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Found 211 results

  1. Gorgeous George vs Lil' Naitch - WCW Slamboree 1999 I am legitimately shocked this did not make the 1999 yearbook. This is one of my all-time favorite comedy matches and I enjoyed the most perhaps last night. Gorgeous George actually is pretty athletic, coordinated, willing to work a crowd and tried pretty damn hard. If she came along now, given that she would be undersized compared to a Paige or Charlotte, I could see her a very good underdog babyface. She is certainly better than AJ at things like running so I can't see why she would not do well. Charles Robinson is fucking awesome in this role. As Ric Flair's mini-me, telling Gorgeous George he was going to buy her a pack of gum to defeat her because we all know bimbos can't walk and chew gum at the same time was great and then saying he was going to take her Space Mountain was hilarious. Macho Man looked like he was ready to laugh and Gorgeous George sold it so well. The actual match itself is the greatest possible RIc Flair tribute/parody matches in history. The hollering from the wristlocks immediately lets you know where they are going. Robinson/George work more holds in this match than pretty much any wrestlers do now and it is not bad at all. George and Robinson put together a really nice snapmare. Robinson decks Molly Holly and then bodyslams her on the floor. Savage is hilarious letting people know she is hurt. Robinson does the Flair shoving the ref spot. Oh my God, Robinson's strut is so bad it is hilarious. Robinson with lots of choking and we trade chops in the corner. Flair Flip! Lil Naitch ducks the clothesline, up top and slammed down. Flair Flop! The Real Nature Boy sells this huge! Asya grabs a hold of Gorgeous George and works the leg. Now we go to school, awesome kneecrusher and Figure-4. Great selling in the figure-4 by both of them! George reverses the pressure here come the big guns. Savage slams Robinson and Gorgeous George hits a middle rope elbow. Robinson was hilarious throughout the match and Gorgeous George showed great effort. Awesome comedy match. ***
  2. Superstar Sleeze

    [1982/1983-ICW] Randy Savage vs Ron Garvin (Cage)

    ICW Heavyweight Champion Randy Savage vs Ronnie Garvin - ICW Steel Cage 1982/1983 Best babyface Savage performance of his career besides the Savage/Flair GAB '95 match. Savage is an all-time great as a heel by being a totally despicable human and someone who always makes the babyface look like a million bucks. As a babyface, he relies a lot on his selling (he is world-class), but there is not much in the way of offense. The selling keeps it from feeling like an exhibition, but still I wish there would be more struggle in his babyface matches. I think that this cage match with Garvin really shows babyface Savage in a violent war over the ICW Championship. This should go down as one of the all-time great cage matches and reminder how great the stipulation can be. From the outset, they let us know that this is going to be a street fight with the way they were tussling over a front facelock and how they were clawing and choking each other. There was nothing pretty about it, but it was incredibly compelling. Unlike so many cage matches, it never felt claustrophobic, they were still able to brawl and use the cage as a weapon. We get double juice as these two just hate each other. Of course, this match features Savage's amazing trademark selling as he is staggered and collapsing after each hope spot. I love how the piledriver is treated like such a kill shot and each is doing all they can to avoid the other's. So much talk about Savage, but Garvin was awesome on top using the cage at will and choking Savage. He was a true heel. The best part of the match is in the middle of the match, a boxing match breaks out and two of the best working punches going at it. Down goes Garvin! Savage scampers on his knees to pin, but only two. I love the urgency! They are looking to end it in a most violent way, piledriver, but neither can get it. Savage misses his top rope elbow. Ruh roh! Garvin throws him into the ref and gets the belt and blasts Savage. He is hanging Savage and this match just ventured into classic territory. Savage kicks him off as a survival tactic. Savage throws the belt at Garvin to stop the top rope knee drop. HE PILEDRIVES HIM OFF THE TOP ROPE! THAT IS HOW YOU PAY OFF TEASES, BITCHES! Savage vs Lawler, here we come! ****3/4
  3. Randy Savage & Lanny Poffo vs Rock N Roll Express - Mid-South Coliseum 6/25/84 SAVAGE PILEDRIVES MORTON THROUGH THE TABLE! When I was a kid, we rented some video or found some TV show that had this angle on the tape. I literally remember nothing else on the video just Savage piledriving Ricky Morton through the table at ringside. Eat it, ECW! Talk about a hot and I mean double hot angle! Absolutely tremendous! For what we got, this was on pace to be one of my favorite Memphis Wrestling matches of the 80s and on pace to be better than both Savage vs Lawler matches I have watched so far, but a premature DQ ending makes for a fun match rather than a classic. Wow, were these two teams made for each other! Savage and Poffo were perfect heel stooges for the Rock n Rolls and of course RnRs excel at giving the early crowd pleasing spots. I am such a mark for high-octane movement in the ring that ends with the heel either on his ass or falling on his face. There are plenty of those with Poffo and Savage trying to get one up on RnRs and failing spectacularly. My favorite spot was RnR did their normal spot of rolling through a banana split and decked Savage on the apron. They go to do it again, but Savage has learned his lesson so he jumps off the apron. He gets back on the apron and showboats only to be decked again. Popped huge for that! The transition to the heat segment was awesome with Gibson running into the top turnbuckle, but it was a fake out. In the ensuing fracas, Morton gets rammed into the post by Angelo and the short heat segment is worked perfectly. Savage and Poffo's control feels tenuous at best, which gives a really exciting feeling of when Gibson will make a tag, but Morton is out of it that it is hard for him to make a tag even when he gets a hope spot in. I know this is stating the obvious, but Morton sold perfectly in this match just enough to get sympathy, but was still active in trying to tag out. Great stuff! Savage is great at working a nasty heat segment with his wicked punches and full court press offense. Gibson finally gets in, but before he can do any really damage, Angelo pulls down the top rope and he goes tumbling out for the premature DQ. At a scant nine minutes of awesomeness, I am definitely left wanting more to the point where the finish is frustrating. I am of the opinion that I rather get twenty minutes with this finish than just ten with this finish leaving the match feel underdeveloped. A brawl develops at ringside and this is where Savage piledrives Ricky Morton through the table. These two teams absolutely rocked it and I look forward to the rematch. ***3/4
  4. Savage comes in limping, having done a clean submission job to Ric Flair the previous night in the same arena. Unfortunately for such a weird novelty of a match-up, this is every 1996 Savage match you've ever seen--Randy gets the crap kicked out of him, hits three offensive moves the whole match, and wins with the elbow. To his credit, Savage takes the Liger Bomb, fisherman buster, and Shotei like a pro. But the match is fairly empty, with Liger logically targeting Savage's bad wheel but completely going away from it in the second half of the match. Not a waste of time because of the "yeah, this actually happened" factor but not really much of a match.