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    Dirt Sheets

    Memphis News -It seems the Continental Wrestling Association is trying its best to keep up with the times and get a national TV contract. Jerry Jarrett has been in meetings with many major players in the cable industry including WTBS and Ted Turner. Ted Turner is believed to love the current roster but wants the CWA to move its headquarters to Atlanta. -If Turner and Jarrett reach an agreement, what will become of the CWA/AWA Alliance. Everyone knows that Georgia is an NWA town but the CWA and especially Lawler have been unhappy with the actions and lack of respect of both the NWA and its champion Ric Flair. If CWA goes fully NWA, it is rumored Lawler wants out! Lawler is actually in negotiations with Jarrett himself to buy part of the company. If this happens, it would be hard pressed seeing it move away from the King's hometown. Lawler says he wants in now because of the bright future of the CWA. He says he has never seen 4 rookie wrestlers like Bam Bam Bigelow, Shane Douglas, Steve Simpson and Wendell Cooley in one place at one time. -Many of the wrestlers have also heard this rumor and are upset about possible travel issues. TBS is centered in Atlanta but the major show for CWA is a weekly program in the Mid-South Coliseum in Memphis. Tony Atlas was overheard complaining about recent remarks by Rocky Johnson up in the Detroit area. These two former partners seem lucky that they are separated by some 500 miles. Let's see if they can stay away from each other or will this feud turn hot. -Ernie Ladd seems to be up to his old tricks again. He has angered everyone from Troy Graham to Butch Reed of late. Will his size and athleticism allow him to keep running his mouth or is his age keeping up with him. -It is true, Jarrett has signed Baron Von Raschke and The Spoiler. This might have something to do with Ted Turner and Georgia as they were recently major players in Georgia Championship Wrestling. Jarrett might be trying to bring back some of the old talent to entice Turner and reignite the Georgia Wrastlin Scene as it has been quiet of late. It seems that the CWA's next big event, St. Valentine's Eve Massacre on Feb 13th will bring back some Memphis favorites. Stay tuned for more details.
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    Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling Events

    Wow, Rip Rogers with wins over both Pedro Morales and Pez Whatley. He is on a roll. A 10 Man Tag Match: That's the way to get the feuds going and the whole roster involved in a match with little long term meaning. Very Nice!
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    Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling Events

    Great work getting the Vachons back! Love the way you worked in unsigned contracts. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the freebirds. I think they are a promotion changer! I feel the same about Skandar Akbar! Glad to see the Strongbows back together! I am also interested in who comes to feud with Terry Taylor. U.S. Title is a pretty big deal. Good Luck. Any way I could be of help, please ask.
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    1983 Project General Chatter Thread

    Seems like Jeff Sword was very active in 1984. I think it someone wants to work with him it should be okay.
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    Big Time Wrestling

    Your graphics skills continue to amaze!
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    Free Agency Wire

    With trading Mark Youngblood to WWA, my 35th roster spot is now open. I am moving Ted Allen into a jobber role in the 35th spot and adding Tommy Gilbert and Wendell Cooley to join him in that spot. To place in an active role in the 34th roster spot, I now add Steve Simpson.
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    Trade deals

    Sorry, not Jules Strongbow, Mark Youngblood to WWA. Got my Indians confused.
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    Trade deals

    Memphis trades Jules Strongbow to WWA for future considerations.
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    Free Agency Wire

    With trading Norvell Austin to Southeast. My 36th roster spot is now open. I will pick the following 3 jobbers to fill it with a jobber pack. 1. Ken Raper 2. David Johnson 3. Robert Reed
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    Proposal - Jobber Section

    Is this good to go. Patrick seems to have updated his roster. Unfortunately, my TV show is on hold due to some awaiting deals which has left me with a lack of enhancement talent.
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    February Freelancer Booking Ledger

    Memphis requests Andre the Giant for Feb 13th
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    Proposal - Jobber Section

    I am good. Just waiting for the word to begin.
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    Championship Wrestling from Florida

    Florida wrestling at its best. Feuds between what is right and what is a carnival of evil Dusty and Lord Alfred continue to be great.
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    Big Time Wrestling

    Wow, Adonis and Murdoch having a tough time lately. Love the records you keep up. Minnesota Wrecking CREW on a roll. What's up next for The Hammer? Love your idea of BTW but this roster is worthy of WWF! Wish I had 1% of your graphics ability. Keep up the great work.
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    Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling

    Good Luck and welcome aboard
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    NWA World Heavyweight Champion Booking Thread

