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    WON HOF 2013 discussion

    2013 is going to be Daddy's year! *crosses fingers*. I know both sides of the argument have been exhausted so I am not going to add anything; however I BET if I stood in a random town/city centre and asked anyone over the age of 35 who the first wrestler that pops into their head - I'd say 80%+ would say Big Daddy in the first instance. That is the level of fame culturally he has.
  2. cheapshot


    Hi Guys, I was wondering who uses twitter and if anyone wants to post their username? I like twitter for talking wrestling in small chunks on the fly with like minded people. I will start the ball rolling; @allanblackstock
  3. cheapshot

    Universally enjoyable matches

    This is the first time this has dawned on me. They then starting working more with Smoky Mountain and Memphis during this time too. I wonder what triggered this change in philosophy?
  4. cheapshot

    The Steve Austin Show

    Does anyone know if it was Memphis that used the invisible wrestler gimmick that Ross touched upon the Austin Podcast? Also does any footage exists of the Bob Cook and his yellow trunks incident? I have a morbid curiosity to see it. Again a fun show, which seems to be the case the majority of the time with his podcasts.
  5. cheapshot

    Your Current Fav Five

    My current favourite five: 1. Jerry Lawler - I am finally exploring more and more of his less famous Memphis stuff; such as mini feud with The Snowman in 1990 in Memphis which I thought was tremendous. 2. Bryan Danielson - The most consistent worker in the WWE in forever. His match with Cena at Summerslam cemented him to me as someone who belongs at the top of the cards in WWE. 3. Aiden English - One appearance in NXT so far, but what an appearance. Don't even know if he can work a lick or not; all I know is he entertained me massively and can't wait to see more of him. 4. El Dandy - Thanks to you fine guys my eyes have been opened to the epicness that is El Dandy. His work vs. El Santanico is tremendous. 5. Brock Lesnar - Ever match he is in has me on the edge of my seat; I anticipate his matches more than anyone else at the moment. He always has his working boots on, and his style is so believable, which to be fair isn't that surprising.
  6. cheapshot

    Wrestling Culture Episode 49

    Looking forward to this. Thanks guys.
  7. cheapshot

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    Dave's just grumpy at the moment due to his broken foot.
  8. cheapshot

    Universally enjoyable matches

    In my opinion, I'd stump for Hogan vs. Warrior at WM VI
  9. cheapshot

    Wrestling With The Past #4

    I'd love it if you had an .rss feed for this show. I use a podcatcher app on my devices that checks every 4 hours for new podcasts and downloads them automatically. Without that certain podcasts could fall through the net. However as I really enjoyed Wrestling With The Past #1 I don't mind manually looking for new episodes via soundcloud or this board.
  10. cheapshot

    Wrestling Culture Episode 48

    Just discovered your podcast guys and will have a listen over the weekend. Subscribed via my podcast catcher app so looks like you have another listener.
  11. cheapshot

    Red Flags in Wrestling

    Please do share. Bob Backlund and Pedro Morales defeated The Wild Samoans (Afa and Sika) in a two out of three falls match, 2-0 at Showdown at Shea on August 9th 1980.
  12. cheapshot

    Wrestling With The Past #1

    I think Luger peaked from a working perspective in 1989-1990 but I think he was at his hottest in 1997.
  13. cheapshot

    Pro Wrestling Sites - Bookmarks/Favourite

    Thank you for taking the time to reply guys. The sites posted back are exactly what I am looking for. I hope other find this thread useful as well.
  14. I was wondering what sites you have bookmarked and like to visit which are Pro Wrestling centric? TOP Tier (for me anyway) are: - History Of WWE - http://www.thehistoryofwwe.com - Wrestling Classics - http://www.wrestlingclassics.com - Kayfabe Memories board - http://www.infinitecore.ca/superstar/index.php?a=cat - The Mid-Atlantic Gateway - http://www.midatlanticgateway.com/Lobby.htm - Wrestling Observer/F4WOnline - http://www.wrestlingobserver.com I used to visit Quabrada / DVDVR but not sure if they have much new content any more. Anyone else care to recommend any other interesting sites for reading history, news, multimedia, research etc. etc.
  15. cheapshot

    Biggest fall from grace

    For me I'd say Bob Backlund - From headlining many MSG sellouts to working with Herb Abrams.
  16. cheapshot

    Bob Orton Jr.

    No specific match jumps out for me I am afraid but I was a big fan of his team with Slater pre WWF run. I thought the angle where him and Slater beat down Flair and collect Harley Race's bounty before Starrcade '83 was phenomenal.
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  18. We all know how good Royal Rumble 1992 was; but the one thing that is hardly ever commented on is the piledriver spot that Haku and DBS do; it's a thing of beauty and looks as good as any piledriver spot I have ever seen.
  19. cheapshot

    Bobby Eaton vs. Ricky Morton

    For me, Eaton shades it by a hair. Like has been previously mentioned Morton is unparalleled as the babyface in peril and is much better on the stick, and in normal circumstances that would edge it; however Eaton worked for for JCP/WCW from 1985 - 2000 (which is a great run when you think about it) as well as dipping his toe into ECW. He had a fun run with Regal in the Blue Bloods and on the whole was easier to repackage compared to Morton. I also feel he was more innovative with his moves compared to Morton. I really hated Morton as a single in WCW in 1991 as part of the York Foundation - to me his size was really exposed in singles matches. In closing both are top tier 80's US workers and I even though I am going with Eaton I would never argue with anyone who chooses Morton over him.
  20. This angle has just recently been brought to my attention, and it's terrific and the best example of how to do a worked "shoot" angle correctly. It's a shame that more people haven't seen this.
  21. cheapshot

    Wrestling With The Past #1

    Listened to the first hour or so of this EXCELLENT podcast. Well done to all those involved. I just now need to track down these USWA angles with Tatum and Lawler/Snowman as well as El Dandy vs. El Satanico.
  22. cheapshot

    Kawada in Canada?

    Added to this (but not about Canada) Kawada and Hiromichi Fuyuki, as "Japanese Force" had a feud with "American Force" (Paul Diamond & Shawn Michaels) for the USA Tag Team title in San Antonio,TX according to Masanori Horie.