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    I was hoping you could maybe help me with a bit more detail just because I'm not super tech-savvy.

    So, if I get a Fire, it comes with a browser, right? And then I could just watch it via the Peacock website?

    I'm feeling like any extra steps - like trying to "sideload" the app without actually downloading it via the built-in store - might be a bit too tricky/frustrating for me. 

    I know its a big ask, but any chance you could do me a huge favor and give it a go on your device to see if Peacock will load? 

    1. Migs


      The Fire does have a browser, and it worked fine when I needed it.

      The one piece I'm not sure of with Peacock is watching on a browser and how well it does in that environment - I actually don't have Peacock at the moment, but if I get it soon enough and can find my old Fire I'll let you know. I hadn't been subscribed to the network, but if I can see the new Saved by the Bell reboot and Wrestlemania, I guess I may as well.