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  1. Hello all, I had a question for some of the knowledgeable Japan folks on this board. In a recent upload by Roy Lucier of some NJPW TV from 1990 and I saw a rematch with Stan Hansen vs Big Van Vader for the IWGP title. Now I was obviously familiar with the famous Dome match they had but am in the dark about why Stan was allowed to work for NJPW outside of the co-promoted Tokyo dome show? His cagematch page says he worked 5 NJPW outside the Dome show in 1990, https://www.cagematch.net/?id=2&nr=440&page=4&year=1990&promotion=7 So what was the deal here? I thought after 1989/1990 Baba was sticking with the isolationist mindset so I am surprised I haven't known of this before.
  2. When you guys were talking about the HTM IC title win and said Butch Reed was there the night HTM won the belt since he 's seen in the celebration, in HTM recent Supercard shoot with Kayfabe commentaries he says that the celebration with the heels was shot 2 days later in Omaha where Butch was present beating Lanny Poffo. But really who knows but thought I'd throw it out there as a possibility.
  3. SPS

    Current New Japan

    I agree with you sentiments completely. This was my first year with NJPW world and the first time I had the chance to watch the BOTSJ completely and I was very underwhelmed. I thought there were a few gems but like you said most of it was tons of flip, flop, fly and face offs. The Will/Ricochet rematch was a tremendous display of athleticism but I though the story was even worse than last years debated match(and everyone who was going crazy online for that springboard Dragonrana had me baffled as I've seen it done for 15 years or more now). The Kushida/Will final was exactly what utilising the newer more impressive manoeuvres should be, added elements to great selling,drama and storytelling and not in the place of them. Will was better here than anything else I've seen him in. As for Liger, I really think NJPW missed a great chance to do something special with such a legend and really could've given this tourny an extra spark rather than a few bright spots in an otherwise dull and bland series.
  4. I've been watching back some episodes from the relaunch of (WWE)ECW and remembered this being talked about and maybe even some clips being shown(possibly photos my memory is hazy) but wondered if anyone has a fan cam or handheld of it or seen any of the matches? Also if anyone was there that'd be cool to hear as well It's really a shame WWE didn't shoot this as it would've been a cool event to have on tape which if this was today with the WWE network then I'd reckon they would have.
  5. Thanks for sharing the video, really would've been great if WWE had filmed the full show for a DVD or something.
  6. Here's some clips from a radon youtube vid I found,
  7. Hello all, another question for some the members here who've seen a ton of wrestling footage. I was watching the Weekly Pro Dome show from 1995 and reading about it online and came across this card which was a similar co promotion event. I know that the main event of Baba/Inoki vs Abdullah/Singh is easily found online but did the whole card ever air? Card, https://www.cagematch.net/?id=1&nr=47154&page=2
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    WWE's "Unseen Matches" DVD

    This does not look promising... One can hope though.
  9. Hello all, I was watching some of the WCW PPV broadcast of the show today and remembered that it was a amalgamation of the 2 shows so I was wondering, Did the full card of both nights ever air or get released? and some follow up questions of if so has anyone seen it? and is it worth seeking out? Thanks in advance for any info or help. Here are the cards, Night 1, https://www.cagematch.net/?id=1&nr=8951 Night 2, https://www.cagematch.net/?id=1&nr=8232
  10. I was re-reading some of the obituaries and retrospectives from the Observer yesterday and after reading Misawa's I was wondering about if such a split like with Noah happened in today's age of online reddit/twitter/FB etc. what fan reaction would've been. So in thinking that I was wondering as most on here were tape traders and followed the Japanese wrestling scene back then,what was the opinions you saw online and you yourselves had of the split when it happened? I've read the Observer and some old threads on WrestlingClassics from around that time but there isn't a ton around regarding it. So I thought since the folks on here are more knowledgeable and have been around on average longer and are older than fans you see on reddit(ugh) that you would be able to more accurately talk about the feelings and opinions fans had. Did most fans side with Misawa? or were there long time AJPW loyalists who were upset about what he did? *side note, I'd love to hear a podcast covering that whole era and the transition as it seems to be something that could make a good multi-part series and I haven't heard anything solely dedicated to it so apologies if it's out there and I'm ignorant to it's existence. Just a suggestion for all those on this forum who make such great podcast content.
  11. SPS

    Greatest championship reigns

    Kenta Kobashi's 2 year GHC title reign. Kobashi on 2 terrible knees that would've ended anyone else's career and kept him sidelined almost 2 plus years combined previous to this reign. He embarked on a title reign that kept the Japanese wrestling business going and made the GHC title the most prestigious title in Japan and arguably the world all the while under an onslaught from the booming popularity of PRIDE and K1.
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    WWE's "Unseen Matches" DVD

    Shawn in his 1'st book noted when talking about the matches that at least 15 mins of the match was the Rougeaus working spots where they would do some feat of athleticism like the front somersault into the ring and landing on their feet and then challenging the Rockers to do the same with the Rougeaus getting shown up until it finally breaks downs into the match actually beginning.
  13. SPS

