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Found 127 results

  1. http://placetobenation.com/titans-of-wrestling-77-finale/ This episode is dedicated to Ivan Koloff, RIP On the docket tonight: 1. Frank Williams vs Bulldog Brower 3/80 MSG 2. Dominic Denucci vs Baron Mikel Scicluna 8/80 Shea 3. Baron Mikel Scicluna vs SD Jones 4/81 MSG 4. Mr Fuji & Mr Saito vs Johnny Rodz & Jose Estrada 10/81 Philly 5. Battle Royal 6/79 MSG 6. Pat Patterson, Tony Garea, & Rick Martel vs The Moondogs & Lou Albano 2/81 MSG 7. Bob Backlund vs Adrian Adonis 3/82 Philly 8. Fabulous Moolah and Wendi Richter vs Princess Victoria and Velvet McIntyre 3/82 Philly 9. Bruno Sammartino vs Waldo Von Erich 6/75 MSG Highlights include: - Titans memories sprinkled throughout - How Vince Jr thinks of his father's era - Hall of Fame Classes of 94, 95 and 96 - Career matches for Dominic Denucci, Baron Scicluna and SD Jones - Bios for Gypsy Rodriguez and Mr X - Final thoughts on Backlund, best opponents and best feuds - The Titans usher in the DIVAS REVOLUTION by reviewing as ladies match - Revelations - Fond farewell to Bruno Thanks for listening!
  2. http://placetobenation.com/titans-of-wrestling-76-retrospective/ Ahead of the fothcoming series finale, join us on this musical retrospective looking back at the Titans of Wrestling.
  3. http://placetobenation.com/titans-of-wrestling-75-the-stampede-territory-part-8-117-1114-1987-tv/ Kelly and Travis gather for the penultimate chapter in their look at the Stampede Territory and finish examining classic TV with a bang. Discussion on the show includes: -Heaps of praise for Hiro Hase, before his untimely demise at the hands of Jason the Terrible -Burials of Steve DiSalvo and Corporal/Colonel Kirschner -How to cut a 60-minute Broadway down to 4 minutes in one easy step! -The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, all within 10 minutes -And much, much more!
  4. http://placetobenation.com/titans-of-wrestling-74-christmas-special-great-talkers-of-the-1970s/ Parv, Johnny, Pete and Kelly are in festive mood, gathered to celebrate the great talkers of the 1970s! Open up the wrapper to see who is discussed inside.
  5. http://placetobenation.com/titans-of-wrestling-73-the-stampede-territory-part-7-109-1016-1987-tv/ Kelly and Travis are joined by their old friend Rick Lee, a DJ at Jack FM in Vancouver (who graciously allowed the show to be recorded from his studio at the station), to reminisce about their days as young wrestling fans in Calgary. At the same time, the boys examine two TV shows from October 1987, during one of the last hot periods for the territory Discussion includes -A look at the legendary heel stable The Karachi Vice -Heaps of praise for Brian Pillman and Owen Hart...and Hiro Hase! -Jim Davies as an extremely poor substitute for Ed Whalen -Makhan Singh's hatred for the state of Montana -And much, much more!
  6. http://placetobenation.com/titans-of-wrestling-72-the-stampede-territory-part-6-622-727-1979-tv/ Kelly and Travis bid a bittersweet farewell to the 1970s as they examine the final two episodes pulled from the WWE Network. Highlights include: -The wonderful mess that is Duke Savage -Stu Hart lacing up the boots to kick some ass one more time -Yet more awesomeness from Big Daddy Ritter, Dynamite Kid and John Foley -Awkward head shavings, a ladder match, more thoughts on Ed Whalen, and much, much more! Once again here is the link to the Stampede footage. Would love to hear peoples thoughts about it: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLV6RCTo_Cd0DBHLku6tpAj-ypzT3GFUj3
  7. http://placetobenation.com/titans-of-wrestling-71-wwf-december-1982/ The Titans are back and plum to the very depths of wrestling despair as they journey boldly into one of the WWF's very lowest periods. You don't know man, you weren't there. On the docket: 11-27 ROGERS CORNER: JIMMY SNUKA WWF TV 12-04 ROGERS CORNER: DON MURACO WWF TV 12-11 ROGERS CORNER: BACKLUND/GILBERT/SKAALAND WWF TV 12-18 BACKLUND/GILBERT vs SENZA/MARTIN WWF TV 12-18 ROGERS CORNER: JOHN STUDD/FRED BLASSIE WWF TV 12-25 JOHN STUDD vs EDDIE GILBERT WWF TV 12-28 PEDRO MORALES vs DON MURACO IC TITLE MADISON SQUARE GARDEN 12-28 BOB BACKLUND vs SUPERSTAR GRAHAM WWF TITLE MADISON SQUARE GARDEN 12-28 JIMMY SNUKA vs RAY STEVENS MADISON SQUARE GARDEN Highlights include: - With Titans morale at an all-time low dredging through the quagmire, will all four members make it to the bitter end? - To what extent had Vince Sr tapped out completely by December 1982? - In-depth analysis of ... the mechanics of the Big John Studd bodyslam challenge. - Gorilla Monsoon continues to be a dick to Vinnie Jr on commentary. - They are lumberjacks, and they're okay.
