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  1. Oh God Loss the Oratory. I've been dealing with them since 1999. Don' t ever try to use logic with them, they don't understand. This should be fun, I think I'm going to join simply for their reactions
  2. PWI: According to one source, Jim Cornette has been suspended by WWE for six weeks due to several recent outbursts at Ohio Valley Wrestling, including most recently one at last week's TV taping where he cut a huge promo backstage on Kevin Fertig for wearing a baseball cap while working in the ring for a dark match. The word going around at the Raw taping last night was that Cornette was being disciplined by the company. Edit: Apparently Tommy Dreamer will be taking over OVW booking
  3. Strummer

    Fact or Fiction?

    Bret did job to HHH in the build to SS 97, I think it was by DQ but he still lost. It would make zero sense for the world chamo to job cleanly to his PPV opponent's lackey prior to the PPV. Bret was originally going to be pinned in that match and vetoed it for the reasons you stated
  4. Strummer

    Chris Candido Obit - Part 1

    Thanks for posting this HTQ. A few questions: 1. I thought Candido got "Cloudy" his job in the WWF? Weren't him and Candido friends on the NJ Indy scene. I believe his name was Jimmy Shoulders or something like that. I always thought "Cloudy" was Candido's idea as a way of getting his old friend a job (as I think Shoulders had been doing the drag queen gimmick in the indies)? 2. Weren't Spicoli and Shawn tight? I thought Spiccoli was a Clique lackey? On an old ECW show from 97, during the Pulp Fiction Promos he gave the clique sign and said hello to Shawn and Hunter. So he really didn't like Shawn in the end? 3. Was the real reason people didn't beat up Shawn because of Nash? The workers actually sweated him? He was a legit bad ass?
  5. Strummer

    Fact or Fiction?

    I know Bret refused to job to HHH in the build to Survivor Series 97. It wasn't going to lead to a rematch with Bret going over and it basically was done to screw around with Bret, and he vetoed it
  6. Strummer

    Fact or Fiction?

    didn't she want to be paid like a top guy and Jim Ross quickly (and publicly) ceased negotations. I always saw it as a mainly money deal. As far as the love triangle, Stephanie claimed on the Stern show that when she found out HHH was still living in Chyna's house, that she ended their relationship. Then when H and Chyna finally broke up, they got together again for good. Basically, Hunter claims that he and Chyna were done when he started seeing Steph, and Chyna claims they were engaged (which H has denied) and Hunter cheated on her.
  7. Strummer

    Raw rating

    I don't think it's a coincidence that the first show after Gewirtz leaves features almost entirely in-ring wrestling. Wonder if it will continue
  8. Strummer

    First round match #12

    When I mentioned Meltzer, I was specifically talking about wrestlers thinking they deserve a push. Dave was talking about Batista posing in a group pic with HHH, Shawn, and Hunter. Dave "complimented" Batista for acknowledging that he "didn't belong" among that group. He took a shot at Sid and Warrior saying they wouldn't have been as humble as Batista. What I took from that was that bad wrestlers should know their bad and be humble about being pushed. I don't understand why it's wrong of Sid and Warrior to think they deserved to be pushed. It was their livelihood, it was how they made a living. Ditto for Luger. I know he did dumb things, but i won't get on him because he thought he deserved a push. I guess I just see a double standard. Wrestling is worked, talent doesn't always enter into the equation. And good wrestlers do get insults hurled at them, but they often get the benefit of the doubt. Like Flair on the plane ride from hell. Flair embarrassed the company, but wasn't criticized that much. It was just "Flair being Flair" LOL LOL (and this is coming from a big Flair fan) And there were fans who made fun of Duggan. I remember some laughing at Sid for breaking his leg in 2001. Ditto for Nash in 2002 with the quad tear. I just don't find people getting hurt funny, no matter if they are a bad worker or a lockeroom cancer. I just don't get insulting wrestlers, I never have. I can say Hunter has hurt the product for me and made the product worse, but I won't call him names and make jokes about his wife. i don't know him personally, so I don't know if he is a "prick" or any other negative term. This has always been a pet peeve of mine ever since I got on the net. It's just the way I feel.
  9. Strummer

