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  1. Awesome tv shows this week.  I really liked that Billy Two Eagles tried the War Dance and Hansen was having none of it.

    Three great tv matches this week on WCW with The Outlaws vs Good n Plenty, Fleming vs Adias and Flair vs Ole.  I wish I had shows like this when I was a kid but I wonder if the house shows would have struggled.  Not sure but being so far away from Southern Promotions here in NYC, I would have loved great tv.

    The Holiday Card looks great.  Tully vs Flair.... can't wait to see which way you go.

  2. Nice job using your star power in the main event even though your future might be farther down the card.  

    I think Bam Bam would be a good fit for Chicago.  Nice way to introduce him.

    Garvin and Adams was my favorite match on the card but I am partial to those old Southern feuds.

    Snuka and Kamala was an interesting contrast in styles.  

    I wonder how Khan felt when he was told he was getting powerslammed!  Cool ending.  

    Hall is going to be huge here in CHicago.  

    Triumph was well done!  Nice job.

  3. Thanks for all the hard work with this preview show for Wrestlerock.  It really helped me as I have been a bit out of the loop lately.  With all those big matches, I still might be most interest in Bully vs Gerry Morrow and the money on the line along with Blackwell and Boone.  I wonder if Gagne has a Plan B?  This is going to be huge!










    TV SHOWS: 






    Angle #1: 


    Following their loss in the Flag Match to the Rock n Roll Express at WrestleWar, Tojo’s team of Kendo Nagasaki and Muta rebounded on tv as they simple annihilated two jobbers.  The interesting thing here happened during the post-match interview where Ernie Ladd asked Tojo about the loss to the Express.  Tojo, the only member of his team to speak any English, seemed to mostly brush off the defeat but he did say that his young star, Muta must focus more.  This was interesting as it was Nagasaki who sprayed Tojo in the eyes with the Asian mist leading to the defeat.  When Jim Ross jumped in and asked Tojo to explain, Tojo and his group just walked away. 


    Angle #2

    Hyatt International & Hot Stuff Inc. 

    The idea that Hyatt International is gaining momentum in the UWF obvious at WrestleWar.   Rick Steiner comes out with a clean win over Johnny Rich and Chris Benoit survived a tough contest with Steve Cox and the leader of the group, Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert defeated Brad Armstrong to become the new UWF Television Champion!  The issue with this group is the tactics they’re using.  Missy Hyatt and Chris Benoit attacked Steve Cox after the match and left him in a pretty bad way and that is nothing compared to the plot used by Eddie Gilbert to win the TV title.    

    Let’s bring you back to the Summit arena…

    Eddie Gilbert, frustrated at the way the match is going, tosses Armstrong through the middle ropes….

    The ref comes over to admonish Gilbert who argues right back… WHAM… Missy Hyatt with a low blow.

    Gilbert comes to the floor while Missy jumps up on the apron and takes over the argument with the referee…. WHAM…. Irish Whip by Gilbert across the floor and into the steel barrier.

    Gilbert re-enters the ring to stop the count….Again, the ref is all over Hot Stuff for his antics….

    WHAM…. The fan in the front row appears to have just cracked Armstrong in the back on the head with some sort of foreign object while the ref was yelling at Gilbert.

    Gilbert comes back out and roles a basically unconscious Armstrong back into the ring…

    WHAM… Hotshot by Gilbert!   1…2….3!

    And the NEW……. Television Champion….. Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert.


    So, who was this fan?  The stipulation for the match was that if Benoit or Steiner interfered in the match,  Gilbert would never get another title shot so Hyatt International had to go out and find someone new to do their dirty work for them….

    Missy and Eddie decided to introduce the newest member of Hyatt International on Power Pro Wrestling ….  Doug Gilbert … Eddie’s younger brother.  Missy and Eddie were so excited to have a family member now entering their “training school” and Doug was just thrilled to start his career in the “family business.”


    Angle #3:  Woman….