  8. http://placetobenation.com/titans-of-wrestling-70-wwf-at-msg-112282-and-philadelphia-spectrum-112582/ Parv, Pete, Johnny, and Kelly are back together to discuss two WWF cards from November of 1982. The DUD ratings fall like hail as the boys watch some of the worst wrestling ever committed to tape. On the docket: 11-82 BOB BACKLUND, SUPERSTAR GRAHAM PROMOS WWF TV 11-22 BOB BACKLUND vs SUPERSTAR GRAHAM WWF TITLE MADISON SQUARE GARDEN 11-22 PEDRO MORALES vs BUDDY ROSE IC TITLE MADISON SQUARE GARDEN 11-22 JIMMY SNUKA vs LOU ALBANO MADISON SQUARE GARDEN 11-22 RAY STEVENS vs JAY STRONGBOW MADISON SQUARE GARDEN 11-22 ROCKY/GAREA vs CHOSHU/SAITO MADISON SQUARE GARDEN 11-25 TIGER MASK vs EDDIE GILBERT PHILADELPHIA SPECTRUM 11-25 SUPERSTAR GRAHAM vs JAY STRONGBOW PHILADELPHIA SPECTRUM 11-25 BOB BACKLUND vs BUDDY ROSE WWF TITLE PHILADELPHIA SPECTRUM This show includes: - Consideration of why The Grand Wizard is not in the Observer Hall of Fame - The absolute travesty that was Superstar Billy Graham and his general face and state of mind in November 1982 - A modern day tragedy: Jimmy Snuka vs. Lou Albano - "Cho Chu": Rikki Choshu as a generic Japanese villain at MSG - A consideration of Gorilla Monsoon on commentary - Collective marking out at Buddy Rogers's ability in the ring and capacity to "still go" at the age of 61 BONUS content: Baron Scicluna titantron: Footage of SD Jones cutting a promo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tUzB7Wn5t0
  9. http://placetobenation.com/titans-of-wrestling-69-the-stampede-territory-part-5-119-615-1979-tv/ Kelly and Travis continue their review of the removed WWE Network footage from the 70s, this time looking at the 1/19 & 6/15 1979 episodes. Discussion includes: -A heavy dose of Calgary sports-team nostalgia up front -The awesomeness of Big Daddy Ritter and (yet again) John Foley -Dynamite Kid vs Mr. Wrestling in a great, and rare for TV, full-length match -Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart share a ring for the first time -A young babyface Jake Roberts, two Puerto Rican legends, shorter than normal sized wrestlers, and much, much more! Be sure to check out the Stampede footage, in particular the Dynamite Kid vs Mr. Wrestling match from the 1/19/79 episode www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLV…u6tpAj-ypzT3GFUj3
  10. http://placetobenation.com/titans-of-wrestling-67-the-last-battle-of-atlanta/ The gang is all here for a special review of a legendary match that was until a few days ago thought lost, The Holy Grail---Tommy Rich vs Buzz Sawyer, October 23, 1983, the Omni: The Last Battle of Atlanta!!! On the show tonight: -Thoughts on the match finally surfacing -A look at the Tommy Rich vs Buzz Sawyer feud that led to the match -A review of the match itself -Bonus match: Ole Anderson vs Paul Ellering -The boys debate how the match stacks up to other classics from the time
  11. http://placetobenation.com/titans-of-wrestling-66-the-stampede-territory-part-3/ Dan Kroffat against Tor Kamata in perhaps the first ever ladder match, circa 1972 Kelly and Travis continue their tribute to Stampede Wrestling, this time looking at various different names integral to the promotion's success from the 50s through the 80s. Ski Hi Lee, Dave Ruhl, Sweet Daddy Siki, and Dan Kroffat are all given thorough examination. The focus for the last 1/4 of the show turns to the Dynamite Kid and his legacy in Calgary and elsewhere, including reviews of some of his choice Stampede action. This is your one stop location for all things Stampede Wrestling folks! *Apologies for the quality of Kelly's audio Ski Hi Lee Dave Ruhl Sweet Daddy Siki
