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Found 77 results

  1. Superstar Sleeze

    The Shield

    I miss The Shield. There was a time I really liked Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns and it seems so long ago. Let's wax nostalgic. http://ridingspacemountain.blogspot.com/2014/04/believe-hype-shield-wwe-2012-2013.html [inception through September 2013. Gave their debut TLC match 5 stars] http://ridingspacemountain.blogspot.com/2014/04/the-shield-part-two.html [From September 2013 through December 2013. Battleground tag against Rhodes Brother ****1/2] The Shield vs Wyatt Family - WWE RAW 3/3/14 It was around the Harper double stomp to break up an Ambrose bridging FIgure-4 that I thought to myself if the WWE produced something better in 2014, I must have a really foggy memory. The sense of struggle and urgency in this match from all six combatants was unparalleled in the WWE this past year and was downright All Japan-ish in nature. Harper was the God King Prick of the match. With the chippy big boot to Reigns' face when he was on the apron, clawing Rollins' face and stepping all over Ambrose's face, Harper did everything he could to get under their skin and hurt his opponents. It was not about entertaining the fans, it was about inflicting pain and proving the Wyatts were the top faction in this turf war. His counterpart was the crazy, violent Dean Ambrose. It is amazing that in nine months, I find Ambrose to be this lame, moody, and sulky spaz. This Dean Ambrose in this match. He is the fucking man. The Ambrose Swarm is the greatest thing ever. He is just bowling people over with his boundless rage. Even the little shove he gave Bray had me and my brother marking out on initial watch because it is so atypical in the neat, orderly WWE matches. I want it rough around the edges, I want it RAW, goddamnit. Ambrose gave that performance. From the craziness that was Ambrose, there was the high flying excitement of Seth Rollins. I watched a lot of 2013 Shield matches at the beginning of 2014 and remembering being impressed by Rollins' ring awareness and movements in the tag settings. In this match as a babyface, he was finally set free and opened the match up with gangbusters, but unfortunately a skirmish between Ambrose and Bray caused him to lose his balance on the top rope. Ambrose losing his cool and Reigns being belted cost Rollins the ability to make a tag, but is finally able to tag Ambrose. Ambrose is just a burst of energy onto Rowan and does some quick, but effective leg work on Rowan to set up a figure-4, where he bridges on his head for more pressure!!! HARPER DOUBLE STOMPS AMBROSE!!! I LOVE THIS MATCH! Let's talk Rowan, dude was a beast dismantling Ambrose and keeping him contained. Harper is the firebrand like an Ambrose he is going to get shit started and be a jerk. Rowan is there as a heavy hitter that is going to pummel you. Crowd chants for CM Punk, fuck them! If you want pro wrestling, watch what is going on in front of you, numbskulls. Ambrose hits a JBL-Orgasm-Inducing clothesline, but Harper hangs on to tag in Bray Wyatt. Ambrose with a DDT. Wyatt comes in and wipes Reigns out. Ambrose hits a DDT on Wyatt. Rollins is all pissy and leaves Ambrose hanging because of what happened earlier. Fine be a bitch, I am going to go destroy everything. Roman Reigns is an amazing ring clearing presence. The Superman Punch is just fucking cool. He just goes to town on the Wyatts. Ambrose holding Harper down for the Reigns dropkick was awesome. The Spear onto Rowan was badass and Harper wipes Reigns out with a suicide dive then sends Reigns flying. Somewhere in there, Ambrose was just swarming muthafuckas with punches. Wyatt picks his spot and hits his wicked cross body block on Ambrose and hits Sister Abigail as Rollins watches. Finally, lets talk about Wyatt, who carefully waited in all the chaos with all the bodies piling up to attack Ambrose and swing the match in their favor. At Elimination Chamber, the Wyatts were able to out-Shield the Shield by taking out one at a time. Here, the Shield collapsed on itself and the Wyatts took advantage of the chaos to win the match. Rollins and Reigns were used perfectly to get the crowd hot as hell at the beginning and end. Ambrose anchored the middle and showed why he is an incredible face in peril. He can sell, but he is always fighting. It is always chippy. That's what made this match special was the constant struggle and urgency everyone displayed. This sounds shocking, but I thought this was a bit too short. I think they could have added more to the beginning and more to why Rollins was pissed to really drive home the point. Still if anything can top this I will shocked. Cena/Lesnar had the big match atmosphere and the Bryan Wrestlemania matches will have emotion, but I don't think they can top the chaotic and violent feel of this. ****1/4
  2. http://placetobenation.com/place-to-be-network-hell-in-a-cell-2014-reaction/ Will is joined by Dylan Hales (Wrestling Culture), Johnny Sorrow (Titans of Wrestling), Phil Schneider (Segunda Caida) and his buddy Kris Zellner to recap the big events from tonight's PPV. Did we experience a flashback from 1998 or 1994 during the main event? Were the Bellas the best divas on the card? Did Cena and Orton have an exciting match? Is Rusev the most over person in the company? Plenty of arguments and contentious statements thrown around from the panel tonight! ​
  3. Shake Them Ropes @ShakeThemRopes October 7, 2014 http://traffic.libsyn.com/shakethemropes/str10062014.mp3 Download Hall of Fame season continues, and this week Rob McCarron reveals his completed ballot for the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame 2014. Plus, we discuss Rock's return, and some possibly unreasonable anger emerges. Also, Nick Dinsmore is released, and pronunciation lessons that may or may not be accurate. 00:00-01:45: Intro 01:45-21:30: Rock's Return with Rusev 21:30-35:10: Raw Thoughts 35:10-36:00: Brief Announcer Rant 36:00-39:00: Puroresushop.com / Pronunciations 39:00-58:12: Rob's Hall of Fame elections 58:12-66:00: Wyatt Family Split & Raw Guests
  4. On episode 14 of The Kevin Kelly Show, Kevin talks about Kevin Steen, Dean Ambrose, Rusev & Putin, KENTA, John Cena going Hollywood and much more. Kevin is then joined by Danny Cage, owner of the world famous Monster Factory. Danny talks about how he took over the Factory, his recent graduate Steve Cutler that is currently in NXT, his current crop of trainees, his tenets for trainees to follow and much more. Kevin and Justin then discuss the World Cup of Greatest TV Characters, play a game of “Who Would You Take” and also chat NBA Free Agency, WWE Network and the always hot trending stories. http://placetobenation.com/the-kevin-kelly-show-episode-14-featuring-danny-cage/
  5. Charles (Loss)

    [2014-05-05-WWE-Raw] The Shield and HHH

    Talk about it here.
  6. Charles (Loss)

    [2014-04-28-WWE-Raw] The Shield promo

    Talk about it here.