    The other big question coming out WrestleWar was why did Woman come out and attack Kevin Sullivan?  Last time Woman was in the UWF, she was leading a group of misfits that included Man and Luscious Lanny so there didn’t seem to be a connection between her and Sullivan. 

    Woman shed some light on the situation this week on Power Pro Wrestling.

    Woman:  The reason I attacked Kevin Sullivan was simple.  Kevin and I have been working together for quite some time.  We decided that I would come to the UWF in search of the next great thing.  You people thought I was here to manage Luscious Lanny Poffo… No I was here to in search of the perfect wrestler… the next monster to take over here in UWF.  While I was here, I spotted Baby Bull Leon White and I decided he just might be the ONE.  I orchestrated a plot to get him away from here and train him… make him into an unstoppable force…. Make him into Big Van Vader. Well as soon as Kevin Sullivan was back in the picture, Vader looked different… He looked softer…. He lost his edge!  Sullivan kept saying that if Vader didn’t improve that HE would come back… The reason for this is that Vader never say my face…. He never knew that I was the HE that Sullivan was talking about… He did not know I was the one who trained him.  Vader was only told the HE made all the decisions around here and to not get HIM angry.  When I got back here, I saw Sullivan trying to put Luger out of wrestling…  He lost his focus.  He lost sight of the goal… He forgot we were trying to rule wrestling!  He was just upset that Luger got the best of him in the NWA.  So, I had a decision to make… Help Sullivan destroy Lex Luger or stay focused on the goal… CONTROL WRESTLING.  I chose the latter.  Barbarian and Vader will destroy everything in their path… but I am not done.  My stable will grow!  We will be PERFRECT!

    Woman goes on to say that there is not a tag team in the UWF capable of slowing her team down and she just laughs when Jim Ross brings up the Rock n Roll Express and the World champs, Dr. Death and Terry Gordy.  Woman goes on to challenge the Rock n Roll Express to a match next which the Express do accept later in the show.


    Angle #4:  Dick Murdoch

    This week on Power Pro Wrestling from Fort Worth, Texas, North American Champion Ted Dibiase and his manager Sheik Adnan Al Kassie were out laughing about how easy it was for Dibiase at WrestleWar as he simply walked all over Steve Keirn.  When Dibiase was done putting down Keirn, he expresses how classless the fans at the Summit were during WrestleWar and Sheik adds that he wouldn’t expect anything more of people from Texas.  As the boos start to reign down…. Dibiase begins to ask Jim Ross a few questions…

    Dibiase:  Hey Jim, what’s the only thing that grows in Texas…. The Crime Rate!

    Dibiase:  Hey Jim, what do you call a pretty girl in Texas…. Visitor!

    Jim Ross:  Okay, that will be about enough of that.

    Ernie Ladd:  Come on Jim, Ted is only talking the truth.

    Suddenly, the boos turn to cheers as Captain Redneck, Dick Murdoch comes out to the podium. 

    Dick Murdoch:  Dibiase… you arrogant piece of …

    Jim Ross:  Now, now Dick…. Remember we are on TV.

    Dick Murdoch:  Dibiase, I was born and raised right her in Waxahatchie, Tx.  Played football for West Texas State.  You can say a lot of things about us Texans, but I notice that most people only say them when aren’t around.  Dibiase, you got a big mouth, but I bet you’re too much of a coward to say anything now!

    Dibiase:  Hey Dick, I’m sorry.  Didn’t mean to upset you.  Actually, do you know what the average West Texas State student gets on the SAT’s…. DROOL!

    WHAM…. One big right hand from Murdoch and down goes…

    As the crowd explodes, Murdoch simple walks away.  Dibiase slowly gets up and now he is fuming.

    Dibiase:  Murdoch… you NEVER will get away with this.  Nobody puts his hands on the Million Dollar Man.  You better have eyes in the back of your head you small town hick!

    Sheik Adnan is screaming something in Arabic into the mic that nobody understands but this just serves to increase the heat of the situation.  These Texans aren’t the most welcoming people you know!


