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    Shodate banned?

    Wonderful thread.
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    JDW Gordy lists

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    RIP Bruno Sammartino

    Bruno Sammartino was someone who transcended Pro Wrestling, a true cultural icon. RIP
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    Wrestle Kingdom 12

    I thought the show was solid and consistent throughout. It was better than I expected, and to be fair it had no hope of delivering what we got for WK11, however I felt some of the booking choices were odd. I guess I'll have to wait and see how they play out, but honestly, what a waste of Jay White if he wasn't going to go over Tanahashi.
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    Holidays PWO Appreciation Thread

    I love this place. Thank you to Charles and others for making this my favourite community. Friendly people talking pro wrestling. Happy holidays guys.
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    Wrestler of the Year 2017

    1. Tetsuya Naito 2. WALTER 3. Zack Sabre Jr. 4. Roman Reigns 5. Kazuchika Okada 5. Kenny Omega 6. David Starr 8. Timothy Thatcher 9. Johnny Gargano 10. Braun Strowman
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    WON HOF 2017

    Just got my ballot, here it is in full. ----------------------------------- It's time for the 2017 Hall of Fame elections. This ballot is being sent out to major wrestling stars, past and present, major management figures in the industry, writers and historians. If you are getting this, you are being asked your opinion on who should be inducted into this year's Hall of Fame class. The criteria for the Hall of Fame is a combination of drawing power, being a great in-ring performer or excelling in ones field in pro wrestling, as well as having historical significance in a positive manner. A candidate should either have something to offer in all three categories, or be someone so outstanding in one or two of those categories that they deserve inclusion. The names listed below are those under consideration for this year. To be eligible, a performer must have reached their 35th birthday and completed ten years since their debut as a full-time performer, or be someone who has been a full-time pro wrestler for at least 15 years. Longevity should be a prime consideration rather than a hot two or three year run, unless someone is so significant as a trend-setter or a historical figure in the business, or valuable to the industry, that they need to be included. However, just longevity without being either a long-term main eventer, a top draw and/or a top caliber in-ring performer should be seen as relatively meaningless. The election is broken down into a number of categories. You should check each category for wrestlers that you feel you are familiar enough with based on geography that you've either traveled or are familiar with, and based on the time you have followed pro wrestling. You do not have to vote for a wrestler in every category you've checked. The ballot is also broken down to wrestlers and those who are not pro wrestlers but have been valuable parts of the industry. The maximum number of wrestlers that you can vote for all the categories is ten. You can pick as few as zero if you don't believe anyone on this list deserves inclusion. For wrestling executives, managers, announcers and other outside the ring performers, you can vote for them and they are not counted against the ten. You can vote for as many as five of them. All responses are confidential. There is nothing to worry about politically about any involvement in this process. Your selections will not be revealed unless you choose to do so yourself. Anyone who receives mention on 60% of the ballots from the geographical region and time frame (broken down as Continental United States & Canada; Mexico; Japan; and the rest of the world) will be added to the Hall of Fame in the class of 2017. If you are unfamiliar with any of the candidates due to geography of having never seen them, that is fine. Ballots are sent to many people from all over the world and from different wrestling cultures so that everyone has as fair a shot at possible. The breakdown for modern and historical performers is 30 years ago, or 1987. So if the last year the person was a headliner, or was a key figure in the industry, was prior to 1987, they would be in the historical class. All performers who receive mention on 10% to 59.9% of the ballots from their geographical region or era will remain on the ballot for consideration next year. All those who receive less than 10% of the vote will be dropped from next year's ballot. They can return in two years based on if there is significant feedback from voters who say they will vote for them. This is mostly for wrestlers who are still active who may improve their career legacy, but can be for retired wrestlers if voters believe they should be put on or returned to the ballot. In addition, in following the lead of the baseball Hall of Fame, which is the model here, starting this year we have a 15-year-rule. The following candidates have been on the ballot since 2003. In baseball, this would be their last year of eligibility. Here, if they don't get at least 50% of the votes in this year's election they will be removed from the ballot. If they are modern candidates, they can be brought back in the historical performers era in two years if it is more than 30 years since their career as a Hall Fame level performer is up: The following candidates will be dropped from next year's ballot unless they are elected in or garner 50% of the vote: Curt Hennig Yuji Nagata Don Owen Tim Woods Please return this ballot by November 1st. You can e-mail the ballot back to [email protected] or fax it to 408-244-3402 or mail (please do so by November 1st) to Wrestling Observer, P.O. Box 1228, Campbell, CA 95009-1228. Please check by every category you are familiar with I FOLLOWED THE HISTORICAL PERFORMERS ERA CANDIDATES Red Bastien June Byers Wild Bull Curry Cowboy Bob Ellis Don Fargo Pepper Gomez Archie "Mongolian Stomper" Gouldie Chavo Guerrero Sr. Dick Hutton Rocky Johnson Sputnik Monroe Pedro Morales Blackjack Mulligan George Steele John Tolos Enrique Torres Von Brauners & Saul Weingeroff Johnny "Mr. Wrestling II" Walker Tim "Mr. Wrestling" Woods Bearcat Wright I FOLLOWED THE MODERN PERFORMERS IN U.S/CANADA CANDIDATES Tully Blanchard & Arn Anderson w/J.J. Dillon Junkyard Dog Edge Bill Goldberg Curt Hennig Randy Orton C.M. Punk Sgt. Slaughter Trish Stratus A.J. Styles Kerry Von Erich Ultimate Warrior I FOLLOWED WRESTLING IN JAPAN CANDIDATES Jun Akiyama Cima Yoshiaki Fujiwara Hayabusa Kota Ibushi Satoshi Kojima & Hiroyoshi Tenzan Yuji Nagata Tetsuya Naito Mike & Ben Sharpe Minoru Suzuki Kiyoshi Tamura Akira Taue I FOLLOWED WRESTLING IN MEXICO CANDIDATES Brazo de Oro & Brazo de Plata & El Brazo Caristico/Mistico Sangre Chicana Cien Caras Ultimo Guerrero Ruben Juarez Karloff Lagarde Blue Panther L.A. Park Huracan Ramirez El Signo & El Texano & Negro Navarro Vampiro Villano III Dr. Wagner Jr. I FOLLOWED WRESTLING IN AUSTRALIA/NEW ZEALAND/PACIFIC ISLANDS/AFRICA CANDIDATES Spyros Arion Johnny Barend Domenic DeNucci Killer Karl Kox Mark Lewin Mario Milano Steve Rickard I FOLLOWED WRESTLING IN EUROPE Big Daddy Horst Hoffman Billy Joyce Kendo Nagasaki Jackie Pallo Rollerball Mark Rocco Johny Saint Ricky Starr Otto Wanz NON-WRESTLERS Bill Apter Lord James Blears Dave Brown Chyna Jim Crockett Jr. Jim Crockett Sr. Gary Hart Jimmy Hart Howard Finkel Ed Francis Jerry Jarrett Larry Matysik Don Owen George Scott Stanley Weston
  8. For what this was, I thought it was great. Back and forth action throughout. Asari is really crisp and the match flowed really well. Lots of Lucha spots that didn't look forced, or shoehorned in. Pace was good throughout, especially the closing stretch.
  9. This is a fantastic podcast, one of the best discussions of the year.
  10. cheapshot

