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  1. I didn't like Kevin for a long time but his matches always have the potential to kust devolve into a potato fest which makes his matches more interesting than Kerry. 

    I disagree about the matches sucking. Checkmate and Magic Dragon had consistently good matches during their run and Jose Lothario was good for entertaining matches almost every week. 

  2. 14 hours ago, Laz said:

    Man, I had a set for CotG back in the day, right alongside my IWA gazettes from the two leagues I was in. Then efeds happened and they were free.

    Is that Filsinger Online thing worthwhile?

    They have a free trial and you can choose between real wrestlers and the old COTG stuff. It's nice for the book keeping end, interface has a bit of a learning curve. I recommend trying it on both a laptop and a tablet. I prefer to do the matches on my tablet. 

  3. Post 1996. I love the 80s and early 90s stuff but I have been having a blast with modern wrestling the last decade. There's just so much good stuff out there suited to whatever taste you might have in this decade. Ring of Honor, Chikara, AEW, PWG, CWF Mid-Altantic, CWF Hollywood, Powerrr, NWA Anarchy, OVW, Kaiju Big Battle, New Japan, DDT, DragonGate, Stardom, Ice Ribbon, Tokyo Joshi Pro and Sendai Girls. That's not even getting into lucha or promotions like GCW or AIW that I just haven't watched a ton of.

  4. 41 minutes ago, NintendoLogic said:

    Roman is more of an Andrew Wiggins, albeit with much more sensible views about vaccines.

    As for Coach Tony K, he's dangerously close to being spread too thin. In addition to everything else he does, he had to take over editing duties for Dark and Elevation after that Max Caster rap. Bookers have a shelf life, and having so much on his plate is going to accelerate the burnout process. Maybe he can do like Lawler and Jarrett did in Memphis and have someone he switches booking duties with every six months or so. I don't know who else in the company has a strong booking mind, though. Maybe Jericho. Say what you want about him in the ring, but the fact that he's managed to remain a top star for decades by continually reinventing himself suggests that he has a good sense of which way the wind blows.

    I think it greatly depends on how involved the process is for him. If he's just signing off on what people want to do and leaving a framework of what needs to happen he might be okay for awhile. It also being something he is obviously passionate about might give him some lifespan. 

    Generally I think they are going to have to find guys that they can trust to do more booking. Maybe they could lure guys like Super Dragon in for creative. 

  5. 10 minutes ago, MoS said:

    Also, speaking of Cody and the Bucks:


    Can't say TK taking over creative from them is a bad thing, but looks like he needs a middleman more and more

    It's the right move. Any time I start losing interest is when TK hasn't been saying no enough and the really good shit and good periods have always been when he's been putting his foot down and driving things. I know he gets ripped on but he really is a good booker with good instincts for what works and doesn't work.

  6. 3 minutes ago, Jmare007 said:

    That Rampage segment died a death for me, I wonder how the rest of the AEW audience will feel about that feud going forwards.

    I think it's going to depend on how involved the MMA guys remain and if any of them can wrestle. Lambert and Jericho doing promos should be fine. 

  7. I think my problem with Cody is that his act hasn't evolved at all since AEW started. His loss to Jericho really complicated his place in AEW because he can't really challenge for the World Title. 

    Where I think Cody really fucks up is he'll do jobs but then he's doing the exact same shit at the same place on the card. It really hurts putting people over when you don't step aside from him. 

    I also agree that his stuff feels more and more like WWE stuff. I hated his match with Black on Grand Slam. It made Black look like a total bitch instead of the badass striker they are selling him as. I swear you could hear Schiavone rolling his eyes at the Arn stuff. 

  8. 1 hour ago, funkdoc said:

    Don’t forget trying to babyface himself against Shaq of all people!

    Also modern fans are extra leery of people in positions of power looking to push themselves - Cody was giving some folks that vibe as early as his open challenges with the TNT title. Compare to Omega & the Bucks, where Tony Khan has to turn down their requests to do jobs - that’s more how modern fans feel top guys SHOULD be.

    EDIT: Cody & Jericho are about the same to me in terms of doing important groundwork for AEW but now having go-away heat with me & a lot of my watch group.

    I feel like Jericho feuding with Dan Lambert and American Top Team is about the right place for him now. 

  9. I think part of the disconnect comes from the fact that a lot of people are just out of touch with wrestling and what the fanbase is now. I go to wrestling shows in my city, I go to live sporting events and I do to anime conventions and comic shops. 

    Way back in the 90s, I was more likely to see the live sports people at wrestling as well. Now, it's the comic shop and anime people. Wrestling is part of the nerd culture boom. 

    Also, a lot of guys like Cornette have rose colored glasses for what the old time was. I love old footage and classic wrestling but there's just as much if not more bullshoy surrounding the matches. A lot of the live sports fans that I don't see, left because of all the fuck finishes and just overall getting screwed by bad booking or shitty matches. 

  10. I slightly disagree. i think there is a Kenny Omega match but it's well disguised. He does have a match but he works his match around his opponents offense and strengths while also incorporating the stipulations. He's kind of the anti-Seth Rollins in a lot of ways. With Rollins, he works his match to the detriment of everything around him but with Omega the beats of his matches are often the same but he changes it up a lot.

    I think where Omega excels is at pacing and vulnerability. He paces his match and he often surprises me with say a 25 minute match that doesn't feel that way. He's also good at giving you moments of doubt even when you know he's going to win.

  11. I have no idea. Maybe they did it to try and develop Swole by putting her in a situation where she needs to hand hold someone but I don't think it was a good idea. I think Swole has improved in AEW but I wouldn't call her good.

  12. On 9/21/2021 at 11:58 PM, MoS said:

    Dark and Elevation have had some good stuff recently. Last week's Daniel Garcia v. Lee Moriarty was great. Swole v. Allie from this week was rough though. Allie is really popular on Twitter and there were many calls for TK to sign her, but after watching this, I am not sure why. Her bumping is bad, she moves in an uncoordinated way. She has a great presence and would be a great manager, but I don't see her as a good addition to the women's roster. They need some good hands and vets to help the young talent get over and get good. 

    I don't think Allie is particularly good but I don't think Swole is the person to get something watchable out of a limited worker like her either.