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    CWA Championship Wrestling Summer of '84

    Good little card again. That card in Memphis looks really good too!
  2. SirEdger

    Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling June 1984

    I won't lie. I marked out HUGE at Tully Blanchard being revealed as Mr. Money. Honestly, didn't see this coming at all. Great show!
  3. SirEdger

    Free Agency Wire

    Lutte Internationale picks up Alexis Smirnoff
  4. SirEdger

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    Those Mark Briscoe promos are always....something. This week's edition of the Fish Tank was no exception!
  5. SirEdger

    The WWE Global Cruiserweight show

    According to PWTorch, both Kota Ibushi & Gran Metallik (aka Mascara Dorada) have signed NXT deals. Cedric Alexander & Zack Sabre Jr could also be offered deals after the tournament, if it hasn't already been done.
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    1983 Project General Chatter Thread

    Everything's good for Lutte Internationale, thank you. My roster is up-to-date!
  7. SirEdger

    1984 Summer Expansion Draft Discussion

    I'm actually surprised that rain didn't go after Nick Bockwinkel. But that's a very good pick for WWF though! I can already see Hogan vs Bockwinkel!
  8. SirEdger

    1984 Summer Expansion Draft Discussion

    Well, fenton did pick the Fantastics LOL
  9. SirEdger

    1984 Summer Expansion Draft Discussion

    No problem!
  10. SirEdger

    1984 Summer Expansion Draft

    Lutte Internationale selects Jim Cornette with its 4th pick.
  11. SirEdger

    1984 Summer Expansion Draft Discussion

    Also...shouldn't be Yokozuna referred to as Kokina Maximus or whoever had him had already changed his name?
  12. SirEdger

    1984 Summer Expansion Draft Discussion

    Thanks, you made me realize that I still haven't used my July +1 yet!
  13. SirEdger

    Free Agency Wire

    Lutte Internationale release Iron Mike Sharpe & Paul Christy to free agency.
  14. SirEdger

    1984 Summer Expansion Draft

    Lutte Internationale would like to use their 2nd & 3rd picks to select Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose.
  15. SirEdger

    Lutte Internationale July 1984

    July 15th, 1984 Centre Paul-Sauvé, Montréal, QC -The Masked Cowboys beat Buzz Tyler & Pete Doherty in 8:01 with a spike piledriver -King Tonga & "Dr. D" David Schultz (w/Frenchy Martin) beat The Kay Brothers in 7:34 by countout -Sheik Ali (w/Eddy "The Brain" Creatchman) beat Gilles Poisson in 20:26 with a camel clutch -"Pretty Boy" Doug Somers upsets International Tag Team Champion Afa (w/Eddy "The Brain" Creatchman) in 13:34 with a school boy. Postmatch, Afa attacked Somers -Baron Von Raschke beat Jacques Rougeau in 14:31 with the Claw Steel Cage Match: Leo Burke & Dino Bravo beat Billy Robinson & George "The Animal" Steele (w/Frenchy Martin) when Bravo submitted Steele to a Canadian backbreaker in 31:55
  16. SirEdger

    1984 Summer Expansion Draft

    With their first round pick, Lutte Internationale selects Eddie Gilbert.
  17. SirEdger

    WWE TV: July 11th - 17th

    I wouldn't be surprised if that happens. I remember recently that when someone asked him on Twitter if he would be running one of the two shows, he answered "Stay tuned". Bischoff is usually a straight shooter with this kind of stuff so if he cancelled that indy date, that could very well mean he's on his way to run either RAW or Smackdown.
  18. SirEdger

    1983 Project General Chatter Thread

    So, just to be sure I understand here; I'd basically have 24 hours to make my pick before you do yours at number 3, correct? (Anyway, I'm in)
  19. SirEdger

    WWF on Tour July 1984

    Absolutely. Top notch from beginning to the end.
  20. SirEdger

    Lutte Internationale July 1984

    Just a little while to wait before they're revealed. You're gonna love this
  21. SirEdger

    August 1984 Freelance Booking

    All set.
  22. SirEdger

    Lutte Internationale July 1984

    July 14th, 1984 Matagami, QC -Chicky Starr beat Pete Doherty in 11:57 with a piledriver -International Heavyweight Champion Greg Valentine (w/Frenchy Martin & Dr. D David Schultz) beat Ted Oates in 11:22 with the Figure Four Leglock -Carlos Colon beat Doug Somers in 5:45 with a Figure Four Leglock -King Tonga (w/Eddy "The Brain" Creatchman) beat "No Class" Bobby Bass in 11:53 with the Tongan Death Grip -George "The Animal" Steele (w/Frenchy Martin) beat Kendo Nagasaki in 13:53 with a splash -Leo Burke beat International Tag Team Champion Afa (w/Eddy "The Brain" Creatchman) in 9:39 with a backbreaker -Hercules Ayala beat Raymond Rougeau in 6:42 with a bearhug International TV Championship: Gino Brito beat Baron Von Raschke in 11:31 to retain
  23. SirEdger

