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  1. Mad Dog

    Bracket #2, Round #4, Match #3

    Rey Mysterio Jr.
  2. Mad Dog

    Bracket #2, Round #4, Match #2

    Ric Flair Mostly because his career hasn't led to him dying horribly in an accident doing a stupid stunt for a stupid Blue Blazer gimmick.
  3. Randy Savage For the reasons goodhelmet said plus the fact that Savage probably had more memorable moments with the WMVII stuff and the ringbell and Ricky Steamboat.
  4. Bret Hart Better worker and on top for a lot longer than Foley.
  5. Mad Dog

    Bracket #2, Round #4, Match #6

    Honkey Tonk Man They've been trying to copy the forumla he had as the I.C. Champion for 18 years now. While HHH has been higher in the WWF he's never really drawn anything without Austin, Foley or Rock on tv. HHH also was getting his biggest push during the worst year for the WWF in 2002. HTM had a good track record on the house show circuit without Hogan around.
  6. Mad Dog

    Rico Constantino retires

    Wasn't he at one point considered to be the best prospect in OVW? I never thought he was that great in the WWF style. It seemed like most of his moves were on the banned list and I'm still looking forward to seeing him work without those restraints. His dispute with All Japan is odd. I think there had to be some misunderstanding as I doubt All Japan would intentionally screw the guy.
  7. Mad Dog

    Bob Backlund v Antonio Inoki

    I don't, unfortunately, but I'd be down for some Misawa v DiBiase. Do you have a high speed connection? I have it on my PC and can host it for you to download.
  8. Mad Dog

    Luther Reigns Released

    I'm curious about that too. Me thinks maybe he got busted for roids or something.
  9. Mad Dog

    Bob Backlund v Antonio Inoki

    Do you have Tiger Mask vs. Ted Dibiase from 7-19-86? I'd be interested in hearing your opinion on it.
  10. Mad Dog

    Upcoming DVD release

    I like Clash the most with Chi-Town being a close second. I find WrestleWar to be overrated as it's mostly just a dumbed down version of Chi-Town.
  11. Mad Dog

    Upcoming DVD release

    WrestleWar and Clash are the only ones on the Flair DVD. I remember because I had mentioned I wanted Chi-Town on DVD more than WrestleWar.
  12. Mad Dog

    Upcoming DVD release

    I'll probably get this but I have all but the NWA Tag Title match, the AWA and Mid-Atlantic stuff on tape. I would've liked to see more NWA stuff. They need to start getting the Midnight Express onto these things.
  13. Mad Dog

    How many tapes do you have...

    I only have the WWF released ones for Ric Flair, Rey Mysterio Jr., Hulk Hogan and Shawn Michaels. I tend to favor whole shows over comps.
  14. Mad Dog

    Raw rating

    Who wanted to see HBK/Edge III when I and II weren't anything that great?
  15. Rey beating Bam Bam Bigelow and Kevin Nash around the same time were much better as far as showing how Rey could beat a bigger guy.
  16. Rey Misterio - yes, I think WCW made a big mistake by not giving him the World Title shortly after he lost the mask in 99. I think it would've created huge buzz if he had beaten Flair on Nitro. As for the WWF he's better than most of the options and he'd be a great transition champ for a monster heel. Christian - no as a heel, maybe as a face, he doesn't have the moveset to be the top heel in the company. He's just too boring. If they turned him face he could pull it off if he kept this character Edge - yes, only a short reign though. I don't think he's interesting enough and they've jobbed him too much for him to be a convincing long term guy. Shelton Benjamin - yes, he's been the Raw MVP inring for a few months now and the fans are into him. Chris Benoit - yes, he's over and they haven't done too much damage to the guy yet. Chris Jericho - no, he's been damaged beyond repair in the WWF and the fans just won't buy the guy as a main event guy. Eddy Guerrero - maybe, I think he could work as champion again but I don't think they have the right guys on Smackdown to make him look credible. Kane - no, he's even more damaged than Jericho. His usefulness was pretty much over after the Shane McMahon feud and then he got stuck with the rapist stuff last year. Big Show - no, he gets hurt too much.
  17. Mad Dog

    Favorite moments in wrestling

    Rick Steiner beating Mike Rotunda at Starcade 88 for the Television title. Warrior just standing on Savage to end his career at Wrestlemania VII Chris Jericho's WWF debut. Owen Hart kicking Bret Hart in the leg after losing to the Quebecers at Royal Rumble 94. Jannetty going through the Barber Shop Window. Beefcake and Piper shaving Adrian Adonis' head at WMIII. Ric Flair's "I'm fired" speech from 98.
  18. Mad Dog

    WO News and Notes

    I read somewhere that another reason was she was only clearing 50k a year after expenses and was unhappy about it.
  19. Mad Dog

    WO News and Notes

    I think the problem with the oversea tours are the long flights which leads to immature men drinking and then you're stuck with drunk frat boys who are bored.
  20. Mad Dog

    WO News and Notes

    I believe that he got drunk and out of control on one of the recent overseas tours.
  21. Mad Dog

    WWF ~ Toronto ~ Mid 1980s!!

    I've watched a lot of 80s WWF recently and I've found that I appreciate Don Muraco as a worker the more I see of him.
  22. Mad Dog

    WO News and Notes

    Inoki owning the company would be interesting. It would probably mean Bryan Danielson and James Gibson in TNA.
  23. Mad Dog

    Low Ki v Red

    I would believe more of the opposite. He's been a problem well before his heel turn. RoH had trouble bringing him back in late 2003 because he was refusing to job. He also works for far fewer indies than he used to and he doesn't have near the positive press he used to. I think it's more he's become a huge mark for himself like Teddy Hart is.