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Found 40 results

  1. Long junior tag from 1979! Hard not to love a match that has these stocky juniors doing all their awesome offense. Awesome takedowns, knee drops, punches, sumo slaps and flying headbutts a plenty. Match also had a really smart layout and clever use of double teams. Starts in a rush and then turns into a long uphill battle. The 2nd fall of this match alone as better than a lot of 1 fall singles matches. I guess the match peaked early when Inoue and Hoshino get into serious fight in the middle of the match, but that was an amazing moment and the rest of the match was still impossibly cool.
  2. Yes I know. This goes 45 minutes and we all can't stand that! But bear with me. I love me a good 7 minute Velocity match, but I also love me a 45 minute title match, when it's good, and this is good. I know we live in a fast paced age and people can't sit down and concentrate on a piece of entertainment for 40 minutes anymore. But for me, it's basically like watching an epic movie that's about two men fighting to death. That is the strange fascination of wrestling, forever and always. With the way this is filmed and the slightly weird sound mix, it kind of feels like a movie too. They are wrestling in this bright ring surrounded by folks in colorful 70s clothes, and above them is only darkness. The action in this bout was kept extremely simple, and in a way the audience may have been the third worker in this match carrying the action, as the arena was just trembling with excitement to see Jumbo claim the title. I am not the biggest fan of either guy, and in terms of brilliant moves there wasn't much to see, as they kept the bout nice and simple, but the selling was spot on, and they painted the time in such a way that the match just flew by. Call me oldfashioned, but no amount of neck breaking suplex moves or daring stunts is as endearing to me as seeing a wrestling match that has two guys working a dozen variations on the most basic of holds. Then you watch as the match turns into this intricate struggle, with Bock making a one armed comeback by kicking the dogshit out of Jumbo's kidney as the audience gets nervous, and then Jumbo stepping forward and FEELING IT and just chopping away at Bock, and this match turns into this really intricate struggle. They were selling the moves in such a way that I felt any well placed blow at the right time could turn the tide, and Jumbo here puts on maybe his greatest performance that I've ever seen as he does this brilliant one legged comeback and then some of the best leg selling ever caught on film that you selling nazis really really got to see. Then there's of course the "travelling champ makes the local yokel look like he could take the title" trope but this wasn't that, this was Jumbo the hopeful japanese superathlete making minced meat of Bock while all the folks in the audience no matter their background will him on. Then add in a bunch of great 70s spots, awesome Cobra Twist, teasing of the Butterfly Suplex, Bock making use of the ring, epic blood, Jumbo having all these great rushes where it looks like he is kicking Bock into a smear, and outrageous finish that decides the match by a whisker, and you have yourself a classic. Beautiful beautiful bout.
  3. This was a stupidly effective and smartly worked skill vs. Power match. Sato is a wrestling machine, but Ripper can power out of anything she tries. Ripper even lies down for Sato to pin her and just pushs her off to demonstrate that. Ripper is so self confident here it's lovely. Ripper takes control by grabbing Sato's hand and crushing it with her grip. Ripper throws Sato around and a second has to re-locate Sato's leg at one point. The schoolgirls are in tears at this point. Sato really puts on a tremedous selling performance here and has to use stalling tactics and last ditch takedowns, making this look like Monster Ripper is the challenge of her life and not even she knows how she is supposed to win. The finish and the build to it feel suitably great, everyone freaks out and they continue to brawls afterward with all the seconds getting thrown around. This was a great piece of TV.
  4. Hulk Hogan vs Ted DiBiase December 17, 1979 New York, NY Availability WWF on MSG Network - December 17, 1979 WWE Hulk Still Rules DVD
  5. This was their 2nd match that year as Zrno tries to get back the WWU Jr. title. This was much less heated and intense than the first encounter but may have had even better grappling before the somewhat disappointing finish. Hara continues to look really good grappling with Zrno, being right there with the bridge spots and tricky wrist takedowns and what not. Something funny is how Zrno works the exact same as if it were a european match always waiting for his opponent to get up even though there's no 10 count. Match didn't have much direction and the ending wasn't super exciting as it looked like Hara was gonna defend his title anyways. Still, I get a kick out of watching these two grapple for 15 minutes.