    First round match #12

    OK, then what about Sid. Meltzer in his update the other day said that he "didn't have a brain" I guarentee he wouldn't have said that about a wrestler he thought was good. I don't understand why Sid is an idiot because he was a bad wrestler that felt he deserved a push. Same thing on Luger. Very rarely do good wrestlers get personal insults thrown at them. I remember back when Duggan got cancer, people were making fun of him on the net (not everyone, but some) If that was Tom Billington or someone like that, I don't think the reaction would have been the same. Bad wrestlers get personal insults thrown at them way too much on the net. Just my opinion
  10. Strummer

    First round match #12

    Agreed. But I am not going to hate a wrestler personally because I do not like his work as a wrestler. I agree 100% Al, somehow on the net bad worker often equates to bad person and I just don't understand that. I'm not saying that everyone does it, but it is common. I mean John Tenta was a bad wrestler, but seems to be one hell of a human being.
  11. Strummer

    Upcoming DVD release

    Ah. I haven't seen that dvd yet. What else is on it? Bruno Sammartino v Superstar Graham world Title change Andre v Studd (from their first program in 83) Santana v Valentine Cage Match for IC Title JYD v Harley Race from WM 3 Bob Backlund v Jesse Ventura Title Match Muraco v Pedro Morales IC title from 83 These are from off the top of my head, hopefully I didn't miss anything
  12. Strummer

    Royal Rumble Match

    I wouldn't necessarily say the ending was overbooked, it was just non-sensical. Shawn was a heel and that was a spot (ala Rick Steamboat) designed to get a face reaction. It also made Davey Boy, a face, look like a complete moron for celebrating too early (something a heel would normally do) It didn't make sense given the heel/face roles in the match.
  13. Strummer

    Fact or Fiction?

    He said that the trainers in OVW were useless since they never drew any money. Alvarez refuted the point by saying drawing money has nothing to do with training wrestlers. Rumors are Nash got this idea from HHH, who was saying the same thing about OVW. Dave Batista might have also said something similar
  14. Strummer

    Upcoming DVD release

    Slaughter/Patterson was on the HOF DVD last year
  15. Strummer


    I think that's a big part of it. I remember him doing a radio interview in 98/99 and he said he didn't like a lot of what the company did but he had a family to feed and children to put through college. He claimed the company was more "Sizzle" than "steak"
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    from the Raw Preview: Eric Bischoff has ordered a Gold Rush Tournament to determine the new #1 Contender.
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    I'm still wondering how they will explain HHH getting another title shot after he lost cleanly 2 months in a row. They at least better make him earn it in storyline.
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    Wait till the Hell in a Cell match in June, he's going to have to sell even more. Plus, Hunter is going to want 35-40 minutes for the match. That one could get scary and really hurt Batista
  19. Strummer

    Worst manager

    Jimmy Hart started out pretty well in the WWF, but become more annoying and intolerable as the years went by. He would be up there in my worst of all time list. He was much better in Memphis. Maybe the guy wasn't a full time manager, but my vote goes to the Genius. He did nothing for Hennig and then managed the Beverly Bros. when they were headed straight to jobberville. Oliver Humperdink, Slick, and Sapphire were all pretty bad as well. And while obviously not his fault, Cornette managed some pretty awful guys in the WWF
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    I'm thinking Eddy is getting the big heel push this summer, probably working Cena at Summerslam. I just can't see them giving Christian a main event spot, maybe a one shot deal on a B show
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    Hurricane and Rosey win the tag titles
  22. Strummer

    Undertaker v Underfaker

    "This people here in attendance are in awe of the action taking place in the ring" Gotta love Vince trying to put over anything, no matter how mind numbingly bad