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  1. I've always kinda wondered who would have won the 2014 rumble had Batista not come back

    there's been a debate if Bryan really won the .Bray feud as well. He lost to the Wyatts at TLC 2013 and lost to Bray at Rumble 2014 in the blow off. He and Punk won the tag at Survivor Series 13 but I'm pretty sure we were supposed to think Bray ultimately won that feud. (Bray was being built up for Cena at WM 30)

  2. Oh man I just saw some of the deleted tweets Alexa made about Aaliyah/Murphy. They were all bad but the one where she says she didn't blame Murphy for "going after" Aaliyah had to be the worst. Have no idea what she was thinking tweeting that shit. Then she tried to shift the blame to all the "negative" fans criticizing the angle. Alexa seems down to Earth and level headed but this was quite the blunder.