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  1. 2 minutes ago, El-P said:

    Enough with this mental illness bullshit. This is social media toxic lynch-mob culture we're talking about here. People drove a 22 years old human being to kill herself. And yes, there's something to be said about the industry she was working in, the whole idol thingy and expectations thrown on those young women, but cyber bullying is all over the place. I referred on another thread the other day to the French version of Survivor and people getting threatened online with death and rape threats, threats about cutting the throats of their children, to the point the production company had to file charges. Social media, echo chambers and the likes are only emphasizing the worst traits of human nature, and actual people are dying because of it and lives are getting ruined because of fucking hate mongers hiding being computer screens. That's the issue.

    I think you have to suffer from some kind of mental illness if you let random people on the internet drive you to suicide.  You're not wrong since social media has made people comfortable with the idea of talking shit without getting punched in the mouth for it but I think calling mental illness bullshit is just wrong in this case IMO of course

  2. The crowd is doing the wave before the match starts, which was supposedly a big thing in the early 90s.  This is a great match.  Kobashi here is especially charismatic and Joe Higuchi might be the best referee ever.  Hansen is just a big bad motherfuckin' Texas terminator in this and he just mauls Kobashi in the first half, the body slam on the rail was nasty as shit. Kobashi doesn't back down and manages a comeback, you could see the fire in his face.  The way Hansen regains control on the outside is beautiful, no bullshit.. Just a half blind former Texas football player running at you like a maniac with his arm extended and hes aiming for SOMETHING. I love it.  ★★★★

  3. 5 hours ago, NintendoLogic said:

    Jimmy pretty much hit the nail on the head regarding the complicity of the wrestlers in all this. The networks have Vince by the balls, so they would have all the leverage in the world if they banded together. If they can't bring themselves to exploit it, that's on them. Drake Maverick talking about how thankful he was to be able to participate in the interim cruiserweight title tournament after they canned his ass was pathetic. If he had an ounce of self-respect, he would have told WWE to fuck off and went straight home (or whatever passes for home for him these days). Vince treats the wrestlers like well-paid chattel because he knows they'll take it.

    But hey, he's just happy to be there!  Thanks for the opportunity!


    Makes me sick how far we've fallen.  Wrestlers are just geeks now

  4. I dunno guys, I'd say that winning the big one to absolutely zero reaction kind of does fuck your momentum up a bit.  There's nowhere to go but down and the big moment was wasted on a show with no audience.  So, now what?  The money feud was with Lesnar and him chasing after Lesnar.  This match (this whole show) did not need to happen right now but here we are.