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  1. Davey Boy Smith, Bruce Hart, Keith Hart, and Robbie Stewart (Chic Cullen) vs Duke Myers, Kerry Brown, Dynamite Kid, and The Great Gama

    Says it is from 10/9/81.

    We get the last 14:40 of a 59:15 min match.  JR Foley rings the bell early to save Gama from submitting before the time runs out.

    A little postmatch stuff, then long interviews in the ring with both teams after the crowd leaves the arena.

    Dynamite with the crazy post match interview, claiming everyone is getting stretchered out next week, including Stu!

    Dan Ginnetty

  2. Billy Robinson vs. Ray Stevens 

    15:03 total segment time

    we get 14:16 of the 16:27 match

    Video starts 2:11 in.

    Ray Stevens has yet to enter the ring, it appears.  He is doing his best Larry Zbyszko impersonation, apparently

    At 1:56, Ray enters the ring, the match starts, and Mean Gene's commentary begins

    47 seconds of post match stuff, with the crowd going crazy

    Dan Ginnetty

  3. 18 hours ago, WingedEagle said:

    Those new Hidden Gems sound incredible.  I don't want to get too hot about it until we see if and how strongly they're clipped, but this reads like quite the haul.

    The Kotch/Goulet tag match runs 27:00 with intros, from film

    Martel-Robinson runs 17:09 with match jip

    Thesz-Longson runs 19:14 with intros

    Hodge tag runs 7:41, jip from film

    Takadas match runs 4:10  (This aired on NJ TV, NJ Classics, and a comm release as well



  4. The fact that the Robinson match was a mess is precisely why I think it's so great. It's not quite as good as Robinson/Baba but there's no shame in that--that's a MOTD contender. There's no Inoki match of that era where it looks so likely that he's going to lose and therefore none quite so dramatic. Even if it's Billy going off on his own, that just adds to the match's mystique for me. I liked the Brisco match when I saw it too, but almost entirely because I thought it was an otherworldly performance from Jack while Inoki was sort of along for the ride.




    Most of us knew the result before we even watched the match.

    I think it would have been much more dramatic if we didn't know the result going in.


    The 2nd fall coming so late in the match set the stage for a crazy sprint to the finish that the live crowd certainly enjoyed.


    Would I have preferred them having 5 minutes left for the last fall? Absolutely.

    But the match looked good to me.


    Much less stooging from Billy, compared to his Baba 3 fall match

    It looked more like a legit contest, especially for 1975 standards.


    Dan Ginnetty

  5. Fujinami was not booked to lose that match.

    When Maeda hit him with the high kick in the corner, it caught Fujinami just right and he started bleeding buckets.

    Maeda was a bit nervous, knowing the finish, so they improvised the double KO finish.


    The crowd bought it, thankfully, since the NJ vs. UWF feud was red hot at this time.


    Dan Ginnetty

  6. Believe it or not, Riki and I discussed it on Toukon Retsuden months before it happened. I recall many wrestling fans questioning AJs future after Baba passed. The wrestlers were loyal to Baba, but not his wife, who was now running things. Misawa and Motoko (Babas wife), did not see eye to eye on how to run AJ. Eventually, Misawa got the backing and support of NTV. Now he could form NOAH, and would have NTV airing shows. The split decimated AJ, leaving them with only Kawada and Masa Fuchi. They had NO tv coverage of any kind from June 2000 til late 2000, when GAORA picked them up. IMO, AJ never recovered, and now is a mere shadow of what it once was.

  7. Glad you enjoyed the show!


    Sadly, Youtube took all our old shows (over 100 episodes) down.

    Can't understand why ;-)


    The website Toukon theatre is still up, but those torrents take forever to download!


    The show relaunch did occur in 2013, and we have done almost 40 episodes

    since then. Only an hour long now, but it is still fun to do.


    If you are interested in watching our old episodes, or the relaunch episodes, I uploaded almost all of them to my Google Drive account.


    I also uploaded some of our talk show called The Wrestling Scene. It was a live show with callers. I spent most of my time trying to talk about anything but wrestling, but it was a good time!


    Shoot me an email at [email protected] I will share the Google Drive folder with anyone that wants them.


    Dan Ginnetty

  8. I generally agree with Tabe on the post match from Flair-Steamboat. Terry's acting was awful. If you had been watching wrestling for any amount of time

    leading up to this, you would see what was going to happen from a mile away.


    The piledriver on the table looked sad. It was a case where "less" could have been "more"

    I saw WAY too much of Flair protecting himself, minimizing the effect of the move.


    Match itself? 4.5 to 5 stars

    Post match? Meh.


    I was glad to see Funk and Flair feud, and it was interesting to see the face Flair interviews from home wearing the neckbrace,

    but that particular post-match was uninspiring, IMO



  9. There a good number of AJ matches from the 90s that have been mentioned before.

    When their weekly TV show got cut to 30 minutes in 1994, lots of main event showcase matches

    were clipped, if they were shown at all.


    With Misawa, Kawada, Kobashi, and Taue in the Champion Carnival, there simply was not enough

    time to showcase them all properly.


    The real question that needs to be answered is: What does NTV have in their video library?

    They have released footage from the 50s and onward, but it would be nice to see a comprehensive look at what they have.



  10. There are 2 versions of this show in circulation.

    1 is someone recording the Jumbotron for the entire show.


    The other is the pro-shot version, like you might see on a commercial release

    We didn't know about this release until somewhere in the early 2000s.


    Some years ago, I was buying some footage from a collector in Japan.

    I saw he had the 4/2/95 show. I already had it, but figured his quality would be better, so I ordered the show.


    He emailed me back, asking if I wanted the Jumbotron version or the Pro-shot version!!


    I opted for the pro-shot version, which was a major upgrade.



  11. Gotta agree with you Loss. Mauro's voice sounds like a fake radio announcer's voice to me.

    Too fake. I try to enjoy the references he thrown in regarding Pancrase, Japanese wrestlers, etc..; but

    it just seems like he is trying too hard for my tastes.




    P.S. I work with some wrestling fans who became aware of the public access cable show I did (and still do!).

    One of them recently told me "This Mauro guy sucks! Dan, you should be doing that instead of him." :D