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  1. On 11/26/2021 at 9:33 AM, Laz said:

    Colt is one of the few talents that is an absolute anti-draw for me. I enjoy none of his work and don't see why a d-grade comedy wrestler going up against one of the legit GOATs deserves any hype beyond "another Danielson carry job."

    Because he's a great chain wrestler who trained in the UK and is a perfect opponent for Bryan and someone he has history with?

  2. Yeah, that seems like a pretty fun idea.

    Caught up a little on last week's shows - does anyone know the deal with Taka and Taichi? I understand Taka getting kicked out of NJPW because of infidelity, and the idea that by doing so he (in kayfabe) abandoned Suzuki-gun. But this seemed to go beyond that - like, was the infidelity with Taichi's girlfriend or something?

  3. It's going to be very interesting to see the free agency of guys like White and Juice Robinson. If NXT isn't an option, they are going to be pretty significantly limited, other than maybe trying to negotiate a dual contract of some sort. I guess there's a chance they could go straight to the WWE main roster mid-card to freshen that up, but is that really an appealing offer for guys in their prime?

  4. On 11/12/2021 at 10:15 PM, sek69 said:

    Yeah, unless he's playing some kind of important role behind the scenes I'm not aware of, that's not a name that would be on the "must renew" list if I'm TK. 

    If he wants to stay on a per day deal like most of the folks on Dark, I wouldn't have a problem with that. Plus Joey's a smart guy and knows how to hustle,  he's not someone who'd starve without a contract. 

    I like Janela a lot, but I think Janela played much better in the early phases of AEW when it was still essentially a super indy in arenas. He never quite translated once they got to TV, and he's very much been supplanted as the underdog darling by guys like Kingston. He seems like he'd ultimately be happier being the big fish indy guy (maybe with an Impact contract to supplement). I always make the Eddie Gilbert comparison with him, and that was also a guy who just fit much better on the fringes of wrestling than in the mainstream.

  5. On 11/10/2021 at 8:21 AM, Matt D said:


    Conti vs Gordy: I've never seen Gordy but this was about heating up Conti so not much to see here. Frustrating that they have two matches in a row with those running kicks into the corner (10 did them too). Also the DDTAY looks too much like Andrade's finish and that was just two matches before. Maybe that's a problem with a 15 match Dark. Maybe it's a problem with the style. Maybe they need the producers talking just a little more. Maybe it only bugs me?


    I think it's the last vestiges of this being essentially a super indy at the start. Everyone gets to do their thing, even if there's some overlap. At the start, there was the weird issue where it felt like they were running three of the same angle on the same show; that seems to be resolved, but I agree with you that the movesets could get the same focus.

  6. 1 minute ago, The Thread Killer said:

    I thought that as well but then more rumours started to swirl that Kyle O’Reilly‘s contract is up as of December 1. If he jumps and ReDragon end up in AEW that would make me a very happy fan. Harwood already alluded to it on Twitter so I really hope that is what’s in the cards. I am not saying that Fish and O’Reilly have no value as singles, but I definitely think they are a good example of a sum being greater than the whole of their parts.

    Hell, if they both show up as a team in AEW imagine them reuniting with Adam Cole and feuding with The Elite? I know PWO was down on The Undisputed Era, but I for one would quite enjoy that angle.

    Agreed that ReDragon as a team is the best use of both guys, and basically all the matchups would be fresh at this point. And even without reforming Undisputed Era, there's a ton of ways to play off and use the history there.

    (Plus the Forbidden Door opportunities - all in for ReDragon against Dangerous Tekkerz.)

  7. Yeah, thought Tama did really well for himself and did a nice job keeping up with Okada. Strong performance.

    I'm struggling to figure out who their 12 teams are for World Tag League unless they have some people coming in (or they're going with 8 or 10 teams and not everyone has a tournament match every night). Not good teams - I literally can't find the available guys based on their roster.

    1. GOD
    2. Tekkerz
    3. Evil/Yujiro
    4. O'Khan/Henare
    5. Goto/Yoshi Hashi
    6. Makabe/Honma
    7. Kojima/Tenzan
    8. Yano/??? (Nagata? Tanahashi?) - Ishii is in the US

    Sanada doesn't have a partner with Naito out. There's no other heavyweights in Suzuki-Gun for Suzuki. Cobb is in the US and I'd assume Kenta is going back (and again, pretty sure Chase already went back, so he doesn't have a partner unless they bring in Fale). Hoping this means we're getting some fresh teams, like Aussie Open perhaps?


