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Found 3 results

  1. Another wonderful slice of DDT pro wrestling with touches of BattlARTSian greatness. This wasn't quasi-shootstyle like the tag from the night before, altough it's still quite the stiff-fest. No idea what went into Takagi here, because he has an unusually mean edge and decides to work a rough no nonsense style, even approximating a poor mans Otsuka in his sections against Toba. Speaking of Toba, I think he is a guy mostly everyone with a little japan wrestling knowledge knows as the fun boxing guy from DDT, but is it crazy to say he might actually be an underappreciated indy great? All the involving him where once again manly as fuck and he mixed in some cool unique spots aswell as taking punishment and setting himself up as a foil to make Sasaki & Takagi look badass. Loved his crazy flying apron kick. Mikami was the weak link but still pretty good. He threw some poor punches which especially stick out in a match with Toba in it, but he also had some insane bumps and dives and hit some 2000 sleaze indy level brutal looking high spots, such as a rib crunching twisting senton. All the reckless looking headdrops – which basically saw Takagi muscling Mikami up and driving him headfirst into the mat were pretty nasty too. Sasaki once again handles himself in this kind of stiff main event. Brilliant finish. Crazy to see the DDT crew at one point did a stiff heavyweight potatoefest as good as anyone else.
  2. A bunch of ninjas and sleazy masked dudes fly around in Korakuen Hall! By no means is this a great match, but it is a great bizarre indy spectacle. They bring out a bunch of ladders for this so you know what that means. Match includes: lots of preposterous Sasuke highspots (including the apron tope) and ladder-related awrygoings! Chabinger abusing everyone with his weird wooden mini table! Great Sasuke disappearing and reappearing, changing between his Great Sasuke/Sasuke the Great personae! Takeshi Ono in a mask hitting dudes with high kicks! Orihara looking good! NANIWA doesn't know how to do the Naniwa Elbow anymore! Great Sasuke hitting some REALLY stiff kicks! Sanhshiro Takagi in a mask handing out stunners! After the match everyone sits down and they have a beer. Osamu Tachihikari comes out too. Rating: watch if you can laugh at Sasuke getting a ladder flung at his head.
  3. Some quick background on the parties involved: Sanshiro Takagi is the original ace and founder of DDT. He's a huge fan of WWE and of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and thus his "Stone Cold" Sanshiro Takagi character with the matching black boots and black trunks, plus the shattering glass and Stone Cold like vest. Poison Sawada JULIE is a former New Japan and Malenko dojo trainee and he is also the founder of Union Pro-Wrestling. Before DDT he was mostly an indy guy who fought Mummies in various smaller organizations. He is the founder of one of DDT's biggest historical factions, Jakai Tensho. His character revolves around him getting bitten by a snake and have supernatural snake powers to control opponents. This maybe where the Osirian Portal from CHIKARA got a lot of inspiration for their character from. Super Uchu Power is Koichiro Kimura is another guy who's been around forever and has a background in some martial arts and he even fought Rickson Gracie at Vale Tudo Japan 1995 and he also got a chance to compete in RINGS and in various Japanese indy organizations such as W*ING, FMW, etc. Tomohiko Hashimoto is judoka who was trained by Kimura (Super Uchu Power) and was another pro-wrestler who also ventured into MMA. Hashimoto spent many years working Japanese indies and was highly influenced by Big Van Vader. He was even a member of Team Vader in Japan. If you're a fan of the Japanese indies, than you'll get a kick out of this as its fun in its setting and context, but far from being an all-time classic or anything. Hashimoto and Uchu are two of the more underrated Japanese indy guys, however Hashimoto was still somewhat green here. Uchu was great before he got eliminated as he was destroying everything and everyone in sight. Unfortunately, Uchu went out second, but in its storyline context, it made sense as the feud was between Takagi who was the babyface ace of the promotion and Sawada who was the top heel. The second half of the match featuring mostly Takagi and Sawada I thought was nothing special. Takagi having to bust all of his top notch offense to dispatch Sawada can be seen as overkill, but it made sense as it was the end of an ongoing rivalry at their biggest show.