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Found 12 results

  1. Pretty simple match. Tiger comes in with his goofy rapier and is ambushed by an overzealous Inoki throwing wild punches. Jeet produces forth a foreign object and stabs the fuck out of Inoki and from then it's Singh procuring every dirty tactic in the book to work over Inoki. Choking, hits to the throat, bashing his into turnbuckle post, tables and chairs, and then some more chairs... Inoki quickly comes up bloody and there seems to be a DQ of some sort but the match is restarted (or 2/3 falls?) and Singh continues the beating. Inoki finally makes a pretty cool comeback by ramming into Singh like a bull. After some good payback using the steel posts again Jeet is bloodied aswell and Inoki finishes him off by snapping his arm, forcing the ref stop. This match had good pace but at over 20 minutes it was far too long. You can argue whether Singh's tactics were effective heel work or lazy garbage brawling... if the later, atleast give him credit for being the patron saint of the art form. Inoki ate an epic beatdown and gave gruesome comeuppance, so the match did everything right in that regard.
  2. Great character work based match. Fiery babyface vs. cheating heel. The finish was a bit sudden but was a nice twist and well executed. ****
  3. Watching Andre is always a joy and this is a younger and in good shape Andre in a cowboy vest. Early on we are going through armlocks and standing counter wrestling. Andre is pretty good at this and it's real neat to see a situation where normally the guy would be tripped and brought to the mat, but with Andre being so big it just slows the momentum and leans him back a little. Seiji starts to pick up the pace with a barrage of chops and slaps, which are sold well, but one Andre headbutt and Seiji goes down. I love these moments in Andre matches where it shows how much of a force he is. Back to holds and Seiji goes for a grab the head with the legs and flip him over move only to be slammed. Andre works the arm more, but Seiji grabs the head again with the legs and can get him over this time because Andre was already leaning. Such a cool spot.After a bit of the submission Andre reach the ropes and Seiji doesn't let him up but hits a barrage of MMA type knees. Like in UFC when you try to keep someone down. Actually there is great struggle in this match. You wouldn't compare it to MMA, but there is that essence of it being a fight but with wrestling moves. Big bump by Andre over the top, such a great contrast to his bump in 1989 Survivor Series. .Seiji from there has Andre hurt and is trying to figure out a way to put away the Giant, but stay away. Adds great drama, until an Andre big boot and big splash gets two. Seji is able to get Andre tied up in the ropes and just nails him, until Andre's manager pulls him out of the ring. From there the manager slaps the shit out of him and Andre comes over and holds him to do that. That gives the double countout. Post match Seiji makes a comeback and celebrates his draw. Really awesome stuff and it's fun to see Andre do these more traditional matches, but with the giant twist. ****
  4. This was another cool match altough way closer to your typical 70s match. The opening was pretty hot with Sakaguchi taking the fight to the outside to bash Inoki's head in and then landing a big press slam and atomic drop soon after. They move into a more technical bout and it's pretty much akin to something you'd see in WoS or AJPW. Lots of hold/counterhold stuff, monky flip sequences, Inoki working 4 or 5 Indian Deathlock variations etc.. Nothing mindblowing but they looked good working this style and the 30 minutes flew by.
  5. Inoki faces the ogre known as Strong Kobayashi again, who now has a creepy mustache too. Inoki was pretty much a bully in the last match, and he's acting outright heelish again. He throws the first punch, cheapshots constantly, goes for the eyes and some pretty nasty chokes and keeps taunting Kobayashi, who is really fired up. There is some really fun grappling again and the crowd really gets into Kobayashi as the face, implausible as it may be. The second half loses direction a little as Kobayashi was working Inoki's back and just... stops doing it. He liked to go for restholds too. The match gets hot again when Inoki bloodies Kobayashi and he fires up big time, going after Inoki with suitably troll-like punches and headbutts, only to be met with that devastating straight punch again. Another fun match in the Inoki resume altough the biggest problem was that you couldn't really buy Kobayashi as having a chance especially after he abandoned his back work strategy. You blew this one by yourself, Shozo.