  6. JIP 20 minutes into a 30 minute time limit draw. There was still plenty of action with flying headscissors and snappy armdrags and stiff european uppercuts and dropkicks and what not. Verhulst doesn't do a ton here but I still enjoyed seeing him come in and do stuff as his technique is ridiculously good. Zrno was pretty „stiff“ here e.g. blocking opponents moves by stiffening up. It may not result in picture perfect execution of certain spots but I still thought it was cool and they did the usual time limit draw spiel where both guys were working for pinfalls equally before the end.
  7. Some clipping in this match. The clips were pretty annoying as I felt they chopped up what could have been a great match. Some really fantastic wrestling here, great execution, with all these great throws and hold for hold wrestling. It's rare enough to see an old AJW match between two faces that goes to the mat, clean technical like they do here. Tomi goes hard to beat the untouchable Jackie Sato and busts out some moves far ahead of the time. They work me into believing this would go to a time limit draw, but then finish the match in smart and sneaky fashion. Really good stuff from what is shown.
  8. This was mostly hold-for-hold wrestling so of course it was impossibly cool. You kind of forget that outside of all the flipping around and piledrivers on the floor, Dynamite Kid could really go on the mat. And Mr. Wrestling lived up to his name. This was DK before all the roids, and he was this skinny long haired punk, who was fast on the mat, but could also get aggressive and go nuts with the dropkicks. The announcer rightly points out the dynamic is DK is a snotty brat and Mr. Wrestling is the old school class act teaching this rascal some manners, including a funny spot where he slapped him like the uppity little shit he was. There is some niggle with guys being aggressively shoved to the outside, and it actually plays into the finish which was sneaky and cool. Really fun match.
  9. What I wrote a few weeks ago in OJ's thread on Zrno: Well, I was wrong. This was not a 2 minute clip. It was 22 minutes, unedited, pro-shot, 2/3 falls clean title match with 3 clean finishes. What a time to be alive and get to see wrestling matches like this. The first amazing thing is getting to see Mile in 1979. God damn what a talent, and in what shape he was. I can't think of 5 guys from british TVs in top form like him. The yugoslavic flag with the big red star is hanging over the ring next to the japanese one, making this feel like the most surreal prelude to the russians in RINGS a decade later. Sure, Zrno is western european trained and Charley Verhulst is his second, but this feels like the home talent taking on a yugoslavian champion and not just any european technician. The wrestling here feels closer to amateur style (albeit very fast paced) than the stuff you'd see in britain, france or german. Maybe all 70s middle european wrestling was like this, but we'll never find out. Needless to say I loved the bridging work, rolling around and resistance to basic holds here. It wasn't the long brainy headlocks of 70s japanese wrestling or the fancy escapes that the brits did, but I loved it. Then you also get to see Ashura Hara, a guy I loved for being a rugged tough dude in WAR slugfests, as junior ace. He wore this absurd silver sparkling jacket and headband, and he was beloved by the crowdn a way I can't recall seeing with many other japanese wrestlers from the 70s. I have never seen anyone talk about his junior work, but this Ashura Hara feels worth discovering. His technique and form wasn't on the level of Zrno, but he was game to have a contest and totally held up his end. The air was bristling with excitement for this match and Zrno was selling this match like it was a sports contest the whole world was looking at. The crowd was willing Ashura forward to take the title off of Zrno no matter what and both athletes succeeded in giving them their moneys worth. The finish feels like a gigantic moment and the fans react accordingly My only complaint with the match is that it's too short. If there's ever a match that should've gone 60 it's this one. Just so many fascinating aspects to it. It's just the combination of having a Mile Zrno match (rare), a junior Ashura Hara match (rare), an IWE junior's match (bloody rare), an IWE match that is all clean with no bullshit (rare), and then it's something that was buried in complete obscurity for so long. Regardless of whether you care about Mile, Hara or IWE, this a nice fast paced 70s junior match worked in a way that nobody really does anymore in front of a hot crowd that feels fresh and interesting all the way to the end.
