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Found 31 results

  1. Match Link - Match starts at 1:08:00 This is for Shida's & Syuri's OZ Academy tag titles. I was excited when this was first announced because Hiroyo and Kagetsu were a team in one of my favourite (and highly underrated) tags from last year, 4/2/16 vs. Thunder Rock. Then again, this is OZ Academy where potentially great matchups turn mediocre. Matsumoto looked great here. She is definitely all in for this chance to have a run on top of a promotion. This was also the best match from the Shida/Syuri team. They focused more on straight tag work rather than weapon shots and brawling. It's really nice to see a match that looks like what OZ Academy should be. ****
  2. This is the tag title match that was setup after Matsumoto trash-talking at the end of the last Korakuen Hall show. They don't mess around here, during a breakdown after the intial feeling-out, Hiroyo grabs Iwatani off the top rope for a powerbomb on the apron while Kagetsu lines up Io along the ring post and starts drilling her with kicks. The challengers then turn their focus to Iwatani and this allows Mayu to show off some awesome selling. The thing I like the most about her selling in this match is that she isn't instantly back to normal after tagging out, if she gets back involved too early she pays for it. That being said Hiroyo Matsumoto is the real star of the match. She lives up to her "Lady Godzilla" nickname as she is just a monster here. She's great at using her strength to count both Mayu's and Io's flashy offense, plus bringing some really nasty strikes to the table. This is the best women's match of the year so far, and if your a Stardom World subscriber, pretty much makes this month's payment worth it by itself. ****1/2
  3. While this is technically a preview for the tag title match on the next show, this turns out to be pretty good in it's own right. It says a lot about Hiroyo as a tag wrestler as this is the third different partner that she has had in the last six months and she has had instant chemistry with all of them. Iwatani also turns a great selling performance as she really puts over the offense of the future challengers. Surprisingly great match from something that would usually be treated as a throwaway. ****
  4. Very good match with Kagestu and Kaho desperately trying to overcome the heels and their dastardly cronies. Tons of fun all around. *** 3/4
  5. This is a surprisingly fun tag match. You would think that Ozaki/Hirota team would the typical 'partners who don't like each' but it's played more like Ozaki not trying to help Hirota and not wanting Hirota to help her, which actually ends up working in this match. Kagetsu and Kobayashi play a super fun youngster team who pull out some really nice double teams. I was impressed with Hirota because, while she has always been a solid worker, she still managed to work in her comedy spots pretty seamlessly into the match. The match was as helped by not being overrun with interference as anytime the match was about to get to that point it was balanced out by AKINO and Sonoko Kato. ***1/2
  6. This definitely exceeded expectations. Joshi is this weird style where two no-name workers can have a kickass match out of nowhere and rookie/vet matches tend to be better because of the difference in ranking, and that was the case here. Kagetsu is a butch looking rookie* in the vein of Toshiyo Yamada while Kuragaki is a powerhouse, with a cool moveset who throws these nasty Tenryu-ish "Fuck you, punk" lariats. This does a tremendous job avoiding all the usual pitfalls of joshi while building a match that gets better and better and leads to some real dramatic selling. Even the usual pesky little brawl on the outside wound up leading to a meaningful transition and set up some great (and neatly sold) armwork. Loved Kagetsu bouncing off the mat after taking the Yokota/Asuka superplex bump off the top, loved the reckless flying over the guardrail armbreaker, loved Kagetsu attempting to murder her opponent by landing repeated BattlARTSian rotten melon kicks to her head. Also worth pointing out that while Kagetsu got in a lot of offense on Kuragaki, it always felt like an uphill battle for her. This on first watch feels like a slam-dunk MOTY for japanese wrestling. *actually, she made her debut in 2008 but is 22.