  12. http://placetobenation.com/titans-of-wrestling-65-wwf-at-philadelphia-spectrum-october-16-1982/ They may not be as youthful and prolific as they were back in 2014, but the Titans have returned once again, this time to say farewell to the marvelous commentary of that great individual, Kal Rudman! On the docket: Pedro Morales vs Superstar Graham Bob Backlund vs Buddy Rose Chief Jay Strongbow vs Mr. Saito Pat Patterson vs Mr. Fuji Also on the show: -Parv hasn't regained his wrestling smile, but he loves him some Pat Patterson vs Mr. Fuji, much to the disdain of Pete -Conspiracy theories on why Kal Rudman was replaced as a commentator -Repo Man: Greatest Gimmick Ever??? -Plus Titans of Wrestling turns 3 years old! (about 87 in human years)
  13. http://placetobenation.com/titans-of-wrestling-64-the-stampede-territory-part-2-stomper-tribute/ Part 2 of of the Stampede Territory mini series sees Kelly and Travis look at the career of Archie "the Stomper" Gouldie, perhaps the area's most legendary heel. They dig up footage from his time in Stampede, and also from his run as the Mongolian Stomper in the USA. Special focus is given to the legendary angle from December 1983 in Stampede involving the Stomper, his "son", and Bad News Allen, including all the crazy fallout. Sit back and enjoy another ring-a-ding-dong-dandy, fans!
  14. http://placetobenation.com/titans-of-wrestling-63-the-stampede-territory-part-1/ Just in time for Stampede season, Kelly teams up with his longtime friend Travis for the first part of an ongoing mini-series devoted to an exploration of the famous Hart family territory based out of Calgary! Centered around a discussion of the promotion's oldest known footage (from April 1961) and the legendary main event of the WWF's 1997 Canadian Stampede PPV (the symbolic end of the territory), Kelly and Travis touch on... -Their personal experiences with the territory as kids in the late-80s -Ed Whalen's place as an announcer and Calgary icon -How Stampede compared to other areas -Stu Hart in 1961: Look out Don Draper! So sit back and enjoy a nostalgia-soaked ride through Western Canadian wrestling history! Travis and his pal Max have a great show reviewing Lucha Underground, appropriately called Lucha Afterground https://soundcloud.com/lucha-afterground Also, watch the 1961 ep, it's freakin great
  15. http://placetobenation.com/titans-of-wrestling-62-muhammad-ali-vs-antonio-inoki/ As part of the first Titans-Two-In-One, Kelly and Johnny discuss the road to the infamous boxer vs wrestler match between Muhammad Ali and Antonio Inoki from June 25 (26 in Japan), 1976! Among the fantastic footage discussed: -Muhammad Ali/Gorilla Monsoon angle, June 1 (aired June 5), 1976 Philadelphia Arena -Muhammad Ali vs Buddy Wolfe, June 12 ABC Wide World of Sports -Muhammad Ali vs "Sodbuster" Kenny Jay, June 12 International Amphitheater, Chicago -Muhammad Ali and Freddie Blassie on the Tonight Show, hosted by McLean Stevenson, June 14 -Pre-fight footage from Japanese TV And then, exclusively on Dailymotion (because this is something YouTube doesn't want you to see!), Mystery Titans Theatre has Kelly and Johnny look at, not only all 15, um, interesting rounds of Ali vs Inoki, but also the forgotten classic (seriously!) between Andre the Giant and heavyweight boxer Chuck Wepner from Shea Stadium. So listen to the road to the fight discussion on Titans #62, then watch the fights on Dailymotion, and finally come back to the pod as Kelly and Johnny wrap things up and make some important announcements regarding future podcasts. Titans-Two-In-One! Because JUST a podcast on one of the worst matches of all time is not enough!
  16. http://placetobenation.com/titans-of-wrestling-59-interview-with-kal-rudman/ Johnny and Parv had a chance to chat with the legendary Kal Rudman: WWF commentator, star of The Today Show and The Merv Griffin show. Renowned philanthropist. Inductee to the Philadelphia Broadcast Pioneers Hall of Fame.