    Memphis requests the champ on March 5 and March 26
  17. kevinmcfl

    Free Agency Wire

    Just a reminder, Memphis dropped Moondog Moretti and added The Spoiler. Thanks for all your help.
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    Proposal - Jobber Section

    I believe that should be fine. We should be able to use spot 35 and 36 as either a jobber pack or a wrestler you wish to use in an angle and develop.
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    American Wrestling Association results

    Now the Cow Palace really spent some money on this show. 34 Wrestlers most of who are pretty big names. Love the use of the roster!
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    Proposal - Jobber Section

    When is this going into effect?
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    American Wrestling Association results

    Really solid show with a great build up to Milwaukee. Your roster has some great angles going and you have it set up with the Main-eventers going head to head... perfect for the viewer. I love the idea of using Hansen as a champ! Sorry I didn't introduce him as the AWA Champ last time he was in Memphis but I was behind on my reading. Love shows that end with some chaos.
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    WWA results 1984

    Love the format of the show. Really solid card all around. Race vs Flair on TV WOW!
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    Memphis: CWA WRESTLING

    CWA WRESTLING: 1/21/1984: MSC STUDIOS (Memphis) SHOWN ON FOX AFFILATES THROUGHOUT TENNESSEE, ARKANSAS, KENTUCKY, AND PARTS OF MISSISSIPPI, MISSOURI AND INDIANA. Lance Russell: "Hello again, everybody! Lance Russell and Dave Brown here again for CWA Wrestling in Memphis, TN. Let’s get right to our first segment, “This Week in the CWA.” Dave take it away. Dave Brown: Well thank you Lance and great to be with you and all the wrestling fans here in the CWA. What a week it was in the CWA. The Night of Dreams event at the Mid-South Coliseum was truly historical. The first ever CWA Heavyweight Champion was crowned and another title changed hands but more on that in just a minute. It seems that the ever growing CWA continues to draw some of the biggest names in the industry. This past week was no different. Jerry Jarrett has been in negotiations with a few of the big names in the industry. First, “The Clawmaster,” Baron Von Raschke. He is an 18 time champion including being a 5 time World Tag Team Champion. He is 6’3, 281 pounds from our Cold War enemy. East Germany. It is also rumored that Jarrett has been talking to The Spoiler, another master of the Iron Claw. He is a 44 time champion and also a master in the art of tag team wrestling. He has been a 4 time world Champion. I am sure the rest of the CWA is on alert because if they do sign, there might be some added chaos around here. Okay, let’s get to a recap of the Night of Dreams. MATCH OF THE WEEK: Austin Idol vs Jerry Lawler That’s right folks, your two biggest fan favorites won their semi-final matches in the CWA Tournament and faced off against one another. First, Lawler defeated Hacksaw Reed in his semi-final as Ernie Ladd interfered in the match causing Lawler to gain the victory. Idol was able to get a surprise victory against Lord Humongous as he caught him with a roll-up. The Championship began with a surprise visit from the NWA Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair. He introduced Lawler and Idol and also said he would meet the winner in a NWA World Title Match this Monday Night at the Mid-South Coliseum. Since words can’t do this battle justice, let’s go to the video tape. We pick up this match for the first ever CWA Champion with about 5 minutes to go. After a few wild haymakers, Idol is now in control. He is able to place the Las Vegas Leglock on Lawler. He uses the ropes to his advantage as he pulls up on them increasing the pressure on Lawler. Lawler refuses to submit but each time ref Jerry Calhoun asks Lawler if he wants to give, Idol grabs those ropes and really amps it up. Finally, Calhoun catches Idol and what he is doing. He demands Austin to break the hold but Idol refuses until the last possible second before he was to be disqualified. To Calhoun’s credit, he gets right in Idol’s face and begins to admonish him and pushes him back to the corner. Idol starts going right back at Calhoun and the two are really jarring back and forth. WHAM! Ric Flair has just blasted Jerry Lawler with that champagne bottle that Lawler and Idol had carried to ringside. Lawler is busted wide open but more importantly, he is out cold. Idol stops arguing with Calhoun as Flair sits back down. Idol rushed over to Lawler and drags him away from the ropes. Idol covers Lawler and hook the leg. Calhoun, confused, doesn’t know what happened but knows he must begin the count. 