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Found 13 results

  1. While this is a great, great match on its own, it is a brilliant lead-in to their MOTD the next month and enhances the story of that match. I thought the story here was that Grey has completely outmatched and pretty much gave a performance of defiance. Even when he had control, Myers never really looked in any sort of trouble. They build off all of that in the November match with Grey's growth and improvement and how Myers initially approaches the match based on the result here and how he is forced to change gears. This feud rules. ****
  2. This is very much your hold vs. Counterhold type match that you associate with World of Sport. Joyce is yet another trippy veteran british worker, while Grey is one of the most consistent workers ever in WoS. This was a friendly match but fiercely fought. Grey was bumping really hard with a ton of snap for arm wringers and they worked some intense, luchaesque submissions and nearfalls throughout the match. Unexpectedly nasty finish. This kind of stuff entirely depends on whether you like this sort of super technical bout, but if you do, you're probably gonna hugely enjoy this one.
  3. This is one of my all time favourite WoS matches. I'd put the grappling here up there with high end RINGS or lucha title matches. Just one trippy takedown or sweep after another, followed by another weirdo counter. The match didn't have huge intensity, but both guys worked hard for the holds and tried submissions. There are a few spots and logical reasonings that you will only see in a World of Sport match – choosing not to slam the opponent and instead forcing him to slip down your back, trying to pin his shoulders while in a surfboard, tripping the other guy while he is setting up a move etc. The highly entertaining work they do around a super basic move like a stepover toe hold here puts even many elite workers to shame. There are some callbacks to previous holds and situations, so the match is far from mindless. Last pin combo is brilliant and blew my mind at the time.
  4. One of the many good little matches WoS had in the 70s. Starts as a methodical technical bout, so we get all the usual great Szakacs escapes, and then develops quite some animosity as Prince Kumali doesn't like getting chopped at all. Kumalis holds looked awesome as they were mostly strength holds to the head or arms, and that man looked like he had insane strength. Hard as iron to break. He also did a tremendous job putting over how much those chops suck to take. Szakacs use of a simple chop as a potential KO from the middle of a grappling exchange rules as we all know.
  5. Awesome awesome match. Cooper is honestly up there with Breaks and McManus when it comes to heel antics. Myers is great as the sympathetic babyface. The rope induced injury spot and follow up are great. ****
  6. Damn, I didn't expect to enjoy this so much. In his prime Lou Thesz would cheapshot Rikidozan and stall, but here, he's going after Inoki like a killer, including dropping him with one of the most vicious backdrops ever seen. His holds look so vicious, and the match was both pretty slick and high resistance, which made the super basic holds here very rewarding. Thesz isn't exactly Negro Navarro, but his reversal into the STF attempt was one of the most graceful moves I've ever seen. Also, his bumping was still damn good - take note how he would whip himself into the mat each time Inoki sweeped him. Then you also get Thesz punching Inoki in the mid section a bunch and both guys using nasty back elbows on the ground. Hence, the match did at no point look like an exhibition. Inoki was along for the ride, but a good enough foil for the old fox. Really enjoyable maestro's match with a cool opening and finish.
  7. Long 2/3 falls match. Unusual beginning as Singh breaks clean and wants to wrestle! It doesn't go well for him though and so he ends up doing the same old cheating tactics like in every other Tiger Jeet Singh match before Inoki catches him with a quick pin combo. The 2nd and 3rd have Singh working over a bloody Inoki with nasty looking finger to the throath chokes and Inoki firing back with his awesome punches. Do yourself a favour and skip the first fall if you wanna get to the bloody meat.
  8. This starts out hot with Inoki going to town on Singh by punching him in the face repeatedly. Of course they settle down do some matwork, but Singh looks shockingly competent here: actually wrestling Inoki, and using cheating tactics to keep the advantage. When Inoki grabs a basic wristlock, he really tortures Singh, who does a mindblowingly good job selling as he was walking around with a limp arm for minutes afterwards and wincing when Inoki reached for it again. He actually reminded me a bit of a Mick McManus/Jim Breaks type with his mix of fun highly exaggerated selling and cheating tactics. Inoki selling a Singh choke by drooling all nastily was a good way to establish Singh as dangerous again. The finishing run was extremely basic but fun. I especially liked them struggling over a suplex. Singh attacks Inoki with an umbrella and threatens to bring his spike into play, so Inoki starts throwing punches again. No finish because they had more matches to come. Shockingly fine match.