    Lutte Internationale July 1984

    LUTTE INTERNATIONALE TV Taped at CHLT-TV Studios, Sherbrooke, QC July 14th, 1984 (After the opening credits, we’re going to the broadcast booth where Guy Hauray & Édouard Carpentier are waiting to begin the show.) Guy Hauray: Hello, wrestling fans and welcome to Lutte Internationale and we’ve got quite the program for you again this week. Last week, after the controversial appearance of the Masked Cowboys, we still don’t know who they are and why they cost the Rougeau Brothers the International Tag Team Championships at the Forum. Édouard Carpentier: Perhaps we’ll be a bit more lucky since both of them are here again this week. And as I understand it, Masked Cowboy #2 will be in action in a very special match tonight Guy Hauray: Indeed, Eddie, since Masked Cowboy #2 will compete in a Brass Knuckles on a Pole Match a little bit later tonight in a match in which the first man to grab the brass knuckles will have the right to use them. But first, we’ll kick this episode off with something we had promised you last week; some ladies in action as they’ll be featured on Lutte Internationale TV throughout the month of July! Let’s get started! Match #1 Special Attraction Susan Star vs Leilani Kai Both ladies are a bit tentative to start the match but eventually, Susan Star’s quickness allows her to take control early. However, Leilani Kai’s power proves to be a problem for Star and Kai now has the momentum. Kai attempted her trademark diving splash on Star but Star dodges and Kai missed. Kai gets up dizzy and Susan Star hits the dropkick to score the pinfall victory in this ladies’ showcase. Winner: Susan Star ***********COMMERCIAL BREAK + PROMO AD FOR HOUSE SHOW IN MATAGAMI, QUEBEC TONIGHT*********** (Back from the break, we see that the pole has been set up and a pair of brass knuckles is hanging from it.) Guy : Up next, Eddie, a match requested by the Masked Cowboys themselves as Masked Cowboy #2 will be in action in this one. Édouard: It’s like those Masked Cowboys believe they’re immune or protected to rules here in Lutte Internationale. They’ve been here only 1 week and they’re already making demands. Guy: Nevertheless, the Montreal Athletic Commission has agreed to this so whether we like it or not, it’s gonna happen and it’s gonna happen right now. Match #2 Brass Knuckles on a Pole Match Masked Cowboy #2 (w/Masked Cowboy #1) vs Buzz Tyler Buzz Tyler tries as much as he can to go for the brass knuckles but Masked Cowboy #2 doesn’t even let him approach the pole. Masked Cowboy #2 is dominating Tyler from pillar to post and he’s toying with him. Finally, Masked Cowboy #2 goes to the pole and climbs on the turnbuckle underneath the pole to grab the brass knuckles. Tyler barely has time to get up that he’s getting clocked by the brass knuckles, allowing Cowboy #2 to claim the easy victory. Winner: Masked Cowboy #2 (After the match, once again, Édouard Carpentier is attempting to get comments from the Cowboys but they refuse to do so again. However, this time, Armand Rougeau, Jacques & Raymond’s little brother shows up at the broadcast booth, forcing the Cowboys to back up a little.) Armand Rougeau: Si vous pensez que vous allez vous sauver ce coup-là, ça se passera pas de même! Vous avez volé les ceintures à mes frères Jacques pis Raymond au Forum de Montréal la semaine passée pis c’est quelque chose que ma famille vous pardonnera jamais, peu importe qui vous êtes. Mes frères peuvent peut-être pas avoir les ceintures mais moi, j’ai l’intention de me payer la traite avec un de vous deux drette là! (Translation : If you think you’re gonna get away this time, that’s not gonna happen! You stole the tag team titles from my brothers Jacques & Raymond at the Montreal Forum last week and this is something my family will never ever forgive you for, whoever you are. My brothers might not have the belts right now but I’m fully intending on spoiling your fun right now!) (The Masked Cowboys don’t seem to be willing to fight but in no time, Armand Rougeau is in the ring, inviting any of them to step up into the ring. Both men are consulting and the crowd is all over them. Eventually, Masked Cowboy #1 decides to get into the ring and accept Armand Rougeau’s challenge. Referee Luigi Macera gets in the ring too and the match is officially underway.) Match #3 Special Challenge Match Armand Rougeau vs Masked Cowboy #1 (w/Masked Cowboy #2) Clearly, Masked Cowboy #1 wasn’t prepared for this match and this works all in the favour of the younger Rougeau sibling to start things off. Rougeau unleashes his frustrations on Masked Cowboy #1. Rougeau sends Masked Cowboy #1 retreating outside a few times and it finally looks like Armand will get retribution for his family. Masked Cowboy #1 gets back in the ring and gets the upperhand for a short while but Armand comes back and is about to get the victory with his trademark