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    World Wrestling Association results thread 1983

    Now this is the type of card that is cool to read. Love the inter-promotional idea because it allows us to read one great match after another. I found myself rooting as I was reading the matches. Still upset that Atlas lost!
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    NWA Champion Booking Thread (Post-July 1983)

    Maybe Race could make an appearance in Memphis before the belt goes to Flair. How about 11/19 for TV and 11/21 for the Mid-South Coliseum
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    Memphis: CWA WRESTLING

    If you wouldn't mind reading my CWA Memphis show to give me some feedback. I have never written a major card before and was just looking for some advice. Any feed back would be great.
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    Memphis: CWA WRESTLING

    Thanks for the reviews. I agree a bit heelish by Lawler. Maybe they are just so sick of Ladd they are willing to fight fire with fire. Maybe it is very heelish and that's why no Idol. Maybe Idol is jealous of Lawler. I hope lot's of maybe's is good for wrestling. While I have some good heels, I am short of babyfaces so I really need to think this out. I admire you guys who have promotions so well planned out. I just sit down and write and hope I am creative that night. This will bite me in the ass soon as I get stuck in a corner I can't get out of.
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    Mid South Wrestling on Tour Nov. 1983

    Good TV show that really develops the cards at the Superdome! Can't wait for the Dibiase/JYD match. You also have some great tag teams going at it.
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    December 1983 Draft

    drop at the same time
  7. kevinmcfl

    December 1983 Draft

    They would have to drop someone.
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    MACW - October 1983

    Such a well created roster with heels from all the right places makes for great memories. This is what I miss most about wrestling. Today's shows and their PG attitude don't touch on the current events the way they used to. Your promotion has such a great 1983 feel. Keep up the good work and keep the Cold War going!
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    Forced Hiatus

    Please keep doing whatever you can. I enjoy working with you and reading what you do.
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    December 1983 Draft

    Memphis will pass this month
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    Trade deals

    Memphis sends Tommy Gilbert and Ken Raper to Midsouth in exchange for Mark Savage and Burrhead Jones
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    Title Holders

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    MACW - October 1983

    Now that is a card I would have love to have seen. Love the idea of Gordy as a singles champ and Hayes and Roberts as Tag Champs. I could only imagine the anger in the crowd when the US Championship is announced as the New Iran Championship. Good use of all that the NWA has to offer.
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    Championship Wrestling from Florida

    Good show! Love the use of Mike VonErich. It's great to see a staple feud like Rhodes and Sullivan. I am just as interested as to who steps up for the Briscos.. Would love to be able to use visuals like you. Makes for a great show.
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    December Freelancers Thread

    Memphis would like the Sheik on 12/19
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    NWA Champion Booking Thread (Post-July 1983)

    Yes, Memphis would like to keep dates
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    December Freelancers Thread

    Memphis would like to request Brody on 12/26
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    November 1983 Freelancers Booking Thread

    Memphis would also like Brody and Hansen for 11/21
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    Memphis: CWA WRESTLING

