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    Ric Flair (sigh)

    http://www.grantland.com/story/_/id/689179...stler-real-life Most of the people on this board are probably familiar with everything discussed in this story, but it's still very depressing to read all of this when it's clumped together.
  2. Cross Face Chicken Wing

    Under-the-radar wrestling book recommendations

    It had been a while since I browsed through the wrestling book category on Amazon so I started clicking through the other day. Man, there are a shitload of wrestling books (and e-books) out there that I've never heard of! Does anyone have any recommendations for under-the-radar titles that are worth reading? By under-the-radar, I mean stuff besides the autobiographies from well-known superstars, Cornette's stuff, etc. Something that deserves to stand out among the clutter, but maybe hasn't had a spotlighted shined upon it. I'll recommend one to start: I'm halfway through "Kamala Speaks" and it's really good. The writing is substandard, but not bad enough to derail the storytelling and interesting tidbits through the first 150 pages.
  3. Cross Face Chicken Wing

    Wrestler's Political Affiliations

    I don't know why I care, but I do: Republican Ric Flair The McMahons Bill Watts Democrat ???? Independent Jesse Ventura I'm drawing a blank on any others that we know for sure, or can reasonably assume based on comments, should be lumped in with a specific political party. (And feel free to take this thread totally off the rails, if you wish, by using past promos or out-of-the-ring misdeeds to affiliate certain wrestlers with certain political parties)
  4. Cross Face Chicken Wing

    Wrestling board games

    Anybody play any wrestling board games? This one seems intriguing: http://plaay.com/facetothemat.html When I was a kid, I had some type of WWF board game, but I don't remember much about it. The wife and I have recently gotten into playing Pandemic and Carcassonne. Don't think she'd go for a wrestling game, but the one above seems like it'd be a fun solo game.
  5. Cross Face Chicken Wing

    Stupid things non-wrestling fans say to you

    What are some of the stupidest things non-wrestling fans say to you once they learn you watch wrestling? The top three I hear are: 1. You know it's fake, right? (My reply: Are you sure? Really? Well, that's disappointing to hear.) 2. This stuff is still on TV? (My reply: Yeah, it's managed to stay on the air somehow.) 3. Ketchup! (when a wrestler bleeds) (My reply: Nope. It's spaghetti sauce. Usually Ragu.) Bonus: 4. You're watching this shit again!? (It's my wife who says this often. And I can't blame her.)
  6. Cross Face Chicken Wing

    Greg Valentine

    The Greg Valentine vs. Ron Garvin submission match discussion over at the 1990 yearbook thread got me thinking about Greg Valentine. Actually, it got me thinking about how aware I am of Greg Valentine, but how little I know about him. I feel like I've seen a fair amount of Valentine matches, but none really stand out as either good or horrendous with the exception of the dog collar match at the first Starrcade. I also feel like Valentine's name gets brought up in discusions fairly often, but never in-depth. Valentine was in the WWF when I was growing up -- I even own his rubberized action figure -- but I don't even really have many nostalgic memories of Valentine moments. Wrestlers from Valentine's era often talk about him fairly positively, but never in an over-the-top gushing way. It sometimes feels like they say nice things about Valentine just because he's another old wrestler and was a decent guy so they should throw a few compliments his way. From what I can tell, most people think Valentine was decent to good, but I feel like he's one of those guys where I might be missing something. Is he really just a guy from the 70s and 80s that was decent but not good enough to be memorable? For a guy that was around so long and doesn't have a huge crowd of detractors, why does it feel like I should know more about Valentine and have a higher opinion of him? The answer is probably as simple as, "Well, he wasn't all that memorable." But I have a sense that that answer might be a little oversimplified, and would like to hear from people that know more about wrestling and Greg Valentine that I do.
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  8. Cross Face Chicken Wing