1… 2… 3… Austin Idol has defeated Jerry Lawler and is the first ever CWA Champion. Ric Flair rushes into the ring and hands Idol the belt. The two embrace and start to taunt Lawler. This was all a setup and seems to have been planned for some time. Lawler is just starting to come to and looks confused. Idol and Flair attack Lawler and start alternating elbow drops on the King. The fans have no lost control. They begin to throw things in the ring. They can’t believe the deceit of Idol and Flair. They are beside themselves. A few even try to storm the ring. Flair and Idol realize they could be in serious trouble and hightail it back to the dressing room. They are dodging bottles and all sorts of debris on their way to the locker room. Lawler is just sitting up in the ring and can’t believe Austin Idol has turned on him again. Dave Brown: We will hear from both Lawler and Idol on tonight’s show. Let’s keep moving as there is so much to discuss. TAG TEAM OF THE WEEK: The Kansas Jayhawks “Dirty Dutch Mantell and Bobby Jaggers defeated Jules Strongbow and Mark Youngblood for the NWA Mid-American Tag Titles this past Monday in an Indian Strap Match. This match was so brutal that again, only pictures can do it justice. Let’s again go to the VTR After a double team move that included spitting tobacco in the eyes of their opponents, “Dirty” Dutch threw Youngblood over the top rope and yanked back on the rope just as Youngblood went over. This action caused Youngblood to basically hang himself. Jaggers was able to execute the exact move on Strongbow. The Jayhawks began to pull the Indians to the first corner. Every time either Strongbow or Youngblood would get their feet on the apron, the Jayhawks would kick them off to continue the “hanging” action. Second turnbuckle….. No change. Third turnbuckle….. No change. The Kansas Jayhawks reach the fourth turnbuckle and smile at each other. WHACK! They slap the 4th and final turnbuckle! NEW MID-AMERICAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS. Dave Brown: After the match, EMS worked on both Strongbow and Youngblood. Both wrestlers left the ring on a stretcher and in a neck brace. They were rushed to a local hospital for medical care. We are still unsure of when they will return. WRESTLER OF THE WEEK: Austin Idol Austin Idol claims this award for becoming the first ever Continental Heavyweight Championship. We are still waiting to talk to him to see if he knew of the plain of Ric Flair and where this leaves his relationship with “the King” Jerry Lawler. For now, we congratulate him on his victory but there is some suspicion as to how he won it. OTHER NOTES Ernie Ladd and The Dream Machine had a no contest at their match at Night of Dreams as the two never made it to the ring as they brawled up and down the aisle. Ladd, still after that mask, asked Jerry Jarrett for a rematch but we have yet get a response from Mr. Jarrett. We also have the return of Continental Wrestling Association Rankings and you will see them tonight as we go to our third TV break. Lance Russell: “Wow Dave, what a week it was. I truly hope that Jerry Lawler and Austin Idol can mend their friendship but only time will tell. I mean it was the first time is quite a while that Lawler, Dundee and Idol were on the same page. Let’s get right to the ring for our first match. MATCH #1: NWA Mid-AMERICAN CHAMP Hacksaw Reed vs Scott Bigelow This is Scott Bigelow’s first ever bout and it really shows. Reed dominates him and the end comes just 3:11 in as Hacksaw Reed connects with a short-armed clothesline. Even though it was a quick match, you can see the potential in Bigelow. He has great size at 6’4 and over 300 pounds and is really agile. CWA fans need to keep an eye on this guy. Lance Russell: Well Mr. Reed. I see that you are out here by yourself today. Is there a problem between you are Ernie Ladd and will he be in your corner for your upcoming bout against Mr. USA, Tony Atlas. Hacksaw Reed: It is none of your business if Ernie Ladd and I are on the same page. As for Tony Atlas. You better watch you back boy! I somehow lost to that punk Jerry Lawler last Monday at the Mid-South Coliseum and I am not in the habit of losing. I am going to punish you Atlas! You will wish you never got in the ring me. Lance Russell: Well by that last action, I guess Reed and Ladd are ok. We will be right back after this commercial break. Fans in Kentucky and Indiana we will be in your area once again. Get your tickets now. >> Promo run down of the upcoming schedule for the CWA! January 1: Memphis, Tennessee at the Mid-South Coliseum January 3: Louisville, KY at the Louisville Gardens January 4: Lexington, KY at Rupp Arena January 5: Evansville, Indiana at the Soldiers & Sailors Arena Lance Russell: Well, Sir Oliver Humperdinck! It seems you have come up empty once again on your quest to have a member of your stable with a title. What do you have to say about that? Sir Oliver Humperdinck: Well, I