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Found 96 results

  1. WOW! This was a super fun match. It was distinctly joshi and a nice contrast to the matches Mariko Yoshida was having the same year. Carlos Amano, while not a complete worker yet, was really fun just diving for leg submissions all over the place and using her size and agility to survive. To my surprise, Hyuga made this match. I've never really noticed her before but she blew me away here with her performance. She did a great job controlling her opponent. She did a great job selling. And she did a great job getting the story of the match over. Amano would try using her submission skills to her advantage, but Hyuga wasn't having it and decided to put her in her place with a couple submissions of her own, resulting in a few great spots. This includes a couple of nifty armbar counters and an angry Hyuga raining punches to Amano's head from the back mount. Neat structure here where Hyuga controls the match early on, while Amano tries attacking her legs like a rabid dog with a few different strategies. Hyuga keeps cutting her off while selling the accumulating damage on her legs in very believable fashion.Totally out of left field great selling performance. Perfect finish too. I think Hyuga may deserve a closer look after this.
  2. This was a good match that could have been a lot better. First of all, Kuragaki rules on offense. Her flippy shit looks really graceful, and she was just launching Hyuga around with her power moves and lariats. Those back suplexes were all kind of crazy. Hyuga did a really good job working as the ace and preventing Kuragaki from attacking her bandaged leg, including just stomping on her face when she went for a kneebar. I also dig the out of nowhere knee attacks. On the other hand there were some awkward/blown spots and I disliked Hyuga's lazy no selling transitions during the finishing stretch. Kuragaki hit a brutal shoot headbutt, and Hyuga would act unphased and just continue her offense. This had a really good layout opening with some nice matwork and the leg story, so it has that going for it.
  3. WAR CUTY!!! I don't know what the hell it is about The Scorpion that brings out Cuty's inner asskicker like this, but it sure has produced a memorable match series. Match opens with Cuty posting Scorpion's arm and then just does her best Arn Anderson impression ripping the hell out of that arm and sinking into armbars at awkward angles. I was a little worried about Scorpion selling all that at first but it ended up being fine. Match was unexpectedly really gritty with Scorpion throwing headbutts and savage kicks and Cuty punching her in the mouth like she's Fuchi or something. Really enjoyed the tricked out finishing run once again which left quite a bit on the table for the rematches. Yeah these two rule together, let it be known that once in a while Cuty Suzuki would step up and be a gritty badass.
  4. This had a GREAT opening with Kansai and Harley facing off only for Yamazaki to step in and smash Kansai into the guardrails. Those guardrail bumps are about the manliest thing. This was a fast paced workrate tag, but another piece in Kansai/Saito rivalry with plenty of boss exchanges between the two. They meander at times and I dislike how Kansai would no-sell all the clever work that Yamazaki and Saito were doing. Ah well, Saito sells well enough and Yamazaki stepping up and kicking Kansai in the face is pretty much the greatest thing. Unpredictable match with lots of well timed transitions. I have no idea whether other folks can warm up to this type of stuff but I'm really enjoying it.
  5. Well you look at this matchup and you go „These are 4 ladies who are not afraid to hit hard and get hit hard in the ring.“ And you are correct. This had plenty of asskicking, but I would've liked them to fire it up a little more and bring that trademark intensity Kandori is famous for. Maybe it was cause they were working a title match so they wanted to keep things cool. Anyways this had enough good stuff to keep you entertained and they delivered another strong finish. They worked the match in such a way that you couldn't tell when and what the finish was gonna be and it paid off with that ending. Not as epic as it could have been, but then the baseline for JWP matches is fairly high and this would be a standout match on any other promotions card.
  6. Very good tag which was mostly built around the veteran team of Devil & Yamazaki rudo'ing it up and cutting off their younger opponents who were firing back with plenty of spunk. This was probably the best Devil has looked as she was quite the thrashing machine here throwing stiff headbutts and punches and dropping the girls with massive Gorilla slams and powerbombs. She did some cool „monster“ selling aswell and reminded me a bit of Andre. Yamazaki wasn't in the match much but she did work a few cool exchanges and she once again acting like an even girlier Takeshi Ono, running in to kick people in the head and stomp on their hands to break up submissions. Kazama was laying into folks with brutal kicks again and there were plenty of violent exchanges in the process. Kandori was probably the most subdued but it was established that she could end the match at any time so that resulted in a few neat moments. Really effective match with some strong double team work from Devil & Yamazaki and a clever finish.
  7. Cool JWP style match. It's a little hard to discern where the line between your average cool JWP match and the great stuff is. The work isn't exactly high end and there's no overarching story, but then the work is GOOD and you get all kinds of neat spots which set these two apart from your average girly spotblower. I really liked the wrestling they did here – nothing high end, but just well executed basic stuff, such as Plum resisting a toe hold, or Kazama turning an Achilles Hold into almost a figure 4 spot by extending the leg to block the pressure. Here Plum gets the better of Kazama with some impressive counters and Kazama almost breaks her jaw with some whack spin kicks in return. I was also impressed by how they did set up the dive in this match. Yeah, I'm a sucker for a good dive set up. Kazama ends up high kicking the steel ringpost and they do a double countout into a restart and Mariko goes after Kazama with her leglocks like the other Mariko. I thought Kazama's selling was good altough it wasn't overly dramatic as she is not that kind of worker and it was just a good trick to get the crowd all hot and behind Kazama for the crazy 2.9 run. One might frown and say this was just another junior match, but I did enjoy it tremendously. Good layout, some cool wrestling and stiff blows, smart thinking, and they never overreached.