    I have cancer

    I began the biggest fight of my life earlier this week when I was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer. If ya'll have any spare positive thoughts, prayers or good vibes, could you please send them to my family and I? We need all the positivity we can get right now. I wasn't sure if I should mention my dilemma here, but decided to post something because 1) Like I said, I need as many positive thoughts/prayers/good vibes as possible and 2) I've been coming to PWO forever. There are some really good people here and I'm sure this site and the podcasts will help me take my mind off of things when this upcoming battle gets really tough. If you'd like a blow-by-blow account of my fight, my wife has set up a Caring Bridge page: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/adamspack Thank you.
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  12. Cross Face Chicken Wing

    Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard

    The WM7 episode was the first where I thought Conrad was just being a dick instead of simply challenging Prichard. It seems like Conrad needs to find a way to ask questions in a way that make it clear he's seeking context or insight, not always trying to "challenge" Prichard or pit the "internet" against him.
  13. Cross Face Chicken Wing

    Hottest Women Pre-Attitude(nWo) Era!

    Adrian Adonis.
  14. Cross Face Chicken Wing

    Letters from Kayfabe

    Kamala AND Akeem in the same segment?!?! I may not be able to handle this level of amazing!
  15. RE: Kamala: Every shoot interview he's ever done and in his book he's claimed being underpaid as his reason for always leaving.
  16. Cross Face Chicken Wing

    Pro wrestling and sports

    Two questions here: 1. I was watching a college football game on Saturday and one of the signs used by the coaching staff to signal in a play was a huge picture of Andre the Giant from a WWF magazine circa 1987 or 1988. What other examples can you come up with where pro wrestling is used in some fashion by athletes, teams or venues? A few that come to mind for me: Aaron Rodgers putting on the belt after rushing for key first downs and touchdowns. After winning the Super Bowl, Rodgers had a replica WWE title over his shoulder on the podium. There have been other athletes to wear a replica belt since, but Rodgers was the first that I remember. Ric Flair's "Whoooo!" being played over stadium and arena PA systems during games. This really doesn't count, but did anyone watch the Ryder Cup this weekend? The whole event had a very NWA Wargames 1987 vibe. The crowd was out of its mind hot. I was waiting for Dusty or Road Warrior Animal to make a run-in. 2. Does anybody have any idea how much Flair makes annually from his "Whoooo!" being used at sports venues?
  17. Cross Face Chicken Wing

    Your "Mount Rushmore" of All-Arounders

    Ric Flair -- Reasons are self-explanatory Terry Funk -- Nobody was better at incorporating silly schtick into a wild brawl or technical match and making it believable. Jushin Liger -- Even though he's Japanese and I have no idea what he's saying, his charisma still shines through so he makes it. Arn Anderson -- Because this Mt. Rushmore needed an enforcer.
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  19. Cross Face Chicken Wing

    6:05 Superpodcast Episode #24: House of Gullen

    Orgasmic Larry Nelson cracks me up every time.
  20. Cross Face Chicken Wing

    Between the Sheets #61 (September 14-20, 1998)

    The entire WCW segment from this show belongs on the next Best Of show. Great stuff.
  21. Cross Face Chicken Wing

    Wrestling books that need sequels

    Holy shit, there's a 2000 page version that exists? I would be in for that for sure. It'd be like Stephen King's "The Stand" of wrestling books.
  22. Cross Face Chicken Wing

    Between the Sheets #60 (September 7-13, 1990)

    For those of us that are a little slow to catch on to new-fangled things......when we sign up to donate through Patreon, are we signing up for monthly donations in the amount we specify? Or is it just a one-time donation? Or is it up to us? Also, when you say we get to "pick a week" for the $25 donation, do you actually mean we can pick a year for a specified week? Thanks
  23. Cross Face Chicken Wing

    Backlash 2016 Reaction Show w/ Will, Kris, Johnny and Devon

    I don't follow the modern product that closely, but usually check out these reaction shows because the panelists are always really good, Devon included.
  24. Cross Face Chicken Wing

    Full roster for WWF 2K17

    -sobs and goes back to Sega Genesis Royal Rumble.