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  1. Meltzer said on Observer Radio that the Carters have had enough of losing money and are "100%" looking to sell the company right now. I'd love Jerry Jarrett to buy it back for a snip.
  2. cheapshot

    Footage Request

    I am assuming he already has this: ?
  3. cheapshot

    If only he could talk

    Who would you consider to be GREAT talkers in Mexico?
  4. cheapshot

    Current British Wrestling

    Loaded, as in imports? I'd say this is one of the strongest periods for British Wrestling, but still, I won't go as far as to say British Wrestling will hit the mainstream. A lot of shows are drawing houses in excess of 800, and some, like Rev Pro are packing them in with 1500+ crowds, but the shows are loaded with imports. I'd be interested to see what shows draw the most WITHOUT imports, I'd probably say ICW in Glasgow.
  5. Looking forward to this, and the 1998-1999 yearbooks too. You're right though, opinions of matches can change after a second viewing, good and bad.
  6. cheapshot

    Questions for Antonio Cesaro?

    Fun interview, good work as usual clown!
  7. cheapshot

    The Best (...& Worst) of WCW

    It taught me that they liked to put MAB with various partners.
  8. cheapshot

    WWF Popularity in the UK in early 90s

    WWF got onto Terrestrial TV in 2000 yet never reached the heights of the '91-'92 craze which is quite surprising when you think about it.
  9. cheapshot

    Mike Atkins

    Is it bad I don't have a favourite referee? I was always taught that if you notice a referee he is taking away from the match.
  10. cheapshot

    The Steve Austin Show

    This week Steve has Bruce Prichard on chewing the fat. Worth a listen as they discuss Paul Boesch and Bruce's start in Wrestling, which I found a fun listen.
  11. cheapshot

    Questions for Antonio Cesaro?

    He said on a recent WWE Inbox on YouTube it was 80 but that could be a kayfabe response.
  12. cheapshot

    Magazine & Program scans

    Great scans, thanks!
  13. cheapshot

    Serious Greatest of All Time Candidates

    There seems to be a distinct lack of UK based workers, such as Terry Rudge for example that I'd argue should be in the mix for discussion.
  14. cheapshot

    Best and Worst Strikes

    Just conversed with Rip Rogers on Twitter, and he seems to think Lanny Poffo had the best punch of all time. "To perfect in wrestling- watch Lanny Poffo punch on u tube- best right hand I ever saw!!! Learn to chop overhand and regular- learn jabs -" When I quizzed him asking what about Bret and Lawler his response was: "Bret hart had a slide off the head punch - punch on the top of the head was phony - u hurt ur own hand, Lawler has great punch - not as good as Lannys - don't confuse projection or being a star as being good." I have never noticed Poffo's punches as been amazing or anything, I may need to re-watch some of his stuff and see if I pick up on his punches. He did, to be fair raise a good point about Bret hitting the top of the head.
  15. http://www.amazon.com/dp/1492825972/ref=as...amp;ref-refURL=
  16. cheapshot

    Do you hate Inoki?

    Dammit! Worked by those pesky Inoki's again
  17. cheapshot

    The Best (...& Worst) of WCW

    Unless I am missing something glaringly obvious I am not sure why not.
  18. cheapshot

    The Best (...& Worst) of WCW

    You're missing Flair vs. Eaton from January 1990 as well as The Marquess of Queensberry Rules series between Flair and Regal.
  19. cheapshot

    Questions for Antonio Cesaro?

    Realistically who'd be the heaviest guy, past or present that he could giant swing?
  20. WCW Jan - March 2001 could be argued to be on par with any other period from any other US promotion in terms of in ring and being entertaining. (Obviously this is totally subjective).
  21. cheapshot

    The Steve Austin Show

    The Waltman show(s) are excellent. I love Steve just chewing the fat with someone; and unlike most interviews of this ilk, the wrestler actually respects the host meaning them hopefully being more open and honest.
  22. This could be my favourite moment in TNA to be fair. Gold.
  23. cheapshot

    Do you hate Inoki?

    The match vs. The Great Antonio is the first memory for me when I think of Inoki. El-P is right, the match vs. Vader in 1996 was absolutely great, and for that alone I can't hate Inoki. He is wacky and he has a son called Simon. What's not to love?
  24. cheapshot

    Emotional connection

    Early to bed on a Saturday? Ouch.