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    Expressing Character Through In-Ring Actions

    I think about this all the time. It's the first thing I notice about the matches when I go from modern wrestling to 80s wrestling and back again. It is glaring. On the flipside it does make me take note and appreciate when a modern wrestler does know how to be a heel or a face in the ring and work to their character (like Trish Stratus, for my favourite example).
  2. The receipts show that I made it in 2008. It wasn't pretty. I am LIVING for this thread.
  3. Jimmy Redman

    General Chat topic

    Love football, can't wait.
  4. Jimmy Redman

    Who Booked This? The Podcast Thread

    Just did Cena vs Ace (loved the show, laughed all through it) and my dudes I have been BALLS DEEP in 2012 lately so let's go. I was reviewing the shows in 2012 so I found my write up from the time and it turns out I had an alternate theory about the finish - that Ace wasn't in cahoots with Show at all. Show was already fired, he came out to genuinely bring Ace back to the ring to get beat by Cena for Show to get some measure of revenge on Ace (you may wonder why he was in the building at all in that case but whatever), and when Ace was begging with Show in the ring he promised him on the spot to give his job back if he helped him instead, and Show was so desperate for his job that he took the bait and made a snap decision to go heel right there. No swerve. But I have zero desire to watch the match again now to see how this theory holds up. I do remember the match itself being a piece of shit and doing the ten second count thing meant that Ace lasted longer in the STF than 90% of the roster at the time which was ridiculous and pissed me off. No Way Out wasn't the worst show really. Santino/Ricardo sucked, but they did have fun comedy matches on TV around the same time. This one just didn't land. Christian/Cody and the tag match and Punk/Bryan/Kane were all pretty good, I liked the cage match by the end (it blew off all the Ace/Show stuff really well), and Sheamus vs Dolph is FANTASTIC. It's probably on average a better show than OTL was. That Divas battle royal you mentioned from the list was not good, particularly early but it had a good finish at least. It wasn't the worst Divas battle royal to take place on Raw in 2012, to put it that way.
  5. Jimmy Redman

    WWE TV 05/14 - 05/20

    He's still an active wrestler, he was in the Andre Battle Royal and the MMC. Works Raw occasionally.
  6. Jimmy Redman

    Promos in WWE

    That works in reverse too, where Miz cuts a promo saying like "I am going to kick you in the dick" and as he makes his entrance later on Cole says "Earlier tonight The Miz said, and I quote: 'I am going to kick you in the dick.', those are the words of The Miz there earlier tonight." Repetition ad nauseam. Literally.
  7. Jimmy Redman

    WWE quirks, linguistic and otherwise

    Found a great shitty one today. Kaitlyn injured her ankle in storyline so they had her come out with strapping tape on it ON TOP OF HER BOOT. Because, you know, we're too stupid to remember that someone is injured unless it's visibly covered in tape. So fucking dumb.
  8. I accidentally watched Cena vs Punk MITB recently and man, that crowd is absolutely spitting bonkers for him.
  9. Jimmy Redman

    WWE TV 05/14 - 05/20

    The crowd singing the WOAH OH OH of Paige's song was nice. Also if Asuka jobs to Carmella in any possible way I'm quitting.
  10. Jimmy Redman

    WWE TV 05/14 - 05/20

    Is it not weird that Drew bangs on about the complacent dorks in the locker room when he's standing next to the most complacent dork of all? Or is that the 'hypocritical heel' part of it.
  11. Pretty much this. Plus I find when the agent issue is pushed heavily it's usually as a way to criticise women wrestlers disproportionately. Except you Matt, you're a different egg and I get you.
  12. Jimmy Redman

    General Chat topic

    Do you watch sprint cars at all? My dad used to race.
  13. Jimmy Redman

    The Pro-wrestling Curve of Attractiveness

    I think it makes this objectively the worst thread on the board.
  14. Jimmy Redman

    General Chat topic

    How do you feel about late era Dexter?
  15. I think in general it's much easier to look at TNA with fresh eyes now and concentrate on picking out the good stuff, and it probably comes off as not as bad as its reputation. But I know from my memory of the time, TNA was almost always such a hard show to sit through, and the good stuff didn't stick out nearly as much as the bad stuff or the general idea of them squandering their chance to be a strong #2 promotion all those years. They were just...frustrating. Now when we're just looking back at what it was, not what it could have been, you don't feel that as much. You can just look for good matches and be pleasantly surprised.
  16. Jimmy Redman

    WWE TV 05/07 - 05/13

    Y'all are forgetting about Heel Cole real quick. #1 and the worst. Also Striker was garbage after the first year.
  17. Jimmy Redman

    Who Booked This? The Podcast Thread

    I've been making my way through these and they're a lot of fun. Good work guys. The Batista/Khali Punjabi Prison is basically the same, but the pace is x5 slower because Khali, which makes it super tedious. They book it in terms of the doors and etc. pretty much the same way (because as you pointed out, it's the only way to book it that would make sense). If you're taking requests, I want the TNA Lockbox Challenge.
  18. Jimmy Redman

    WWE Backlash 2018

    I partly blame the angle for the backlash against Nia. I know Alexa Bliss is hilarious and everything, but those segments were like...too good. She got cheered for them, instead of creating any sympathy for Nia. And turned the idea of bullying itself into a jokey punchline for the heel, instead of a real thing like it was pre-Mania. Like, Alexa was saying "you're a bully!" to her during the match. So you turn the idea into a joke like that, and afterwards try to give her this heartfelt moment...the tone was all wrong. If they really wanted to do it, tonally that promo would have fit better after Mania. Here it didn't fit at all because Alexa used the word to get over as a hilarious heel in the build. Regardless of Nia's delivery. Also for the fact that the match itself did NOT sell the idea of Nia getting righteous babyface revenge against a bully at all. She got beat up for a lot of it and seemed to escape with one big move, rather than teach Alexa a lesson. It was just all wrong.
  19. Yeah there's a lame duck period between the announcement (September? October?) and the 1/4/10 show where they just redid classic matches like AJ-Joe-Daniels and AJ-Daniels as PPV main events and just got all the workrate out before Hogan came and it was at least some good wrestling.
  20. Jimmy Redman

    Roman Reigns as the ace post-Wrestlemania

    If they do Roman/Brock again in New York I can probably get my nap during Roman's match over as a meme.
  21. Jimmy Redman

    WWE Backlash 2018

    Joe is gonna job like a dork at the end of all this.
  22. Jimmy Redman

    WWE Backlash 2018

    Oh my God EL-P where have your French dudes gone??
  23. Jimmy Redman

    WWE Backlash 2018

    Oh my fucking God hahahahahahaha.
  24. Jimmy Redman

    WWE Backlash 2018

    Is Corey Graves standing up and moving between the Raw and SD desks between matches?
  25. Jimmy Redman

    WWE Backlash 2018

    This is an example you point to when people say "But they're not really pushing Roman, look at his win-loss record!"