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    Natural Disasters vs. Burt Stiles and Tom Stone (11/16/91) note that, when possible, dates I use will be air dates. Not much to say here as the match goes less than two minutes. The Disasters are headed toward Survivor Series where they will team with IRS and Jake Roberts against LOD with Big Bossman and Sid but Sid has had to pull out of the match. Typhoon always looks sharp doing his splash and here it leads to the Earthquake finish as they clean up quickly. Natural Disasters and IRS vs. Big Bossman and Legion of Doom (11/27/91) Here is a Survivor Series six-man elimination. Truthfully there isn't much to say about Typhoon and Earthquake here. Typhoon was very robotic and out of place in a few key exchanges, just sort of standing like a statue waiting to take offense from LOD members. This wasn't a strong outing for him. Earthquake was better and had a nice strength battle with Animal, including a real impressive catching of Animal and turning it into a backbreaker. Bossman was a lunatic here, moving a million miles an hour and just flying all over the ring and the floor to get the better of IRS early on. He really looked great here but got eliminated after a briefcase shot. This has a lame finish as IRS accidentally hits Typhoon with the case and he gets pinned, so Earthquake just walks off and leaves IRS to get picked off by the tag champs to end the show. What a weird main event this show had.
  2. AstroBoy

    AJ Styles vs Romeo Bliss (NWA Wildside 10/07/00)

    This kind of hit the sweet spot for me. AJ bumps around for Romeo and then Romeo gets posted and from there it's a simple story. AJ uses his opportunity on offense to try to put him away with flashy moves, giving comebacks to Romeo when he takes too many stupid risks. I got behind Romeo here (the blood added alot) as he tried to hang in there and played the gutsy babyface fighting with pride and courage. Good rollup finish. **1/2
  3. The story here is strong and definitely carries the day. Akiyama is getting more and more cocky and aggressive and goes right at Kobashi, eventually taking him out on the rampway with a spiked piledriver. The work in between that and the Kobashi comeback is pedestrian, but the Kobashi hulk up is milked for a ton. He destroys Akiyama, then Kanemaru, then Akiyama again with the lariat and gets the shock pin to reassert himself in a big way. The purple and black was a nice touch too. **3/4
  4. Scorpio's antics help give the early moments of this some flavor and intrigue. He looks good and has great impact on both his standing moonsault and the flipping leg drop late in the match. Slinger was adequate but didn't stand out in any way, same with Kenta here. Marufuji I thought was the one who reached a bit too much here. He was a little sloppy trying to execute spots he couldn't quite pull off, maybe a little overzealous to bust out flashy offense. A couple nice nearfalls that the young guys get to kick out of but Marufuji succumbs to a german suplex by Slinger. Pretty much the definition of an average match. **1/2
  5. AstroBoy

    Greatest Match Ever Project

    Yeah no matter what I am just happy that you all put this project together. So many matches to check out.
  6. AstroBoy

    Greatest Match Ever Project

    I haven't posted over there in a while but playing devil's advocate here -- I nominated a few matches at one point and they were quickly just buried in the nomination folder with no replies at all. This isn't about me but a more general issue of if people are nominating matches and there is no actual discussion about the matches, then so much stuff just gets lost in the shuffle. It's not like people are not seconding or thirding a lot of these nominations, it's that they aren't getting any discussion at all. I think the thing is that there are just SO MANY MORE matches than there are wrestlers, and therefore you have so much ground to cover just to nominate things you think you might vote for. And even then, you're probably missing or forgetting some stuff. It's just a tall task to try to get everyone to nominate everything they want while also getting others to vouch for them or disagree with them, and then leave time to actually watch other stuff.
  7. AstroBoy

    Spanky vs American Dragon (MCW Memphis 10/07/00)

    This may have been my favorite match of theirs yet. Nice, fluid mat work early leading to Spanky getting the better of it with his speed and some real nice agile spots to take over. Dragon's transition to offense with a big reverse suplex felt like a solid way to strongly change the complexion of the match. Dragon showed a real nice vicious side on offense and they do display some cool ideas. Spanky jumping on the top rope to avoid Dragon was neat but ultimately felt out of place, like they tried to shoehorn it in here. The finishing run gets going real good and they really build strongly to Spanky's big splash ending things. ***1/2
  8. Takayama shaking off the surprise dropkick at the start was great. Kikuchi cleverly uses his smarts to attack a limb and get some momentary light to go on offense but obviously that wasn't going to hold up. Takayama's knees here were vicious and looked totally killer. The ref stoppage added some real gravity to help get Takayama over as a beast here, too. ***
  9. AstroBoy

    Takeshi Morishima vs Vader (NOAH 10/07/00)

    This was awesome. Morishima comes out of this looking better, actually, given that he jumps Vader and pounds on him without any hesitation to start the match. Vader is just Vader, though, and mauls him pretty thoroughly. Vader was really laying in the shots here and it was a great clash of bulls fight, albeit one-sided. I loved the surprising finish of him just beating on Morishima and then covering him for a cumulative damage pinfall. Really great showcase for Vader while keeping a young giant strong in the process. **1/2
  10. AstroBoy

    HHH vs Kurt Angle (WWF Raw is War 10/02/00)

    I absolutely liked this more than the pay per view match. Better pace, more discernible hatred, better character work. Angle is steadily coming along a bit week by week but I still think he struggled here to be that compelling on top. Luckily, this goes by quickly and it doesn't have a chance to lose its intensity. I even like the finish and Angle really was in a spot to capitalize off a win at this point. ***1/4
  11. Does Graves or whoever think that Punk is going to reconsider or something? Like he is desperate to crawl back? Who knows the whole story but Punk seems perfectly happy doing his own thing even if he isn't a success at it. It only makes people like Graves look stupid for caring so much about him while they carry out their soulless WWE shilling company man routine. I get not liking Punk or even being happy to see him fail, but people act like the guy left them high and dry in some awful way.
  12. Nothing special but they go out and have a very smooth, very enjoyable compact match where everyone gets to shine a bit. Angle gets to be the fall guy for Rikishi spots. Good TV match. *3/4
  13. I thought Benoit's promo was really good before the match. An intense few minutes with Benoit especially looking solid, making Jericho's offense look as good as possible. To his credit, Jericho really brings stiff chops to these Benoit matches. Triple H runs in for an effective brawl and I am surprised at how strong they positioned Benoit during this pull-apart. *1/2
  14. AstroBoy

    PWO Marketplace

    Yeah I think this is a good idea.
  15. AstroBoy

    The big announcement

    Fantastic idea and I can't wait to see this take off. I will help in any way possible!