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    CWA Championship Wrestling (Memphis)

    Love the Triple Main Event idea. And I never saw Randy Savage being the masked man. Absolutely not. Great job!
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    Dirt Sheets

    Lutte Internationale News -Paul Christy suffered an injury in the first week of action for Lutte Internationale. The injury happened during his match with George "The Animal" Steele but it wasn't thought to be too serious so Christy decided to work through it. However, he reaggravated it in a dark match following the first taping (the 6-Men Tag in which David Schultz was introduced) and will not be able to work the upcoming shows. Christy is expected to be sidelined until mid-September. -As noticed on this week's episode of Lutte Internationale, "Dr. D" David Schultz made his debut in the Montreal territory. Schultz is currently on loan from USWA and will work in Montreal until mid-September. Expect Schultz to be involved in a significant program during his stint with Lutte Internationale. As for Fidel Sierra, he has been loaned to the USWA in exchange for Schultz's loan but Sierra could be loaned to the USWA for a longer period. -Finally, it was announced that Dino Bravo will be wrestling "Eddie Creatchman's surprise" on the July 5 supercard at the Montreal Forum. No name has leaked yet on the identity of this wrestler but it will be a very big name as Lutte Internationale wanted Dino Bravo to be involved in a top program for their first Forum supercard.
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    Lutte Internationale/International Wrestling

    June 10th, 1984 Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Ontario -Dino Bravo beat Pete Doherty in 8:42 with a hold of tights. -George "The Animal" Steele (w/Frenchy Martin) beat Buzz Tyler in 7:32 with a Splash -Sika (w/Eddie Creatchman) beat Bobby Kay in 11:44 with a Samoan Drop -Kendo Nagasaki & "Dr. D" David Schultz (w/Frenchy Martin) beat Ted & Jerry Oates in 10:32 after Nagasaki used the Green Mist on Ted Oates -Billy Robinson beat Chicky Starr in 11:32 with the Double-Arm Suplex -Bob Backlund beat Armand Rougeau in 16:11 with the Crossface Chicken Wing -Carlos Colon beat Jacques Rougeau in 5:39 with the One-Armed Atomic Drop International Heavyweight Championship - Unrecognized by the Ontario Athletic Commission & Lutte Internationale: Greg Valentine (w/Frenchy Martin) beat Gino Brito in 28:02 with the Figure Four Leglock to retain.
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    Lutte Internationale/International Wrestling

    Me too! Those will be a lot of fun to do!
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    AWA Results for June 1984

    As always, great stuff!
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    WWF on Tour June 1984

    Love the prospect of having the Russians as WWF Tag Team Champions. They're gonna be so dominant!
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    I like the touch of using a picture to describe fans emotions. Makes us all the more invested in the reading. Great stuff!
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    Lutte Internationale/International Wrestling

    June 9th, 1984 Colisée de Québec, Quebec City, QC Special Guest Referee - Quebec City Boxing Legend Fernand Marcotte : Bobby & Rudy Kay beat Kendo Nagasaki & Baron Von Raschke (w/Eddie Creatchman) in 7:33. The end came with Eddie Creatchman attempting to get involved with special referee Fernand Marcotte and Marcotte KOed Creatchman with a solid hook to the jaw. Nagasaki was distracted and Bobby Kay made the pin to cause the upset. -Raymond Rougeau beat Buzz Tyler in 11:17 with a Savate Kick -George "The Animal" Steele (w/Frenchy Martin) beat Gilles Poisson in 12:47 with a Splash -Armand Rougeau beat Hercules Ayala in 6:50 with a piledriver -Jacques Rougeau beat Sheik Ali (w/Eddie Creatchman) in 12:37 with a flying elbow drop -Dino Bravo beat Gino Brito in 10:54 with a back breaker -Sika (w/Eddie Creatchman) beat Billy Robinson in 7:33 with a Samoan Drop -Rick Martel beat Pierre "Mad Dog" Lefebvre in 9:37 with a Boston Crab
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    Lutte Internationale/International Wrestling