    Angle #6: 

    Who Is Getting the Push!

    Hacksaw Butch Reed, Terry Gordy and Dr. Death all come out together with their title belts and said they are ready for any and all challengers.  They said they didn’t care if it was Hot Stuff Inc, Sheik’s Army, the Freebirds, or whatever Woman wants to call her new group of misfits… they were going to take care of business.


    Winners of matches of TV: 

    Rising Sun. Rick Steiner, Mr. Olympia, Brad Armstrong, Koko Ware, Steve Cox, Eddie Gilbert and Koko Ware and the Rock n Roll Express.


    News:  Tony Atlas is expected to be back next week after needing time to recover from his injury caused by the Barbarian at SuperBlast


    Angle #7: Next Big Card

    UWF President came out to announce the next big event for the UWF… 





    Angle #7: An Interesting Commercial

    Right after the segment where Watts announced Mississippi Mayhem, a commercial aired claiming to be the best wrestling promotion in the South….


  5. Sorry to have missed so much.  PCW seems to be as great as always.  Looking forward to Seattle Showdown!

    I always enjoy when you do the promos with Frank B and the Cornette, MNE interview was no different.  

    I am really glad Billy Jack is here... to me PCW is his home.  So many of us have had him and I know that I had trouble getting him to where he should be but you seem to know just what to do with him.  Great work.

    Windham vs Bock.... CAN'T WAIT!!

  6. Awesome job of hyping up the Race-Idol match.  

    Enjoying all the chaos that I would expect from a promotion in Chicago.  Spivey/BNB, Here comes Superfly....  All of these things sell tickets and you got the fans out of their seats so many times that they are sure to be coming back!

    As always... keep those cool posters coming!

  7. Really enjoy all of your house show loops.  You do a great job of explaining the pecking order of the NWA by where you put them on the card and the outcomes of each month.  

    Man... really loving the Ric Flair vs Horsemen thing!  Flair swinging the baseball bat was cool.  I never saw MACW wrestling when I was a kid but Ric Flair as a crowd favorite seems like it would have worked just as much as his heel time!  He was truly awesome.  Great job with the promos by Flair.  I could see him saying every word.

  8. Really enjoying the lead up to WrestleRock!

    Rich and Slater is an interesting matchup.  Both are so good are building up feuds that you can actually feel the tension!  First Rich with the attack on Slater with the belt and then Slater with the bat to the car.... these two are going to have a great send off!

    Gerry Morrow is really beating on himself here.  He better come through or start looking for a new gimmick.  Bully as his personal assistant?  Either way, we got a great next storyline.

    Title vs Title for the tag belts... Interesting!! Can't wait to see your plans.

    Fuller vs Armstrong.... LLT.... Looking forward to it.  Hope you northern wrestling fans know how big this is!

    Reinforce the ring... Blackwell vs Grizzly  

    Also some big matches in the careers of Putski, Outback Jack, EL Jefe, El Canek, The Dragon, Carlos Colon, Taylor, Zenk and the ORiginal MNE.... depending on how these matches go, the landscape of the AWA might cahnge.


    Great Work to get to the Big Show

  9. sDGELUR.png?2




    May 22

    Houston, Texas

    The Summit


    Rick Steiner with Missy Hyatt vs Johnny Rich

    Interesting thing here was that the heel was able to out- technical the babyface and Rich had trouble getting any momentum here for the first half of the match.  With speed, skill and power, Steiner was all over Rich.  Eventually, the young Steiner did make a mistake and rushed in into the corner with a flying knee that Rich was able to evade at the last second.  Johnny did all he could but never got close to victory.  Missy Hyatt lost her patience and distracted Johnny like only Missy could.

    WHAM… powerslam by Steiner…. And that was all she wrote.


