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  1. The match where Sting wins the TV Title from Mike Rotunda. Smartly worked match with a hot crowd, tons of tension and JR and Hayes just killing it on commentary. It's not the best match by any means but I think it's a definitive representation of what NWA wrestling was about. 

  2. On 6/6/2021 at 8:25 AM, SomethingSavage said:

    I know it may get me canceled or whatever, but I actually tend to agree with Cornette's overall thoughts on how women's wrestling is being shoved to the forefront in recent years. In special cases like Rousey or even Becky getting crazy over, then yeah. I get it.

    But at some point, it does just feel like they're trying to fill some quota or make sure the card is evenly split between males and females. Instead of focusing on what's good or worthwhile, it feels like it's more about what's fair or unfair. What's equal or unequal. What's balanced or unbalanced. And that, I think, is especially troublesome when you're already watching a 4-plus hour parade of same/same presentations over and over again. At some point, any sane person can't be faulted for leaning a little heavy on the fast forward button.

    I still think his line of, "Jesus Christ. There are more girls on this card than there are people watching!" is an all-time classic. Fight me. I don't care. That's gold.

    My problem with the women's wrestling push is the constant overpraise of super mediocre matches. Yes, there are some good high end matches in WWE but the vast majority of their women's matches are still snoozefests especially if you have access to promotions like Ice Ribbon or Stardom or even Impact honestly. There's good women's wrestling out there but you wouldn't know it because it's all about a couple of women in WWE.

    Like a great example is WarGames in NXT. NXT has ruined WarGames in general but the need to have a women's WarGames waters the gimmick down. Like sure, if you have a good narrative reason, go for it but it just feels tacked on most years. 

  3. 32 minutes ago, sek69 said:

    I used to be into comics, but it got so hard to follow the storylines. Between yearly reboots and having to buy a million different books to get the entire story, it's like comics are stuck in a Groundhog Day loop. 

    I find older stuff easier to understand and follow. Things like Marvel Unlimited and DC Universe make buying floppies a poor deal. 

    But your experience isn't unusual. Manga and Scholastic releases like Dog Man just destroy comics now. They did it to themselves with short term thinking. 

  4. 1 hour ago, sek69 said:

    Honestly, he seems like any other person who went so deep into his hobby he sees anything that challenges what he's comfortable with as a personal attack. I see it all the time in the gaming world, and comics might be the worst when it comes to that. People completely tie their identity into their hobby/obsession and they end up losing themselves. 

    Comics have kind of become a game of when they finally cross that line for someone on price and reboots. The fandom does get toxic but the companies all employ very predatory business practices and are just at the point of gouging whatever they can get out of the couple of fabs still buying their books. 

  5. I agree on Dracula. I wouldn't say he has any kind of moral code but he often seems to value the game of one upping people making things more challenging. You can tell when he feels threatened because a lot of that goes away. 

    I am really interested to see the elements Hannibal King adds. I didn't know much about the character so the ending of #25 took me a bit by surprise. 

    They are killing me with the slow roll out about Taj though. I want to know so bad and they are just drip feeding his backstory right now and it's so interesting. 

  6. I moved over to Tomb of Dracula and I'm 26 issues into that. It's a really refreshing take on horror with some heroic elements. I really like the early Blade as he brought some much needed flavor to the protagonist side of the book. I really enjoyed the crossover with the Werewolf. 

    Gene Colan is really becoming a favorite artist for me through this book and his Doctor Strange issues. Just such a great attention to detail. 

  7. 5 hours ago, Dav'oh said:

    Fitting thread title, @NintendoLogic. f4wonline.com reports, "Monday's night's July 5 edition of Raw averaged 1.472 million viewers on the USA Network, down 6.2 percent from the previous week." (The week before it was down 8.7 percent). It's the lowest number since September 13, 1993.

    Something's gotta give...

    I think it's past the point of recovering. They have burned people so bad that they would need at least a year of amazing programming to even get people to start giving them a chance again. 

    They would need an entire flush of creative and just start over with new people. 

  8. 1 hour ago, Rah said:

    What's frustrating about the Jimmy case is that he knows how to play the system at this point. He never refused to take a field sobriety test back in 2019 but said he would only comply if his lawyer was present (there is a part in the video where he goes in circles each time the officer tries to conduct it). There's not much else the officer could have done, it seems, and they had to wait for his lawyer to arrive from out of state which gives Jimmy enough time to bring down any readings. 

    I imagine it then going something like:
    Defense: did you take a test?
    Officer: No, bu...
    Defense: do you have proof he was over the limit
    Officer: No, bu...
    Defense: I rest my case.

    Yeah, exactly this. He's going to keep doing it and getting away with it until a jury is overly hostile to him or he causes an accident.

  9. That's really sad. I sent him a letter years ago and he signed some stuff for me and even scribbled a little drawing of Texas on the index cards I used to make the envelope more sturdy. 

    He truly was an amazing talent. 

  10. I have a hard time blaming Bloom. They seemed to do a decent job in his early days. It has to be next to impossible to give properly attention to 100 people and especially ones corporate deems low priority. I also think there are issues with agenting and taking guys that just need some polish and structure and getting them over that hump. 

    As mentioned by cm funk. Conti is a great example. She showed almost zero improvement in NXT but has shown constant improvement as a worker probably just getting some time with Dustin, QT and Rosa. 

  11. If only there was some sort of let's call it a Performance Center to work with people to prevent bad spots like this happening. 

    On a serious note. Has someone not taken her aside and said don't do that before? NXT seems very Power Plant in that it's people standing around doing Hindu squats all day and learning nothing. 

  12. 10 hours ago, sek69 said:

    Man, Mercedes Martinez got KTFO by Xia Li. I don't know if she was trying to kick out from instinct or of it was the Fencer's Motion knocked out people sometimes get but that was nasty.

    Her movements reminded me of Tom Savage after that hit a couple of years ago. That was just an awful kick from Xia. Neither of them could see where her foot was going. That's up there for brutal KOs.