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  1. Serious question. I was trying to think of a promotion that has ever been worse and was struggling. Relatively major league promotions (meaning some type of TV or at least plenty of available footage) would be the criteria for competition. I'd take WCW 2000, which was a horrible year of wrestling for the most part, over any 12-month period of TNA. This is totally non-trolling. I'm just trying to think of a wrestling company -- ever -- that was definitely worse than TNA has been for their entire existence.
  2. Charles (Loss)

    [1999-09-03-ECW-TNN] Taz vs Taijiri

    Talk about it here.
  3. I said I'd do this a long time ago, and Bix hasn't let me forget, and he's right -- it needs to be done. So this will be the thread where I use the powers of Google, the website, the Torch board, etc. and post as many ridiculous Wade Keller quotes as possible. Anyone who has stuff to add feel free to do so.
  4. Talk about it here.
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    Best YouTube & Dailymotion Channels

    I thought having a thread here to be pinned would be a great reference. I'll post the ones I follow later.
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    Dave Meltzer stuff

    Let's try this again.
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