  10. Conclusion of their series of awesome 70s junior title matches. There is some animosity at this point – Go doesn't want to shake Fujinami's hand. The ref makes him do it, but Fujinami slaps him in the face! The body of the match is fantastic as they go back and forth between tight matwork with nifty throws and takedowns and escalating into knocking the crap out eachother. Go slaps Fujinami back, and Fujinam shows he can go there, even kicking Go in the eye! Fujinami really is quite the skillful prick here. Go goes into a greco roman knuckle lock only to headbutt Fujinami in the eye, so Tatsumi does this smooth takedown, into a front headlock... they end up in the ropes, clean break right? Nope because Fujinami headbutts him right back. Fujinami really looks like a worldbeater here, even bridging up from a modified armbar, which was a damn impressive athletic mat spot. They tease the big throws and work a great finishing run where they wipe eachother out with awesome 70s dives and do hanging by a thread-nearfalls. Great little match, and Ryuma Go looked like the best wrestler ever to have fought space aliens.
  11. FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO DO NOT KNOW THIS: The "robots" are mexican wrestlers dressed as rip-off R2D2 and C3PO from Star Wars. Thank you Baba for booking this, and thank you japanese TV editors for showing us. AJPW could have some quite trainwrecky matches then, but this was, thankfully, also a really enjoyable match. The robots do this wonderous freaked out lucha grappling, and Fuchi/Onita are a quite good team of rudos. Come for the wrestling robots, stay for the majestic wrestling and giant swings. Also, it is nice to know Masa Fuchi can add "I punched C3PO in the face" to his list of wrestling achievements. You did god's work there. That was a nice punch combo he threw also.
  12. JIP into the 2nd round. This was one of those friendly WoS bouts where it's all holds and grappling and we get 6 rounds of tricked out matwork. For those of you who don't know, Ken Joyce was this british maestro who wrestled like a british Solar. He had all these awesome crazy holds. Also, Grey was the world champion of his weight class here, but taking on a larger man, which plays into the match. At one point, Joyce was whipping the smaller Grey across the ring like he weighted 20 points. Grey fought hard as he usually does and had some really impressive escapes where he contorted his body. Also, the match had one of the best surfboard spots I've ever seen. It was like something from a Negro Casas/Blue Panther match except better. Great bout.
  13. They show about 25 minutes of 45 minute match + 5 minute overtime. The clipping is so seamless that you don't really notice anything missing. This starts out awesome with Ikeshita wearing gloves and working over Kumi with boxing punches and eyerakes like she's Takeshi Ono. Kumi scores a single leg and Ikeshita decides to take the gloves off and WRESTLE! I've come to learn that Ikeshita could go on the mat, but Kumi kind of kills it by being a total bore. Ikeshita would get a waistlock, and Kumi had to use the ropes. What the hell? Ikeshita, for once, wants to wrestle you and not stab you in the face, and you don't want to wrestle her? So Ikeshita starts stabbing her with a foreign object to get some fire out of her, but Kumi was like Tom Tyrone here. I'd say the majority of the match was a decent Ikeshita carryjob and they eventually do a nice, exciting end run with big moves and bumps that they sell really well. Kumi kind of redeems herself, but I can't forgive how lame she was earlier in the match. The actual finish when they go into overtime after the 45 minute draw was lame too compared to all the wrestling that came before, altough it fit their characters. I'd say this should go on your watchlist as it's a bonafide 70s joshi epic that brings the good stuff, but I can't help but feel Yumi Ikeshita deserved better than this.
