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    WWE Raw Commentary

    Lawler was hired back because Vince loves the guy. Vince's idea is that Lawler is speaking for or representing the young horny teenager watching the show. He's saying what they are thinking. I enjoyed Lawler up until about late 99 when he started to turn face and go gaga over the women (mainly Debra and Terri). He was a commentator in the mold of Heenan, where he would make fun of the faces and praise the heels instead of getting over moves, psychology and the like. There has been debate whether that can be effective or not, but I believe in can be useful in getting wrestlers over. Heenan proved that. Lawler has stated several times that he would rather wrestle than commentate, but Vince thinks he's too old to work full time. Like I said earlier, it boils down to Vince loving the guy.
  2. I was also going to point out about how one week Benoit/Malenko/Eddie would be way over and then the next they would get no reaction at all. It was very weird. It seemed to be dependent on what market they were in or the programs they were involved in. This especially applied to Benoit during this time frame. He would get tremendous reactions sometimes and then nothing. It was very unique.
  3. From personal experience from 96-97, the great matches on the undercard were not the reason why the casual fans I knew ordered PPVs. My friends/cousins and I ordered several WCW PPVs from 96-97 and while the undercard was on, they were all almost completely silent. They thought guys like Benoit and Malenko were boring. Then they would erupt when the NWO came on the screen. I remember ordering Hog Wild 96 and like 5 or 6 of them went out to play basketball during Benoit/Malenko. Then they were going crazy during Hogan/Giant and Hall/Nash v Sting/Luger. I remember my cousin and I were dying to see Nash and Giant feud in the summer of 96 (96 was my last year as a mark). The NWO was clearly the draw and really the only reason we ordered WCW PPVs. They always made more noise during WWF PPVs. I remember them loving guys like Tatanka, Adam Bomb and Men on a Mission, etc. There was more of an emotional bond with WWF guys (even low card guys). We didn't even know what workrate was. The only time I was into WCW over WWF was from Sept. 95 till Nov. 96. I was drawn to Nitro because of the dream matches they put on top rather than the great wrestling in the undercard. The NWO drew me further in until the Piper/Hogan feud in Oct/Nov turned me off to WCW and I really never came back. The great matches might have drawn some smart fans, but the NWO drew the vast majority of the money because they drew in the casual fans.
  4. Strummer

    Early WM XXI buy rate

    I agree HTQ, the casual fans I know were all talking about Austin on Piper's Pit. Plus all the mark boards I visit were going crazy over it. I still think they will give the credit to HHH/Batista though.
  5. Strummer

    Early WM XXI buy rate

    WOW. I think this should tell the company that the fans are dying for new faces on top (Cena, Batista).I'm sure Hunter/Batista will get the main credit for that number. Jesus, that is a lot of money.
  6. Strummer

    There is no such thing as a 100% accurate

    he also claimed that Warrior was supposed to turn heel at Summerslam 92 but that Hellwig vetoed it because he knew he would have to do clean jobs in the role. That was proven to be a total lie.
  7. Strummer

    There is no such thing as a 100% accurate

    yes, there were. What I meant was that Scott's style of writing used to be good from a technical standpoint IMO. The way he structured his pieces and was able to build suspense in his early rants (I'm not talking about the PPV rants or TV rants, the essay type ones I mentioned earlier). When I first got on the net, I will admit to buying into Scott's supposed claims on WWF/WCW history (such as Austin winning at FF, Mankind scheduled to go over at Mind Games, Benoit supposedly being scheduled to win the Main Event of Uncensored 97) I started e-mailing Meltzer and obviously I know the real deal now. I haven't been a fan of Scott since about 2000, when he basically told me to "Fuck off" after I started questioning his claims and opinions
  8. Strummer

    There is no such thing as a 100% accurate

    Sorry, how's that defending him? You're saying he's capable but chooses not to? That's worse than not being able to, but trying anyway. It's defending him in the sense that he isn't a talentless hack, as his early work clearly showed potential, but he's continuing to write about something he has no interest in anymore. He's spending all his time with his new wife (can't you picture that?) and his budding career in eletcronic retail. I will admit to liking Scott's early work, the 1993 WCW rant, the King Lear Rant, and The Lazurus rant. I even enjoyed the fall of the AWA rant. There were obvious historical mistakes in them, but the themes of the rants were interesting and they were written very well. I think the main criticism of Scott is in his reviews of wrestling matches and not necessarily the quality of writing.
  9. Strummer