  17. https://soundcloud.com/jerryvonkramer/the-best-of-titans-of-wrestling-volume-3-the-bios-of-chief-jay-historian?in=jerryvonkramer/sets/the-best-of-titans-of I put this comp of wrestler bios from Titans together almost a year ago, and then my laptop broke and I couldn't do anything about it. I have finally been able to access my old laptop today, so here you go, better late than never. Originally, I had planned to record an intro explaining which bios are featured, but I never got around to it and was too lazy to record one tonight. The bios featured are from the first 30-something episodes of Titans of Wrestling: Baron Scicluna El Olympico Tor Kamata Wolfman Steve King Black Demon Pete Doherty Killer Khan Dominic F'N DeNucci! The first two Best of comps can be found here https://soundcloud.com/jerryvonkramer/sets/the-best-of-titans-of Also, look out for something Titans-related that is much more exciting than this on the weekend, fans!
  18. However the Rumble turns out, why not wind down afterwards with an episode of Titans. http://placetobenation.com/titans-of-wrestling-58-wwf-july-to-august-1982/ Just before the 2016 Royal Rumble, Parv, Pete, Johnny and Kelly gathered to discuss some footage from the summer of 1982. On the docket tonight: 07-31 BOB BACKLUND vs JIMMY SNUKA WWF TITLE PHILADELPHIA SPECTRUM 07-31 ANDRE THE GIANT vs BLACKJACK MULLIGAN PHILADELPHIA SPECTRUM 08-07 SUPERSTAR GRAHAM vs BARRY HART WWF TV 08-82 PAT PATTERSON INTERVIEWS BOB ORTON WWF TV 08-30 PAT PATTERSON vs BOB ORTON MADISON SQUARE GARDEN 08-30 TIGER MASK vs DYNAMITE KID MADISON SQUARE GARDEN 08-82 JIMMY SNUKA/LOU ALBANO PROMO WWF TV 08-30 PEDRO MORALES vs JIMMY SNUKA IC TITLE MADISON SQUARE GARDEN 08-82 ALBANO/FUJI/SAITO PROMO WWF TV 08-30 ANDRE/STRONGBOWS vs MULLIGAN/FUJI/SAITO MADISON SQUARE GARDEN On this show: - Learn about Kal's advice to drug users - Discussion about Andre as a worker and how he worked in different places - Bob Orton Jr. and why he was so good - Tiger Mask vs. Dynamite Kid ... at MSG?! - Ivan Putski's shorts - The troubles of working 2 out of 3 falls in a short match
  19. http://placetobenation.com/titans-of-wrestling-57-wwf-june-to-july-1982/ The Titans reunite to see in the New Year and watch some WWF from the summer of 1982. On the docket: 06-05 BOB BACKLUND vs JIMMY SNUKA WWF TITLE MADISON SQUARE GARDEN 06-82 STRONGBOWS PROMO WWF TV 06-05 STRONGBOWS vs ADONIS/VENTURA MADISON SQUARE GARDEN 06-82 BLACKJACK MULLIGAN, ANDRE THE GIANT PROMO S WWF TV 06-05 ANDRE THE GIANT vs BLACKJACK MULLIGAN MADISON SQUARE GARDEN 06-12 BUDDY ROSE vs BARRY HART WWF TV 06-82 LOU ALBANO/JIMMY SNUKA PROMO WWF TV 06-28 BOB BACKLUND vs JIMMY SNUKA WWF TITLE/CAGE MATCH MADISON SQUARE GARDEN 06-28 FUJI/SAITO vs STRONGBOWS TAG TITLE MADISON SQUARE GARDEN 07-82 GCW: BACKLUND/FLAIR PROMOS AUDIO NOT IN SYNC GEORGIA CHAMP. WRESTLING 07-17 PEDRO MORALES vs MR SAITO WWF TV 07-24 FUJI/SAITO vs STRONGBOWS TAG TITLE WWF TV 07-31 FUJI/SAITO vs STRONGBOWS TAG TITLE PHILADELPHIA SPECTRUM Highlights include: - Enter Jules Strongbow ... (and did he get paid more that Johnny Rodz?) - Ideas for Ivan Putski's Polish gimmick - The strange and sinister domestic life of The Fabulous Moolah - Ric Flair! Gordon Solie! Our boy Backlund heads down south for a promo - Who are your favourite jobbers?
