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Found 13 results

  1. Man, you gotta give some credit to these guys for understanding how to work these exciting matches. You won't get any workrate or high end grappling in a Rusher match, but they knew how to set the crowd into a frenzy. Man Inoki blocking Kimura's chops is about the coolest basic thing nobody ever does. Lumberjack stip didn't come into play match except to force wrestlers back into the ring. Inoki trying to snap a bloody Rusher's arm repeatedly probably would've been better if Kimura knew how to sell, but the crowd sure went wild for that armbar. This is why you don't mess with Inoki.
  2. Really unique match. I know Alan Kilby can be pretty great, while King Ben hasn't done anything for me, but they both went all out here in a contest that was basically worked greco roman mixed with some shootstyle holds and stiff strikes. Forget about the classy british grappling and reversals, most of this was built around really intense lockups, attempted and failed throws and struggling over pin attempts. At one point Ben breaks out a top wristlock, Kilby starts working an armbar on the ground... add in some stiff, awkwardly landing strikes (including a flying headbutt from Ben that almost KOd Kilby) and sheer wild eyed determination from Kilby and you've got yourself one hell of a match. This match felt like it belonged in the 1960s rather than 1981, but the folks sat there in awe and really appreciated this contest that just kept building and building. Great finish too.
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  4. Man, there were a lot of wrestlers in the ring before this match. You had Inoki's crew, Rusher Kimura and his IWE boy's and even Abdullah the Butcher coming in wearing a badass suit and working the mic. This was a fun match which kind of had the feel of refined martial artist vs. Tough street brawler. Inoki destroying Kimura with superior standup and ground work was pretty fun and Kimura's headbutts and chops to the throat were solid enough. Inoki eats a posting and comes up bloody (Inoki is a blade addicted maniac, boys) but hits a fast enuzigiri and snaps Kimura's arm. IWE boys jump in to attack Inoki and this interpromotional madness alright. Not a ton to this match but the heat was great and the spectacle was to the max.
  5. IIRC Tiger Toguchi was threated like a total geek in All Japan, so this could've easily been a 3 minute squash. Rusher Kimura and Animal Hamaguchi get on the mic before the match to taunt Inoki. Inoki seemed off focus and Toguchi immediately starts pounding on him. Toguchi has really good looking basic offense, nasty looking punches with great snap, kneedrops, elbows to the kidney etc. Once again Inoki looked like the baddest dude on the planet when he made his initial comeback throwing punches and slaps and blocking Toguchi's attack. Toguchi makes a few more comebacks by throwing cheapshots including pounding Inoki on the ground with punches and hitting him in the throat and getting in a piledriver, but Inoki catches him with a flash kick and then locks in an Octopus Stretch which nearly crushed poor Toguchi's body. This was pretty much a glorified squash as Toguchi is nowhere near Inoki's league but Inoki gave Toguchi a ton of offense making him look credible and there were a few badass moments.
  6. Bob "UFO" Della Serra (the UFO nickname coming from his time when he wore a mask) is like Moose Morowski a dude from the canadian scene who has nothing but a handful of 5 minute TV matches available and then probably his longest matches on tape in germany. I know next to nothing about canadian wrestling but if somebody could find tapes of his long arena matches in their garage I'd appreciate that. Bob carried himself like quite the badass. He was Axel's tag partner in this tournament, so this was mostly a clean wrestling contest, altough a pretty tough one with a lot of intensity. The low end grappling early on reminded me of shootstyle as it had the kind of struggle and nifty little touches and leverage fighting I really like, and they do some really intricate work around a neck chancery and hammerlock. Those holds aren't exactly the most fancy but what they did with them was really cool. The bridge up spots (also seen in Yokota/Lioness) are especially impressive for a pair of heavyweights. Axel does some big time selling and Della Serra attempting to bash his skull in in the final round with Vader-like clubbing blows to the head and brutal european uppercuts was something else. Axel really was at his best when he was taking and selling a beating. Really good match for something that could easily have been a friendly throwaway bout.
  7. This was, I believe, the first time Mile wrestled in the Hannover tournament. So, this is the new kid taking on the aging heavyweight top babyface. In hindsight, Axel Dieter is a pretty good veteran technician. Not a master, but he could go in this type of high workrate "young athlete takes the old vet to the limit" match. He didn't have a problem going along with Mile's highly athletic moves. The structure in these matches is always a little rough, I assume because there was no TV wrestling or tapetrading in germany and workers were adjusting to the changing nature of wrestling that came with the new import wrestlers on the fly, but they are wise enough to tease an early finish,have Dieter be the one to start roughing Mile up (with interesting fan reactions) and then work an enduring contest that puts Mile over big time for going the distance.
