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  1. kevinmcfl

    Wonder Women Wrestling

    Interes or a ting show as the angles and feuds begin to develop. Was interested to see if the Trios Championship was going to be Luchador style or a more tradtional 6 person tag title. I must admit that it is going to be hard to take the title from Richter as right now the company needs a big name to get it going. This promotion adds such a different twist to our product that it is really fun to read and follow. Awesome job getting this started!
  2. kevinmcfl


    NWA releases Keith Hart and Dave Morgan
  3. kevinmcfl


    NWA releases Jose Gonzalez, Jose Luis Rivera and Johnny Rivera and adds Paul Jones, Luke Williams and Butch Miller
  4. kevinmcfl

    National Wrestling Alliance

    WITH GORDON SOLIE November 29, 1985 Gordon Solie: Thank you, thank you very much. Welcome to the first hour of NWA Southern States Wrestling. I am Gordon Solie, and we are coming to you today from the Sam Houston Coliseum. For those of you tunning in to see NWA Houston, please don’t be alarmed. You will see all your favorite Houston wrestling stars as well as the best the NWA has to offer. All we have done is expand our viewership so fans all across the south can see the great wrestling action that the people of Houston have been seeing for over 35 years. Rest assured, wherever you see the NWA banner, you are sure to see the very best in professional wrestling. Without further ado, lets get to our very first match here in NWA Southern States wrestling as we are about to welcome back one of the biggest names in professional wrestling to the NWA. MATCH: Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat” vs Moondog Cujo with Moondog Spike Steamboat gets a huge NWA welcome from the fans, but it is short-lived as Cujo attacks before the bell as Steamboat is waving to the crowd. It takes only about 1 minute before Steamboat turns the tides and he starts connecting with some echoing Knife Hand chops to the Moondog. A few big wrestling moves later, and the Dragon is perched on the top rope… WHAM…. Divining Cross Body Block by Steamboat. 1…2…3. Gordon Solie: From behind, here comes Spike with his big, gnarly dog bone. He grabs Steamboat. Steamboat with an elbow to Spike’s solar plexus. Knife Hand Chop… and another and another. WHAM…. Big Drop Kick and Spike goes tumbling to the floor. The crowd loves it as Steamboat has just taken care of both Moondogs all by himself. He heads over to Gordon. Gordon Solie: Well Ricky, Welcome back the NWA. That was truly impressive. Ricky Steamboat: Thank you Gordon. Before I say anything else, I just want to thank the fans for the support in my last match. You are the reason I am back in the NWA. I have been wrestling all over the world but there is nothing like an NWA fan. When you cheered for me right off the bat today, I knew I was home. We all know the NWA is the granddaddy of them all and I want to test my talents against the best in the business. I have already given the NWA an open contract and I really hope the Butch Reeds, Kevin Sullivans, Tully Blanchards and the other top stars put their name on the contract. COMMERCIAL BREAK When we come out of break, Harley Race is with Gordon Solie with his NWA North American Title and NWA Southern Heavyweight title draped over his shoulders. Gordon Solie: Well Harley… We have known each other for a long time and you are one of the all-time greats but what you have done the last few weeks has been truly amazing… winning both the NWA North American title from LeRoy Brown and this past Thanksgiving night, winning the North American Title from “The Universal Heartthrob” Austin Idol. Harley Race: Gordon… It is great to hold these two belts but make no mistake about it… the belt I really want is the World Title. If I need to use these two championships as a stepping-stone, that is exactly what I will do. Gordon Solie: Harley …. You are one of those guys that we always know where you’re coming from and I understand you want the world title but I also know it is going to be really hard to hold off all of the challengers to both of those belts. In fact, this week at the Lake Front Arena in New Orleans you will defend that NWA Southern Title against none other than… Hacksaw Butch Reed. Harley Race: Nothing is ever easy in this sport but one thing I can guarantee is that when the match is over, Hacksaw Butch Reed is going to know what Harley Race is all about…. As for you Ernie Ladd…stick your nose where it doesn’t belong… it’s going to get broken! Gordon Solie: Let’s get back to the ring MATCH: Ted & Jerry Oates outwrestle Shane Douglas & Randy Barber in a very technical match that sees Jerry Oates finish off Barber with the Spinning Toe Hold for the Submission win. In a quick-post match interview, Gordon hypes up the Oates brothers as one of the best teams in the business and lets everyone know that they have held titles across the country. The Oates thank Gordon for the kind words and let everyone know they are here on Southern States wrestling to make a name for themselves! COMMERCIAL MATCH: Keiichi Yamada defeats The Conquistador with a Top Rope Plancha After Gordon hypes up Yamada and all the talent in the Jr. Heavyweight division, he welcomes in The Midnight Express, Jim Cornette (with a tennis racket in one hand and a suitcase in the other) along with Big Bubba Rogers at the interview area. Gordon Solie: Well Mr. Cornette, on Thanksgiving night, your Midnight Express defeated Hacksaw Duggan and Tony Atlas and have earned a World Title shot against the Rock n Roll Express for Christmas night! Jim Cornette: First of all, Solie, I will say it is a pleasure to talk