    There is no such thing as a 100% accurate

    Scott clearly doesn't care that much about wrestling anymore, but I think he's afraid to leave the scene because it will hurt his "writing" career. This guy used to have rants up like 20 minutes after the show ended, now it's usually a couple of days or weeks (for PPVs)
  10. Joey is being hypocritical after all the stuff ECW did in the past that he conveniently doesn't bring up when bashing the WWE for being "insensitive"
  11. Strummer

    Matches From 2004

    great review Loss, thankfully people are finally giving that match the praise it deserves. It's a shame it was dismissed simply because everyone on the Net was pissed at Bradshaw and his Main Event push. I REALLY liked the JBL/Eddy feud. The angles/promos/matches were all good.
  12. D-Lo/Val Venis from Summerslam, absolutely terrible finish, but I really liked the match
  13. I'm terrible at star ratings, but that sounds about right. The match in question sees Viscera go over Jericho after interference from Eddie and Chyna
  14. Obviously due to the Owen Tragedy, no one really remembers this match much (and rightfully so), but I remember loving X-Pac/Kane v D-Lo/Mark Henry at Over the Edge. This was during the height of Russo booking, so the crowd was silent throughout, but it was just a hell of a match. Great double teaming moves by Pac and Kane and Mark Henry playing the monster role well. Plus D-Lo held everything together. I have not seen this match since the original airing, so I don't know if it has held up. I just remember really liking it.
  15. Strummer

    Draft Notes

    *Spoilers on upcoming draft ( I think this classifies as a spoiler)* from Keller: -The timing of the Draft Lottery being schedule for May makes sense since WWE wanted to get through Backlash before making roster changes, especially with Shawn Michaels & Hulk Hogan teaming together. -The top rumored switches within WWE are Shawn Michaels to Smackdown and Kurt Angle to Raw. Politically, it would be a fascinating double-switch since Angle and Triple H are not close and there has been undercurrent of rivalry between them over the past couple of years. Meanwhile, Michaels has major political clout due to his years of closeness to Vince McMahon and his friendship with Triple H, so he would be seen on the Smackdown side as both a welcome boost in star power but also a "spy" from Raw who would take away political power from others.
  16. Strummer

    Matt/Lita/Edge/Edge's wife

    I'm getting a Steve Austin/Chris Adams vibe from this deal, although on a much larger level. It's too bad they never saw Matt as a top guy, because this would have been one hell of an angle. I think it boils down to them not having any faith in Hardy to carry a top angle, even a tailor made one like this.
  17. Strummer


    I was thinking the same thing last night. He's still bad, but I think he has improved in the ring. He's better than Heidenreich and Snitsky for sure, although that is not saying much. He's definitely better than he was in the mid 90s
  18. Strummer

    Thoughts on the LAW

    Does anybody listen to the LAW on Sundays anymore? I used to listen when they would have the archive up the next day. I've heard the show has declined since Marek left. Marek was a little arrogant for my tastes but he knew how to host a radio show properly. Is it still any good? Oh, and did anyone see this quote from the LAW update today: *It's only on special occasions that I like to bring out the "LAW Moment of Zen", but this quote warrants that title: I had so many matches with Hogan, main events, sold out shows. Twenty-plus thousand people night after night after night. And worked with everybody else too ? Dibiase, Martel, the top heels, when I was babyface. It was nothing but spectacular. It was the greatest time for the wrestling business in history. We had sold out shows every night. We had 2 or 3 towns running, A, B, and C towns, and all three were all sold out. --Ed Leslie (a.k.a Dizzie Boulder, Brutus Beefcake, The Booty Man, The Disciple, The Man with No Name, The Mariner etc). Umm, I don't see why that is supposed to be ironic or funny, that is pretty much dead on as to what happened in the 80s. It's stuff like this, where the site blatantly tries to be cute and funny and rip guys who smarks generally hate that turns me off. Who can forget the wonderful parodies about Hulk Hogan's book where they had him taking credit for inventions and historical events. The LAW site has greatly declined in quality over the past couple of years IMO. Any thoughts on the show and the site?
  19. Strummer