dropkick when all of a sudden, Masked Cowboy #2 climbs on the ring apron to distract referee Luigi Macera. While he’s arguing with the referee, #2 throws the pair of brass knuckles he used in the previous match to #1. Armand shoves the referee aside and strikes #2, who falls off the apron. While Macera admonishes #2, Armand turns around and is knocked out by #1 and his pair of brass knuckles. Masked Cowboy #1 throws the smoking gun out of the ring and covers Armand Rougeau to get the victory. Winner: Masked Cowboy #1 (The Masked Cowboys don’t waste any time and flee the scene of the crime while referee Luigi Macera checks on Armand Rougeau, who also fell victim to those mysterious Masked Cowboys’ shenanigans.) Guy Hauray: Once again, the Masked Cowboys get the best out of the Rougeaus, this time, their little brother Armand. And yet, we still have no idea on their identities. Édouard Carpentier: Either way, whoever those two men are, they clearly must deeply hate the Rougeaus for constantly getting involved in their business in the past couple of days. Guy Hauray: When we come back, Eddy Creatchman has requested some time to settle an issue within his Creatchman Family! Stay with us! ******COMMERCIAL BREAK + PROMO AD FOR NEXT CARD AT THE COLISÉE DE QUÉBEC ON JULY 20TH**** CONFIRMED FOR QUEBEC CITY HOUSE SHOW ON JULY 20TH, THE MAIN EVENT: STRETCHER MATCH Rick Martel vs Samu (Back from the break, Guy Hauray and Édouard Carpentier are standing in front of their broadcast booth.) Guy: Eddie, when we went off the air last week, we witnessed an unfortunate accident as one third of the Wild Samoans, Samu was the recipient of a fireball from his Creatchman Family stablemate, Sheik Ali as Ali was aiming for Leo Burke. Édouard: Despite our feelings for the Creatchman Family members, we never like to see situations like that happen and always hoping for the best. Guy: If you haven’t seen the incident, let’s take you back to the final moments of our show last week. ********FOOTAGE FROM LAST WEEK*********** (The camera pans to the side as we see Leo Burke being attacked by Creatchman Family members Samu & Sheik Ali with Eddy Creatchman directing traffic. Burke is trying to fight both Creatchman stable members but obviously Samu & Ali are proving to be too strong and as strong as Burke is himself, the numbers are too much. Burke is sent in the ring by Samu and Eddy Creatchman gives Ali some matches.) Guy: Eddie, what the hell is going on? Édouard: It doesn’t look good for Leo Burke. Somebody needs to do something! (Samu is now holding Burke while Sheik Ali now has the matches in his hand. Ali lights up a fireball...but Burke dodges and Samu gets blinded!!! Everyone in the ring is shocked as Samu is writhing in pain. Burke is able to escape the ring while Eddy Creatchman is admonishing Sheik Ali for yet another mistake on Samu! The show ends with the Wild Samoans also coming to the ring to check on Samu while Eddy Creatchman is still furious at Sheik Ali.) (Back to the studio, we see Eddy “The Brain” Creatchman making his way to the ring with Samu – wearing a patch over one eye – and Sheik Ali, who’s walking to the ring with his head down. Eddy Creatchman asks for Édouard Carpentier to get in the ring with him, and Eddy obliges) Eddy Creatchman: I hate to do this in front of you, Carpentier, but we need to settle some family business and while I also hate to do family business in public, this needs to be addressed. Now, last week, the plan was actually simple: to take out Leo Burke before his match against Samu and send a statement to the rest of the locker room. But, unfortunately, this didn’t happen exactly like that because Sheik Ali made a colossal mistake and nearly blinded Samu. THE GREAT SAMU. You might not realize it, Carpentier, but this man right here is a future International Heavyweight Champion. This man right here has Rick Martel’s number. No matter where, no matter when, Rick Martel can’t seem to be able to beat Samu. That’s why I felt it was important to make this statement last week as the contract was signed shortly after the supercard at the Forum and Rick Martel needed to see what was going to happen to him at the Colisée on July 20th as he will be stretchered out of his hometown. But instead, because of my Sheik Ali, it was the other way around. Samu left this building on a stretcher, nearly blinded. Now, thankfully, the doctors have told me that Samu will be good to go for July 20 in Quebec City and he will defeat Rick Martel in this Stretcher Match. All Samu needs to do is to take the rest of the week off until next Friday. However, I’m gonna allow Samu to make that statement again right here, right now. Ali, get here. (Sheik Ali seems hesitant but makes a step forward) Eddy Creatchman: Closer, NOW! (Ali reluctantly obliges) Eddy Creatchman: Ali, when I made you a member of my Family, it came with some high expectations. To