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  1. And here's the accompanying YouTube playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoeBY9gVL9d3YLwylN0IpzSDCfhno-4BO
  2. Fuck yes...thanks for doing this...keep these up!! You're welcome. Glad it's been of use to you.
  3. cheapshot

    Hogan vs Flair in Australia

  4. Between The Sheets #19 Accompaniment: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoeBY9gVL9d0gkjRniumQIYYNedZKUFYG
  5. cheapshot

    The Lapsed Fan Starrcade

    The length of the shows is a total barrier to entry for me. Only ever listened to the Meltzer bits that they've played over at WOR.
  6. Really enjoyed this show. Was a smorgasbord of topics which was a positive. Some cool anecdotes and stories, worth checking out. Brian Last being a bigger Jew than Bix made me chuckle. JewOff.
  7. Regarding the Lloyds Of London claims, it seems like Brian Adams was another who had a policy, as was Nikita Koloff.
  8. cheapshot

    2015 WWE Hall of Fame

    I know he won't go in as Meng, but I much preferred that run to his Haku run in WWF.
  9. Just started listening to this. Beach Blast was another of the those Turner tapes that when released in the UK was cut to ribbons. We did get the full 30 minutes of the Iron Man match though, as well as Missy's "Big Beautiful, Blue..... Eyes".
  10. cheapshot

    Animated GIF thread

    I *think* it's from one of his trips to watch Lucha in the early 90's. Most likely laughing at a bad Konnan joke.
  11. cheapshot

    How To Make A Podcast More Successful

    Also I can't put a finer point on iTunes reviews for your podcast. Getting 5+ reviews on the board and you'll really notice the downloads you get grow and grow each episode.
  12. cheapshot

    A List Of Pro Wrestling Podcast Links

    Updated list and links.
  13. cheapshot

    How To Make A Podcast More Successful

    As I've said to others in the past, get on all available platforms: iTunes, Stitcher, Google Music, Blackberry Podcasts, Microsoft Podcasts. There are plenty of resources online offering advice on how to grow your audience. Libsyn (fantastic host) do a series of podcasts talking about how to grow your audience. Pimp your podcast out; get it on ALL forums that relate to Pro Wrestling, twitter, facebook page - Get it pimped out on news sites daily updates too, especially when you've got a guest like Bill Apter. Create a reason for people to listen, as obvious as that sounds. No offence, but why would I want to listen to your opinons on RAW when I can go elsewhere for that? Get a USP, slant, angle.
  14. cheapshot

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    Fun quick interview with Dave:
  15. cheapshot

    Things in WWE you want to see more of?

    WWE can be good, sometimes great and now and again marvelous. What are some of the things that they do from time to time, that you enjoy and want to see more of? I'll start: More character profiles ala. what was done with Apollo Crews and Finn Balor on this weeks NXT TV. Those profiles made me more interested in both the performers, it explained their motivations are and stopped them just being one dimensional.
  16. cheapshot

    Observer HOF prediction/ballot question thread

    Keith Harris raised an interesting point earlier on twitter: So Kerry Von Erich should be barred from the ballot by virtue of the 15 year rule, as he was on the ballot in 1999. He's suggested to Dave putting Kerry, Kevin & David on as a group, as an alternative.
  17. Jerry Lawler vs Terry Funk: The Last Stand I thought this was a well paced match from start to finish. Funk took a bump to the floor that no 71 year old man with shot knees has business taking. A nice brawl around ringside and in to the crowd followed. The finish, whilst not perfect let everyone go home happy. ***1/2
  18. If only I used Conversations Network Levelator the other week! Thanks for the tip Parv.
  19. cheapshot

    Great <10 minute matches

    Thanks for the suggestions!
  20. Wonderful. Will come back to comment on this once I've had a listen over the course of the week.
  21. cheapshot

    Your fondest Survivor Series memory (1987-1999)?

    "Teams of 5 (then 4) strive to survive" Tagline.
  22. cheapshot

    Great <10 minute matches

    Updated the YT playlist with a further 9 matches. Keep the suggestions coming.
  23. cheapshot

    Rick Rude vs. Ted Dibiase

    But who defines the parameters of greatness Parv? it's all interpretation. I thought you'd at this point you would of showed some humility but that doesn't seem to be the case. I am rather disappointed if I am being honest.