    LUTTE INTERNATIONALE TV EPISODE 2 Taped at CHLT-TV Studios, Sherbrooke, QC June 9th, 1984 (After the usual opening credits, we find Guy Hauray & Édouard Carpentier at their desk for the show’s introduction) Guy: Wrestling fans, welcome to this edition of Lutte Internationale for this week. We need to address several incidents that took place earlier last week. Most of this week’s episode will feature exclusive footage of some shocking & vicious events. Some of these images are very graphic so viewer discretion is advised. Édouard: Indeed, Guy, shocking & vicious are weak words to describe some of the things that we’ve witnessed. Eddie Creatchman & Frenchy Martin had promised to make the fan favorites’ lives a living hell and they’ve started that last week. Guy: Of course, we’ll talk about what happened to Dino Bravo last Sunday in Brampton, Ontario. But first, we will take you to some unaired footage of a match that took place between Leo Burke, Billy Robinson & Paul Christy vs Pete Doherty, Charlie Cook & Buzz Tyler. You won’t believe who showed up! ***EXCLUSIVE*** (The footage rolls as we see the end of a dark 6-men tag match and the finishing moment sees Leo Burke putting on the sleeper on Pete Doherty to get the victory for his team. As the winning trio of Burke, Robinson & Christy are leaving the ring, Burke being the last to leave, out of nowhere comes Dr. D David Schultz from behind, swinging a chair in the back of Burke! Burke collapses on the canvas as Schultz continues to stomp Burke’s back. Schultz places the chair in the middle and he picks up Burke. Schultz places Burke between his legs and hits his piledriver ON THE CHAIR! Schultz gets up and taunts the crowd as referees flock the ring to check on Burke. Then, not too far behind the referees, Frenchy Martin enters the ring and hugs Schultz. Frenchy raises Schultz’ hand in the air and we go back to the studios.) Édouard: We were hoping to have some explanations from Frenchy Martin about this and ---wait, speaking of the devil, here he is.) (Frenchy Martin walks on the set along with his new protégé “Dr. D.” David Schultz, looking smug and particularly happy with what we just saw. Édouard : Frenchy, what was that? Frenchy: Ça, c’est ce que j’appelle un début fait avec CLASSE. J’ai pas pu faire autrement que de m’assurer que le message se passe et que ça se rende jusqu’à Ricky Martel pis sa p’tite gang. Je vais tout faire pour qu’on reconnaisse Greg Valentine comme champion International légitime et le gars derrière moi (pointing at Schultz) en fait partie intégralement. Parce qu’on sait exactement ce qui va se passer; Ricky va demander à ses p’tits amis de surveiller ses arrières parce qu’il est pas capable de se défendre tout seul. Ben devine quoi, Ricky? Dr. D, y va faire en sorte que t’en auras pus d’ami quand viendra le temps d’affronter Valentine! T’as intérêt à te faire à l’idée parce que jusqu’au moment où tu vas rentrer dans le ring avec le vrai champion, Dr. D va s’assurer que tu le fasses seul! Comme il se doit! Pis je peux te garantir que ce sera la seule et unique fois que tu vas vouloir te frotter à ma Légion. La seule! (Translation : That’s what I call a CLASSY debut. I couldn’t do anything else but to make sure that the message goes straight to Rick Martel and his buddies. I’ll do everything to ensure that Greg Valentine gets recognized as the legitimate International Heavyweight Champion and the man behind me (pointing at Schultz) is an integral part of the plan. Because we know exactly how this will go down: Ricky will ask his little friends to watch his back because he can’t fight on his own. But guess what, Ricky? Dr. D will make sure that you won’t have any friends when the time comes to face Valentine! You better get used to it because until the moment you step into the ring with the real champion, Dr. D will make sure that you do it on your own! Like you should! And I can guarantee you it will be the only time you’ll want to stand up to my Legion. The only one!) (Dr. D grabs the mic from Édouard Carpentier’s hands) Schultz: As for you, Leo Burke, it’s simple: wrong place, at the wrong time. You pretty much were the sacrificial lamb that I needed to have to make my point. My eyes are set on