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  2. Charles (Loss)

    Is this Parv?

    Since the question has been answered, I'm going to close this since no good can really come from it now.
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  5. Do we know for sure that Sasha's angry about her position or are we just assuming that because as fans, that's what we care about the most? What if it's the schedule or the money or a personal conflict with someone? What if she's going through private issues with her health or her family and WWE is not providing adequate support? I don't know any of these things to be true, but I think it's short-sighted when someone wants out of WWE to always assume that it's because they're unhappy with their push.
  6. Charles (Loss)

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    The Ruthless Aggression era was July 2002-July 2002. I think it ended around July 2002. It's a worthwhile topic to try to break down the eras of WWE history at some point, I think. Rock-n-Wrestling, New Generation, and Attitude are pretty self explanatory and clear, but then it gets fuzzy and complicated.
  7. Sasha posted cryptic comments on Twitter. Most of us have probably also done this on Facebook, and we're especially passive aggressive if we're venting about work. Just saying that wrestlers are people too. They're allowed to not like their jobs.
  8. The truth is that wrestlers don't owe any of us an explanation and aren't required to stay in jobs where they aren't happy. That sounds harsher than I mean it, but it's a sense of entitlement among fans that bugs me. Who cares if it's a bad reason, even if it is? It's her reason. She doesn't have to justify it to anyone else.
  9. Charles (Loss)

    How Do You Present Wrestling TV In 2019?

    I like the idea of doing a crossover with a celebrity doing "human interest" interviews with WWE superstars. Each week, a deep dive on their childhoods and personal backgrounds or whatever. It can even be worked. Think the Mick Foley and Goldust sit-downs in 1997.
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  11. His promos are too abstract or sure. My favorite Twitter game during his longer promos is, "Bray Wyatt Line or Creed Lyric?"
  12. Charles (Loss)

    How Do You Present Wrestling TV In 2019?

    When long matches do happen, they should either be limited to the main event of the show or matches for one of the secondary championships. It would also be cool if they could start getting match-specific sponsors so they can avoid having commercial breaks during the matches themselves. Also, not everyone has to be on TV every week and promos and feuds should be about personal grudges and relatable issues that transcend wrestling instead of everything being a play off of whether or not someone is "deserving", a management favorite, is good enough to be in their spot, is mad about their push, etc. I could point out a lot more that comes down to my personal tastes but wouldn't make much difference either way, but I do think those things would make a difference.
  13. Charles (Loss)

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    There is no such thing as "the Ruthless Aggression era". It was a Vince catchphrase for about three weeks. What time period are people even talking about when they talk about this imaginary Ruthless Aggression era?
  14. She's supposed to be an old-time Southern belle, which is incredibly short-sighted for someone who grew up homeless, whose father died of a drug overdose, and who served in specialized units in the US Marine Corps. I don't understand why those aren't the stories they tell on TV.
  15. What's funny is that their reasons for liking her so much do make sense in terms of a compelling real life story, but they never talk about that story on WWE TV because they've decided to go with her as a gimmick instead.
  16. Gable strikes me as someone they occasionally come up with small ideas for but then quickly either forget about or lose interest in. I like him a lot as a heel with a major Napoleon complex.
  17. He probably has. He at least established himself in WWE and is now a big star after spending a lot of years working really hard and not making much money, so if he's not able to be AJ Styles every time out anymore, good for him if he can get a few more years of big money off of his name.
  18. Ok, now I need to know if "Sycho Sid" was a copyright issue. I just assumed they thought "psycho" was too complicated a spelling for their fanbase because the "p" was silent.
  19. They'll do the Lars Sullivan match at some point, but there's no reason to rush to it. They'll do Orton too, even if I don't think that feud will excite anyone. Daniel Bryan will be a big summer match, I think, assuming that Bryan is healthy. Both shows are really babyface heavy at the top right now, so something's gotta give somewhere.
  20. Well, Roman decking Vince in Montreal is a sure way to get him cheered.
  21. Vince isn't selling any anger over Kofi Kingston being his champion? Are we supposed to have forgotten that now?