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  1. Ric Flair -- Reasons are self-explanatory

    Terry Funk -- Nobody was better at incorporating silly schtick into a wild brawl or technical match and making it believable.

    Jushin Liger -- Even though he's Japanese and I have no idea what he's saying, his charisma still shines through so he makes it.

    Arn Anderson -- Because this Mt. Rushmore needed an enforcer.

  2. Two questions here:


    1. I was watching a college football game on Saturday and one of the signs used by the coaching staff to signal in a play was a huge picture of Andre the Giant from a WWF magazine circa 1987 or 1988. What other examples can you come up with where pro wrestling is used in some fashion by athletes, teams or venues?


    A few that come to mind for me:


    • Aaron Rodgers putting on the belt after rushing for key first downs and touchdowns. After winning the Super Bowl, Rodgers had a replica WWE title over his shoulder on the podium. There have been other athletes to wear a replica belt since, but Rodgers was the first that I remember.
    • Ric Flair's "Whoooo!" being played over stadium and arena PA systems during games.
    • This really doesn't count, but did anyone watch the Ryder Cup this weekend? The whole event had a very NWA Wargames 1987 vibe. The crowd was out of its mind hot. I was waiting for Dusty or Road Warrior Animal to make a run-in.


    2. Does anybody have any idea how much Flair makes annually from his "Whoooo!" being used at sports venues?

  3. A quick update on me:


    I had surgery on July 29. It lasted 14 hours and they removed my spleen, gall bladder, appendix and 70 percent of my colon. The surgeon also was able to remove all visible cancer. Following surgery, I had three days of chemotherpay infused directly into my abdomen to try and mop up any microscopic cells.


    All of this happened in New York, far away from my home and family in Minnesota. I was in the hospital for a week, then spent another week in an apartment in New York. I was hoping to watch an endless amount of wrestling during my recovery, but that didn't really happen. I knew this surgery would be a bear, but I had no idea just how nasty it would be. I didn't feel like doing anything besides laying there.


    I'm home now, but still very much in recovery mode. I'm back to moving around (albeit slowly) and trying to get back to some type of normal. Yes, this includes getting back to watching rasslin'. I received some frustrating news that I'll have to do maintenance chemo once I'm healed up. Apparently my cancer was so high grade that they're very worried about early re-occurrence. I feel like I keep giving this cancer the Stone Cold Stunner, but it kicks out at 2 1/2 every goddamn time.


    That's the update for now. Thanks to everyone who has reached out with some words of encouragement, thoughts or prayers. I really appreciate it.



  4. Here's an update:


    I have made two trips to Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York in recent weeks. After a diagnostic laparoscopy procedure (where they make two small incisions and insert a camera in my belly to see what's going on in there) last Friday, they have determined that it's possible to attempt surgery on me again. This would be the same surgery that the University of Minnesota attempted on me back in January, but had to abort once I was opened up on the operating table because my cancer had spread too far.


    Sloan believes that after 4 months of chemotherapy, my cancer has been contained and even knocked down a little, making surgery possible again. Of course, nothing is certain. They very well could open me up again, only to stop once they actually see what's going on inside of me. But the Sloan surgeon is more experienced than the U of M surgeon, and he will have a liver surgeon in the room with him to deal with a potentially tricky spot near my liver.


    To refresh your memory, the surgery involves removing all visible tumors, then pouring heated chemotherapy into my belly. The procedure is very invasive and takes about 8-12 hours. If all goes well -- and that's a big if -- I'll spend one week in the hospital and another week hanging around New York in case something goes wrong. That's a minimum of two weeks away from home and my kids, so that's going to be difficult.


    Is the surgery a magical cure? Unfortunately, no. Of course, I'm always hopeful that someone will say, "Cross Face Chicken Wing, you are now cured from cancer!" But with how bad my cancer is, that likely will never happen.


    The purpose of the surgery is to get me cancer-free for an extended period of time. Being cancer-free means no chemotherapy. Chemo absolutely blows. If I can be cancer-free for a year or two and not have to deal with chemo, this surgery and the long recovery period will be totally worth it.


    I plan on devouring a whole bunch of wrestling while stuck in New York. The Puerto Rico set, Terry Funk and Regal footage are at the top of my list. My poor mom is staying with me out there and will be driven nuts by old-school wrestling by day 2, I'm guessing. I'll also have wrestling podcasts going to pass the time. Between the Sheets, Exile, 6:05, Where the Big Boys Play, etc. will all be blaring. Again, my poor mom.


    That about sums up where I'm at. Surgery is set for Friday, 7/29. If you're the praying type, I can always use some extra prayers. If you'd rather just cut a heel promo threatening my cancer with severe bodily harm inside of the steel cage at the local arena next Friday night, I'd take that, too.


    As always, my Caring Bridge site usually has the latest updates: https://www.caringbridge.org/visit/adamspack

  5. I really don't care what others think of the GWE project. I loved it and had a great time.


    As far as the podcasts, to me most of them were guys (and gal) who really love wrestling talking about wrestling in the GWE context. I didn't think anybody set out to try and influence the wrestling community outside of PWO or those who were participating in GWE.


    The only thing that bugs me a bit about GWE is the fact that a handful of longtime and interesting posters here at PWO have disappeared since the project finished. Not sure if they took it a bit too seriously and got burnt out or what.