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Found 130 results

  1. Fukuda enters the BOSJ and pushes the legend to the limit! Liger goes out of his way to make this indy nobody look great! It's hard not to love Fukuda here with how he withstands Liger's stiff shotais and busts out a bunch of great throws and holds. Opening matwork was pretty rockin' and better than the usual Liger trademark surfboards. Fukuda's sleeper variations were pretty choice and him getting control over Liger was done nicely. They do a pretty great section where they exchange pitbull headbutts on their knees to mix up the bomb throwing. The crowd gets hugely into the possible upset too. Sweet match.
  2. This is it - Jushin Thunder Liger's last ever BOSJ match. I actually was really rooting for him to win the whole thing because I feel like him vs. Hiromu II at Dominion would've been absolutely incredible. But it is what it is, they made Liger lose every match in the tournament leading up to this one - and while I initially didn't agree w/ that decision, I gotta say that this match made up for it. You got the most hated, the most annoying, the slimy ol' Taichi going against the man here. Right from the get go as Liger is making his entrance, the Suzuki-gun jumps him - Taichi talks some trash & that leads to him working the heat big time on Liger. He does it so in the most dickish, heelish fashion ever & it's just fucking awesome. Kicking Liger in the head, ripping his mask, cutting his gear w/ scissors. Finally when Despy & Kanemaru get involved again out comes KUSHIDA & Taguchi who take care of them, which leads to Liger, with his gear destroyed & all making a super comeback - emotions were running wild during that one and I got them goosebumps watching him hit Taichi with his signature stuff, just completely destroying the dick that almost ruined his last ever BOSJ match. This was wonderful pro wrestling. Liger is the best. ****1/2
  3. Definitely my most awaited match up of the whole tournament (alongside KUSHIDA/Taguchi) & they delivered just like I knew they would. The opening was super great & set up the pace for rest of the match - loved Liger's work on top, it's always a pleasure to see him do his thing & Hiromu sold + bumped his ass off for him. The transitions were also really great; loved Hiromu getting the advantage by using his quickness & then going for that big apron powerbomb. Him working the heat on Liger was terrific & Liger's big comeback was obviously superb. The nearfalls towards the end w/ Liger almost getting the W were amazing as well. Just a really damn good match. ***3/4
  4. What an amazing match to kick off this year's BOSJ with! A kickass 8 minute sprint with a fantastic sense of urgency & drama. ****
  5. Joe taking on two puro legends in 1 month is pretty remarkable! Amazing cool entrance by Joe and Liger's wasn't too shabby with his NJ music, full shoulder pads, and streamers. Liger, sized wise, looked like a good match for Joe. Shorter but, thick as Joe. Crowd was amped. Joe pretty much did his 'standard' TNA act here but, Liger switched it up from his 2005 routine and played it like a younger junior taking on the heavyweight. So, we got a few moments of brilliance from Liger as well as him taking to the air. The only thing stopping this from being a great match was the time it was given. It reminded me of a Fire Pro Wrestling match where you get a Critical just as you're starting to amp things up. Highly recommended match and a successful dream match in my book.
  6. Had to check this out because of the potential Suzuki vs. Shibata interactions, and I sure wasn't disappointed, because I got some awesome action between those 2! It looks like they might do a singles program between them, it sure felt like it w/ Suzuki constantly targeting Shibata & staring him down + attacking him post-match. I am hyped for that. The match was super fun - you got Liger as the FIP, and he was awesome, as you'd expect. Suzuki-gun did some solid heel work over him, ripping his mask & all - but the highlight of the match was indeed the Minoru Suzuki vs. Katsuyori Shibata sequence when they were both in the ring. Their interaction did not disappoint. Awesome match. ***1/2
  7. Savage comes in limping, having done a clean submission job to Ric Flair the previous night in the same arena. Unfortunately for such a weird novelty of a match-up, this is every 1996 Savage match you've ever seen--Randy gets the crap kicked out of him, hits three offensive moves the whole match, and wins with the elbow. To his credit, Savage takes the Liger Bomb, fisherman buster, and Shotei like a pro. But the match is fairly empty, with Liger logically targeting Savage's bad wheel but completely going away from it in the second half of the match. Not a waste of time because of the "yeah, this actually happened" factor but not really much of a match.