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    WCW's Highway to Hell

    El-P, you've done a sterling job covering all this dross. I am saddened that you didn't enjoy 2001 WCW as much as I did at the time. Maybe if I went back and revisited it, I would probably come to the same opinion as you.
  2. cheapshot

    WON HOF 2013 discussion

    I'd be shocked if Colon didn't get in this year.
  3. I, like Laney preferred the two previous AJPW tags to this. The ruckus at ringside was great though, and the highlight for me, and that was more memorable than the match itself I thought.
  4. I was expecting good things in this but it didn't deliver for me apart from the finish where the crowd popped huge for the ankle lock, and then the submission.
  5. I love Lawler is continuing the Zach Morris phone gimmick again. And his sweater is excellent too, especially standing behind a some bails of hay. Got to love Memphis.
  6. Another Manuel Noriega reference, this time by Piper. I guess Saphire is such a bad promo she was told to just howl instead.
  7. I didn't think this was racist at all, like others said. JVK is right as the whole Virgil / DiBiase fallout is not rushed at all and the seeds are planted months before the actual split. I completely prefer Roberts as a heel but I will try and give this face run and feud with DiBiase a chance.
  8. Hogan looking juiced to the gills in this segment with Brother Love. I am glad Hogan didn't draw number one in the end.
  9. Really enjoyed this match and like JVK I love Billy Travis and his scuzzyness, his awful awful tights that must of inspired EZ Money in ECW. The angle and brawl at the end was great as well and I am looking forward to see this feud develop.
  10. I heard about his early promos in the NWA being weak, and I agree, he was very green but if I watched NWA in 1990 I'd still think I'd be a fan of his because he stands out as different. I didn't really understand the wacky promo about owls tasting like onions or vice versa.
  11. Not much to add apart from like many, I loved the Powerslam spot in the match and the Manuel Noriega reference was the first but not last mention of the Dictator in January by somebody. It was all over the news at this point as he was captured by US soliders in Panama at the start of the month.
  12. cheapshot

    Undertaker > Hogan

    I have to agree with Frank, and disagree with Mad Dog. Mike Tyson is far bigger to the masses worldwide than the Hulkster would ever, ever be. Tyson is in that top tier of well know sportsmen with the likes of Michael Jordan, Pelé, Muhammed Ali, Tiger Woods, Magic Johnson and David Beckham.
  13. cheapshot

    Exceptions to the rule

    Chris is still married to Jessica Irvine née Lockhart.
  14. cheapshot

    WCW Invasion

    770,000 Buys is just an insane amount, especially when it was only domestic buys.
  15. cheapshot


    Added this to my rss feeds of podcasts. Will check it out soon, thanks.
  16. cheapshot

    Undertaker > Hogan

    I think a good "acid test" of Hogan's current popularity versus other celebrities and "icons" would be to use http://www.google.com/trends/ to see how often he is searched for since google started recording these results in 2004. Nb. He is searched more than Carrot Top
  17. cheapshot

    Exceptions to the rule

    He's far from "out" at all. He works various indies, has a full time school, appears on podcasts all the time and is a consultant for the WWE Performance Centre as well as writing a blog and tweeting about wrestling.
  18. Won Gold in the 1924 Olympics in Greco-Roman Wrestling. Won the AWA world Title (Boston Version) in 1931 beating Ed "Strangler" Lewis.
  19. cheapshot

    Undertaker > Hogan

    An essay arguing Hogan as a cultural icon: http://popculture11.wordpress.com/essay-fo...ays-hulk-hogan/
  20. cheapshot

    Undertaker > Hogan

    If you look outside the American bubble he is still, very much, a hugely recognisable and certainly deemed a famous celebrity. I have asked 3 non wrestling fans just now and they have all heard of Hulk Hogan, which they have, and can exactly describe how he looks.
  21. WWE could do a lot worse than sign Don West.
  22. cheapshot

    Current WWE

    He lost me after Triple Hepatitis.
  23. I remember he showed up on Smackdown in 2006 in a Diva Search segment, always found that random but great. Yeah, I randomly came across a Luke Perry Grantland thing where he talks to Simmons about wrestling and the first time he saw Kevin Sullivan. What celebrities do we know are big time wrestling fans or grew up on territories? Obviously there is people like Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins), and others, like members of ZZ Top who like WWE, but do we know of celebs who are fans of older things?
  24. cheapshot

    Where the Big Boys Play #52

    I went on vacation and visited Charlotte, Charleston, Greenville, Atlanta and Spartanburg, alas this was in 2013 If only I went during the 80's or early 90's I would of seen all sorts of great stuff from JCP/WCW/SMW, but all I got was a TNA taping in Duleth, GA with Rampage Jackson. Life isn't fair sometimes
  25. cheapshot

    If only he could talk

    I was pondering earlier, which wrestlers people feel would of moved up a tier or two as an overall great, or even reached GOAT status if only they could cut a decent promo. They might be workers whom are over with the crowd, who put on great matches, with great charisma but just don't cut it when it comes to interviews and on camera speaking. People to me who fall into this criteria include: Jeff Hardy, Lex Luger, Booker T, Ultimate Warrior, Goldberg, Bobby Lashley, RVD, Ken Patera, Brock Lesnar and Ken Shamrock I am not sure if I'd include Benoit as he is already considered a GOAT candidate, but if he was great on the mic would he of been a no brainer for Top 5 of all time?