    WON HOF 2017

    I expect Dave Brown to come a lot closer this year due to the passing of Lance Russell. 2013: 41 votes - 12% [MODERN US/CANADA] 2014: 43 votes - 13% [MODERN US/CANADA] 2015: 71 votes - 18% [MODERN US/CANADA] 2016: 64 votes - 18% [MODERN US/CANADA]
  11. cheapshot

    WON HOF 2017

    Not in the slightest. He was a big deal. He still is the most famous wrestler in the UK to this day.
  12. cheapshot

    RIP Roddy Piper

    I know there are handhelds on YouTube of some Cage Matches between the pair from early 1992, not sure if any were ever pro shot however.
  13. cheapshot

    WON HOF 2017

    Shhh, keep that quiet.
  14. cheapshot

    WON HOF 2017

    EDGE. I am at a loss.
  15. This is a brand new show that is going to come out every Friday AM over at PlaceToBeNation.com Shows will never be much longer than 45 minutes. I'll post all the shows in this thread. -------------- Episode #1: http://placetobenation.com/letters-from-center-stage-1/ In the premier episode of Letters From Center Stage, JT & Allan head into their offices in Atlanta, GA to dive deep into the outer rim of the nostalgia mothership that was WCW: 1. The Mailbag: Bruno Sammartino in WCW / WCW rings 2. This Week in History: April 17 – 23 3. The Long Topic: WCW gaffes, both big and small To write in to the mailbag, tweet @allan_cheapshot or @place2benation or email [email protected] Follow along with our YouTube playlist as well: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoeBY9gVL9d1LkIQKLVj1C69XV4L3LLdn The PWO-PTBN Podcast Network features great shows you can find right here at Place to Be Nation. By subscribing on iTunes (https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/ptbn-wrestling-network/id715657490?mt=2) or SoundCloud (http://soundcloud.com/jerryvonkramer), you’ll have access to new episodes, bonus content, as well as a complete archive of all shows on the Network! For more on the great family of podcasts at Place to Be Nation, visit: http://placetobenation.com/podcasts LISTEN DIRECTLY: https://soundcloud.com/prowrestlingonly/letters-from-center-stage-1
  16. I loved Barb when we worked together. I haven't seen him in nearly 15 years, but I hope he's keeping well. He was always one of these guys who came with a 'fight people and wreck the hotel room' reputation, but he couldn't have been nicer to me. Top man. Also, the Bobby Fulton match you described sounds like my match in 2006 with Tracy Smothers. I think in the end we went just over 50 minutes. Of that 50 minutes, approximately 7-8 minutes was wrestling. It was a real chore to watch back on tape afterwards, but the live crowd absolutely ate it up on the night. Did you love working matches with me in various gym's around the Midlands area in the late 90s?
  17. cheapshot