  9. 70s TV match!!! Six minutes of action! Damn I loved this. I dare you to look at Bobby Garcia and not love that guy. Carlos Colon without his face mutilated was a sight to see too. Some armdrags to start, but soon Grimaldo is doing what his red gear indicates: strangling Perez in the corner, and before you know what comes next they proceed to beat the shit out of eachother with awesome thudding punches! Then Colon comes in to work nifty shoulderblock exchanges and lands some nimble 70s flying moves including an amazing huracanrana. The rudoisms from Garcia and Grimaldo continue before Colon finishes with a sunset flip from the top rope which is a hot move for 1975. Man I hope whoever is uploading this finds more 70s Atlanta in his garage.
  10. A very fast paced big match. So fast paced that it almost feels rushed at times. First fall had some nice armlocks, mostly carried by Terry Funk being really great at making even a basic arm hold seem meaningful. He always adds so much urgency to his wrestling - and Terry was pretty on point here in general, throwing punches and doing his ridiculous selling including at one point being draped upside down over the announcers table. He added some much needed drama to the match with his in-peril selling, on the other hand Jumbo and Baba barely seemed to be in trouble. They use tag psychology and double team moves in pretty clever ways building the bout nicely with bomb throwing, toe-to-toe strike exchanges and character work. I don't find Baba to be a very exciting worker - yes I know we are supposed to look at him and remark how smart he is, but his matches always go back to him hitting his signature moves. Dory is mechanically sound, but I was glad his role in the match was limited. At one point, Jumbo grabbed him and launched him in the air with this awesome deadlift suplex, but seconds later Dory was back on offense. Dory really lacks some of the things Terry has to an obscene degree, while Terry is the complete package. Finish was funny in the way life will sometimes leave you on your back and we can all feel on bord with Terry's reaction to it. Good match and a piece in japanese wrestling history as the tag psychology here felt like the same that was at work in all those great 90s tags.
  11. Total dream match for me right here. A lot of time you'll get "traditional build" as an excuse for long segments of boring headlock and whatnot, these two guys are constantly working and always looking to improve their position. I'm sure not watching 70s puro for quite some time has a lot to do with it but regardless so many of the sequences felt fresh. There was a cool spot here where Destroyer tried to escape Hoffman's Headscissors and Hoffman used his hands to pull himself back, it looked really cool and I don't remember ever seeing it before and the match was filled with stuff like that. I love the gags Destroyer pulled during the match, and while this was mat heavy both of these guys can strike, I loved Hoffman's right hook counter to the Figure 4 and he busted out some nasty kneedrops. ***3/4
  12. This was a bit dry at times but that's Jumbo for you. Watching this it seems pretty clear to me a Jumbo=Best 70s worker argument would have to heavily skewed towards him being involved in good matches and not on his personal contribution. Or people could have different taste than me and be wrong but let's temporarily ignore that. Hoffman totally carried him here. Jumbo knows the usual classic hold battles I wouldn't have needed to rewatch any 70s stuff to remember as mundane for the time while Hoffman busts out a bunch of awesome ones, just twisting his body in the most unusual ways. Early sequence here has Hoffman transition from an Indian Deathlock to a Gutwrench Suplex in breathtaking manner-it's an insane power spot that would fit right in with what Cesaro was doing a few years ago. Jumbo gets right back up after it and sells it like an Armdrag. Then he does a suplex of his own and gets confused when Hoffman actually sells it. He looks at the crowd before stomping Hoffman looking for their approval-sounds good in theory but his execution is nowhere near as good as say, Kobashi's. I also disliked his selling of Hoffman's Schmidt Backbreakers-the "shaking from the impact" might've worked without the odd delay between the move and Jumbo's selling. It just didn't look natural and the crowd didn't respond to it either. I could pick on him more but I'll just say if someone sold like he did here today they would get bodied. And he blew a Double Underhook Suplex fwiw. Hoffman did enough nifty things to keep me entertained and I loved the counter flash pin finish. ***
  13. More Horst Hoffman fun! I don't buy into the idea Baba was ever a superworker, but he could certainly hang his own on the mat-which you're going to get plenty of in 70s All Japan. Hoffman's kicks to the back as a means of countering an armbar are great. This also had quite a lot of striking, Hoffman blasted Baba with vicious forearms, knees etc. and while Baba gets a bad rep for weak strikes his strikes here looked really good, his big chop was awesome as were his knee strikes. Hoffman looks like a really great seller, I loved how he sold Baba's chop and he put over his Russian Legsweep and Neckbreaker so well you'd totally buy him being KO'd, I also love it when wrestlers sell Bodyslamming someone bigger than them like he did here. ***1/4