    Continental Wrestling Association 10/29/1983 MSC STUDIOS (Memphis) FEED RECEIVED IN WESTERN TENNESSEE, NORTHERN MISSISSIPPI EASTERN ARKANSAS, SOUTHEAST MISSOURI AND PARTS OF INDIANA AND KENTUCKY! Lance Russell: "Hello again, everybody! Lance Russell and Dave Brown here again for CWA Wrestling in Memphis, TN. Our first segment as always will be “This Week in the CWA” Dave take it away. Dave Brown: Well thank you Lance and great to be with you and all the wonderful wrestling fans here in the CWA. Let me get all the fans caught up on all the action from this past week. · Well it was a relatively quiet week here in the CWA as all roads lead to Halloween Night at the Mid-South Coliseum but there were a few major events. First, the AWA has announced that whoever is the AWA Southern Tag Team Champions on November 7th will get a shot at the AWA Tag Team Titles right here in the Memphis. Just as we are unsure of who the Southern Tag Champs are right now, the AWA Tag Championship is also up in the air as the Road Warriors will have a major match with the Wild Bills. · In a rather strange turn of events, King Cobra turned on his tag team partner Tony Anthony. This occurred last Sunday in Jonesboro, Arkansas as Cobra and Anthony took on newcomers, Moondog Moretti and Hacksaw Higgans. The match started without Tony Anthony who claimed car trouble for his lateness. Moretti and Higgans had their way with Cobra. After Higgans nailed him with a Powerbomb followed by a leg drop, he covered King Cobra. As the ref made the count, Tony Anthony charged the ring but got there too late. Higgans got the 3 count. Tony tried to help his partner up but Cobra wanted nothing off it. After hearing enough of Tony’s pleading, King Cobra turned and sucker punched his partner. He proceeded to beat him until Len Denton rushed to the ring to protect Tony Anthony. · MATCH OF THE WEEK: In last week’s main event at the Mid-South Coliseum, Hacksaw Reed and Ernie Ladd beat Jerry “The King” Lawler and Junk Yard Dog when Reed caught Lawler in a Gorilla Press Slam as JYD and Ladd battled on the outside of the ring. · WRESTLER OF THE WEEK: “Hacksaw” Butch Reed had a special week. Not only did he and Ladd defeat JYD and Lawler but he also had a victory over Superstar Graham in Evansville and a victory over Austin Idol in Nashville. · TITLE MATCHES: Mississippi Valley Tag Title Match: Champions Hacksaw Higgans and Moondog Moretti defeated King Cobra and Tony Anthony · Successful Debuts: The Minnesota Wrecking Crew, Lars and Gene Anderson, defeated TNT, Adias and Gilbert in Johnson City TN when Gene Anderson nearly tore Gilbert’s arm from its socket. The Golden Grahams, Mike Graham and Luke Graham each had victories in their first singles competition here in CWA. Mike Graham had a huge win over King Cobra and Luke Graham defeated Randy Barber. Both matches were in Caruthersville, Missouri. Tommy Lane started his young career in CWA by going 2-0 with victories over Scotty Ferris and Buck Zumhoffe. Lance Russell: Well thanks for that report Dave. And what do we have in store for the great fans here today? Dave Brown: "Well, Lance, 5 big matches today. First it will be Hacksaw Reed vs Scott Ferris. In our second match, Mike Graham vs Randy Barber. Next we have The House of Humperdink and Jesse Barr taking on Brian Adias. Our last two matches will be the semifinals for the CWA Television Title Tournament. In one semi-final, it will be Lars Anderson and King Cobra and in the other semi-final Austin Idol takes on Big Red Reese. We will also hear from the Ernie Ladd, Sir Oliver Humperdink and The Southern Heavyweight Champion, Jerry Lawler. Lance Russell: “Wow Dave what a show we have tonight. We will get right to the action after this commercial break.” >> Lance Russell runs down the upcoming schedule for the CWA! October 29: Lexington, Kentucky at Rupp Arena October 30: Forest City, Arkansas at the National Guard Armory October 31: Memphis, TN at the Mid-South Coliseum November 1: Evansville, IN at the Soldiers & Sailors Coliseum November 2: Louisville KY at the Louisville Gardens November 3: Nashville TN at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds November 4: Oxford, MS at the “Tadd” Smith Coliseum Rundown of Matches for Halloween Night at the Mid-South Coliseum · The Commonwealth vs TNT · MISSISSIPPI VALLEY TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: The Golden Grahams vs Hacksaw Higgans and Moondog Moretti · Tony Anthony vs King Cobra · TV TITLE FINALS: Wrestlers to be determined tonight · NWA MID-AMERICAN TITLE TOURNAMENT: Austin Idol, Hacksaw Reed, Superstar Graham and Plowboy Frazier · AWA SOUTHERN TAG TEAM TITLE: Rock N Roll Express vs Bruise Brothers · AWA SOUTHERN HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE: Steel Cage/No Time Limit Jerry “The King” Lawler vs Ernie “The King” Ladd WINNER ALSO CLAIMS THE TITLE OF THE KING OF CWA WRESTLING Lance Russell: "We're back and let’s get right to the ring! Take it away Dave. Dave Brown: Ok Lance, here we go. Already in the ring and getting ready for action is Tommy Gilbert. His opponent, weighing 262 pounds from Kansas City, Missouri, wearing the yellow and red tights and headband is none other than “Hacksaw” Butch Reed. Your referee is