to anyone not named Big Head Bill Watts. Gordon Solie: Ah huh… not sure why you would say that. Jim Cornette: Stay with me Gordon… you don’t seem too bright… you said we have earned a title shot… Are you kidding me? It’s like we already won those world titles. I mean those two bandana-wearing losers don’t have a shot in H-E-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS of beating the greatest team in pro wrestling today. Especially after the uncoordinated Robert Gibson fell over his own feet and busted his leg. Gordon Solie: We usually say the team with the titles is the best team …. And that currently is the Rock n Roll Express…. and as for Robert Gibson’s injury…. Not sure that is how it happened. Jim Cornette: Would you and receding hairline stop interrupting me. As I was saying. We are already basically the champs. In fact, Mamma already gave us a huge bonus for winning those titles that we have so much money now, we don’t know what to do with it. So being the good guy that I am, I am going to offer a $10,000 bonus to any team that can beat us! Cornette opens the suitcase and it is filled with money! Gordon Solie: That is a generous offer but don’t count your chickens before they hatch. You are not the world champions just yet. Jim Cornette: Solie… I was wrong… you are just as annoying as Fat Head Watts! Gordon Solie: Be that as it may… I have one last question for you…. After your man Big Bubba Rogers lost to Baby Bull Leon White on Thanksgiving are you willing to wager $10,000 of your mother’s money that he will still win the NWA Rookie of the Year Award! Cornette can’t believe that Solie had the nerve to say that… Jim Cornette: Let’s get out of her fellas before I do something I might regret! COMMERCIAL Before we get back to the ring, The Oates brothers are back out with Gordon where we find out they will be the first team to accept the $10,000 challenge from Jim Cornette and they will face the Midnight Express this week in New Orleans. Next, “The Universal Heartthrob” Austin Idol comes out with Precious for a pre-match interview with Gordon Solie about how Idol lost his North American title to Harley Race on Thanksgiving. Austin Idol: I would say Gordon that it just was not my night, but we all know that every night is my night. The reason I lost is right here behind me. (Idol points to Precious) Gordon Solie: Mr. Idol, I do recall your shoulders being pinned in a clean win by Harley Race. Austin Idol: Oh, I take nothing away from Harley, but I am sure he didn’t have to put up with the constant nagging before his match like I did. All the questioning about “don’t you love me anymore.” I mean Gordon, you’re married… you know what I’m talking about. Gordon Solie: Indeed, I do not. I’m very happily married. Austin Idol: That’s its Gordon. Let the wife hear those words. You are pretty clever, but I understand… you’re just trying to prevent the nonsense when you go home. Let me get to the ring and get back to my winning ways and that North American title will see be back where it belongs. As Idol was talking, Precious just kept starring at the floor…. On the way to the ring, Idol stops to flex the biceps for a really attractive blonde who seems to like what she sees. Precious looks like she is now fuming. MATCH Austin Idol with Precious defeats Brian Dean with the Vegas Leglock As Idol heads back to the ring, he goes back over to the blonde and the flirting continues. We see her slip Idol a piece of paper which Precious tries to snatch but she was just to slow. Idol points a stern finger at his valet and off they go to the locker room. COMMERCIAL Before our next interview, Precious runs across the screen with Austin Idol in hot pursuit. We hear Precious screaming for Idol to leave her alone. Next, Fidel Sierra is at the interview desk and he keeps screaming about how week American is and how its corrupt capitalism is ruining the world and how Ronald Reagan has a lot to learn from Fidel Castro. From the back comes a man in marine dress attire and says his name is Pvt. Terry Daniels and that he is sick and tired of people like Sierra coming to America where they earn a great living and then have nothing good to say about the old U.S. of A. Daniels, even though he seems much smaller than Sierra, challenges him to a match right now! The Cuban Assassin can’t help but laugh at Daniels and gladly accepts by saying he can’t wait to crush another weak American soldier boy! MATCH: Pvt. Terry Daniels vs “The Cuban Assassin” Fidel Sierra Daniels starts quick but eventually the dirty tactics and power of Sierra takes over. Sierra really beats Daniels from pillar to post and starts to toy with Daniels. The crowd is fuming as Sierra picks Daniels up a few times before the count of three to inflict more punishment. Sierra goes tit for tat with the crowd and they are almost ready to riot at the lack of respect he shows the marine in the ring. From behind…. Daniels rolls up Sierra! 1…2…3! Gordon Solie: Wow… the intestinal fortitude of Pvt. Daniels. What a win! LOOK OUT... From behind, a man in Arabian attire has hit the ring and he is all over Daniels. He is kicking and punching away at the young marine. From inside of his tights, he pulls out a weapon of sorts. It looks like a pencil! Repeatedly, this man is stabbing Daniels with the pencil. Daniels is a bloody mess, but the Arabian will not stop! The crowd explodes as Dusty Rhodes hits the ring! He is all over the foreign invader. The man with the pencil manages to escape! Dusty runs over to Pvt. Daniels to comfort him. From out of the back, we hear that evil laugh…. It is none other than Kevin Sullivan and he has embraced the Sheik as the screen fades to black
  5. kevinmcfl