  8. 23 hours ago, Matt D said:

    Crossposting, but I feel pretty strongly about it, re: the WWE cuts/ROH cuts/MLW cuts:

    In a situation where Khan simply can't hire everyone on the market, his best move is to lean hard into the TNT/TBS titles with interesting workers (Sammy's fine. Rosa's ideal) and have open challenges every week and just use the forbidden door to bring people in. I think the surprise factor will draw. Bring in Dango one week. Bring in Taya one week. Bring in Lince one week. Etc. Maybe some people who really get over get signed. Eventually, one of them gets a surprise win as it's a great way to bring in a new talent you actually did sign if they can carry that ball.  People get a payday and some exposure/buzz. It fills up 15 minutes of TV time without much thought taking some pressure off the booking. It gives you that Nitro "Who will show up next?" sort of feel without drowning in talent and contracts which draws attention (it draws mine at least). It's win-win, right?

    I mean, it's pretty much exactly what they did for a stretch with Cody last year, and that worked out spectacularly (they got Starks and Eddie out of it and got the weirdness of Warhorse onto the show without signing a guy who's too green). I sort of assumed that was what they were doing with Fish, too, until they actually signed him.

  9. The other big one would be Highspots Wrestling Network, which has AAW, PCW Ultra (although they have a lot on Youtube too) and Defy. They also have a ton of PWG, old ECW fancams, and shoot interviews.

    There's some GCW on IWTV, but the new shows are all on FITE.

  10. 1 hour ago, Jmare007 said:

    Glad he is taking care of himself, specially with a newborn in the household

    Also absolutely makes sense to me from experience that having a newborn can really make you rethink your relationship with alcohol. Something that was fine before becomes very not fine when you have to care for an infant. I definitely spent some time reconsidering my timing and amount of drinking when my daughter was born. Good for Mox for picking up on it and getting the help he needs if treatment is needed.

  11. On 10/29/2021 at 1:13 AM, Stiva said:

    The end game of this has to be him reneging on his promise, challenging for the World Title and cheating to win it, right? Not that I can see a path to it for him with Page, MJF, Danielson and Moxley all in the running ahead of him

    I think Cody vs Hangman would have a lot of juice given their history.

  12. 3 hours ago, Steenalized said:

    From the Fightful article linked above. Poor writing or does Sinclair only own the video library of anything since they time that they bought ROH?


    2 hours ago, sek69 said:

    That would explain why they never put any of the older stuff up on Honor Club.

    There's plenty of pre-2012 stuff up on Honor Club, although much of it was added in the last year. I assume the issues in getting it up are mostly music editing and laziness.

    If Sinclair is selling the library but still wants cheap product... is there a chance part of the deal would be filling the ROH slot?

  13. Started catching up on the show today. It's fine. Cody comes off a little goofy but okay. Feels like they're in part trying to respectfully tell a story and in part trying to do standard reality TV, and so it never quite finds the groove. But it also looks like the ratings were pretty solid - guessing we get more of it at some point.

  14. On 10/23/2021 at 8:35 PM, sek69 said:

    I know how everyone here just loves themselves some Good Brothers, but it looks like the AEW/Impact agreement is up after Bound For Glory. 

    It feels like once the Guevara dust up happened, it's mostly just been Kenny and the Good Brothers going back and forth, and then Christian. So no loss really, and from an Impact perspective at least they're getting the New Japan guys in to spice up the cards.

  15. 10 minutes ago, MoS said:

    Yeah I think while him losing to Okada for the first time worked great for NJPW long-term, it wasn't as good for his personal drawing power. Difference was that New Japan's future at that time was tied to Okada (and Omega) and not Naito, while in this case, Page is the future. 

    Right. Okada needed to be up on the pedestal for Omega, who's story needed to be completed by beating Okada, and who had some interesting places to go as champ (even if it all went to shit pretty quickly). Naito's character was all about his nonchalance and ambivalence about wanting to be champion; but frankly, they'd already told that story with the IC title. I don't think they draw to the level they do in 2018 and 2019 if Naito wins against Okada.

    Page, on the other hand - his growth on the journey to being a champion is basically done. There's no need to stretch it out, with the one potential exception being if they think Omega-Danielson would draw significantly more for the title (reasonable minds can disagree on that one). Page as champion has lots of character growth - what's he like when he first succeeds? How does it change his relationship to the Dark Order and to the Elite? What happens when he finds out maybe winning the title doesn't solve the impostor syndrome? There's a lot on the table if he wins now, and I don't even necessarily think he needs to hold the title forever either (i.e. what if he dropped it to Omega on an April Dynamite and they do Kenny-Dragon at Double or Nothing for the title? Then you get the crowning and the Omega-Dragon PPV title match).