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Found 419 results

  1. NEW Episode of Fire in the Mountain covering SMW TV's 39, 40, and 41 from Haysai, Virginia. Topics covered by the hosts: http://placetobenation.com/fire-in-the-mountains-smw-tv-episodes-39-41/ - Did Justin just compliment Brian Lee? - Did the Grim Reaper throw ashes in Lee's face and why is that so wrong? - The Garvin/Orndorff thing gets into much weirder territory - Danny Davis, at home, stroking his..........kitty cat - The Master certainly doesn't disappoint. Best angle so far in SMW? - Did Brian Lee and the Nightstalker have a legitimately good match? - Robert Gibson's mother is a deaf mute and Cornette buries her - Ring around the rosie with Tim Horner and Ron Wright - Logistics of Gibson getting from the airport to Haysai
  2. http://placetobenation.com/fire-in-the-mountains-smw-tv-30-31/ This week Justin is back and we discuss SMW TV Episodes 31 & 32. Some highlights: - Bob Armstrong. The shirt is back. - Paul Orndorff wants to do WHAT to Ronnie Garvin? - Fan orgasms over Rock N Roll Express music. - Fantasy booking Danny Davis. - Robert Fuller and "Little feller." - Some more head scratching booking. As always feedback appreciated. I did remember to enable the downloads this time.
  3. This week on Fire in the Mountains we continue the build up to Fire on the Mountain. Some highlights: - Animal abuse and talking ponies - Where's Buddy Landell? - This ass backwards booking of Lee/DWB - A Nazi, a coathanger, Mark Curtis with a knife - Dutch calls Hector Guerrero a crazy Mexican and that's NOT the politically incorrect comment of the week - Killer Kyle desecrates the Stars and Bars and Andy is none too pleased - Bob Armstrong is still wearing that same F'N shirt http://placetobenation.com/fire-in-the-mountains-smw-tv-episodes-27-28/ As always, we really appreciate our listeners and we are having a blast with SMW. If you have suggestions for the show we are open to most anything. Hell, I know I didn't invent the wheel. Just trying to have fun and provide a good companion piece to these episodes. Match of the Week Interview of the Week Soundbyte of the Week/Politically Incorrect Moment of the Week (Double winner) Fashion Statement of the Week Fan(s) of the Week (Repeat Winners)
  4. http://placetobenation.com/fire-in-the-mountains-smw-tv-episodes-25-26/ This week we have a quick turnaround from the previous show. We discuss the weeks that were in Smoky Mountain Wrestling and cover Episodes 25 and 26 in this episode. From Polk High School in Benton Tennessee. Some highlights: - Hey Diddle Diddle I want to Know What's in Your Fiddle - Robert Fuller and Ricky Morton bringing some star power - Cornette throws a hissy fit - Brian Lee is booked like a freaking heel - Comparing Ronnie Garvin to another similar wrestler - Two words: The Stormtrooper - A hilarious skit with Dutch and DWB - Does Justin survive the whole episode without going into a coma? Match of the Week - The Heavenly Bodies vs Hector Guerrero & Ben Jordan Interview of the Week - Down and Dirty with Dutch & DWB at the Junkyard Soundbyte of the Week - Robert Fuller calls Ricky Morton a Keebler Elf Fashion Statement of the Week - Davey Rich's Shirt and David Jett Fan(s) of the Week - These two fine gentleman And a special category that may come up on occasion. Political Correctness Be Damned of the Week - The Stormtrooper
  5. http://placetobenation.com/fire-in-the-mountains-smw-tv-episodes-22-24/ This week we discuss TV episodes 22 through 24. Some highlights: - Best promo since Terry Gordy's "Bombs are Falling" promo - Bob Caudle with the Soundbyte of the Week making us all fall in the floor laughing - The stipulation in the Jimmy Golden match that could go horribly wrong - Our favorite grandma is back - One hell of a brawl between the Fantastics/Bodies - Does Justin actually go into an alcohol coma due to Brian Lee? - Even Bob Caudle must have hated Cumberland KY - Orndorff with a cool new finisher End of Show Awards: Match of the Week - Battens vs DWB/Orndorff Fan of the Week: Bouncing Beulah Interview of the Week: DWB/Landell Fashion Statement of the Week: Gary Scott's tights Soundbyte of the Week: Bob Caudle about Killer Kyle ramming Danny Davis into his violin case, "Maybe he's got something even harder in that case" Like always feel free to provide any feedback. We want to make the show as entertaining as possible while giving the important stuff that takes place over these episodes. I hope that anyone that follows along with this watch finds these podcasts a good companion piece.
  6. Fire in the Mountains (SMW Episodes 19-21) http://placetobenation.com/fire-in-the-mountains-smw-tv-episodes-19-20-21/ This week on Fire in the Mountains some of the topics discussed: - Valentines Day with Danny Davis - Jeff Gordon in SMW? - Batten's Hitler apologists? - Cornette's Cartoon Faces - How many freaking face teams do we need? - The awesomeness of Buddy Landell END OF THE SHOW AWARDS: Match of the Week - Rip Rogers vs Danny Davis Soundbyte of the week - Hey Tim good buddy (Landell) Interview of the Week - Ron Wright Fan of the Week - poor redneck Fashion Statement of the Week - Brian Lee Zubas