  20. Ricky Jackson

    Titans of Wrestling 2015

    Look back on the year that was for the Fabulous Four, or listen to any eps you may have missed (including the secret 3rd 1970s Mid Atlantic show!), all here in this handy playlist https://soundcloud.com/jerryvonkramer/sets/titans-2015
  21. http://placetobenation.com/titans-of-wrestling-56-roddy-piper-tribute-part-2/ Join Kelly, Johnny and Marty Sleeze (until he tragically passes away halfway through the show) for part 2 of what may become, at this pace, a 7-8 part tribute to "Rowdy" Roddy Piper! This episode is devoted entirely to Piper's 1984-1987 WWF run, featuring a look at... -His initial time as a manager and tag wrestler -His feuds with Jimmy Snuka, the Tonga Kid, Hulk Hogan, Mr. T, Cyndi Lauper, Bruno Sammartino, Adrian Adonis...Hell, most of the roster -The revolutionary Piper's Pit -His trunks-tearing off war with Paul Orndorff All this and much, much more!
  22. http://placetobenation.com/titans-of-wrestling-55-roddy-piper-tribute-part-1/ Titans of Wrestling returns with part 1 of a special epic two-part look at the career of pro wrestling legend "Rowdy"Roddy Piper! Tonight, join Kelly, Johnny and Marty Sleeze as they examine Piper's early years (1973-1983)... Starting out in the AWA (1973-1974) His breakthrough as a heel in LA and San Francisco (1976-1979) Tour of Japan featuring matches against Riki Choshu and Antonio Inoki (1977) His forgotten stint in the WWF (1979) Legendary babyface run in Portland (1978-1980) Major success in the Carolinas (1980-1983) Groundbreaking work in Georgia (1981-1982) And look out for part 2 next week looking at Piper's time in the WWF and WCW!
  23. I have long thought of doing something like this and I hope it will be a living resource. I will keep adding to it as new content is uploaded. Shows dedicated to individual wrestlers: Alberto Del Rio (Pro-Wrestling Supershow #22) - Steven Graham, Dave Musgrave, Jason Mann Andre the Giant (Wrestling Culture #37) - Dylan Hales, Dave Musgrave Andre the Giant (Pro-Wrestling Supershow #36) - Steven Graham, Tim Livingstone, Dave Musgrave Bam Bam Bigelow (Good Will Wrestling) - Good Ol' Will from Texas, Rob Naylor Bob Backlund (Exile on Badstreet #10) - Kris Zellner, Graham Cawthorn, Parv Bret Hart (Wrestling with the Past #3) - Good Ol' Will from Texas, Charles, Steven Graham, Johnny Sorrow, Kris Zellner, Nintendo Logic Buddy Landel (Exile on Badstreet #9) - Kris Zellner, David Bixenspan, Dylan Hales Bruno Sammartino (Xtra) (Titans of Wrestling #40) - Parv, Pete, Johnny Sorrow, Kelly Carlos Colon (Exile on Badstreet #15) - Kris Zellner, Dylan Hales, El Boricua Chris Adams (Pro-Wrestling Supershow #12) - Steven Graham, Dylan Hales, Jason Mann Chris Jericho (Pro-Wrestling Supershow #10) - Steven Graham, Scott Crisculo, Jason Mann Dick Murdoch (Good Will Wrestling) - Good Ol' Will from Texas, Kris Zellner, David Bixenspan Don Fuji (Pro-Wrestling Supershow #27) - Steven Graham, Alan Counihan (DKP), Dean Knickerbocker Dusty Rhodes (Exile on Badstreet #8) - Kris Zellner, Good Ol' Will from Texas, David Bixenspan Goldust (Wrestling Culture #52) - Dylan Hales, Dave Musgrave Hulk Hogan (Wrestling Culture #24) - Dylan Hales, Dave Musgrave Invader #1 (Exile on Badstreet #18) - Kris Zellner, Dylan Hales, El Boricua Ivan Koloff (Titans of Wrestling #34) - Parv, Pete, Kelly, Ivan Koloff Jake "The Snake" Roberts (Part 2) (Good Will Wrestling) - Good Ol' Will from Texas, Rob Naylor, Lars Frederiksen John Cena (Wrestling Culture #60) - Dylan Hales, Dave Musgrave Ken Patera (Wrestling Culture #9) - Dylan Hales, Dave Musgrave LA Park (Super Extreme Vault #3) - Steven Graham, Marc