  14. Two tag team partners collide in a sensational wrestling contest. Really, just look at that opening exchange! Aoyama is a lunatic, leaping to the tope rope with no hands on a 70s ring with really loose ropes. Aside from the state of the art offense, these two just engage in some tight, hard-fought wrestling, including a great lock up. A great LOCKUP! Absolutely loved Aoyama's comeback dropkicks – beautiful looking and fit her tall, lanky frame. Insane car crash finish where a blown spot actually adds to the match. Were it not for the commercial break and clip in the middle of the bout, this would be deserving of legendary status.
  15. This was a damn good matchup. Yokota was in tremendous shape here, especially next to skinny Mimi Hagiwara. Yokota puts in a real beating, working absolutely heelish by biting and pulling hair, but also doesn't forget to show off her holds and put Hagiwara in her place with that beautiful vertical tiger suplex. It was closer to Terry Rudge than Monster Ripper. Yokota really cranks in her holds and delivers some blowaway great legwork, while Hagiwara performed really nicely working underneath. Hagiwara's selling of the leg and graceful comeback attempts were awesome. Can't decide what I liked more, Hagiwara desperately going for a small package only for Yokota to roll through and once again punch the fuck out of her leg, or Yokota calmly briding out of a weak pin attempt from her worn out opponent and continueing the beating. Last cover was thing of beauty. Damn good TV bout here.
  16. Continuation from the previous match! Even more great stumpy legged wrestling. Hamaguchi and Inoue have some of the most beautiful armdrags I've ever seen. References the previous match in wonderful ways. Then everything goes haywire! Animosity! Blood! Everyone's throwing punches! Big drama! HUGE Spike Piledriver! Beauitful finish! Yes, Ditch says the finish is bad, but I disagree. It was perfect. This match was fast paced and just flew by. How these guys never get dropped as among the best 70s workers is beyond me. Here you had a match with beautiful wrestling, cleverness, high end offense and bumps, hatred, blood and a hot finish. This whole thing pretty much ruled. I should get all the IWE out there.
  17. Koko took had the standard Memphis shine with a couple of armdrags and a Dropkick. He tagged in Hutchinson who was soon cut off by Buddy Wayne while bouncing off the ropes and was then easily disposed off. Hutchinson and Ken Wayne's stuff looked fine but continue being very impressed with Buddy Wayne, just an old fat dude that will beat the shit out of people with punches and knees, kinda like the 1979 Memphis Takayama. Fun little tag.
  18. First fall had some shine, and Lawler and Dundee cleaning house with punches is as fun as you'd expect, but was mostly Freebirds double teaming before getting the pin. Loved Lawler's face stomp that almost broke the pin, it looked brutal. Second fall had more Freebirds working over Dundee, constantly working, lots of punches, gut kicks, knee drops and elbow drops, all of them nice and snug. The comeback was great, though it does stick out how bad Lawler's downward punches after a Snapmare look when everything else he does looks so great. Third fall has some nice back and forth action, I loved the spot where Dundee cornered, urgh, one of the Freebirds and he tried to run away from Dundee by running the ropes as well as the Freebirds buying time by going out of the ring. What really puts it over the top is the amazing post-match brawl, things completely disintegrate, no one can do chaotic brawls quite like Memphis. It's not just that the action is great and they find natural and logical ways of working something like a chairshot in in a way that it would be used in a fight, the production and the time running out also add genuineness to the whole thing. ***1/2
  19. I sure as hell won't complain about a much with one control segment, that's how it should be. Bass and Austin just decimated Hutchinson, who played his part well, really leaning into everything whether it be a knee strike or a flapjack on the ropes. Fun squash.