    All-American” Steve Cox vs Chris “The Canadian Kid” Benoit with Missy Hyatt

    Hyatt, fresh off her first managerial win of the night, seemed confident that Benoit would help her get her second one.  This match was much more even that the first and even when Missy tried to “distract” Cox, Benoit couldn’t get the win.  This goes the full 10 minutes and ends in a draw.  Cox made the mistake of extending his hand to Benoit…

    Missy Hyatt, with her 10 claws scratching down the back of Cox, doubles the youngster over in pain.  With Hyatt screaming at Benoit to attack, the Canadian Kid really goes to work.  By the end, Cox is busted open and needs some help getting to the back!


    Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs “Mr. Perfect” Jerry Stubbs

    Stubbs takes the house microphone before the match and reminds everyone that he is Mr. Perfect and he has not lost since arriving in the UWF.  He said Roberts would just be another steppingstone on his way to a title!

    Give Stubbs some credit as he gives Snake all he could handle including locking in the sleeper which had Roberts almost out for the count.  Jake was able to break the hold by shoving Stubbs back into the turnbuckle where he caught him with an elbow.

    Like the UWF fans are getting used to, Roberts pulls victory from the jaws of defeat as he again strikes just like his nickname suggests….

    WHAM…. DDT…. And Roberts again begins his rise back up the UWF ladder! 


    Rock n Roll Express vs Kendo Nagasaki & Muta with Tojo Yamamota

    Flag on a Pole Match


    Let’s just get to the ending as we can all imagine the antics of Tojo and the heels and the pop when the RnR Express came out. 

    Tojo had hit the ring when the ref was knocked down and the 3-2 advantage left the Express in a bad way.  Tojo is holding Ricky Morton as Nagasaki goes into his spin…  Here comes the Asian Mist…

    Wham… Morton escapes just in the nick of time and Kabuki sprays Tojo right in the eyes…

    Mortin, quickly drop kicks Nagaski as Tojo is rolling around on the ground.

    While all this was going on, Muta had Gibson down and had climbed to the top rope.


    Here it comes …. The Moosault!


    Wham… Morton dropkicks Muta out of midair!

    Morton helps his partner up and together, the two climb up the turnbuckle and pull themselves up the pole and grab the American Flag!

    The crowd goes nuts as the RnR Express circle the arena waving Old Glory!



    Brad Armstrong vs Eddie Gilbert with Missy Hyatt

    (Gilbert will be suspended if there is any interference from Hyatt, Steiner, or Benoit)


    While it was only for the UWF TV title, this was the best match of the night.  Gilbert and Armstrong really know how to bump, sell and play to the crowd and this one was an instant classic.  From the opening segment where we had some chain wrestling to constant momentum changes and Missy doing what she does best, this one had the fans on the edge of their seats.

    So, let’s get to the finish….

    Eddie Gilbert, frustrated at the way the match is going, tosses Armstrong through the middle ropes….

    The ref comes over to admonish Gilbert who argues right back…

    WHAM… Missy Hyatt with a low blow and Armstrong is down.

    Gilbert comes out through the ropes and onto the floor while Missy jumps up on the apron and takes over the argument with the referee.

    WHAM…. Irish Whip by Gilbert across the floor and into the steel barrier.

    Gilbert re-enters the ring to stop the count….

    Again, the ref is all over Hot Stuff for his antics….

    WHAM…. The fan in the front row appears to have just cracked Armstrong in the back on the head with some sort of foreign object while the ref was yelling at Gilbert.

    Gilbert comes back out and roles a basically unconscious Armstrong back into the ring…

    WHAM… Hotshot by Gilbert!   1…2….3!

    And the NEW……. Television Champion….. Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert.

    So, who was that fan and why did he do what he did?   Stay tuned to the next show to find out!


    NO DQ


    Kevin Sullivan, The Barbarian & Big Van Vader vs Lex Luger, Dick Murdoch & Bruiser Brody


    This one is full of violence, mayhem, and carnage with no assemblance of order.  The end comes with Barbarian and Vader brawling on the outside with Murdoch and Brody!  Lex seems in control of the match when out of nowhere Woman comes to the ring carrying a black, leather whip.  She has not been seen around these parts for months and the crowd groans as the expect the worst!

