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  1. I like Hideki a lot, but he's a weird candidate because of his relatively low volume. Per Cagematch, he has less than 500 matches in a 13 year career. Not to say volume is the end-all be-all as Tamura and Han get a lot of love despite having short careers. But with Suzuki you're only gonna get a couple singles matches per year. But when he's on, by God he's on. His charisma and presence is just so magnetic. When he was in BJW he personified the "final boss" archetype better than anyone. You have this guy who looks like he could be a business man or lawyer, but you know he's just a flip of the switch away from turning into an absolute killer who's not above telling the crowd to go fuck themselves.

    Right now I lean no, but 5 years is a long time and his best stuff is fantastic.

  2. Both are in my top 5 and liable to still be there by 2026. I have Misawa ahead because on his absolute best day, he was quite possibly the best wrestler in the world. But Hansen has a bit more variety of opponents in great matches, so this could eventually change.

  3. 1 hour ago, El Dragon said:

    He is smart, clever, knows how to work a match like nobody's business, and he also destroys my sense of believability in a lot of his matches because he is all of those things and there is no way a tiny little guy like Fenix, a toothpick like Sabre Jr., and many other indy guys that he is working 50/50 with shouldn't get destroyed by him.

    As much as I enjoyed the Sabre series, it was the Mercury Rising match I think where Sabre got blasted by several boots but didn't fall off the apron. That was a "huh?" moment for me.

  4. Two wrestlers who found where the fountain of youth is. Jun is still wrestling, Liger just retired. Jun is still very good, Liger was still very good. Masters of adaptability who could wear different hats yet never strayed from their lanes.


  5. I like Eddie a lot. Terrific as a fired-up face and an absolute bastard of a heel. Got great stuff out of JBL. His NJPW run is a bit too go-go-go at times but full of fun matches. But there are definitely parts of his career (particularly early 2000's WWE) that I'm not crazy about. Hokuto was consistently great (even if she usually had better opponents to work with) and had higher peaks. The Dangerous Queen takes this.

  6. Definitely Ultimo. He's definitely not as a good as juniors/cruisers like Rey, Liger, or Otani, but he still has several matches that I enjoy. He's not a lock, but he still has a shot at making my ballot. Orton on the other hand is one of my least favorite wrestlers. Terrific mechanics but just so rarely can make anything he does interesting. Not sure if it's a lack of work ethic, blandness, or both, but he just doesn't do much for me.

  7. 7 hours ago, Dav'oh said:

    At this point, I don't think AEW would lose many viewers or much goodwill by shunting JR.

    Yeah I can't imagine the folks watching are doing it because of J.R. Even when he was first brought on, it was probably an attempt boost credibility but I doubt anyone seriously started watching just because of him.

  8. I went with Kobashi but this could change over time. Bryan has proven to be more versatile and has more instances of elevating lesser talent/broomsticks. But Kobashi has the highest peaks of any wrestler in singles and tag matches and that's going to be super hard for anyone to overcome. He's the best offensive wrestler ever and he might be the greatest seller as well. And while Kobashi's opponents were better than Bryan's best opponents, he has several classics with folks who aren't the pillars.

    That being said, Bryan is an incredible offensive wrestler as well and is a terrific seller in his own right. He was BITW-level for almost all of the 2000's and for a good chunk of the 2010's when he was active (WWE booking didn't always do him a ton of favors). Perhaps when 2026 rolls around I won't have AS MUCH of an emphasis on peaks, but right now Kobashi's peaks plus having 10+ years as BITW have him at number 1.

  9. 26 minutes ago, kid dracula said:

    Just to emphasize one other point -- I think it's an established part of Brock's character that he has one weakness. When he's "rocked" with an unexpected strike, he struggles to recover. His selling in these instances is very strong, and it leads to thrilling moments where suddenly you think Daniel Bryan (or whoever) might pull it out after all. I think that he learned the dramatic power of this from his UFC fights, which is pretty clever.

    Just watch him get lamped and panic against Cain and Carwin, yep haha.

  10. 5 hours ago, Cap said:

    I can't think of anyone who my opinion of dropped more than Rollins over time. When he was Tyler Black and even really early in his WWE run he was never my favorite, but I saw he had some good qualities. It felt like he had the ability to sharpen his game into something really good. Then it felt like he did the opposite of everything that would have made him resonate with my tastes. He is the embodiment of a lot of criticisms that I think get thrown around in wrestling in bad faith too much. He is athletic and physically talented, but everything looks the same and nothing really feels like it matters.


    I really enjoyed his run in the Shield and think he's been a genuinely good tag worker at times. There was even a time in 2018 where I started to come around on him. But at the end of the day he's just a super mediocre singles wrestler.

  11. I have Tenryu comfortably ahead, but there are quite a few similarities between the two. Neither were good athletes yet neither out-kicked their coverage. Both have great matches against a litany of opponents regardless of skill level. Both guys' offense were good for how they wrestled and both were great sellers. I personally just think Tenryu could wear more hats, had higher peaks, and had more volume.

  12. I still go Barry, but I think Jericho's NJPW run was largely good and proof he could adapt with age. I thought his matches with Cody, Mox, and OC (the first one anyway) were good but he's obviously way over the hill now.