one man and that’s you, Rick Martel. Like Frenchy said, I’ll make sure that Greg Valentine gets a fair fight to prove he’s the real International Heavyweight Champion. And as for tonight, I heard that Leo Burke wants revenge on me so be my guest, Leo. Be my guest. The pleasure will be ALL MINE! HAHAHAHA! (Schultz leaves the broadcast booth along with Frenchy Martin. Guy & Édouard discuss what could possibly happen in the main event tonight between Leo Burke and David Schultz.) Match #1 “No Class” Bobby Bass & “Pretty Boy” Doug Somers vs Caribbean Connection (Carlos Colon & Chicky Starr) A rematch from last week’s match won by the Caribbean Connection, only this time, Bobby Bass has another partner in “Pretty Boy” Doug Somers. Although the chemistry is there between Bass & Somers, Colon & Chicky seem to be headed for another victory. However, as Colon is putting his patented figure four leglock on Somers, Bass grabs his branding iron and enters the ring with it. Colon releases the hold and goes for Bass, wrestling the branding iron away from him. The melee ensues as all 4 men are now fighting in the ring and referee Luigi Macera has no choice but to throw out the match. Still, the Caribbean Connection is able to chase Bobby Bass & Doug Somers away from the ring. No-Contest Guy Hauray & Édouard Carpentier now discuss another incident that happened last week when cameras stop rolling during an impromptu match between Raymond Rougeau and Samu. We go once again to the exclusive footage in the finishing moments of the Rougeau/Samu match. Eddie Creatchman is in Samu’s corner and is doing his best to get under Raymond’s skin. In the end, Rougeau hits his savate kick to Samu and covers him but Eddie Creatchman steps on the ring apron to distract senior official Adrien Desbois. Jacques Rougeau runs from backstage and takes care of Eddie Creatchman. Meanwhile, Samu wanted to use the distraction to his advantage and attempts his Samoan Drop but Rougeau slipped behind him and was able to take him down with the Japanese Armlock, the Rougeau family’s trademark signature move. Samu has no choice but to tap out! And as soon as the bell rings, Afa & Sika, the Wild Samoans jump in the ring to attack Raymond. Jacques then jumps in the ring and a brawl erupts between both teams. Eddie Creatchman is able to grab his men and they retreat backstage. Back to the broadcast booth, Guy Hauray & Édouard Carpentier discuss what just happened and they have no doubt that both teams are probably the best in Lutte Internationale right now. Guy then announces that both the Rougeaus & the Wild Samoans will wrestle each other to crown the inaugural International Tag Team Champions at the Montreal Forum supercard on July 5th. However, by decree from Frank Valois, both teams have been instructed to not come into physical contact of each other unless being contractually involved in a match. Carpentier explains that promoter Frank Valois wants to make sure that both teams won’t fall in a trap of escalating violence and wants both teams to be 100% focused on winning the International Tag Team Championships. Hauray also mentions that promoter Frank Valois and the Montreal Athletic Commission will keep an eye on Eddie Creatchman to make sure that his team respects the rules. *****CONFIRMED FOR MONTREAL FORUM SUPERCARD, JULY 5***** International Tag Team Championship The Rougeau Brothers (Jacques & Raymond) vs The Wild Samoans (Afa & Sika, w/Eddie “The Brain” Creatchman) **************PROMO AD FOR QUEBEC CITY SUPERCARD TONIGHT*************** Back from the commercial break, Guy Hauray and Édouard Carpentier discuss what happened during the main event of the Brampton, Ontario show on Sunday night when Dino Bravo was brutally attacked by Baron Von Raschke & Abdullah the Butcher. Once again, footage is shown of the final moments of the Dino/Abdullah match as referee Adrien Desbois got inadvertently knocked out by Dino’s high knee and when Bravo got his hands on Eddie Creatchman on the ring apron, Baron Von Raschke ran from behind and attacked Bravo. Von Raschke applies the Claw on Bravo and while Bravo is a very strong man, Von Raschke’s grip is too strong for a weakened & bloody Bravo to escape. The referee being still