  7. https://soundcloud.com/ricky-whittenburg/fire-in-the-mountains-volunteer-slam-and-tv-episodes-1718 This week we go over the Volunteer Slam card as well as TV shows 17 & 18 of Smoky Mountain Wrestling. Highlights include: - How did Justin react to Lee getting the strap - Rebooking the VS card - Mountain Mayhem battle royal fun - Stan Lane's weave - R Budd Dwyer reference As always feedback is welcomed and appreciated.
  8. This week we dive into episodes 13 through 16 of SMW TV. The reason we have two added episodes is that episodes 14 and 16 are both basically recap shows. Some show highlights: - The emergence of Carl Stiles - Doug Furnas is a freak - Bob Armstrong may never change clothes - Don't talk about the Fulton's momma - Does Caudle have a "thing" for Danny Davis? - Justin pledges his undying love for Brian Lee - When is serial killing acceptable? - Forks in Dogs - call PETA - The "Baccer Magazine" issue We thank everyone for their support. There's some big news coming for our show soon. This is the go home shows before the Volunteer Slam. Next episode will be the Volunteer Slam recap show. https://soundcloud.com/ricky-whittenburg/fire-in-the-mountains-episodes-13-through-16-smw Weekly awards Match of the Week - Fantastics vs Heavenly Bodies (SMW Tag Title Match) - Episode 15 Soundbyte of the Week - Cornette blasting The Fantastics momma Fashion Statement of the Week - Robert Gibson's shirt Fans of the Week - The Deliverance Boys Interview of the Week - Carl Stiles Top 10 Matches Watched so far in SMW: Rip Rogers vs Tim Horner - Weekly show #7 Jimmy Golden/Wild Bunch vs Fantastics - Weekly show #8 Fantastics vs Heavenly Bodies (SMW Tag Title Match) - Weekly show #15 Paul Orndorff vs Rip Rogers - Weekly show #2 Fantastics vs The Maulers - Weekly show #14 The Maulers vs Johnny & Davey Rich - Weekly show #8 The Fantastics vs The Wild Bunch - Weekly show #9 Danny Davis vs Buddy Landell - Weekly show #15 Rip Rogers vs Joey Maggs - Weekly show #3 Paul Orndorff vs Hector Guerrero - Weekly show #11
  9. We are finally back for our 6th show which covers episodes 11 & 12 of SMW TV. This week we discuss everything from Rip Rogers kneepads to granny farts to everything in between. https://soundcloud.com/ricky-whittenburg/fire-in-the-mountains-episodes-11-12 Exciting news about the show coming soon as well. Hope that you all enjoy it. End of Show Awards: Match of the Week - Paul Orndorff vs Hector Guerrero - Episode 11 Soundbyte of the Week - Tie: Caudle's comment about Danny Davis and Paul Orndorff blasting Hector Guerrero Fashion Statement - Ron Wright’s shirt Fan of the Week - same yokel from last show. Too good not to repeat Interview of the Week - Paul Freaking Orndorff TOP TEN MATCHES WATCHED SO FAR SMW History Rip Rogers vs Tim Horner - Weekly show #7 Jimmy Golden/Wild Bunch vs Fantastics - Weekly show #8 Paul Orndorff vs Rip Rogers - Weekly show #2 The Maulers vs Johnny & Davey Rich - Weekly show #8 The Fantastics vs The Wild Bunch - Weekly show #9 Rip Rogers vs Joey Maggs - Weekly show #3 Paul Orndorff vs Hector Guerrero - Weekly show #11 The Batten Twins vs The Heavenly Bodies - WEekly show #12 Ivan/Golden vs Fantastics - Weekly show #4 The Koloffs vs the Fantastics - Weekly show #2
  10. Fire in the Mountains The Chronological History of Smoky Mountain Wrestling http://feeds.soundcloud.com/users/soundcloud:users:113856477/sounds.rss https://soundcloud.com/ricky-whittenburg/fire-in-the-mountains-smoky-mountain-wrestling-1 Smoky Mountain Wrestling was considered by many the last of the true territories. Jim Cornette had a vision and produced several years worth of quality entertainment to the Southern wrestling fans. Many guys got their starts in SMW and others got a chance to shine. Tucked into a little corner in East Tennessee near Johnson City, SMW was a home town territory for me. This show will take a chronological look into the history of SMW where each episode we will go through the TV shows sequentially as well as cover all of the big shows of the time period. This will be a show where we take a fond look back at a great, underrated territory from the beginning to the end. Each show we will cover two TV shows or one big card. During the weekly show reviews we'll discuss the matches and angles playing out and overall thoughts on the shows. You can look forward to end of show awards including Match of the Week, Dutch's "Ditty" of the Week, Most 90s Sighting of the Week, and Best Interview of the Week. We will also keep a running tab of the top 10 matches in SMW up to the point we've watched which will be updated on the forums after each show. I will post the link to the show after it is uploaded right here on PWO. So join myself Ricky Whittenburg and my two co-hosts Andy Waddell and Justin Edgell as we dive into the history of Smoky Mountain Wrestling.
  11. soup23

    RIP Jimmy Del Ray

    Sad news as Jimmy Del Ray has passed away. The Heavenly Bodies are a damn great team IMO and really anchored SMW for large portions of its existence.