    WHAM…. Woman connects with multiple lashes with that whip on Kevin Sullivan! 

    Both Lex Luger and the crowd are in shock!

    Sullivan is down and Woman motions to Lex to finish him off.

    Luger scoops Sullivan up in the torture rack and looks like he is going to snap Sullivan in two!

    Eventually Sullivan passes out from the pain and Luger drops him to the mat and covers him for the three count.

    The 4 on the outside hear the bell ringing and stop to see what has happened.

    The ring announcer informs the crowd that as a result of the pinfall, Kevin Sullivan will be forced to leave the UWF!

    The crowd goes wild.  You can just see that Barbarian and Vader are unsure of what is to become of them. 

    Woman satisfied with the results walked out just as confidently as she had walked in, and nobody is quite sure what just went down.




    “Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase with Sheik Adnan Al Kassie vs Steve Keirn

    Give Keirn some credit here as he really holds his own and gives the champ everything he can handle but the cream always rises to the top and in the end, with just a little help from Akbar as he tripped Keirn, Dibiase puts together a nasty combo of a fist drop followed by an elbow drop and Keirn is in a world of trouble.

    Dibiase straddles Keirn from behind and hooks his arms and leans back….

    Dibiase locks in the Cobra Clutch and arches way back….. Keirn refuses to give up at first but after a minute or two, he sees no escape.

    Ding…Ding…. Ding.  Dibiase with the submission victory with the Cobra Clutch.




    Terry Gordy & Dr. Death vs The Freebirds

    Interesting fact here was that Michael Hayes was not officially in the match as it was Roberts and Prichard going for the title.  The match saw the champs control a lot of the action, but they had no answer for the shenanigans on Michael Hayes who kept getting himself involved in the match.  The end came when the ref finally caught on to Hayes and saw him crack his old buddy Terry Gordy in the head with a chair causing the DQ.

    Knowing that they had nothing left to lose, The Freebirds used their numbers advantage to put a hurting on the champs.  One thing for sure is that this feud is long from over!


    Magnum T.A.


    With Lawler and Reed already in the ring for the big title bout, the ring announcer asks the fans to rise to their feet and give a heart-felt welcome to a very, very, special guest….  The three-time World Champion…. Magnum T.A…. Magnum walks out using a cane and a referee on each side for support and the crowd goes absolutely wild.  TA. Is moved to tears as he tries to explain just how much the fans and this sport meant to him.  Even Jerry Lawler does the right thing as he comes over to T.A. and gives him a big pat on the back and a firm handshake.  Butch Reed is almost as emotional as T.A. and the two old rivals and good friends have a long embrace!  As T.A. Leaves, he gets a huge standing ovation.  There is not a dry eye in the house. 




    Hacksaw Butch Reed vs Jerry “The King” Lawler

    And now for the big one, a huge contrast in styles here as we get the sneaky, tough Lawler trying to keep Reed off balance and stay away from his huge power moves.  The interesting thing here was Lawler never really resorted to any crazy tactics.  That is not to say this was a clean bout be any means, but Lawler never used any weapons or anything.  He almost got the victory after a prolonged sleeper hold followed up by a middle rope fist drop but when he went for the piledriver, Reed blocked it and hit the back drop.  Reed regained the momentum and never looked back with the finish coming after a huge football tackle. 

    As the crowd went nuts, Lawler went to shake Reed’s hand.  The crowd begged Reed not to do it but he decided to give the King one more chance….

    And it worked.  After the handshake, Lawler raised the hand of the champ and then he walked out of the ring and out of the building…. Most believe he was headed back to where he belongs. 