    WON HOF 2017

    So did I, I have asked Dave on twitter but don't think I got a response.
  18. cheapshot

    RIP Lance Russell

    He epitomised Memphis Wrestling. There will never, ever be another like him. In the sleazy world of Pro Wrestling, he shone like a beacon of truth, believability and trust. RIP Banana Nose.
  19. cheapshot

    WON HOF 2017

    Plug: I made an appearance on 605 Podcast the other week where Brian Last and I discussed if we'd vote for the new candidates on this years ballot. A fun discussion was had: http://605pod.com/2017/09/11/episode-75-brother-midnight/ from 1:39:40.
  20. cheapshot

    Who's your Boy?!

    JT Smith. Always worked his butt off and was a goof, but he was a lovable goof.
  21. cheapshot

    Bobby Heenan RIP

    Bobby Heenan: ""Is this the last call? Well I don't drink anymore. Excuse the way I sound, I ... I had a wedgie. Pardon the way I talk, I'm recovering from throat cancer and I feel great. [langer Applaus] Thank you. And you wouldn't offend me with cash. First of all, if you remember the introduction Pat Patterson gave for Sgt. Slaughter, well at midnight tonight it will be played in your rooms in English. This is great. I had everything in my mind for the last month, what I was going to say, who I was going to put over, who I was going to knock, but I couldn't do anything like that. I forgot everything I was going to write and everything has to come from (the heart) right now. I've been in this business since 1954. I was 10 years old and I went to an Arena in Chicago and I was hooked. Just like that. And when you're hooked you're in this business whether you like it or not. I remember watching the heels come out. They'd tell people to shut up, and they got louder. Everytime they told them to do something they wouldn't do it. They ignored them. I said I could do this for a living, it's like being at home. In 1959 I was 15 years old and on Channel 5 TV show came on from midnight till 2am. That's another reason I didn't finish school. It was wrestling from Bridgeport, Connecticut and I'm seeing Johnny Valentine and Buddy Rogers and Arnold Skaaland .... Who was 63 then! So I'm watching the wrestling and I'm hooked now. Then my mom loses her job, my aunt had cancer, my grandma's an old person ... or she wouldn't have been my grandmother. I'm not from Virginia. [Gelächter] Damn this is fun sober. Anybody got any weed? No? So I'm really hooked and it's 1961 and I started working at the Armoury for the promotion there. I was 17 years old, carrying jackets from the ring, selling cokes, and running from Eddie Farhat, The Sheik. He's chasing me all over the building and I'm scared of him. Then in 1965 I started as a manager. I managed the Assassins, then from there I went on to manage Angelo Poffo who is the father of ‘Macho Man' Randy Savage, and another man named Chris Markoff who was from Yugoslavia. Chris Markoff would rear back and kick you in the groin, and as you were going down he would say "Watch for the kick". He was horrible. Nice man, he called me when I was sick but oh, he was horrible. And then I met another man who I started managing, Blackjack Lanza. I remember in the mornings we'd go down to the phone in the lobby. The hotels then didn't have phones in the rooms, so they had a switchboard. So where they had the chords to connect people, there was a big thing of doughnuts. So Jack would stand there and when the woman would turn her back to plug in a phone, he'd wolf down a doughnut. But what he forgot is that he's got this black moustache, and it was full of white powder. I was either managing him or Cheech & Chong! I went on from there and I managed some of the greatest talent in this world. I managed Superstar Billy Graham in Chicago. One night Ivan Putski slammed me on top of him and he had so many lumps on his body it hurt my back for a month. And I managed Harley Race in 1968. When I found out I was going to be here tonight and be inducted with Harley, knowing Harley I thought we were going to be indicted! But he is one tough man, believe me. The things he's been through in life. 8 times Heavyweight Champion of the World, excellent. Then I managed Bob Remus (Sgt. Slaughter). As we went down the back roads in Peoria just laughing knowing our wives would never believe we were riding with 4 fat girls to the airport so we could save 20 bucks. He said "Bobby stop it, you've made them all laugh and they've only got 7 teeth". And that was including us. I went from there to managing everyone they threw in front of me in the WWF and ... Oh did I say something? Wait, let me get into this now. You wanna talk about Wildlife?! When I came here they had: 3 freebirds, they had the junk yard dog, 2 bulldogs with matilda, another dog. You had 2 killer bees, you had a guy with a snake, you had a Hawaiian guy with a lizard ... I'm not done yet! And to top it all off, I'm the Weasel doing commentary with a Gorilla! Dammit! So, if you