    WWE's "Unseen Matches" DVD

    Even if they don't include matches like the 2 Darks you mentioned, they should start adding them to the Network either as a group in the Hidden Gems packs or even add them as an option with the PPV catalogues.
  14. Sent you an email, thank you for replying
  15. Also you forgot the Honky Tonk Man Yay/Nay vote of confidence for the mailing list deal. Such a savvy scam in hindsite haha
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    Under-the-radar wrestling book recommendations

    Does anyone know where I can get a copy of Mike Quakenbush's book Headquarters? It doesn't seem to be available anymore and from the description, it seems like a fun read.
  17. Hello all, My name is Shawn. I'm in my twenties from the Maritime's in Nova Scotia. I've been a life long wrestling fan, I started watching with my father when I was only 1 so my whole life as I can remember wrestling has been a part of it. My father and several others in my family are hearing impaired so wrestling was a favourite amongst them due to the obvious ease of understanding what's going on through the body language and straight forward presentation of professional wrestling. My father in particular loved telling me stories when I was young about going to see the Atlantic Grand Prix wrestling all the time and bragging how all his friends called him Cuban because of his long black hair and beard bearing a vague resemblance to The Cuban Assassin, talking about the guys like Leaping Lanny, Stephen Petitpas, Leo Burke, The Beast, etc and how his favourite was always the Great Malumba(My dad loved to recall this promo they hyped Mulumba with by saying he drank blood and paddled his boat up the river!) . He had a particular story he loved telling about the time he drunkly challenged Killer Karl Krupp and was thrown out of the building while trying for the ring. As for myself growing up in the early 90's my first solid recollection of steady wrestling memories were of watching the WWF Superstars and WCW Saturday show on TBS that we got up here in Nova Scotia and then seeing Monday Night Raw and Nitro when they started. My early favourite was Razor Ramon until I saw him toppled by Shawn Michaels in their SummerSlam 95 ladder rematch from a tape of the show from one of my dad's friends and it was Shawn from then on until present day. My family was poor off so I never got to go see wrestling live until I was old enough to pay for myself and still never got to see WWE live until 2013 in Calgary when I lived there(Bret Hart Appreciation Night). Also due to being poorer our cable got shut off regularly over the years so there were periods of wrestling I've missed because of this(the biggest being from August 02-May 2003 during Shawn Michael's comeback and title win ) so during those periods I would watch over and over again the few old Colosseum vids we had, Wrestlemania's 5,11 and 14 on tape, and a few old Nitros/Thunders and Raw's that my dad hadn't taped over. I learned wrestling was predetermined when I was in the 4th grade after reading a book called the buzz on professional wrestling which my local library had and although people had told me all along it was "fake" I wasn't deterred because now that I had confirmation it made me hopeful that one day I'd maybe be able to wrestle since I didn't figure myself ever to be tough enough to wrestle for real. So funnily enough I ended up amateur wrestling in high school because of guys on TV like Kurt Angle, Bob Backlund, etc. and doing well, winning some provincial titles and competing at nationals and almost getting to go to the Canada Games(kind of like a junior Olympics here in Canada) if not for the lack of funds my family had. So to tie this all in it was around the time I started amateur wrestling that I began to fall out of love with pro wrestling, The two biggest reasons were WWE killing the relaunch of ECW(me being a huge ECW mark after reading about them in the books and magazines I'd get ahold of and then seeing the Rise + Fall DVD) and then the Benoit tragedy sealed it as it made any wrestling talk seem horrible as someone would always bring it up if they learned you were a pro wrestling fan. So from 2007-2010 I watched very little if any wrestling besides catching Wrestlemania with friends at their places or a few dvd releases and switched all my obsessive watching and learning into MMA which was red hot. It wasn't until Shawn Michaels retirement that I started to fall back in love with wrestling while watching his stuff back. So to sum it up to present day I'm as big a pro wrestling fan as ever and wanting to learn more about it's history led me to google a pro wrestling forum and this popped up and after reading a few threads and listening to a couple episodes of between the sheets and learning how to join, signed up. This is the first wrestling forum I've ever been a member on or really ever read as I did not have internet until I was 18 besides my school and the library so I didn't follow the "IWC" until recent years. As for my wrestling tastes and favourites they have evolved dramatically through the years from a kid being a mostly WWF fan, to the early 2000's being a huge deathmatch fan and discovering Japan and ROH on fight network here in Canada, to now liking a bit of everything from WWE, NXT, ROH, NJPW, Indies and I love the connection of UWF style groups like UWFI, PWFG, and RINGS to MMA so I collect and watch a lot of that stuff now. I don't watch any shows regularly but try to watch the NXT specials and WWE ppv's and any NJPW/ROH show that has some buzz and whatever indies may have a show I'm interested in like the occasional PWG or such. I've learned a ton reading this board and especially listening to the placetobenation shows like between the sheets. I'd love to someday get to buy and watch through all the DVDVR yearbooks to see all these great years and matches people on here rave about. So that's a brief overview of myself here of my first post, obviously I'll be now posting on here in hopes of always learning more and getting to know the members and their recommendations and opinions and hope I can contribute to the discussions with any knowledge I have. Thanks for having me and if anyone had any questions please respond and ask because I'd love to hear from you folks. Thanks again and have a good one.