  10. WqtQkrI.png?1







    May 22

    Houston, Texas

    The Summit


    Hacksaw Butch Reed vs Jerry “The King” Lawler


    The Backstory:

    Jerry Lawler feuded with Hacksaw Butch Reed back in 1986 when he was last in this area.  Lawler, who was managed by Ernie Ladd back in 1986, is one of only a handful of people to have defeated Reed in the last two years as they traded the Southern title back and forth.  After Lawler failed to keep the title last year at WrestleWar, Lawler decided to return to the AWA.  Recently, The King returned as he felt there was unfinished business with Reed.  This time the stakes are even higher as the UWF Championship is on the line.  The pair met at the last UWF Super card, Superblast at the Superdome, back in March and that one went to a 45-minute Broadway.  With the feud all even at 1-1-1, this seemed like the obvious rematch.  Since the last match, the two have traded words back and forth but nothing has ever turned physical.  Lawler is confident his skill will take out the champ and he has, surprisingly done nothing undermined to slowdown Hacksaw prior to the match.  Reed just laughs at Lawler and all his words as he is very confident his power will shut Lawler up for good when they meet in Houston on May 22nd. 



    Terry Gordy & Dr. Death vs The Freebirds

    The Backstory

    We all know the history between Terry Gordy and Michael Hayes.  This one is so personal that most fans are surprised that they both have survived.  Unfortunately, after Gordy and Dr. Death sent Demolition packing at SuperBlast, Dr. Death was in a severe car accident on his way home from the Superdome.  The injury kept him out almost a month and the champs were able to barely survive that 30-day rule as Gordy and Dr. Death defeated Rick Steiner and Chris Benoit on National TV. 

    After the bout, all three Freebirds (Hayes, Roberts, and Tom Prichard) came out and interrupted the post-match interview by saying that Gordy and Dr. Death should be ashamed of themselves for bending the rules and defending their titles against two wet-behind—the-ear kids. 

    This is where it got very interesting as Tom Prichard slipped up and said that he knew they should have rammed Steve Williams car even harder so they would have their titles taken away. 

    Gordy and Williams went nuts and even though, they were at a numbers disadvantage, they proceeded to pummel the three Freebirds.

    Watts came out the next week and said that he has no evidence of the Freebirds causing the accident and therefore could not do anything about it, but he sternly warned the Freebirds that he would be watching the closely.

    The two teams have physically been at each other’s throat’s week after week with each team coming out on top a few times… the Freebirds usually be some dastardly deed and the champs by pure power and violence!

    Fans, be on your toes for the unexpected here!



    “Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase with Sheik Adnan Al Kassie vs Steve Keirn

    The Backstory

    This one kind of came out of nowhere.  A few weeks ago, Keirn was on TV giving an interview after Ted Dibiase had just beat some jobber on TV.  Dibiase took offense that he was not being interviewed and came over and interrupted saying that there is no reason that some loser like Steve Keirn should get any TV time and that it should be reserved for the real wrestlers of the UWF. 

    Keirn took offense and challenged Dibiase right there on the spot.  Dibiase didn’t back down and guaranteed everyone that he would beat Keirn in less than 5 minutes.  Not only did Dibiase not get the win in 5 minutes, Keirn had the champ’s shoulders down for what appeared to be a certain 3-count before the Sheik pulled Dibiase from the ring and the pair headed for the hills.

    The following week, Dibiase, out in his 3-piece suit, was giving a promo where he said that the only reason he didn’t defeat Keirn last week was because he had just had a tough match while Keirn hadn’t wrestled.  Keirn came out and said that Dibiase was full of excuses and challenged Dibiase to a match right there. 

    Dibiase, remembering the match from last week, quickly came up with the excuse that he didn’t have his wrestling cloths with him or else he would show Kiern what a real champ looked like in the ring.  Keirn, laughing at the excuse, rallied the crowd into chanting, Chicken….Chicken… at Dibiase.

    The champ was enraged and attacked Keirn from behind and gave him a pretty good beating…

    The next week, Dibiase was at the podium gloating about how he had beat Keirn all over the arena last week.  This brought out UWF President who told Dibiase that his actions would not be tolerated and that he would be facing Keirn that day for the North American Title.  When Dibiase again tried to say that he was ill-prepared to wrestle, Watts told him that he was the Million Dollar Man and that he better go rent someone else’s gear or else forfeit the North American title…

    Dibiase and Akbar were fuming but had no choice…. Problem was that when Keirn had Dibiase pinned again, the Sheik came in and clobbered Keirn with a walking stick!  So here we are….