Jerry Calhoun. MATCH #1: HACKSAW BUTCH REED VS Sweet Daddy O This is a total squash match as Reed just pummels Gilbert from beginning to end. From a backbreaker to a short armed clothesline to a double underhook suplex, this match is over before it starts. Even though Sweet Daddy O is basically out on his feet, it doesn’t stop Reed from using his signature finisher. The Gorilla Press! That’s all she wrote. Reed by pinfall in 3:23. Lance Russell: Well, I must say, Hacksaw that was impressive! Hacksaw Reed: Of course it was Russell! I am unstoppable. Everything this organization puts in front on me will get destroyed. Look at what I have done to the likes of Lawler, Idol and Graham in just a short period of time. Ernie Ladd called me to help clean up this racist culture in Memphis and Black Power is rising. Hacksaw Reed: And don’t let me forget that weasel Junk Yard Dog! You are sticking your nose where it don’t belong! Anytime anyplace Dog! My Gorilla Slam works best on Uncle Tom’s like you. Just ask that sorry case for a Black man that just wrestled me. That’s right boys, get the STRETCHER for SWEET MOMMY O! Lance Russell: Well that’s enough! It is one thing to defeat another man but to try and hurt him is another. Ernie Ladd: Well I will once again put you and the rest of these clueless white folks in your place. For centuries, the people of this area have been hurting the black man. It is now time for a little reversal of fortunes. Anyone, white or black who gets in the way of the Army will go down. Monday, Halloween Night in the Mid-South Coliseum, I will take out Jerry Lawler once and for all! I will own his white behind in that steel cage. I am going to get even for 300 years of oppression and when we am done, Hacksaw Reed will be the new Mid-American Champion and I will be the Southern Heavyweight Champion. There is nothing that snake in the grass Jarrett or anyone else here can do about it! Lance Russell: Well, we will just have to wait and see. It is going to be a very interesting night of wrestling this Monday night. Ernie Ladd: We will not have to wait until Monday. The Army always has a plan. We have a little surprise for you dummies here tonight. Just wait and see as the plan starts to come together. And one last thing! I am sick and tired of that Junk Yard Dog interfering in what is right for the black folk of Memphis. He has no clue but keeps sticking his nose in my business. Fair warning Dog, get out of the way. We have no time for Uncle you and you are about to get hurt real bad! Lance Russell: Well Mr. Ladd, are you going to keep us in suspense again this week or will you give us a hint at your surprise? Ernie Ladd: You people are so stupid a hint would only confuse you. All you have to do is listen to me and it all eventually comes to fruition. If you had any brains at all, you would already have figured it out. Lance Russell: Well Dave, let’s get right to our second match. Dave Brown: Ladies and Gentleman, making his first appearance in CWA Wrestling, from Tampa, Florida, Mike Graham. Dave Brown: His opponent tonight is Randy Barber. MATCH 2: MIKE GRAHAM VS RANDY BARBER The match begins as a real technical match which has Graham one step ahead at all time. Barber tried to change all this as he backed Graham to the corner and threw a wild right hand but it was blocked. Graham agreed to fight fire with fire and returned a few haymakers of his own. After an Irish Whip and a Lou Thez Pres, Ref Jerry Calhoun made the three count. Mike Graham pinned Randy Barber at 5:48. Lance Russell: Well let me formally welcome you to CWA Wrestling and thank you for stopping Big Red Reese from injuring Superstar last week! Mike Graham: Well Lance, thank you for the kind words. I have wrestled all over this country and recently have been in the Mississippi Valley. Last week, I had a bad feeling about what was going on, so I came up in case my family needed me. Lance Russell: Family? Mike Graham: That’s right Lance, us Grahams stick together. Attack one member of the Golden Graham Clan and you attack all of us. Lance Russell: Does that mean you are related to Superstar Graham? Mike Graham: Yes, and the other lunatic out there with me throwing Wild Haymakers was our other cousin, “Wild” Luke Graham. Luke Graham: That’s right Lance, The Grahams aren’t going to sit back and wait any longer. Ladd’s Army wants a fight? They picked on the wrong family this time. Us Southerners are raised correctly. We are kind and gentle until our honor is questioned. Ladd, Reed, and most importantly, Big Red, run while you can still WALK! We have been fighting together for a long time and nobody does mean and nasty the way Luke Graham does. Mike might be the kinder, better spoken of the Grahams but trust me! As you saw tonight with Randy Barber, cross him once and you are going down. Superstar Graham: Well now this is a wrestling family. Forget about that Minnesota Wrecking Crew and the Anderson’s. Forget about Ladd and his so called family! Blood is thicker than water and it will be their blood spilled in the streets around Memphis from now on. The Golden Graham Clan is here to fight! Lance Russell: Well things here in Memphis are really heating up of late. Also folks, remember this strange announcement