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  1. Boss Rock

    Mitsuharu Misawa

    Even if my evaluation methods change or more footage of other potential contenders pop up, I can't fathom having Misawa lower than my top 10.
  2. Boss Rock


    Atlantis is someone I've always liked because his big matches are great, but there are also a ton of gaps outside those matches I need to fill.
  3. Boss Rock

    Jerry Blackwell

    I've only seen a handful of matches but he was always a joy to watch.
  4. Boss Rock

    Hiroshi Tanahashi

    That match is on the agenda for me. One thing I find really fascinating is how much Tana's stock has risen during what is generally considered the twilight of his career, or at the very least the twilight of his time as a featured player.
  5. Boss Rock

    Mitsuharu Misawa

    I agree with the belief that Tiger Mask is more of a blemish than post-04 Misawa. There were a few Tiger Mask matches that were fun (there's a match against Jumbo in particular, but big surprise, right?), but that's still a long time of not being a very notable worker. Compare that to Kobashi and Jun who picked things up much, much quicker. The last 5 years of Misawa's career aren't always easy to watch but I agree he still had a handful of really good matches. The '06 match against Morishima in particular is terrific.
  6. Boss Rock

    Current New Japan

    I will at least try to make the time to watch Tanahashi-White, but 39 minutes is a heck of a long time.
  7. Boss Rock

    Jumbo Tsuruta

    I think that's always been my issue and I do want to give pre-86 Jumbo another shot. Because even though it's my thing stylistically, he was clearly a great athlete. Him being able to work that style and then reinvent himself is totally why I get folks putting him at number 1. Interestingly enough, I don't have that same issue with Hokuto. I've largely enjoyed what I've seen of her pre-Dangerous Queen.
  8. Boss Rock

    Jumbo Tsuruta

    It's always been a stylistic thing for me regardless of wrestler.
  9. Boss Rock


    Yeah I honestly can't recall a match where his bumping for someone smaller actively bothered me.
  10. Boss Rock

    Eddie Guerrero

    Eddie is definitely one where the gaps probably hurt his overall case, but his versatility and high-end matches are great. There are so few wrestlers who could play both a fired-up babyface (Brock, JBL) and absolute bastard of a heel (Rey) with such believability.
  11. Boss Rock

    Kenta Kobashi

    Both the 7/24/1995 match and when Kobashi won his first Triple Crown are terrific. Their NOAH match for the GHC title is very good as well if not on the level of their previous matches. I agree that they were a super underrated pairing.
  12. Boss Rock

    Not Yet

    It's a shame that someone who broke a guy's arm and flipped him off immediately afterwards wasn't made the top heel of a promotion.
  13. Boss Rock

    Randy Savage

    Good stuff.
  14. Boss Rock

    Dustin Rhodes

    Dustin had bucket loads of talent and he's still good to this day in AEW. But the stretches and gaps in his career are pretty big. I want to see a bit more of his early 2010's stuff as I understand that's always been held in high regard (I've already seen the tag matches with Cody against the Shield which are great).
  15. Boss Rock

    Randy Savage

    Who was this?
  16. Boss Rock

    John Cena

    I saw that one a little while ago. Was really good.
  17. Boss Rock

    John Cena

    Thanks! The Bryan and first Brock match are indeed great.
  18. Boss Rock

    John Cena

    What are Cena's best matches 2008-2013? I'm mostly in the dark for those years as I wasn't watching.
  19. Boss Rock

    Not Yet

    If Hiromu Takahashi stays healthy I think he's got a shot. The Dragon Lee series is one of the best this century and he's frequently delivered in title and tournament matches. When he's been healthy he's always been a top 10 in the world and last year he had a very strong argument for number 1.
  20. Boss Rock

    Barry Windham

    Elliot touched upon this a little in the Gordy thread, but Windham to me seems like a guy who should be better than what he was. I like Barry, he was very good and had excellent execution. But apart from the Flair and War Games matches (and I've honestly never been crazy about the Crockett Cup match), there aren't a ton of Barry matches I'd consider really great. Even the Scorpio match is "just" good.
  21. Boss Rock

    Necro Butcher

    Early 2000's Necro is awesome, such a unique beast. Just so good at getting beat up and making things feel chaotic. There hasn't been anyone like him since. But how much is there to consider him for? Like obviously he's tremendous in 2005 and 2006, but what are his best years apart from those two?
  22. Boss Rock

    Shinjiro Ohtani

    I had him in my top 20 as recent as just a few months ago but that seems too high now. Still, he's still very good to this day so that's close to 30 years of being good. So maybe not top 20, but I think I'm confident with him as top 50.
  23. Boss Rock

    Dynamite Kansai

    Haha, as soon as I posted this I figured you'd have a rebuttal
  24. Boss Rock

    Atsushi Onita

    He and Foley are very different wrestlers, but Onita kinda reminds me of Foley in the sense that they both knew how to create spectacles with violence. He's someone I need to do a deeper dive on but his peaks are undeniable. I will say that if this were simply a "coolness" contest, Onita would be a strong number 1 contender.
  25. Boss Rock

    Dynamite Kansai

    I like Kansai a lot and her peaks are pretty dang high. I agree she's not on the tier of like Hokuto or Kong (who is, really?), but she's really right there on the next tier. It also helps she's a heavy hitter which is what I really like to see in Joshi matches.