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Found 33 results

  1. Well, if this is the last match of Sarah Stock's career, then this is a pretty good way to go out. Starts out with a really fast exchange sequence with both women all over the place but Dark Angel ends up taking over after yanking Io off the top turn buckle then powerbombing her on the apron. She follows that up with a bunch of cool submission that focus on Io's back with Shirai putting it over with some really good selling. The finish is a nice change as they focus on escaping/countering each other's finishers rather than going the usual near fall route. ****1/4
  2. It's the day one of the trial version of Wrestling 365, so here we go. This starts off with a super intense collar and elbow tie up which I always love. The focus for Ole is the ribs with punches, knees, etc.. Ricky kept trying to fight him off, but Ole was focused.The crowd was super crazy too. What does Ricky do to counter, he goes after Ole's ribs! Yes we have a rib battle with no Abdullah in sight. They have a commercial and they come back and Ole is in charge. Never a fan of that, I like seeing the transitions. Although back from break Ole is going after the nose they broke on Ricky over the summer. Ole's tossing of Ricky into the turnbuckle nose first as one of the best I have ever seen. Ricky makes the comeback, gets a few nearfalls and then Ole regains control going after the ribs again. Just great pro-wrestling. The punching fest between these two was great here and this crowd. Did I mention the crowd? There is some back and forth action as Ricky out hearts Ole and then Ole outsmarts Ricky. A crossbody by Ricky could had been the end, but Arn jumped in for the DQ. Double Gourdbuster by the Andersons brings out Dusty and some elbows. Arn drags Ricky to the floor and rubs his nose on the concrete. Just brutal. Tully out too and now Dusty is double teamed too.Magnum finally comes out and the Horsemen leave. Dillon and Horsemen promo after. Morton done. Dusty done. Magnum is next. This match was freaking great even if it was short, but the angle afterwards was even better. This is the perfect kind of segment. Everybody should watch.
  3. I find the general aesthetic of IWE charming, and it’s definitely a company I am excited about exploring much more since so much of it seems to be uncharted waters. This wasn’t something I think I’ll remember but it was a good match with a nice layout, and they kept the action going very well. Rose and Quinn are really good working like an American heel team with the cutting the ring in half and all of that. Inoue and Hamaguchi are the home country babyfaces and have a good amount of charisma. Inoue in particular has some nice offensive flurries. I really liked his sentons. The match is less than 15 minutes, but is worked like something much bigger and longer. I think the reason it feels that way is that the first half of the match has the Japanese team in heavy peril and they are equally dominant for the last half to make up for it. Hamaguchi is good at coming in and hitting his spots, but from a wrestling perspective, Inoue carried this for his side and looked damn good doing it. I didn’t care for the finish because it didn’t seem like it was very earned, but the body of the match makes up for it. ***
  4. Thus far, my favorite World of Sport stuff has been from the catchweights. They work a style that doesn’t seem even the slightest bit dated. Maybe not fully relevant in today’s landscape, but definitely not dated. Rocco takes most of this match – most of the time because he’s such a force of offense, but he also has some lucky breaks. The first time Grey manages a sustained comeback and is about to lock in a surfboard, the round ends and then Rocco continues his reign of dominance to start the next round. This pace is never really slow, but it does continue to get more frenetic the longer the match goes. This was building to an all-time classic and probably would have hit that level with ten more minutes, but this was still pretty great. ***3/4
  5. This was my first exposure to both guys and they both impressed me. This match never really leaves first gear, but they have enough stuff to do on the mat that it’s still a rewarding way to pass the time. The round breaks do seem to come at inopportune moments, meaning they pause at times when the drama is starting to build and the momentum is broken as a result. Still, that’s par the course for even a lot of the very best European wrestling unfortunately. These guys have a lot of tricked out mat reversals at their disposal, and that stuff is cool as hell, but these two do basics so well that I’d be perfectly content watching them work in and out of wristlocks and headlocks all day. Freeman’s headlock, by the way, looks legitimately painful, as does the front facelock from Kwango in round three. I think there’s enough flash here to engage those who aren’t matwork freaks to the same degree I am, and for those who are like me, get ready to watch a fun display of mad skills. ***1/4