last week. JR Foley: Ladies and Gentleman of Memphis, I am JR Foley and I am the leader of the Commonwealth. We are coming to an arena near you very soon as we are waging war on the uneducated and uncultured people of your area! My men will soon lead a movement to try and enlighten the people of the American South. Lance Russell: This lunatic and The Commonwealth are set to make their CWA debuts in the Mid-South Coliseum on Halloween night. I can’t wait to see what this is all about. We need to take a break. > Lance Russell: We are back with Sir Oliver Humperdink who as usual has something to complain about. Humperdink: That’s right pencil nose. This Monday Night, Halloween Night, there is a wrestling extravaganza at the Mid-South Coliseum. On this card, there are 5 Title Matches. Count them stupid. 5 Title Matches and the CWA has found a way to leave the First Family of Wrestling, The House of Humperdink, out of 4 of them. Lance Russell: Well if that is your logic, the CWA might keep you out of all 5. Plowboy Frazier will have to win his first round match Monday night just to have a chance at the NWA Mid-American Title. Humperdink: You must be out of your mind Russell! Plowboy Frazier is unstoppable. He will not only will win the first round match but he will walk out as the new Mid-American Champion. My argument is with the pinheads who are making The Japanese Assassins wit for a title shot while the Rock N Roll Express and The Bruise Brothers just sit and hid from my stable. Lance Russell: I don’t think they are hiding. In fact they are in the midst of one of the most grueling showdowns I have ever witnessed in CWA Wrestling. Humperdink: You call that grueling, just wait until Magic Dragon catches one of them with a sliding dropkick into the Japanese Sleeper or Goro nails a powerbomb. It is only a matter of time. Speaking of time, let’s get to the ring as Jesse Barr will show this audience the awesomeness of The House of Humperdink. Lance Russell: I actually agree with you, let’s get to the ring so you can go away. MATCH 3: Jesse Barr vs Brian Adias Brian Adias has been slowly climbing the ratings in both the singles and tag divisions but he might have bitten off more than he can chew here tonight. Barr, the former NWA Mid-American title holder, continues with his new mean streak. Adias is able to match wrestling move for wrestling move with Barr. From side headlock to hammerlock to leg-drop take downs, the match is fast paced and action filled. After a collar and elbow tie up, Barr pushes Adias to the corner and instead of a clean break, Barr catches Adias with an elbow to the top of the head. From here, Barr continues to rough up Adias with very physical moves that includes a scoop slam. Barr picks up Adias and drops him throat first across the top rope and finishes him off with a Running Bulldog! Ref Jerry Calhoun makes the 3 count and Barr gains the victory at 7:21. Lance Russell: Ladies and Gentlemen, standing to my right, is one of the best tag teams in CWA history. Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson! The Rock N Roll Express. Robert Gibson: Well thank you Lance for that introduction but we are in the fight of our lives with the Bruise Brothers. Ricky Morton: That’s right Robert. It’s Game 7. One match for all the marbles. I heard the Bruise Brothers out here last week saying they were going to destroy us. That we had no shot. Calling us little girls. The worst part of all of this is the waiting. We have been waiting for Halloween night for almost 2 weeks now. Those two goons talk a lot of nonsense and Lance Russell: Well let’s hope that Robert Gibson is ok but Halloween night is only 2 days away. Remember, the team that loses cannot have another title match for a full calendar year. As we go to break, take a look at the latest CWA ratings. A RANKINGS AS OF 10/29 SINGLES: TAG TEAMS: 1. Jerry The King Lawler 1. The Rock N Roll Express 2. Ernie Ladd 2. The Bruise Brothers 3. “Hacksaw” Butch Reed 3. The Japanese Assassins 4. Austin Idol 4. Hacksaw Higgans and Moondog Moretti 5. Plowboy Frazier 5. Minnesota Wrecking Crew 6. Lars Anderson CWA CHAMPIONS: 7. Superstar Graham 1. Southern Heavyweight Champ: Jerry Lawler 8. Jesse Barr 2. Southern Tag Team Champions: Rock N Roll Express 9. Big Red Reese 3. Mid-American Champion: VACANT 10. Mike Graham 4. CWA TV TITLE: VACANT 5. MS Valley Tag Title: Hacksaw Higgans/Moondog Moretti > Dave Brown: Ladies and gentlemen, our next match is the first semifinal in the CWA Television Title Tournament. Already in the ring, from right here in Memphis, TN, King Cobra. Dave Brown: And making his way to the ring now, ½ of the Minnesota Wrecking Crew, Lars Anderson. MATCH 4: Lars Anderson vs King Cobra: Winner to the Finals of the TV Title Tournament What a great match. King Cobra starts off really quickly catching Lars Anderson with a couple of flying head scissors. He might have thought Anderson was hurt worse than he really was as he tried to set him up for the Cobra Clutch. Anderson used his weight advantage and forces Cobra back into the corner slamming him into the turnbuckle. From here, he begins to wear down the right arm of King Cobra. As he cinches in the armbar it appears that King Cobra is about to submit