got two things on my mind Pencil Nose and just shut and up listen. Austin Idol cheated when he beat Lord Humongous. Each and every one of you know he grabbed the tights on that roll up. Don’t worry Idol, we won’t forget. The other thing we have not forgotten about is that low life fat pig, Plowboy Frazier. The House of Humperdink has not forgotten your yellow bellied actions when you left the stable. The only way out of the House is to be thrown out. Frazier, take a look at this match as see what you have coming. Remember, if anyone survives 5 minutes with any of my men, they get $5000. Match #2: Buzz Sawyer vs whatever wrestler answers the challenge Buzz Sawyer is walked to the ring by Humperdink who once again has him chained by a dog leash. He is hooting and howling like a caged animal. The fans are wondering if anyone will even dare to enter the ring against that mad dog. They kind of loose hope as it Gary Royal who answers the challenge. Sawyer releases every ounce of anger on Royal and it is frightening to watch. After a huge powerslam Sawyer climbs to the top rope and leaps off. Wham! A huge frog splash. The match is over in just 2:54. Sawyer continues to kick and beat on Royal for a few moments until Humperdink slowly enters the ring and commands Sawyer to sit like a dog. He hooks Sawyer back up to the dog collar and the two make their way to the locker room. Lance Russell: Wow, this House of Humperdink is really on a roll. They are some dangerous men. Another week gone and Humperdink gets to keep his $5000. Let’s get right back to the ring and what a treat this is going to be. Superstar Bill Dundee back in action right here in Memphis. Match #3: Shane Douglas vs Sivi Avi The match is a much better showing for Shane Douglas. This is only the second match for the 20 year old kid and last week he was beaten from pillar to post by Hercules Hernandez. This week, he actually has moments when momentum was on his side and even had a near pin fall after a pretty big body slam. In the end, Avi caught Douglas with a huge drop kick and gained the victory. Lance Russell: Well, Congratulations to you guys on winning the NWA Mid-American Title. “Dirty Dutch mantel: We told you and all these stinking fans here in Memphis that it was only a matter of time to we took out them Indians. And boy, did we take them out. Lance Russell: Well, I understand it was an Indian Strap Match but you really did cross the line when you hung them by their necks. Both were taking to the hospital and we don’t know when they can return to action. The Hangman Bobby Jaggers: Oh boo who. Are we supposed to cry that they went to the hospital? We told you they were going to get hurt and now you are upset when it happens. Let that be a lesson to you and the rest of the CWA. When we say something, we mean it. Rock n Roll Express and all the rest of the tag teams here better watch their backs. Lance Russell: Well that was interesting. We will be right back after a short break. >> Replay of Promo running down of the upcoming schedule for the CWA! Lance Russell: Well Mr. Ladd. It has been a very interesting week for you. First you cause your man Butch Reed to lose his first match in the CWA and a chance at the CWA Title and then you go out and attack The Dream Machine before he ever made it to the ring. Ernie Ladd: How dare you blame me Mr. Russell. Hacksaw Reed lost the match against Jerry Lawler all by himself. It happens. He is not perfect. It doesn’t mean that he won’t be CWA Champion but don’t you blame me that he did lose to Queen Lawler. As for the slime that you call Dream Machine. We all know that is Troy Graham. He looks the same, walks the same, talks the same, has that same scruffy beard under that mask, and he uses that loaded elbow smash the same as Troy Graham. When I take that mask off him, all you big dummies will have to admit I am right again. I want Jerry Jarrett to make a match that will guarantee that when I win, that mask comes off. Until then, that “Nightmare Machine” better sleep with one eye open. I am coming for him! Lance Russell: Well we will just have to wait and see what Jerry Jarrett comes up with. I am sure we have not heard the end of this. Let’s get to the ring for our next match Match #4: Ft. Bragg Brotherhood vs The Nightmares Pvt Kernodle and Cpl Kirchner have quickly become fan favorites as they do their best to fight those against the United States. They recently lost to the Shogunate but that has not diminished their spirit. They come out waving a huge American Flag and getting the fans into the match. It is fast paced with many great double team moves including a Double Leg Drop off the top rope by Nightmare #2 on Cpl. Kirchner but Kernodle made the save. The end came when Pvt. Kernodle connected on a Swinging Neck breaker on Nightmare #1 at 7:02. Lance Russell: Well first of all, congratulations on your win. Pvt. Kernodle, the last time we