out, Abdullah uses his trademark fork on Bravo’s forehead and then hits 3 consecutive splashes on him. Von Raschke exits the ring by orders of Creatchman. The referee comes to his senses and Abdullah covers Bravo for the win. Abdullah, Von Raschke & Creatchman celebrate while Bob Backlund & The Rougeaus run in to check on Bravo. Backlund and the Rougeaus assist officials and paramedics as Bravo is stretchered out. As the footage finishes, Guy Hauray explains that doctors have advised Bravo to take time off and heal his broken ribs but Bravo has refused and has stated that he will wrestle anyway, against doctors’ orders. Hauray also says that Creatchman has sent a videotape with his reactions following what happened. Eddie Creatchman: Je te l’avais dit, Bravo, qu’on te ferait mal. Je te l’avais dit que toé pis tes amis, les Rougeau, vous alliez regretter d’être revenus par icitte. Abdullah pis mon nouveau protégé, Baron Von Raschke, y ont fait exactement ce que j’avais dit qu’y arriverait. Mais là, y parait que Dino veut faire son fier pis qu’il veut lutter pareil même si on lui a cassé des côtes? Ben, c’est parfait pour nous autres! Tu nous rends juste la tâche plus facile! D’ailleurs, j’suis en train de préparer une grosse surprise, mon Bravo. Pis je te promets que celle-là, elle va en valoir la peine. Le 5 juillet au Forum, tu vas en avoir pour ton argent! Parce que oui, je pourrais t’envoyer Baron Von Raschke pour te régler ton compte mais moé, j’aime faire durer le plaisir. Te voir souffrir, Bravo, j’adore ça. Je garde Von Raschke pour la fin, juste pour mon propre plaisir, Bravo. On se revoit le 5 juillet au Forum avec ma surprise. Pis ça, c’est si tu te rends jusque là! (Translation : I told you, Bravo, that we would hurt you. I told you that you and your buddies, the Rougeaus, you’d regret coming back. Abdullah and my new protégé, Baron Von Raschke did exactly what I said would happen. But now, word is that Dino is too proud and wants to wrestle even though we broke his ribs? Perfect for us! You’re just making our job easier! In fact, I’m currently preparing a huge surprise for you, Bravo. And I promise you that this one will be worth your while. July 5 at the Forum, you’ll get your money’s worth! Because, yeah, I could send Baron Von Raschke to finish you off but I like for the fun to last a bit longer. Seeing you suffer, Bravo, I love it. I’m saving Von Raschke for last, just for my personal amusement, Bravo. We’ll see you on July 5 with my surprise. And that’s if you last until then!) Back to the broadcast booth, Guy Hauray & Édouard Carpentier are speculating on what this surprise could be about. But before going to the main event, Guy Hauray announces that promoter Frank Valois will release a statement next week on the International Heavyweight Championship situation. ***********CONFIRMED FOR MONTREAL FORUM SUPERCARD, JULY 5***************** Dino Bravo vs Eddie Creatchman’s surprise *******************PROMO AD FOR QUEBEC CITY SUPERCARD TONIGHT************ Match #2 MAIN EVENT Leo Burke vs “Dr. D.” David Schultz (w/Frenchy Martin) Leo Burke came to the ring still favouring his neck and that was David Schultz’s target from the start. Frenchy’s hired assassin is dominant and works throughout the match on Burke’s neck. While Burke is able to mount a little offense, Schultz is always able to regain the advantage. Schultz sets up Burke for his piledriver but Burke reverses by back dropping Schultz on the mat. Burke sits on Schultz and hooks the leg for the upset win! Burke has no time to celebrate as Dr. D goes right back on Burke and jumps on him. Frenchy steps in the ring and orders Schultz to hit him with the piledriver! Schultz obliges and executes the piledriver on Burke. Schultz steps outside the ring and grabs a chair at ringside. Schultz throws it back in the ring and is about to execute another piledriver on the chair when all of a sudden, Rick Martel comes out from the back and charges the ring. Schultz & Frenchy retreat as Martel invites Schultz to fight him. This week’s episode comes to a close with an intense staredown between Martel & Schultz. À LA SEMAINE PROCHAINE SI DIEU LE VEUT!
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    WWF on Tour June 1984