people at the WWF now think it's wildlife, if you've spent a weekend at House Shows in Newark with Afa & Sika, The Samoans, THAT'S wildlife! So now I know I'm going to New York. I make a phone call to Vince McMahon Jr. I'm in Denver. I can't take it there anymore, I had to get out. I called Hogan, he said to call Vince. I called Vince and told him I planned to leave. I called Verne and told him I was giving my notice. I would fulfil my dates but I was leaving. He said "I dare you to come here and tell me that face-to-face". I said how's 1 o'clock? He said fine. I took my wife with me, Cynthia .... I didn't think he'd hit a woman! And she's Italian, god knows what would've happened to him. I called Vince and said Verne wants me to go to the office and he sounds mad. Vince said "Boy I wish I could be there with you". I said to back me up? He said no I want to tape it. I had called Vince Sr. every 6 months over a period of 10 years but they had Ernie Roth (Grand Wizard) and Freddie Blassie who were doing a great job and they had Lou Albano who refused to be fired, and they just didn't have a place for me. A week before I started Vince called me and asked would I mind managing Jessie "The Body" Ventura, and I said of course not, it would be an honour. So I get to the Garden that night and he tells me Jessie got injured in San Diego and won't be able to make it. Would you manage John Studd? I said that I had just been to the AWA which in my terms meant All the World's Assholes so I would have managed anyone to get out of there! So I almost managed the Governor, had I managed him years ago I may have been the first lady of Minnesota. I managed Ernie Ladd. A wonderful man, great athlete ... who else ... Oh yes, Ric Flair. I retired in '91 from the ring, just doing broadcasting. Vince asks would you go on the road with Ric Flair for 6 months? Just 6 months. So now I've got to go on the road with Larry Flynt. I lasted 10 days. I went and told McMahon I can't do it. Vince said it's only for 6 months, I said YOU go with him! My liver's now on hold, YOU go with him! We had WrestleMania, the first one. I said this isn't gonna work. You had Muhammad Ali, Billy Martin, The Rockettes, Mr T., this has become a carnival! A lot of the boys said it's not right. But we looked out that night and the press was all over and it worked. It really worked. We became respected by people. We were no longer considered one step behind a circus clown. People said you guys are great performers, those are great shows you're putting on. It made us feel proud. We didn't have to wear hats anymore and kayfabe. We could kayfabe in public! And some of us even kayfabed in private! ... right (Mean) Gene? So WrestleMania 3. It had to be the biggest thing I my life. I remember having to go to the ring earlier because I had to manage 30 or 40 guys, then I went to the ring with Andre. Then to do Prime Time, All American, and Wrestling Challenge and be allowed to express myself and bring comedy into a business I often thought needed a kick in the pants and couple of smiles rather than a guy blowing his nose and belching and spitting. If you want to see that, come to my room. And that's just my wife. I have to, you ever tried her meatloaf? Damn I'm having fun. Hey for 2 and a half years I've sat in my bedroom at home taking Chemo and getting radiation and doing nothing. You sit for 2 and a half years naked in a room and watch Judge Judy – you'll go nuts! Now I've got the opportunity to come out here and be inducted into the Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame of Wrestling, something I've loved all my life. Why did I stay? It was a job, I had to. I was feeding my mother, my grandmother, my aunt. I had to feed people and myself. But it wasn't just the money, it wasn't just the people I had to feed, it was because I loved this. I love you and I love them. That's what this is about. To be inducted into this Wrestling Hall of Fame, this fraternity of people, is a tremendous thrill for me and the biggest thrills in my life are my lovely daughter Jessica, stand-up, my wife Cynthia, and my son-in-law John – he is standing, she married a midget. It's just an honour, it's a real privilege to be here in front of all you people and in New York City, and only one thing's missing... [muss Tränen zurückhalten] I wish Monsoon was here. Thank you. .... we get paid for this, right?""
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    Bobby Heenan RIP

    Thank you for posting this, I've watched it back three times, belly laughing each time. I'll miss you boobs.
  23. cheapshot

    Bobby Heenan RIP

    A Chicago Tribune story in 1975 about how Bobby Heenan made the crowd so mad that a man fired five shots into the ring trying to kill him. The guy was never arrested and he kept coming back to wrestling shows. Chicago really took that “no snitching” thing to heart back then.
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