  6. This match is a master class in delayed gratification, working and getting over in professional wrestling. Before the bell even rings Inoki potatoes Oki with a punch. They seperate them, and the match starts. They don't just immediately start brawling-there's lots of lock-ups, some of them include hair-brawling, and pretty much all of them ending with the ref coming in between them. You can feel the tension-it legitimately looks like they hate each other but are also simultaneously not trying to lose their temper and get DQed-the wrestling is really good, nifty takedowns, pretty suplexes-but where the match really excells is when all hell breakes loose. Oki hits about Inoki with about a million headbutts-each sold gigantically, knocking Inoki down. Inoki goes down again and again and then fires up. daring Oki to headbutt him some more. His mannerisms are simple and primal which is precisely what makes them so cathartic. When he punches Oki in the comeback for the first time you feel ane explosion of all of the frustation that boiled in you during the FIP section and you remember why people watch so many movies that rely on cliches they're aware of. It's because they work. Inoki Bom-ba-ye. ****1/4
  7. This was one of the more "experimental" WoS bouts with all kinds of weird positions and transitions that you don't see in any other match and a story largely about Boscik trying different ways to break Baron's neck bridge. I'd like to see how this kind of bout would go over in today's pro wrestling. It was basically carny jiu jitsu to the max and a little bit ballet here or there. Boscik is much shorter and some of they stuff they did had the feel of a big rudo vs. mini exchange in a lucha match. Not the most heated match but I dug all the different pin attempts and there was one especially nice submission attempt on an Octopus Hold. Not everything needs to be fast paced and molten heated, sometimes deliberate and slow is cool. Top 3 spots: 1. Baron's spinning body scissor thing 2. Him bowling Boscik right out of the ring to counter a leg split and 3. Boscik getting his hand stuck under Baron's head.
  8. If you've seen one McManus match you've pretty much seen them all, but don't let that stop you from watching him. McManus is an expert heel but more importantly an expert on how to build interesting matches around the same formula; that he never lost on TV for 20 years straight while still keeping it fresh speaks volumes about him. His clinical holds and violent jabs in this were pretty great. St. Clair is about as good as any other babyface would be in this situation, playing it pretty basic for the most part, altough he did have this cool flipping arm snap move that should be steal worthy to today's flip-loving indy wrestlers and McManus did this cool noodle arm sell in response. They work some believable near finishes (including a DQ tease that had the crowd by the balls) and a pretty nice eventual conclusion. Bread and butter stuff but it's a threat to watch McManus do his thing as even 45 years later his stuff hasn't aged a bit.
  9. The first ever Openweight Judo Olympic Champion faces off against Gorilla Monsoon in a special “judo jacket” rules match. In practice this essentially means they have to wear a judogi and pins last 20 seconds instead of 3, otherwise it’s the standard 2/3 falls formula of the times. I think this was well structured-Geesink carried the first half of the match which looked more like proper judo with him trying uchi mata, ouchi gari etc. but being stopped by Monsoon’s sheer size. Monsoon didn’t really do much there outside of his antics about his belt untying, but really took over in the second fall by going back to the pro-wres playbook and using chops and punches. There were some nice counters built around Monsoon going for the Fireman’s Carry and the irish whip Bearhug towards the end, with the finish being about what you’d expect for 1974. Nothing spectacular, but good fun for those interested in this particular niche of prowres. ***1/4
  10. Peter Szakacs is the brother of Tibor. He is not as charismatic, but on the mat he was fast and graceful like a panther. Baron is one of the more freaky WoS workers and this a terrific contest full of wonderful and outlandish matwork. Great moments include awesome body scissor work, Szakacs countering a roll up by just dropping on Baron's legs in really painful fashion, and some really dreamy luchaesque pin attempts. It almost resembled carny BJJ (which is how I fantasy booked brazilian wrestling in my mind to be). The bout also got a wee bit temperamental towards the end and then Peter busts out this nasty Volk Han-like choke hold. Great great match, may have the best matwork in a 70s WoS match I've seen.
  11. Abe Ginsberg wrestles half this bout wearing a leather helmet. Seriously one of the strangest gimmicks I've seen. This is one of the funnest WoS matches. These are two burly heavyweights doing all these cool takedowns and matwork. Not only that, but you get a neat story. Walton keeps talking about how Ginsberg likes to break the rules, even attacking Walton, but Ginsberg wrestles a clean match, shows off his skills doing all these cool tricks and eventually takes off his helmet. In a way it feels like an in-match face turn from Abe which helps make this bout special. And then they forearm the snot out of eachother anyways! Strange to watch considering this is the only WoS bout of Abe on tape (that we have), but it's an example of how much character and story you can put into a seemingly throwaway technical bout on TV. Walton does a great job aswell. This is in a way The Abe Ginsberg show altough Pete Curry ain't too shabby either.
  12. Figured I'd just watch whatever now that GWE hell is over for me and I will always pay closer attention to whatever DEAN pimps and this match even got a thread of its own on DVDVR. A trillion jump cuts make this impossible to rate but man there is some neat brawling here. Johnny Valentine may have the best elbow drop ever and Wahoo's chops look out of this world great, the sequence where Valentine starts hitting him with body blows and they're just firing away at each other is magical. Wahoo's chops look sooooooooo great but he also has several variats of them and each one looks neat. Interesting finish, it's a take on a screwy finish we've all seen a million times but I don't think I have ever seen this particular one. Great use of your time if you have 10 minutes to spare.