saw you on TV, The Shogunate was really doing a number on you and this man to your right came out of the stands and saved you. Who is he? PVT. Kernodle: First of all Lance, I want to thank all of these wonderful fans for their support. We couldn’t do it without you. Now to the question everyone wants to know, this man next to me means more to me than anyone. He is Cpl. Michael Kirchner. He was my training Commander at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina when I first entered the military. He is the person who I owe my life to. So do many of you fans sitting here in the studio today. He has sacrificed for this wonderful country beyond what you could imagine. Now he is here to once again save my butt. Cpl. Michael Kirchner: Thanks for those kind words Pvt. Kernodle. You know, once a Ft. Bragg Brother, Always a Ft. Bragg Brother. I heard that you were having trouble from these goons, Mr. Saito and Killer Khan so I came to help out. That is what we do for each other and what we do for America. Our job will not be done until we put down Yamamoto and his army. BATTLE TIME! BEWARE YAMAMOTO. Lance Russell: Wow, I have such respect for those guys. Tojo Yamamoto better be ready. When our military sets their eyes on somebody, they always get their man. We will be just have to wait to see how all this plays out. As we go to break, take a look at the newest CWA Ratings. SINGLES 1. Austin Idol CWA Champion 2. Jerry Lawler: AWA Southern Champ 3. Hacksaw Reed: NWA Mid-American Champ 4. Lord Humongous 5. Buzz Sawyer 6. Roddy Piper 7. Troy Graham 8. Mr. Saito 9. Hercules Hernandez 10. Bill Dundee Tag Teams 1. Rock N Roll Express: AWA Southern Tag Team Champs 2. The Sheepherders 3. The Kansas Jayhawks: The NWA Mid-American Tag Team Champs 4. Sweet Dreams: (Sweet Brown Sugar and The Dream Machine 5. The Shogunate: (Killer Khan & Mr. Saito) COMMERCIAL PLAYS FOR JERRY LAWLER’S NEW RESTAURANT Lance Russell: Thanks for giving us a few moments of your time guys. First of all, Jerry Lawler you must be sick at what happened in the CWA Tournament Final. I mean the class of the NWA Heavyweight Champion to hit you over the head with that Champagne bottle and then for your friend, Austin Idol to cover you for the 1...2..3. And did you see them mock you after the victory! I mean it makes me sick thinking about it. Jerry Lawler: Well Lance it doesn’t sit well in the pit of my stomach. I have always known that Flair was a low down dirty dog but what Idol did, man, I just don’t know. Flair is just a coward. We all know he doesn’t care about Idol but he has to come back to the Mid-South Coliseum this Monday to face the winner of that match. I know he wants no part of me and he thinks he can beat Austin. I hope Austin didn’t sell out our friendship for Flair because that guy will stick a knife in your back quicker than a dog will pee on tree. I have not spoken to Austin yet, maybe his emotions just got the better of him. I really want to speak to him but he is not in studio tonight. Lance Russell: Well, I have to admit that you are more trust worthy than I would be but that is maybe because I have already seen this video that we are about to show. Jerry Lawler: Again Lance, I just want to talk to Austin. It was an emotional night for all of us and we will just have to wait and see. Lance Russell: As for you Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson, you were lucky to escape with your AWA Mid-South Tag Titles as the Sheepherders appeared on the verge of victory last Monday when the match ended in a Time Limit Draw. Robert Gibson: Appeared Lance, Appeared. You can never count us out. Things were not looking good but it is never over until it is over. Ricky Morton: SHEEPHERDERS! I will give it to you. You are two tough dudes but we will never back down and we will never run away. Anytime any place brother! Superstar Bill Dundee: That goes for you also Mr. Rowdy Roddy Piper. Anytime anyplace. I am sick and tired of what you are saying about this good people from Memphis. Lance Russell: Well, Gentleman! I am afraid we are just about out of time. Voice Over: "The announcers on this program are selected and paid by parties other than this station, namely, the promoters of Championship Wrestling."
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    Mid South Wrestling on Tour Jan. 1984

    That card could rival any card in any promotion in 1984. That roster has it all. Heels, Baby Faces, Young guns, old timers, Russians, Moondogs, Hall of Famers, managers. You have done an excellent job in planning and building Mid-South!
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    Mid South Wrestling on Tour Jan. 1984

    Great Main Event! Enjoy you format. It flows well. Mr. Wrestling II going 60 minutes. Very impressive at his age but II has always been impressive. So many main event type guys that your options are endless. Love you shows. Keep it up!