    WOW.... USWA is one wild, brawling territory. From the parking lot to the studio, it doesn't matter, the fight is on. Really enjoying the Rich's vs Borne./Oliver fights but Funk vs Lawler has become legendary. I am sure I alreadt said but I am really enjoying the new version of the Bruise Brothers. So glad that Morrow will only be losing money if he went down in defeat at Wrestlestorm. He is one of my favorites in the game right now, especially with the Billionaires title, and would have been disappointed if he left the USWA. Salt in the eyes by Flowers... this thing with War Cloud has become personal. Dream Machine vs Slater is one that I am really looking forward to. Wish I had more footage on Dream Machine. I think he was awesome with the mask. Some of his early stuff as Troy Graham seemed pretty poor. Besides Dream Machine and Slater, I can't wait to see SBS vs St. Clair. Thorton and St. Clair have been on top for a while and they really have become awesome on the mic but Sugar has the charisma.... will be interesting. Wrestlestorm is going to kick off December with a BANG! What an event!
  6. kevinmcfl

    Twin States Wrestling

    I feel awful that I ever convinced you to trade Landel to me in the first place. He is right back where he belongs and I loved every minute of it! Humperdink and Khan looking for the man with the money is a cool angle. Also, looking forward to Mulligan and Khan down the road. Embry is another one that is back where he needs to be to flourish and I like that he has some gold around his waist to build him up even more. Wonder what we will get down the road from Barnes and Dundee.. Interesting How else could the show end other then Landel with a win and earning a title shot. Still the MVP of Twin States is RPG
  7. kevinmcfl


    No problem Wahoo. Just let me know when you want to move Irwin out.
  8. kevinmcfl

    Wonder Women Wrestling

    Fun event. Enjoyed the attention to the commercial aspect of this promotion. Fom the promos on the turnbuckles to the discussion of the beverages, we see that WWW is doing everything it can to be financially viable. As for the action, great job putting your roster in some sort of order from top to bottom. Can't wait to see the debut of some of the other stars. You have some real powerhouses and I wonder where you are going to place them. Medusa, Misty and Richter seem to be the top but could see Linda Dallas and Kat steal the show.
  9. kevinmcfl

    New Writers Wanted

    We are currently looking for one more writer. With a new year about to start we have over 175 wrestlers available to choose from. Lots of possible locations to run your territory from. If you are interested, please PM me.
  10. kevinmcfl

    Current Supplemental Draft Order

    Below is the current supplemental draft order for our next draft: 1. Rain 2. Scarlet 3. Blehschmidt 4. Spaldoni 5. Wahoo 6. Den 7. Gene 8. Kevin
  11. kevinmcfl


    The NWA will be releasing the Oates brothers. Again, they will be in this weeks show and then free after that.
  12. kevinmcfl


    NWA releases Terry Daniels to make room for the current draft picks. He will appear in my next show as I am not rewriting it.
  13. kevinmcfl

    Texas All Star Wrestling

    Great show! We could have done without the reminder of that Cowboy game. As a fan, I am disgusted. Wow... this is ot your Fritz's Texas Wrestling..... A VonErich goes down on TV. As if Hollywood John Tatum needed any help getting major heat, Dark Journey insults all of the Texans... liking this angle. Always like the build up of two babyface teams about to go it. It always makes me wonder what might happen.... The Glamour Boys and the Youngbloods will be interesting... that is if it ever happens. The Highway Men might have something to say about that. WOW.... love the team of the Wild Bunch... they might just be the future of tag team wrestling in Texas. Great main event... Can't wait to hear what Lawrence meant when he said...."Is that?
  14. kevinmcfl


    NWA places Ricky Santana, and Wahoo McDaniel. In terms of Santana, I am just going to use him as a opener so if you think you could do more with him, I would not be looking for much.
  15. kevinmcfl


    Great night of action at the Hammond Center. Interested to see what becomes of the Samoans now that Lelani is upset. Great overall tournament. I could have seen either one of those two teams coming out on top. Really looking forward to the Bruise Brothers vs the Elite. To me, the Snowman is one of those really interesting characters in wrestling. The situation between him and Lawler seemed so real and I think the Snowman really pushed the Civil Rights issue before Memphis was completley ready. Anyway, his body and mic ability along with the same for Porkchop could make them huge stars in the USWA. The Elite better be ready.