Clair, Glenn Butler Larry Zbyszko (Pro-Wrestling Supershow #47) - Steven Graham, Tim Livingstone, Kris Zellner Lex Luger (Wrestling Culture #46) - Dylan Hales, Dave Musgrave Magnum TA (Pro-Wrestling Supershow #19) - Steven Graham, Kris Zellner, Johnny Sorrow Mascarita Dorada (Pro-Wrestling Supershow #42) - Steven Graham, Dave Musgrave, Bill Thompson Mr. Fuji (Part 2) (Pro-Wrestling Supershow #49 and #50) - Steven Graham, Parv, Kelly Nick Bockwinkel (Exile on Badstreet #19) - Kris Zellner, Dylan Hales, khawk Paul Heyman (Wrestling Culture #42) - Dylan Hales, Dave Musgrave Ric Flair (Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5) (Fair to Flair mini-series) - Parv, Marty Sleaze, Pete, Charles, Good Ol' Will from Texas Rick Martel (Pro-Wrestling Supershow #54) - Steven Graham, Tim Livingstone, Parv Randy Savage (Makin a Case) - Steven Graham, Kelly Shawn Michaels (Wrestling with the Past #7) - Good Ol' Will from Texas, Charles Ted DiBiase (Part 2) (Pro-Wrestling Supershow #15 and #16) - Steven Graham, Parv, Good Ol' Will from Texas Terry Funk (Wrestling Culture #2) - Dylan Hales, Dave Musgrave Terry Gordy (Part 2) (Good Will Wrestling) - Good Ol' Will from Texas, Rob Naylor Tito Santana (Titans of Wrestling #36) - Parv, Pete, Tito Santana Triple H (Wrestling with the Past #10) - Good Ol' Will from Texas, Charles, Scott Crisculo, Dylan Hales Verne Gagne (Titans of Wrestling #48) - Pete, Kelly, Johnny Sorrow Shows dedicated to groups or teams: The Fabulous Freebirds (Exile on Badstreet #1) - Kris Zellner, Good Ol' Will from Texas, Pete The Four Horsemen (Good Will Wrestling) - Good Ol' Will from Texas, Rob Naylor, Lars Frederiksen The Sheepherders (aka Bushwackers) (Wrestling Culture #66) - Dylan Hales, Dave Musgrave Special show: Greatest Wrestler Ever Debate: Ric Flair vs. Jerry Lawler vs. Terry Funk (Wrestling Culture #35) - Dylan Hales, Dave Musgrave, Good Ol' Will from Texas, Charles Guide for Titans of Wrestling Bios: On Titans of Wrestling, we often take fairly detailed looks at more obscure wrestlers, included assorted journeymen and jobbers, or otherwise we look at lesser known periods of famous wrestlers' careers (e.g. often pre-WWF mid-80s run). In a way, this is like a "further reading" list. Eventually I hope to have time stamps for these, but until then, you can find them somewhere in the episodes listed. (Note: Bios by Parv may or may not be "ghost written" by Greg Oliver.) Adrian Adonis - Titans #51 (Parv) Andre the Giant - Titans #3 (Parv) Angelo Gomez - Titans #9 (Kelly) Angelo Mosca - Titans #37 (Parv) Antonio Inoki - Titans #8 (Kelly) Antonio Rocca - Titans #38 (Parv) Baron Scicluna - Titans #3 (Kelly) Barry Hart - Titans #54 (Kelly) Big Joe Nova - Titans #38 (Parv) Black Demon - Titans #31 (Kelly) Blackjack Mulligan - Titans #54 (Parv) Bob Orton Jr. - Titans #54 (Parv) Bulldog Brower - Titans #13 (Parv) Charlie Brown - Titans #39 (Kelly) Dean Ho - Titans #27 (Kelly) Dominic Denucci - Titans #4 (Kelly) El Olympico - Titans #42 (Kelly) Frank Savage - Titans #28 (Kelly) Frank Williams - Titans #14 (Kelly) Freddie Blassie - Titans #12 (Titans) Gorilla Monsoon - Titans #6 (Parv / Johnny Sorrow) Harley Race - Titans #8 (Parv) Hulk Hogan - Titans #6 (Parv) Jack Carson - Titans #31 (Kelly) Jay Strongbow - Titans #3 (Parv Jay Youngblood - Titans #13 (Parv) Jimmy Snuka - Titans #54 (Parv) Joe McHugh - Titans #31 (Parv) Joe Perkins - Titans #54 (Kelly) John Buford - Titans #9 (Kelly) Kal Rudman - Titans #17 (Parv) Ken Patera - Titans #8 (Kelly) Killer Kahn - Titans #25 (Kelly) Killer Kowolski - Titans #27 (Parv) Masa Saito - Titans #51 (Parv) Mike Masters - Titans #10 (Kelly) Mike