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  2. Mascarita misses on the first move of the match, Piratita launching him over his head from where he was supposed to dropkick Pierrothcito but comes up short. After Morgan levels him with a clothesline, Stacy enters the ring, grabs the mini pirate by the hair and slams him backwards to the mat. Tigresa and Pierrothcito are in to help their partner out while Stacy’s are content to watch on from the apron. Plenty of double and triple teaming by the heels which the official is happy to let go. They kick her under the bottom rope to the floor and, I presume that even though we’re in Puerto Rico this is being contested under Lucha Libre rules, that brings in Mascarita who works a few awesome looking spots with Pierrothcito and Piratita. A miscommunication sees Pierrothcito accidentally splash Tigresa in the corner before she ends up in a rather comprising position between her two partners. Suicide dive to the outside by Octagoncito and Mascarita cradles Piratita after a quality springboard arm drag for the win. Not much to this really. I’m not familiar with the Mini’s so couldn’t tell you whether it is standard fare for them to mix comedy in with a few high spots, or this is something different they did for the Puerto Rican market because they were working with the women. One whiff aside Mascarita’s stuff looked fantastic although this felt like an interlude in between ‘the real’ action.
  3. Yamakawa looks to be having a ton of fun as he dances along to ‘Jailhouse Rock’ although Shadow WX is clearly all business tonight. Meanwhile for the opposition the Wifebeater is like some sort of nu-age Bruiser Brody the way he marauds around ringside trying to terrorize the fans with his weed whacker. Justice tosses Ryuji to the outside, lays him on a table and then appears to be attempting some sort of springboard, only to slip on the ropes and fall INTO the ring onto Beater who was watching on! That was so bad that the fans start laughing at them. They quickly try to rescue the situation with Beater pressing Justice over head and dropping him out onto Yamakawa but struggles on the military press. The action spills into the crowd where Shadow DDT’s Justice on the stage before clotheslining him off it. He then goes to powerbomb Yamakawa off the stage and onto Beater, who is laid out on another table, however now he’s the one struggling and needs help from a second in getting Ryuji up. If that wasn’t bad enough he then proceeds to overshoot the powerbomb and Yamakawa misses him altogether! Not only are the fans laughing at this, so now are the commentators. Attempt number two on putting Beater through that table, this time with a splash off the stage instead. You’d think nothing can go wrong with that, well you’d be wrong, as the target is missed yet again as Shadow, trying to compensate for overshooting previously, fails to reach Beater and ends up pushing him off the table rather than through it! The CZW boys nail their opponents with chairs and Beater lands a double armed suplex forcing Yamakawa to stretch out a foot to the ropes in order to stop the count. Combination sit out chokebomb/Lionsault and Ryuji ends up having to kick out as Shadow was late on the save. Justice with a flip dive to the floor, springboarding off the back of Beater who was down on all fours, but it looked amateurish in both set up and execution. Stacked up Samoan drop on Pain and Beater is in to break up the pin. More tables are set up on the outside and Yamakawa suplexes Wifebeater from the apron and through them. For some reason Shadow assisted by powerbombing Ryuji at the same time which I can only think was to add more ‘force’ to the move. A stacked up butterfly suplex and that puts Justice down for the three as Shadow makes the cover, picking up the win for his team. This match is edited and it is still a shambles so God knows what the full unedited version was like. Wifebeater and especially Justice Pain looked terrible, the latter completely clueless at times. Surprisingly they can’t be held fully responsible for this rubbish as Shadow WX was every bit as bad as the pair of them.
  4. I was reminded of this as I was amending some of the threads and fortunately it is still up on YouTube, if you've never seen it before treat yourself this evening!
  5. Lillian Garcia doesn’t even get a chance to introduce Chris Benoit, Y2J sprinting down the ramp way to get his hands on him as he’s barely made it through the curtain. Jericho slams ‘the Crippler’ into the ring steps and then tosses him into the ring. Missile dropkick off the middle although Jericho doesn’t go for the cover, preferring to dish out more punishment. Double underhook backbreaker. As Y2J hits the ropes Test knees him in the back, the brief distraction allowing Benoit to catch him with a shoulder tackle to the mid-section. Test makes his first legal entrance into the match however is caught with a drop toe hold as he charges at Y2J. Jericho tags Faarooq who gets a near fall after a powerslam. Double spinebuster by the Acolytes. The backdrop is telegraphed and Test with a pretty shoddy looking spinning neckbreaker. Big running lariat in the corner by Bradshaw who then continues to unload on Test. As referee Tim White has a word with Faarooq on the apron, Albert seizes the opportunity to turn the bout in his team’s favour, making a Bradshaw sandwich, squashing him between himself and his partner. Bradshaw ducks the clothesline and takes Albert off his feet with a flying shoulder tackle. Tag to Faarooq, but Jericho enters the ring too as it looks like the match has broken down. Albert catches Y2J in mid-air as he goes for a flying forearm, manoeuvres him onto his shoulders and then lands an F5. Great near fall with Jericho barely kicking out. Trish is up on the apron complaining to White about his count and as Albert military presses Jericho over head, Bradshaw with an almighty big boot to the face as Y2J falls down on top of him. One Lionsault later and that’s all she wrote.
  6. Magnum Milano

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    I've muted Big Dave on Twitter for the time being. The constant replying and quoting of the Russo trolls has become insufferable these past couple of days. God knows why he continues to repeat himself and reply to these people I'll never know.
  7. Magnum Milano

    [1984-01-04-MACW TV, Spartanburg SC] Ric Flair vs Dick Slater

    The date is wrong for this. Considering the Flair/Slater match was taped the same day as the 1/14 episode of MACW it can't have therefore been taped on 1/18.