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    Dave Meltzer stuff

    Let's try this again.
  2. One of the very first videotapes I got my hands on when I discovered that bootlegging was a thing was a Best of Tiger Mask commercial release that included this. I REALLY loved it at the time, but I'm curious how I'll see it now. Steven Wright is incredible. I want to see hundreds and hundreds of Steven Wright matches. I like how he's outclassing Sayama both in his ground game and in flash. The flips working in and out of the cravate are just awesome. There's so much to love about his style, and they take a great approach to this in putting Wright over so convincingly because that gets the match over. The repeated theme is that standard counters just don't work against Wright because he's such a skillful wrestler and is prepared for everything. They also use the referee well. I always like it as a way to get over leg submissions when they are so tangled that the ref has to help them break the hold. Wright's abdominal stretch is the most legitimately painful looking version of that hold I have ever seen. If you like eccentric matwork, then this is the match for you. I don't think it's much more than that, which keeps it just shy of being great to me. But it's the best Tiger Mask match so far. ***3/4
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    Tech troubleshooting

    Let's use this thread to post any problems you've had accessing the board and what you've done that has been successful in fixing those problems. I've gotten a few isolated reports of people getting the IPS Driver Error even though the board was up and running during that time, so I'm not sure what caused it. I know there's also the issue with the search engine not working properly for some people. I never have any issues. Anyway, if you've encountered something you were able to solve on your own, feel free to share those things here and this can become a thread of resources.
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    I would be shocked if they have any concrete ideas for him beyond doing these vignettes. It reminds me in some ways of a more entertaining version of Make Darren Young Great Again.
  6. I've always had the theory that it's not Stephanie heading Creative that was the problem, since we've seen the problems continue long after she's gone, but rather Stephanie becoming an on-air character. There are stories of her being bothered by Mick Foley going off script in their early TV interactions. She also got upset when Dusty Rhodes tried to ad-lib in 2013. I think scripted promos were a way of keeping her from getting eaten alive when she was booked to argue with people like The Rock and Chris Jericho every week.
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    Jon Moxley on Talk is Jericho

    I think this deserves a thread. Just started listening but it's already getting tons of buzz. http://www.westwoodonepodcasts.com/pods/talk-is-jericho/
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    All Elite Wrestling

    He's comparing himself as the upstart futurist attempting the impossible, I think.
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    All Elite Wrestling

    There are a lot of social, economic, political, technological, and cultural factors driving this that I think have almost nothing to do with the people themselves, and this is one of the rare times I wish we weren't Pro Wrestling Only, so I could expand on that a little. But we are, so I won't, except to say that I don't look at it as a moral failing or a character defect.
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  11. There was a story years back that Vince was sleeping all day long every Friday and not going to work.