be a member of my Family, you have to be trustworthy. You have to be devious. But most of all, you must be at the top of your game. And last week, you weren’t at the top of your game and it almost cost one of your brothers his career. Therefore, your actions need to be dealt with accordingly. (Eddy takes his cane and hands it to Samu) Eddy Creatchman: Ali, get on your knees. (Sheik Ali seems hesitant and the crowd encourages him to defy The Brain) Eddy Creatchman: Ali, do you wanna remain in my Family or not? I SAID GET DOWN ON YOUR KNEES, NOW! (Ali once again reluctantly gets on his knees. Eddy nods his head and then, Samu gives a good whack on Sheik Ali’s back with the cane! Ali cringes in pain as Samu has that bewildered look so common with his fellow Samoans.) Eddy Creatchman: One more, Samu! (Samu delivers another stiff shot on Ali’s back. Ali cringes in pain again but is still up.) Eddy Creatchman: That wasn’t enough. Samu, one more shot! (Samu hits Sheik Ali for a third time, and this time, Creatchman’s cane cracks on Ali’s back! Sheik Ali goes down in pain, holding his back.) Eddy Creatchman: Now, you see, Carpentier, that’s how we deal with mistakes in the Creatchman Family. But that also shows how much the Creatchman Family means to Sheik Ali to accept to take this corporal punishment and atone for his sins. Sheik Ali knows that it hurts me as much as it hurts him to do this. But in the end, that’s the price to pay for hurting one of your own. From this moment on, Sheik Ali will be a different Sheik Ali and he will channel this punishment on his opponents. As for you, Rick Martel, on July 20 at the Colisée, Samu will humiliate you in front of your own family & friends and in your hometown. But no worries for Greg Valentine as we’ll leave a little something for him so he can finish you off! (The Creatchman Family walks away from the ring, Sheik Ali behind and holding his lower back as he retreats with Creatchman & Samu backstage) Guy: Eddie, what do you make of what we just saw? Édouard: I think it’s obvious now that Eddy Creatchman won’t accept nor tolerate any mistakes from his protégés. The Brain seems now obsessed to prove that Samu is a more worthy contender to the International Heavyweight Championship than Rick Martel is, despite the events that transpired at the Forum and what Martel has accomplished elsewhere. Guy: We’ll see what will happen in the next few days and we’ll keep an eye on what happens at the Colisée on July 20th but when we come back, Bob Backlund & George “The Animal” Steele duke it out in our main event! *********COMMERCIAL BREAK*********** Match #4 Main Event George “The Animal” Steele (w/Frenchy Martin) vs Bob Backlund It seems like both men are still feeling the effects of the 2-on-3 Handicap Singapore Cane on a Pole Match that took place a week ago in Sarnia, Ontario. Backlund still shows some battle scars on his back and that’s the area that The Animal is targeting early in the match. Frenchy Martin is very active outside the ring, directing traffic and instructing Steele to work on Bob Backlund’s back and rib area. George Steele is in complete control as he attempts to beat Bob Backlund with his own finishing maneuver, the Crossface Chicken Wing but who better than the master himself to reverse it and he locks The Animal into the Crossface Chicken Wing! Steele is absolutely helpless as Backlund is backing up in the middle of the ring and Steele has no choice but to tap out! Crowd goes wild as Backlund gets the victory but Frenchy Martin sneaks behind in the ring with a kendo stick and is about to hit Backlund when Backlund turns around and spots Frenchy with the kendo stick! Frenchy drops the kendo stick and pleads with Backlund while Backlund grabs the kendo stick! Backlund is about to swing the kendo stick at Frenchy when George Steele pulls Frenchy out of the ring by his ankle and they retreat backstage. The show ends with Bob Backlund inviting George Steele & Frenchy Martin back in the ring, kendo stick in hand. À LA SEMAINE PROCHAINE SI DIEU LE VEUT!
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    AWA Results for July , 1984

    Oh man, you're gonna do wonders with Ricky Steamboat on your roster. You might have very well found your replacement for Hulk Hogan as the top babyface in the AWA.
  25. SirEdger

    Lutte Internationale July 1984

    July 13th, 1984 Joliette, QC -Sheik Ali (w/Eddy Creatchman) beat Pete Doherty in 16:48 with a camel clutch -Baron Von Raschke beat Bobby Kay in 13:48 with the Claw -George "The Animal" Steele (w/Frenchy Martin) beat Buzz Tyler in 4:48 with a splash -Chicky Starr beat Kendo Nagasaki at 5:38 with a piledriver International TV Championship: Gino Brito beat Carlos Colon in 7:32 to retain -Rick Martel & Armand Rougeau beat The Masked Cowboys in 10:27 -Mad Dog Lefebvre (w/Frenchy Martin) beat King Tonga in 14:55 with a backbreaker