Paidousis - Titans #42 (Kelly) Mohammed Saed - Titans #46 (Kelly) Moose Monroe - Titans #3 (Kelly) Pat Patterson - Titans #3 (Parv) Pete Doherty - Titans #19 (Kelly) Rene Goulet - Titans #20 (Kelly) Rick Martel - Titans #21 (Parv) Rick McGraw - Titans #17 (Kelly) Rick Stallone - Titans #37 (Kelly) Ricky Steambaot - Titans #13 (Parv) Ron Shaw - Titans #31 (Kelly) Sgt. Slaughter- Titans #21 (Parv) Spiros Arion - Titans #27 (Kelly) Steve King - Titans #18 (Kelly) Swede Hanson - Titans #5 (Kelly) Terry Gunn - Titans #54 (Kelly) The Grand Wizard - Titans #10 (Kelly) The Hangman - Titans #22 (Parv) The Moondogs - Titans #25 (Parv) The Wild Samoans - Titans #6 (Parv) The Wolfman - Titans #38 (Kelly) Tito Santana - Titans #3 (Parv) Tom Lynch - Titans #46 (Kelly) Tony Atlas - Titans #8 (Johnny Sorrow) Tor Kamata - Titans #13 (Kelly) Shows dedicated to promotions or territories North America Amarillo (Titans of Wrestling #47) - Parv, Pete, Johnny Sorrow, Kelly AWA (Wrestling Culture #21) - Dylan Hales, Dave Musgrave, Good Ol' Will from Texas, Kris Zellner AWA (Part 2, Part 3) (Where the Big Boys Play #48) - Parv, Chad, Dylan Hales, Brian Samec, PeteF3, Pete AWA (Good Will Wrestling) - Good Ol' Will from Texas, Dylan Hales, Chris Harrington Continental (Titans of Wrestling #23) - Kelly, Pete, Johnny Sorrow, Marty Sleaze ECW (Good Will Wrestling) - Good Ol' Will from Texas, Rob Naylor, Gabe Sapolsky Georgia (Part 2) (Titans of Wrestling #29) - Parv, Pete, Johnny Sorrow, Kelly Houston (Part 2) (Titans of Wrestling #50) - Parv, Pete, Johnny Sorrow, Bruce Tharpe, Kevin Sullivan Jim Crockett Promotions (Where the Big Boys Play #47) - Parv, Chad Jim Crockett Promotions (and its demise) (Exile on Bad Street #5 and #6) - Kris Zellner, David Bixenspan, Dylan Hales Memphis (Exile on Bad Street #11) - Kris Zellner, Good Ol' Will from Texas, Phil Schneider Mid-Atlantic (70s) (Part 2 (Titans of Wrestling #44 and 45) - Parv, Pete, Johnny Sorrow, Kelly Montreal (Wrestling Culture #23) - Dylan Hales, Dave Musgrave NWA / WCW (Where the Big Boys Play, entire series) - Parv, Chad (+ various guests) WCW (and its death) - Good Ol' Will from Texas, Phil Schneider, Dean Portland (Part 2) (Titans of Wrestling #7 and #15) - Kelly, Crazy James, Pete, Marty Sleaze St. Louis (Titans of Wrestling #11) - Kelly, Parv, Pete Texas (Good Will Wrestling) - Good Ol' Will from Texas, Rob Naylor, Alan4L, Missy Hyatt UWF (and its demise) (Exile on Bad Street #2) - Kris Zellner, David Bixenspan, Dylan Hales (W)WWF (Vince Sr. era) (Titans of Wrestling, entire series) - Parv, Pete, Johnny Sorrow, Kelly (+ Crazy James, Marty Sleaze) Japan All Japan (80s) (Wrestling Culture #8) - Dylan Hales, Dave Musgrave, Good Ol' Will from Texas All Japan (90s) (All Japan Excite Series, entire series) - Parv, Steven Graham (+ guest: PeteF3) New Japan (Good Will Wrestling) - Good Ol' Will from Texas, Rob Naylor, Monsta Mack New Japan (80s) (Good Will Wrestling) - Good Ol' Will from Texas, Chris Harrington, Phil Schneider UK British Wrestling (Wrestling Culture #33) - Dylan Hales, Dave Musgrave, John Lister British Wrestling (World of Sport) (Titans Xtra) - Parv, Kelly, Steven Graham US wrestling in Britain (Where the Big Boys Play #58) - Parv, Chad, Alan Blackstock, John Lister, Gareth Maybury Shows about particular styles of wrestling Introduction to 1980s Lucha - Good Ol' Will from Texas, Kris Zellner, Phil Schneider Why you should watch Lucha (Pro-Wrestling Supershow #7) - Steven Graham, Dylan Hales, Chad Introduction to Japanese wrestling (Part 2 (Wrestling with the Past #8 and #9) - Good Ol' Will from Texas, Charles, Childs Walker, Kris Zellner Hardcore / Death matches (Super Extreme Vault, entire series) - Steven Graham, Marc Clair, Glenn Butler Shows Counting Down Lists of Top 50s / 100s Top 50 Wrestlers (Part 2) (Wrestling Culture #50) - Dylan Hales, Dave Musgrave Top 100 Matches (Part 2) (Where the Big Boys Play #75 and #76) - Parv, Chad WWE's Top 50 Heels (Part 2, Part 3) (PWO-PTBN Roundtable) - Parv, Will, Johnny Sorrow, Steven Graham WWE's Top 100 Matches to See Before You Die (Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5) - Steven Graham, Charles, Chad, Pete