    Kevin Sullivan, The Barbarian & Big Van Vader vs Lex Luger, Dick Murdoch & Bruiser Brody

    The Backstory:

    Back in the NWA, Luger and Sullivan were involved in one of the largest feuds in all of Wrestling with Sullivan eventually taking Luger out with a fireball.  With Luger on the shelf and out of wrestling, Sullivan returned to the UWF and revealed how he had transformed Leon “Baby Bull” White into the monster that is Big Van Vader. 

    Once Luger recovered, he followed Sullivan to the UWF in search of revenge.  The problem was that he always seemed to be at a numbers disadvantage.  Whenever he went after Sullivan, Vader got involved.  Bring Tony Atlas to the rescue.  The UWF saw some wild tag matches between Sullivan and Vader against Lawler and Atlas.

    While both teams had some success, Sullivan never seemed happy with Vader and kept demanding that he get tougher or else HE would return and show Vader how to get things done.  While nobody seemed to know who HE was, they believe that HE had something to do with Vader turning into the monster that he is.  Also because of the way that Sullivan threatened Vader with the idea that HE would return, most concluded that HE had been very violent in his training of Vader.

    At SuperBlast, Sullivan and Vader again squared off against Luger and Atlas.  The problem was the HE did return, and it was none other than Konga “The Barbarian.”  Now Sullivan had the numbers advantage again.  This time it was Tony Atlas who paid the price as he suffered a pretty bad neck injury that has kept him out of action for a few weeks.  Now Luger was in search of some serious help as it was 3-1.

    Bring in Bruiser Brody and Dick Murdoch… These two brawlers had just staged the coup of the year in wrestling as they had trick Ernie Ladd at SuperBlast which cost the Big Cat his wrestling license.  Luger asked these two tough dudes to help him against Sullivan’s Army which they gladly obliged.

    After weeks of chaos and fighting, the match was finally signed for WrestleWar!

    As a result of the fireball, the injury to Atlas and all of the recent attacks, Bill Watts decided that this situation had become too violent and that it must come to an end…. Hence… the Loser Leave Town Stipulation for whoever loses the bout. 



    Brad Armstrong vs Eddie Gilbert with Missy Hyatt

    (Gilbert will be suspended if there is any interference from Hyatt, Steiner, or Gilbert)

    The Backstory

    Eddie Gilbert turned on Brad Armstrong at SuperBlast after Armstrong successfully defended his UWF Television Title.  Gilbert did a pretty good number on Armstrong and actually walked out of the ring with Gilbert’s winnings and his TV title.

    On the next TV show, Bill Watts fined Gilbert $10,000 and demanded that Gilbert return the TV title that today or he would be fired from the UWF.  Gilbert and Hyatt told Watts that money meant nothing to Hyatt International and that if he fired Gilbert that he would be doing a disservice to all the young stars that he is training like Rick Steiner and Chris Benoit.  Watts could care less about Gilbert’s trainees and said that they were nothing more than Gilbert’s Goons!


    It appeared that Hyatt and Gilbert were done in the UWF as they walked off the show but at the last minute of the broadcast, Gilbert returned the belt and the $10,000.

    This did nothing to ease the tension between Gilbert and Armstrong.  In fact, Hot Stuff Inc. has continuously interfered in Armstrong’s title matches.  Armstrong was sick and tired of the nonsense and agreed to give Gilbert one last shot at WrestleWar with the stipulation that if either Hyatt, Steiner, or Benoit interfere at all, Gilbert is suspended from the UWF for 90 days.

    Surprisingly, Gilbert accepted without any hesitation!