  20. Match started out with basic shine, Morton and Montgomery taking the arm and the heels stooging. Ferris failing to break up the pin was hilarious, couldn't tell if he tripped on the bottom rope or was just completely wasted in general. Montgomery's attempted comeback was terrible, his mannerisms and strikes were embarrassing. Morton played a real good FIP, he totally convinced you a back elbow and a gut kick could kill him. Latham/Ferris may not do much but the matches are structured interestingly enough it doesn't really matter, and their offence is good enough to carry the FIP sections. **3/4
  21. First fall had Morton get some shine with Armdrags, Hiptoss and classic face offence before Ken Wayne hit a nice Elbow Drop for the flash pin. Second fall had Dundee and Morton get some more shine on followed by a long Morton FIP segment, Buddy Wayne wrestles exactly like an old fat parent should, only punching and hitting knees/gut kicks, only gets in the ring when his opponents are down and gets out as soon as he can. He spent the second fall helping his son double team on Morton and running away from Dundee, which was paid off by Dundee laying his hands on him at the end of the fall. Dundee's punches are as great as you'd expect but his Dropkick is amazing as well. Aaaand then the video cut. Well what we got was very good.
  22. What a beatdown. I don't remember ever seeing a US match with a TKO-esque ref stoppage, apparently Boulder later became Brutus Beefcake, and knowing his rep I'm sure there are some people who would gladly watch him get beaten to a pulp, Bass and Austin just completely punched him out here. A fine squash.
  23. The portion of the match we get is pretty much entirely Tyler's shine/comeback, and he looked good, fine punches, a cool corkscrew back elbow and I liked his back body drop, too many wrestlers these days just throw their opponent and let them fall on their own, Tyler brings his own weight onto Bass which makes it look more impactful and dangerous. Fun.
  24. The opening is fascinating-Fujinami's leg is injured and Inoki goed to check on him. You could interpret is as Inoki being worried about his dear student, kicking him to test the strength of his leg, seeing he cannot fight Andre as he is and bravely stepping up and challenging Andre. You could also interpret it as him further injuring Fujinami, stealing his apotlight and conning everyone into cheering him by successfully BSing them. Talk about art imitating life. This was worked differently than their 1976 match and played to Andre's strengths more (and I have to say matches like this one are making me appreciate him a lot more). The match starts with Andre just mauling Inoki, using his size abd clubbibg flows to punish him. Inoki goes after Andre's legs because really what else is he gonna do? This match serves as a great example of what Andre could do-he doesn't really need to take a Back Body Drop, a Sunset Flip and a Backslide. Yet they manage to believably work all of them in AND all of them look good and fluid! Andre's acting here was great-I loved his evil laugh when he took Inoki down, as if he'd finally figured out how to stop him, him telling the referee Inoki's leaning onto the ropes in his Back Suplex attempt only to cheapshot Inoki as soon as the ref was out of position, and more than anything the moment where he became frustrated the crowd was cheering for Inoki and left the ring and went into the crowd. Seeing the people flee from a giant was surreal, like something out of a Godzilla film. But Inoki deserves a lot of credit too cause I doubt anyone else could push Andre to all of that and react to him as perfectly as Inoki did. When Andre leaves the ring OF COURSE Inoki is going to start stomping on him and go all out. And when Andre pushes him against the ropes he'll use them for these amazingly athletic counters and kicks that are hard to even properly describe. Andre also did a Bow and Arrow and a Surboard/Romero Special which just shows you how preposterous this match was-but when he did the bow arrow Inoki followed it up with picture perfect selling-his body language conveyed a giant man doing a back focused submission as good as humanly possible. And when Andre overreached with the surfboard Inoki urgently climbed to the top rope knowing how rare of a opportunity he has. Even the non-finish has Hansen coming in and them having a really fun brawl. Great match. ****
  25. Fargo tells us how he got back in shape by jogging and lifting and is taking booking again, and is willing to help Lawler and Dundee to fight against Latham, Ferris and, uhm......there's a third guy. Pete Austin? Someone's gonna be in those six man tags. It certainly sounds like a kick-ass trios team, let's see where it goes....