    Man, I'm just reliving my childhood all over again with the Event Center. Just feels awesome to read Gorilla & The Brain together again. Awesome job!
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    NXT Takeover: The End

    If I'm not mistaken, according to what I read on Twitter from several sources: Selmani is a former Bellator fighter and Dhinsa is a former Canadian national superheavyweight champion. I originally thought that these two were trained by The Great Khali in India, which scares the crap outta me. But having Paul Ellering as their manager sounds really cool to me. Gives them some serious credibility from the start.
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    Lutte Internationale/International Wrestling

    June 8th, 1984 Jarry Stadium, Montréal Card taking place after a junior baseball game -Sika (w/Eddie Creatchman) beat Bobby Kay in 7:12 -"Pretty Boy" Doug Somers beat King Tonga in 11:43 -Raymond Rougeau beat George "The Animal" Steele (w/Frenchy Martin) in 11:12 -Gino Brito beat Dino Bravo in 5:09. Referee stopped the match as Dino Bravo couldn't continue. Bravo was wrestling against doctor's orders.
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    Championship Wrestling from Florida

    Great first show, man. Looks like Florida's gonna get hot again!
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    WWF on Tour June 1984

    No, of course, if the results are the same for your cards, no need to copy & paste everything. That format is perfect for you!
  15. Man, am I happy to hear that. Curious to know where he'll be headed!
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    CWA Championship Wrestling (Memphis)

    Pretty good show again! I smell a battle over the Superstar nickname brewing between Bill Dundee & Billy Graham!
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    Roster Database

    A tad off-topic here but I'm currently working on finding more women to add to the freelance list we can all use going forward. I've got already 4-5 names to add but I'm also double-checking since some names are also alter egos for current women we have here (example: Baby Doll was also known as Andrea the Lady Giant & Nicola Roberts all in the same year of 1984).
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    CWA Championship Wrestling (Memphis)

    LOVE the idea of bringing the TV cameras into play in an angle. Makes this TV title match even more important!
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    Free Agency Wire

    Jerry & Ted Oates are on the Lutte Internationale roster and aren't free agents.
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    Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling June 1984

    OK, now I'm really intrigued about this "Mr. Money" masked man!
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    Lutte Internationale/International Wrestling

    June 3rd, 1984 Brampton Memorial Arena, Brampton, Ontario -George "The Animal" Steele (w/Frenchy Martin) beat "No Class" Bobby Bass in 9:55 -Rudy Kay beat Pete Doherty by disqualification in 14:01 -"Pretty Boy" Doug Somers beat Charlie Cook in 13:54 -The Rougeau Brothers (Jacques & Raymond) beat The Oates Brothers in 19:07 -Bob Backlund beat Gino Brito in 8:47 -Samu (w/Eddy Creatchman) beat Leo Burke in 11:38 -Carlos Colon beat Richard "Le Magnifique" Charland (w/Frenchy Martin) in 14:28 -Abdullah the Butcher (w/Eddy Creatchman) beat Dino Bravo in 12:11 in a bloody brawl, that saw the involvement of Baron Von Raschke who interfered at the end of the match. Afterwards, Baron Von Raschke neutralized Bravo in the Claw, allowing Abdullah to deliver multiple fork shots to Bravo's forehead as well as multiple splashes. Dino had to be stretchered out of the building.
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    WCW Cont'd

    Man, this is actually everything that should've happened back in 2001! I'm gonna keep a close eye on this, sounds like fun!
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    PNW in June

    Can't wait to see what you're cooking up for Portland!
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    WWA results 1984

    You got a good thing going with Larry Zbyszko and Tony Garea. Keep it up!
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    It's almost like the reverse history of Freebirds vs Von Erichs. That's awesome!