    Thoughts on the LAW

    As far as Hogan being a legend, I clearly remember Jeff Marek questioning if Hogan was a legend or not. The discussion centered around Hogan's book and that if Hogan thought so little of the wrestling business and wrestling fans to lie like that, that you could make the case he should not be portrayed as a legend. He has a good point, but lying in a book shouldn't take away the fact he was a legend
  20. Strummer

    Thoughts on the LAW

    Oh yes, it was inflated by Beefcake, but the guy did have a successful run on top with Hogan in the Zeus/Savage program. Summerslam 89 drew a HUGE buyrate. About the book, yes Hogan did work people, but the guys at the LAW were questioning whether he was a legend or not at that time. My problem was that they were trying to devalue the success of wrestlers they personally didn't like. They treated Hogan like crap on the show, trying to say he wasn't a legend. They recently did this with Warrior, saying he didn't deserve his own DVD, when he was one of the most over guys during that period.
  21. Strummer

    The Heartbreakers?

    also from Meltzer: *SPOILER WARNING* (mod edit -- sorry Strummer, just wanted to warn everyone in advance) MNM will be beating Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio for the tag titles at Smackdown prior to Raw. The focus will be on making Melina a star, and not on the other two, who will be background for her. Not suprising, Nitro and Matthews are both small, Vince doesn't think they can get over on their own, and thus Melina gets the big push.
  22. Strummer


    Thank God they are finally doing the draft. I feel bad for Trish. Can't wait for next week when they do vignettes implying Trish slept with Big Vis. It wouldn't suprise me if they filmed vignettes similar to the Noble/Torrie Wilson stuff in summer of 2003. I guess Kane v Vis at Backlash, yeah poor Trish, but what about poor Kane, Kane sold more for Vis than he has for the most of the guys he's feuded with. Are they turning Jericho heel? The hearthrobs act wasn't over at all in NYC, probably would have been more over in a rural setting. These guys obviously are not ready in-ring wise, but I could see them getting over with their gimmick eventually
  23. Strummer

    New WWE DVD releases

    "Road Warriors - Life & Death Of The Most Dominate Team" is scheduled to be released on June 14, 2005. It will be two disks. Also, WWE will be releasing a DVD that same day looking back at 80's wrestling stars. It is called "WWE: Greatest Wrestling Stars Of The 80's" and it will be three disks. The Wrestlemania XXI DVD will be released on May 10, 2005. It will be 3 disks. I'm bringing this up because the Hall of Fame ceremony will be included on that DVD, rather than WWE releasing a DVD just about the Hall of Fame like last year. The DVD on the 80's stars should help fill the void though. And lastly for English wrestling fans, Silvervision.co.uk has some new Tagged Classics coming out of old WWF PPVs. They are Royal Rumbles 1993 + 1994, King of the Ring 1995 + 1996 and Survivor Series 1989 + 1990. Unfortunately, they are only available to people living in the UK as Silvervision doesn't ship overseas. WWE has never revealed the reason as to why they don't release these DVDs in the USA. Damnit, no separate HOF DVD! I was dying to see the extras. UGH I'm definitely getting the 80s WWF stars DVD as I'm a huge mark for that time period. I might get the Road Warriors one, although I was never a huge LOD fan or anything. Still pissed over no HOF DVD
  24. I don't think they will ever have Dinsmore drop the retard gimmick. In Vince's eyes, wrestlers the size of Dinsmore need gimmicks to get over, because they are too small to get over on their own. The minute the retard gimmick is dropped, Dinsmore's push is dead. Notice how big guys don't get gimmicks? Dinsmore was in OVW forever because of his size and the Eugene gimmick is the only thing that got him called up. Vince would never push Dinsmore the serious wrestler in any way.
  25. Strummer

    Goodbye Molly Holly

    I think the writers were basically telling her "Guys aren't going to cheer you with your look" But Molly did play a great face in May/June of 2001 in the shortlived Austin program.