  24. http://placetobenation.com/titans-of-wrestling-54-wwf-march-to-june-1982/ The unique late-night feel of Titans is back for another dose of the WWF in 1982. On the docket tonight: 03-14 PEDRO MORALES vs ADRIAN ADONIS IC TITLE MADISON SQUARE GARDEN 03-28 BOB BACKLUND vs ADRIAN ADONIS WWF TITLE LANDOVER MD 05-08 BLACKJACK MULLIGAN vs JOE PERKINS WWF TV 05-08 BOB ORTON vs BARRY HART WWF TV 05-15 GREG VALENTINE vs TONY GAREA WWF TV 05-22 BOB BACKLUND vs BOB ORTON WWF TITLE PHILADELPHIA SPECTRUM 05-22 TONY ATLAS vs JESSE VENTURA CAGE MATCH PHILADELPHIA SPECTRUM 05-29 JIMMY SNUKA vs "IRISH" TERRY GUNN WWF TV 06-05 GREG VALENTINE vs TONY ATLAS MADISON SQUARE GARDEN Highlights include: - Bios for Blackjack Mulligan, Bob Orton Jr., Jimmy Snuka and the jobbers Joe Perkins, Barry Hart and Terry Gunn - The slow, sad descent of Tony Garea - Dick and Kal present their masterpiece, their crowning achievement, their magnum opus as ... some guys come to assemble a cage - Plus much more fun and randomness, as the Titans discuss hearing the same jokes over and over at work, soap operas, number 2 babyface at Wrestlemania 1, and the importance of the BIG RED X in wrestling history
  25. This obscure and difficult-to-find match has attained a near-legendary status on Titans. I loved it, some other people hated it. It is notable for a number of reasons: 1. It took place at the Steel Pier in Atlantic City, which is a completely unique setting for this time frame. It's really rare to see footage from outside of the TV (Allentown / Hamberg), MSG, Philly or sometimes Boston or the Cap Centre. I have read around about this, and in the Summer of 79, the WWF ran a series of live broadcasts from Atlantic City, which aired on a local cable channel (one guy says a station called "Sportschannel") at 8pm or 9pm in 79. The reasons for the existence of this footage -- as in why they did this, why live as opposed to a taping, and why for only that couple of weeks -- are ... mysterious. 2. Gorilla Monsoon is on commentary, which is also really unusual for this time. I believe it is actually his DEBUT as an announcer. Vince fronted the TV typically. Monsoon would not start on MSG and Philly shows until 1982. So it really is random that he is in the booth here in 79. Monsoon calls it "Championship Wrestling", but as far as we know this did not air on that show. It may have been a pilot or trial run for a new live show. 3. This is a chance to see Andre in a house show environment go long against lesser opponents. It is about 28 minutes. He plays FIP at times for Scicluna and Valiant(!!), which is nuts. 4. Also a chance to see Baron Scicluna outside of a 5-minute MSG opener squash, and he actually gets some time in on offense. I don't think he nor Jerry Valiant (underrated) have many matches that go this long on tape. 5. Early team up for the Mega Bucks! I have uploaded it on discrete request. This is a bit of a "gem" in my view. I mean even if you don't like the match (which I do), there's so much other unusual stuff about this match that it is worth a look. I love the Steel Pier setting, your "smoky arena" right there.