  8. The first half or so of this was just amazing and easily the best JWP tag I've ever watched. They basically did away with all the cute stuff and just went for the kickpadded joshi version of a Choshu/WAR tag. The Kansai vs. Saito/Kandori interactions were just magic. Stiff blows, lack of cooperation, flash submissions, general frantic pace... this may be my favourite style of wrestling. Kandori had superstar written all over her here as she had amazing presence, disdainfuly kicking Scorpion in the face and standing toe to toe with Kansai. The second half drifted more into a different territory, whichwas still solid, but I was hoping for the sparks to fly a little more of that opening. It was basically a WAR tag that turned into an AJPW tag, and I like the WAR style better. Still, they pulled through with a good story as Saito and Kandori worked a good underdog+major badass team. Saito and Kansai kept brawling after the finish, keeping me excited for their further interactions throughout the year. Ah screw it, this is still the best JWP tag by a landslide so far.
  9. This was one of the stiffest matches I've ever seen. Lots of sickening street fighting kicks to head of the downed opponent. I imagine if this had more intelligent transitions and build it would've been a strong match. The early going is fun with near KOs and submissions, but they lose their way and start trying to build to their powerbomb finishers, but not really doing a good job at it. I did like Kansai's leg trip and upkicks and they kept delivering stiff shots to keep me entertained, but Kansai's eventual comeback was poor and they ran out of (good) ideas. Also, funny moment where Chigusa is struggling not to botch a powerbomb and cripple her opponent.
  10. Long, excellent main event to make up for that shite midcard. These two had really gotten the hang of how to beat somebody up and make it look good while at the same time selling the punishment received, and they built a really good match around these qualities. It reminded me a bit of an AJPW style match rather than typical joshi, with a slow pace and some cool move progressions. Sawai stuck to her rough housing tactics which issomething she did really well at this point, but Harley was determined to lay an epic beating on her opponent. Really punishing contest with Saito teeing off on Sawai with rapid fire kicks and both girls using some grinding holds. The finishing run was not as great as the body of the match but not huge detriment. It could've used few more ideas but opinions on that will vary. They did a really good countout tease and then packed it up to end the match in style. Quality match, which shows Sawai could go and once again Harley Saito being the real deal.
  11. The motherfucking Scorpion. This was a really cool match and most of that was thanks to the lady in the mask, who was seriously ahead of the curve with her junior/shootstyle hybrid wrestling, bringing both the flips and the kicks and the kimuras, but this match is good due to STORY~ and not due to style. Utako is on the blander side, as she is Japanese Prettygirl #1245 which is the joshi equivalent to being a hairless kickpadded indy junior. Her offense is not as high end as Scorpion, but she redeems herself with some excellent selling. These two could go braindead and just do some athetic moves, lotsa filler holds and then bust out a bunch of 2,9999s and call it a day, but we get so much more than that here. There is some really cool battle for control stuff including Scorpion working almost a full guard before Hozumi digs her elbow into the thigh and locks in an achilles hold. Hozumi cannot seem to get the upper hand but pulls out a well executed control segment before Scorpion gets her again. A BACK SUPLEX is turned into a nearfall and Scorpion has it all over Hozumi here. Scorpion targets the back and really clever injury spot ensues to increase the tension further. I really liked how while Scorpion was in control so much there was a palpable tension about Hozumi eventually pulling out the victory because JWP is flukey, and Hozumi actually looked strong despite getting in little offense. Really entertaining stuff, this is why JWP was gold.
  12. Nice to see the Beginning Pro girls make tape since that doesn't happen very often these days. The both of them put in very plucky performance against the veteran team of Bolshoi and Leon. While they lack the experience and offensive fire power that their opponents have, both Anou and Maki do a terrific job of looking competitive. A high quality veteran/youngster tag title match that shouldn't be skipped. ****
  13. They follow a silly spectacle with a badass heavyweight war. Good one. These are the two biggest meanie asskickers JWP ever produced; can they deliver a goodie even in their baby form? Yes they can. Kandori was full on Kandori, completely different from the worker she was the year before, while Kansai was learning the ways of working stiff and exciting. This had a pretty great opening – as they go right at it with the fast submissions, slapping the taste out of eachother's mouth, throwing lariats, Kansai making a comeback by punching Kandori in the face repeatedly etc. The second half was a little more generic and more like a wrestling match, but still interesting enough with some very well timed spots and nearfalls. Whenever Kandori looks in a submission there's automatic drama, so that's really nice. Strong bout, proof these two could go from very early on.