when out of nowhere comes Ernie Ladd and Hacksaw Reed. They begin to pummel Lars Anderson as Ref Paul Morton calls for the bell. Gene Anderson hits the ring and tries to protect his older brother. With the odds also against him, Gene receives some of the same treatment. King Cobra and Reed hold Gene while Ladd hits him with a Big Boot. Next, Gorilla Slam on Lars. Both Andersons are hit with a Spike Piledriver by Hacksaw Reed. As help comes for the Andersons, King Cobra, Hacksaw Reed and Ernie Ladd raise their arms in symbol of Black Power. Lars Anderson is the winner by DQ but will he be able to wrestle in the finals due to the beating he just received. Lance Russell: Ernie Ladd, was this the plan you had mentioned earlier? Ernie Ladd: You finally got somethum right Russell. I told you last week that I made a call for all black wrestlers to join the cause. After Tony Anthony left King Cobra high and dry this past week, King Cobra came to his senses. He realized the white man couldn’t care less about him. He is now down for the cause and the Army is continuing to grow. Lance Russell: King Cobra? How could you turn against these people? They have been behind you since high school. I mean you are from right here in Memphis. King Cobra: As I began to think about this, I started to see what Ernie was talking about. I mean this city has roads closed to black people. It has statues honoring the KKK and you would not catch a white person in the neighborhood I grew up in. I mean we were so poor but nobody cared. They just left us to rot while they lived in their huge homes, drove fancy cars and had the best schools. I mean the world I grew up in and the one Jerry Lawler grew up in are only a few miles apart but they are from two different worlds. Ernie is right. We only exist to do their work. I mean I am sick and tired of carrying Tony Anthony is all our matches. He didn’t even have the respect to show up for our tag match last week. I won’t carry his but no more. Black Power! Lance Russell: Austin Idol better watch his back. He is up next against another of Ladd’s men, Big Red Reese. We will be right back! > Dave Brown: Well this Main Event is the second semifinal in the CWA Television Title Tournament. It will be The Universal Heartthrob, Austin Idol vs Big Red Reese. MATCH 4: BIG RED REESE VS AUSTIN IDOL Lance Russell: This match will be time limit remaining. If it does not end prior to going off the air, it will continue until we have a winner. The match is a back and forth match that has Idol doing everything in his power to take the 6’5, 410 monster off his feet but is mostly unsuccessful. Reese overpowers Idol and after a massive bodyslam, he goes for the Holy Ghost Splash. If he nails it, the match is over. He leaps and crashed down! Idol rolls out at the last second and quickly jumps to his feet. He grabs one of Big Red’s tree trunks he calls legs and steps over it. He is going for the Las Vegas Leglock! He’s got it. The Vegas Leg Lock is clamped in and Reese is in agony. Lance Russell: About 3 minute remains. Idol still has the Leg Lock clamped on Reese who starts to crawl to the ropes. Ladd approaches the apron and appears like he is going to interfere. Superstar Graham and Hacksaw Reed are going at it on the other side of the ring. Lance Russell: Just as Reese reaches the ropes, Lawler swings the chair at Ladd. Ladd somehow ducks away at the last second and the chair comes crashing down on the forehead of Reese. Referee Jerry Calhoun immediately calls for the bell as Austin Idol has been disqualified. Ladd, realizing Reese is hurt and he quickly helps him from the ring and the entire Army high-tails it back to the locker room. Jerry Lawler: I know there is only a few seconds left but Monday, Mid-South Coliseum. Ernie Ladd you BIG DUMMY! You are mine. I am sick and tired of your nonsense. I am going to fight fire with fire. Somehow, someway you are going to pay! Voice Over: "The announcers on this program are selected and paid by parties other than this station, namely, the promoters of Championship Wrestling."
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    Big Time Wrestling

    Enjoyed reading it. Love the graphics! That is one tough tournament to see Backlund and Morales loose in the first round. Enjoyed seeing you post records. That is something that is different and tries to legitamize the sport.
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    Forced Hiatus

    Good Luck and look forward to your return.
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    American Wrestling Association results

    Good show. The Rock N Roll Express is getting ready for Nov.7th against your AWA Tag Champions.
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    International Championship Wrestling

    Love the graphics. The promo for ICW is great! I am so not good with computers but your visuals make the reading so much more real! Great work.
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    Free Agency Wire

    Memphis would like to add Bill Ash while releasing Buck Zumhoffe
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    Memphis: CWA WRESTLING

    Might have carried away with JYD Big Thump on Reese. Just so excited to get to use him.