cut on Backlund's head making him bleed profusely. Patterson starts climbing, Backlund grabs the tights and pulls him down, but is met with two more shots to the head. Backlund starts a comeback, charges at Patterson, both men collide mid ring and are down. Backlund is up first and starts climbing the cage, while Patterson climbs up the other side, Patterson sees that Bob is almost out and has to get down and charge after him and pull him down. Backlund is a bloody mess and hits a headbutt and a big elbow to Patterson. Backlund hits a double leg takedown, scoops up Patterson and sends him flying headfirst into the cage. Patterson is bleeding now and has to crawl after Backlund to stop him from going out the door. Backlund nails him with two punches to the head and rams Patterson into the cage. He picks him up and rams him into the cage again, followed by a big two fistdrops from Backlund. Patterson gets up and starts climbing the cage, Backlund goes after him and hits a huge atomic drop in the center of the ring. Both men are stunned, but Backlund gets up and climbs again. Patterson pulls brass knucks out of his tights and now both men are battling it out on top of the cage. Patterson swings with the foreign object, but Backlund blocks it and hits three big elbows. They both crumble to the mat, Backlund crawls towards the door with Patterson hot on his heels. Backlund starts kicking Patterson, three big shots sending Patterson backwards, Backlund slides out of the door and tumbles down the stairs to escape the cage at 16:43 and retain the Championship. The crowd loses its mind screaming and cheering as Patterson flips out inside the cage. HOLY SHIT, this was FN great. 4 1/2****. Backlund and Patterson both had awesome punches throughout. Extremely dramatic once they both started bleeding. Loved it!!! Make sure you watch the complete version from the 2011 WWE Greatest Cage Matches of All Time DVD and not the shorter edited version from the 2003 Bloodbath DVD.
  15. paul sosnowski

    RIP Dick Steinborn

    PWInsider has reported that he died today at the age of 86. Farewell, White Knight
  16. Regal and Garvin are champs, but this is a non title match
  17. Winner goes to the finals!!! Talk about it here
  18. Available on the WWE DVD, "Allied Powers, the World's Greatest Tag Teams"
  19. They have the wrong date on the footage!!! On 3/31/78 Brooks & Leroy Brown defeat Madril & Lothario to win the titles. This is actually February 10, 1978 Ron Slinker defeats Billy Spears Eric The Red defeats Barry Orton Karl Krupp defeats Jay Youngblood David Von Erich vs Boris Malenko - 15 minute draw NWA Texas Tag Team Titles, 2/3 falls Lothario & Madril (c) defeat Dick Murdoch & Tim Brooks NWA World Heavyweight Title 2/3 falls Harley Race (c) defeats Wahoo McDaniel
  20. Murdoch was suspended in early April after performing a brainbuster on Nikita Koloff on the concrete floor. As a result, Ivan Koloff & Dick Murdoch were stripped of the US Titles.
  21. Boesch @ Houston, TX – Sam Houston Coliseum – June 20, 1980 Tiger Conway Jr. d. Leo Seitz Sicodelico d. The Rebel Jose Lothario fought Bull Ramos to a draw Hans Schroeder d. Gran Markus Gran Markus & Jose Lothario d. Bull Ramos & Hans Schroeder World Midgets Title: Lone Eagle d. Tiny Tom © American Heavyweight Title: Gino Hernandez © d. Bruiser Brody No DQ Match for the NWA World Heavyweight Title: Harley Race © fought Mil Mascaras to a draw This show was actually a special Sunday show June 22, 1980. The finish of the main event was a double countout, not a draw
  22. The show aired Gino Hernandez vs Sicodelico 5/9/80, which we have. Also Superstar Billy Graham vs Tiger Conway Jr, 5/16/80 which I believe is new to us
  23. We have something coming up tonight!!! 4/7/20. FROM THE NWA'S TWITTER. UPDATE | 6:05pm ET TONIGHT | https://t.co/04Nf9wYyDk Watch a classic FULL episode of Paul Boesch's Houston Wrestling featuring Andre The Giant, Gino Hernandez, Mil Máscaras, Bruiser Brody and Harley Race! Plus the original TV commercials and a news piece on Paul Boesch RT! https://t.co/OjurR1oK3d