    Rock n Roll Express vs Kendo Nagasaki & Muta with Tojo Yamamota

    Flag Match

    The Backstorry

    This all started three weeks ago after Rising Sun got a win over two jobbers on TV in Fort Worth and gave an inflammatory interview where Tojo actually started by saying how sorry he was that Japan had bombed Pearl Harbor during World War II.  Jim Ross thanked him for admitting how wrong Japan was.  Tojo said that Jim Ross misunderstood and that he didn’t mean to say Japan should not have bombed the U.S. but it should have bombed right here in Fort Worth because these people here are the lowest form if human being he has ever meet.

    The fans almost rioted and the Rock n Roll Express came out to defend the people of Fort Worth and all of America for that matter.  What turned into a war of words ended with both Robert Gibson and Ricky Morton getting hit with the Asian Green Mist from Nagasaki and Muta.

    The following week, the Express were not able to appear because of their injuries and Tojo and his team had a good laugh at seeing the RnR Express rolling around on the ground after the mist caught them in the eyes.

    So here we are… Express vs Rising Suns.  First team to grab their own country’s flag which is suspended 15 feet above one of the ring corners will be the winner!


    Jake Roberts vs Mr. Olympia

    The Backstory

    Jerry Stubbs recently arrived in the UWF and did a great job of antagonizing the fans right away.  He was so arrogant and cocky that he got instant heat.  He proclaimed that he was the greatest wrestler in the World and that he should be given a title shot right away.  Ernie Ladd seemed to agree with him, but Bill Watts said that he has been in the UWF for less than five minutes and he must prove to everyone that he is deserved of a title shot.  That lead to Stubbs having the idea that if he beats the man who just lost a title… he could move up that ladder really quickly.  Stubbs decided that he would call out Jake “The Snake” Roberts who more than gladly accepted the challenge.  We shall soon find out if Stubbs has anything left in the tank or if Roberts is just too much to handle.  The two have had some cool back and forth promos where Roberts keeps confusing Stubbs and he gets all twisted up.  Roberts look like the sly one here but maybe Stubbs will have the last laugh.


    “All-American” Steve Cox vs Chris “The Canadian Kid” Benoit

    The Backstory

    Not much hear, just trying to see which youngster is moving up the ladder faster


    Rick Steiner vs Johnny Rich

    The Backstory

    Every card needs an opener!

  11. Fun catching up on the world of women's wrestling in early 1987.  Sorry to have missed so much.  It was interesting to see Richter fall from grace for a short period of time but now she seems to be moving up again.  Big wins over Misty and Debbie Combs in the last two weeks.

    I do like the violence and strength of Powers and Singh causing chaos week after week regardless if the get the win or not.  

    Like how you keep rotating the stars into power.... Moretti, Richter and Medusa all get some time to shine.

    Like the idea of the Season Matches... creative.


  12. Jailbreak was a really entertaining show with so many cool twist and turns.  It reminded me of show from now with stars of the 80's!  

    It started right away with the RPM's attacking the New Breed and went all the way through the Duggan shocker and his "match" against Idol.  Really, really entertaining night in Joliet.

    I knew this was going to be wild as soon as Pedicino offered a refund.... I knew something was going to have to happen to change that.  Nobody gives money back.  Great stuff.

  13. Trying to catch up here....

    Let's go back to March 25th... Really enjoyed this card.  Even though some of your big names are a little past their prime, they would sell the tickets and I see why you have everyone where they are on the card.

    Rocky going down to Landel with the help of Sherri just feels so perfect.  Same as Idol getting help from Garvin to beat Gentlemen Adams.  Like that we are seeing these factions develop.  Big title win for the Rockers.  

    This all has a nice underground Chicago feel that is going to grow into something bigger.  Great show.  Keep those posters coming. 


    April 8th:  HUGE CARD-  Each match had a great backstory going on and was so interesting to read.  Sherri, Idol and Landel take the belts from the Rockers.  I think you are spot on here making these big names the big heel faction.  Adams-Garvin, Race vs Abbie, Spivey vs Bad News.... WOW.... Time for Windy City to get some national attention.