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Found 34 results

  1. You knew this would be ridiculous and it was. It did make me laugh so that is the goal I suppose. I understand the annoyance that someone like Kenny shouldn’t be going 50/50 with Yano and degrading himself doing this stuff, but I try not to think too hard with Yano matches and this didn’t feel overly long like the Kojima match. ***
  2. Tonga was given another chance in the G1 this year which felt like filibustering to get to 20 guys to me. I didn’t see what he did in last year’s tournament to warrant a return but I digress. This match was the definition of middling. They did some intro power stuff, went to the outside for a quick exchange and then went back inside for the finishing run. The main positive I had for the match was Elgin’s selling in avoiding the cutter of Tonga. That played into the finish well with Tonga hitting it from the top rope off of a DVD position. **1/2
  3. We get the Yano greatest hits package here. Okada being from the DG system does have a good sense of comedic timing in matches and it was on display here. Them being in a faction worked as well as we saw Okada and Gedo on the outside try to uproot some of the Yano tropes but instead, Yano just added a new layer. The throwing the turnbuckle pad to Gedo and the low blow to Jado on the outside were highlights. Yano gets a variety of rollups that have the crowd biting so that was refreshing to see. In a nice wrinkle, Okada ends up winning with the Red Ink which felt different. I had fun with this match. ***
  4. I appreciated that we didn’t get any faction collusion teasing up front. However, they really seemed to make this into a big brawl from the onset and I didn’t feel the hatred or intensity whatsoever. The chair flying into the cameraman was nice but coincidental. Inside, the action was really back and forth without any flow. My hope was that the stunner to the floor would kickstart things and the selling by both men getting in was excellent. Then they just do a forearm exchange so EVIL who just took a stunner to the floor is still able to go 50/50. Talk about a wasted highspot. The back and forth as we head to the finishing stretch is full of good looking moves mainly based off of SANADA’s bumping and athleticism but I fail to see any strategy for any man as far as gaining the victory. It’s just an exchanging of holds. The struggle with SANADA looking for the Skull End was the most cohesive part of the match overall and gained back my investment. He seems to wind EVIL and then hits a moonsault for the victory. **3/4
  5. Bored at the office afternoon timekiller… Imagine if you will that the WWE, in another effort to throw some first-run content up on the network, decided to rip off the G1 Climax tournament idea and booked two 10-man round robin blocks (one from Raw, one from SmackDown) for house shows, throwing the relevant matches on the network like New Japan does. Who makes the cut? Or if you're really ambitious, who beats who along the way? Also, what kind of WWE-ized name would they give it? Eligible rosters as of today are: RAW Apollo Crews Big Cass Big Show Bo Dallas Braun Strowman Bray Wyatt Brock Lesnar Cesaro Curt Hawkins Curtis Axel Dash Wilder Dean Ambrose Elias Samson Enzo Amore Finn Balor Goldust Heath Slater Jeff Hardy Kalisto Karl Anderson Luke Gallows Matt Hardy The Miz R-Truth Rhyno Roman Reigns Samoa Joe Scott Dawson Seth Rollins Sheamus Titus O'Neil SMACKDOWN Aiden English AJ Styles Baron Corbin Big E Chad Gable Chris Jericho Dolph Ziggler Epico Colon Erick Rowan Fandango James Ellsworth Jason Jordan Jey Uso Jimmy Uso Jinder Mahal John Cena Kane Kevin Owens Kofi Kingston Konnor Luke Harper Mike Kanellis Mojo Rawley Primo Colon Randy Orton Rusev Sami Zayn Samir Singh Shinsuke Nakamura Sin Car Sunii Singh Tye Dillinger Viktor Xavier Woods Zack Ryder
  6. I watched this match twice since I saw that people gave it ****3/4. Here are my thoughts from both viewings: Omega is charismatic and his mannerisms and expressions are indicative of a character he's playing rather than "himself." He engages the crowd very well with these attributes which have a tinge of dark humor. It's fun to watch. I am a fan of Goto especially in his IC fights with Nakamura. I thought this would be similar since Omega is playing something like Nakamura's but, Goto came across as bland. He was not as stiff and or intense as I would have liked. They could have traded out Goto for any big/strong wrestler as I felt this was all Kenny. Watching this made the Naito match all that more worth watching again. All in all this was a great match with the powerbomb fake out and the tributes to Ibushi and past Bullet Clubbers. I was hoping that they would play more off of Omega's knee from the Naito match from the previous night...that would have been awesome and a recipe for a classic but, i just had higher expectations than what this turned out to be. Great match nonetheless
  7. Voices of Wrestling's NJPW G1 Climax 25 Coverage Night 1: July 20 Written Review: NJPW G1 - Night 1 by Bryan Rose http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ILqfhvMb84
  8. On Episode 57 of The Wrestling Culture Podcast, Dylan Hales and Dave Musgrave discuss current topics in wrestling including TNA, the G1 Climax tournament, SummerSlam, and other rambling topics. http://placetobenation.com/wrestling-culture-podcast-57-tna-g1-climax-summerslam-and-more/