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Found 35 results

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pglPdQ7_H2o This one almost snuck by me as I didn't know that it had happened until I read the results of the show. The match itself is what you would hope it would be, a contrast between the technical striking/submissions of Syuri versus the straight forward bulldozer style of Yamashita. The whole story of the match is Syuri trying to avoid and counter Yamashita's power. This is a damn good match that you don't want to skip out on if you don't watch the undercards of joshi shows. ****
  2. On paper, this looks like your typical vets vs. youngster match, but the big difference is Yamashita and Yoshiko work like a Hokuto/Kandori type team. The story is that they are competitive when they work together but the dislike for one another keeps that from happening as much as it should. Both Ayako and Nanae are pretty nasty with their working over of their opponents. I've enjoyed the bitchy vet version of Ayako that showed up earlier in the year. There are some slow spots here since they work a half hour draw, but when the match is really going it's some fantastic stuff. ****
  3. This is another first round match in WAVE's Next tournament. Natsu has been quite the surprise while watching WAVE the last few months. She was completely unremarkable as a rookie but ever since she came back from Mexico she has improved a lot. She seems to be turning into a modern Takako Inoue, not just in look and attitude but also in ring work. Meanwhile, Yamashita is her typical, straight forward, powerhouse self. Here she quickly establishes her strength advantage by turning a Natsu small package into a vertical suplex. Natsu does an admirable standing toe-to-toe with Yamashita in strikes but ultimately Yamashita is just too tough for her and she ends up being mowed down by a Yamashita lariat. Super entertaining, and a surprisingly hard hitting, match between two young potential stars of the future. ***3/4
  4. This is a super fun, if throwaway, midcard tag match. Everybody is just on here even if they don't try anything to ambitious. Kurumi looked especially good here as pulls out some nice looking athletic stuff to go along with some impressive power spots. Watching Tsukushi try and go straight on with a bulldozer like Kurumi was entertaining. ***3/4
  5. This is the final of Pro Wrestling WAVE's tag league. Good lord, this is like if pro wrestling tried to be a demolition derby, just tonnes of body-on-body contact. There's a spot early on where Hashimoto grabs Yamashita along the ropes but Mizunami hits a clothesline on Rina so hard that Chihiro goes flying to the floor, that the type of match this is. Towards the end, it's hard to till if Mizunami is doing a Grade A sell job or if she is truly feeling beaten down. I know the phrase 'Hoss Fight' gets thrown around loosely but this match might be that in its truest form. ***3/4
  6. This is one of the matches that SEAdLINNNG has been teasing for awhile with the inexperienced Yamashita challenging the veteran Takahashi. This match was really physical like a lot of men's big heavyweight matches in Japan but the big difference is that they put over everything with selling. Yamashita showed great fire and kept fighting through to the end. Nanae continued her fantastic run this year with another terrific performance. A bit of a sleeper match that people should really checkout. ****1/4
  7. This is a tag match where there are a few issues going on. First, Yamashita has been challenging Nanae for most of the year, while Yoshiko has been having issues with various veterans, Ayako being one of them. Add in the fact that Nanae and Ayako have been frenemies since their AJW days. The match itself is really great. It's surprising that with so many joshi groups and so many interpromotional angles being done over the years that matches like this can still get great crowd heat. Nanae and Yoshiko have become a great team. They work together so well that they are able to carry the action with a makeshift team like Ayako and Yamashita. Ayako continues her run of quality performances here. Yamashita reminds me a bit of a young Meiko Satomura. She's not a flashy but has great fire and ring presence for someone who hasn't worked for less than three years. Another quality joshi tag from this year. ****1/4
  8. This is a battle between to of the younger finalists, although Iida made it all the way to the finals last year. Yamashita takes over in the early going as she bulls over the smaller Iida. She counters back with some really nasty work on Yamashita's arm trying to take away her main weapon. But Iida makes a tactical error in getting caught up in strike and big move exchanges, which allow Yamashita to be able to use her arm just enough to be able to fire back. I really liked Yamashita's arm selling as she seems to be gutting her way through the pain as oppose to your typical fighting spirit no-selling spot. Great, physical main event from a couple of promising young joshi workers. ****
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKg1SEuZZ2I&feature=youtu.be Match starts at 1:18:38 A great vets vs. rookies tag match. Avid Rival spend most of the match beating their younger opponents which allows them to show off their cool offense. The rookies due manage to work in enough comebacks to stay a realistic threat for the win, especially with Kobayashi making every rollup come off as a nearfall. They do go a little too long as they work a draw but Ohata and Mizunami end up killing Kobayashi a bit too much before the bell. Overall, a really strong tag match with everyone playing their roles well. ****
  10. This is just a super fun, super physical match. These two literally got right at each other from the bell and don't really stop till the end of the match. Although Yamashita keeps finding the right times to work on a sleeper and eventually ends up getting the big win with it. ***3/4