  8. Two fat bastards punching eachother a lot. Same deal as usual with Wanz, right? Well, this was the early 80s and Wanz was in way better shape than later on. He was still a fat bastard, but actually looked like an in shape fat bastard. He doesn't do anything out of the extraordinary but there are some impressive floating style lifts. Sailor White can punch Otto in the ear and does some impressive bumps for a short fat dude with comical arms. Dare I say - he was pretty clever with his bumps. The problem with the match is that it goes needlessly long - pretty sure not even Sailor White himself knew why the hell he would be booked in a match this long, but this was the convention for german main events - so probably could have shaved off a resthold or two. Also, unlike in other matches Wanz didn't seem to be in much peril. As usual the surrounding presentation is of the match is off the charts as all the austrians pile up when the action spills to the outside. Oh and Wanz has Mile Zrno and Steve Wright as his seconds, with Wright doing all kinds of fist pumping and looking like he wants to jump into the fray himself. The unusually gruesome finish makes up for it though as Wanz just kicks a bloody Sailor in the kidneys and ribs until the ref stop. Enjoyable bout.
  9. http://placetobenation.com/titans-of-wrestling-28-wwf-at-philadelphia-spectrum-february-14th-1981 Parv, Kelly and Johnny DRAG Pete to the Philadephia Spectrum in 1981 for a 10-match extravaganza! On the docket tonight: Bulldog Brower vs Angelo Gomez Larry Sharpe vs Steve King The Great Yatsu vs Frank Savage Hulk Hogan vs Dominic Denucci Pedro Morales vs Stan Hansen Killer Khan vs Rick McGraw Sgt. Slaughter vs Bob Backlund The Hangman vs Johnny Rodz SD Jones vs Baron Mikel Scicluna Tony Garea & Rick Martel vs Moondogs (Texas Death match) Also on tonight's show: - Pete's protest: the lead analyst refuses to watch half of the card - Parv introduces the jobber offense count - Kelly gives Frank Savage a mini-bio - Johnny tests out a new theorum: if Bruno = Hogan and Bob = Bret, then Pedro = Warrior? - Plus: randomly the Titans pick their MVP for Wrestlemania 2 and The Kayfabe Memories Mystery Files of SD Jones The PWO-PTBN Podcast Network features great shows you can find right here at Place to Be Nation. By subscribing on iTunes or SoundCloud, you’ll have access to new episodes, bonus content, as well as a complete archive of: Where the Big Boys Play, Titans of Wrestling, Pro-Wrestling Super-Show, Good Will Wrestling, and Wrestling With the Past.
  10. http://placetobenation.com/titans-of-wrestling-46-wwf-june-to-september-1981/ Parv, Pete, Johnny and Kelly celebrate their return to WWF in 1981 by looking at a bunch of stuff from June to September before providing one whole HOUR of bonus content on the difficult-to-find Sgt. Slaughter vs. Pat Patterson matches from the Philly Spectrum. On the docket tonight: 06-20 SGT SLAUGHTER vs RICK MCGRAW WWF TV 07-11 DON MURACO vs STEVE KING WWF TV 07-20 DON MURACO vs PEDRO MORALES IC TITLE MADISON SQUARE GARDEN 07-25 MOONDOGS vs GAREA/MARTEL TAG TITLE WWF TV 08-01 ANDRE THE GIANT vs MOONDOG REX PHILADELPHIA SPECTRUM 08-01 BOB BACKLUND vs MOONDOG REX WWF TV 08-81 DON MURACO PROMO WWF TV 08-15 GREG VALENTINE vs MUHAMMED SAAD WWF TV 08-15 MURACO SQUASH, RICK MCGRAW INTERVIEW WWF TV 08-22 FUJI/SAITO vs HENNIG/SD JONES WWF TV 09-19 ANGELO MOSCA SQUASH, HITS PAT WITH PITCHER WWF TV Bonus: 04-18 SGT SLAUGHTER vs PAT PATTERSON PHILADELPHIA SPECTRUM 06-27 SGT SLAUGHTER vs MIL MASCARAS WWF TV CAPITAL CENTER 08-01 SGT SLAUGHTER vs PAT PATTERSON (alley fight) PHILADELPHIA SPECTRUM Highlights include: - "... and my name is, Joooooeee McHugh!" - Kayfabe most successful manager - Mini-bios for super-obscure jobbers Mohammad Saad and Tom Lynch - Random discussion of Lord Alfred Hayes and Vince Jr's odd love for him - Discussion of Masa Saito's career - And in the BONUS hour ... round up on the Slaughter vs. Patterson series, including comparisons of the Philly and MSG matches
  11. http://placetobenation.com/titans-of-wrestling-31-cobra-clutch-challenge-wwf-february-to-march-1981/ Parv, Pete, Johnny and Kelly travel to Allentown and they're closing all the factories down for the Cobra Clutch challenge! On the docket tonight: 02-21 Cobra Clutch Challenge: Jeff Carson 02-28 Cobra Clutch Challenge: Rick McGraw 02-28 Stan Hansen vs Steve King 03-07 Cobra Clutch Challenge: Pat Patterson - Discussion of the WWF TV product and them drawing in Canada - Johnny adopts the totally ridiculous stance that Chief Jay Strongbow was a good worker because crowds cheered for him - Bios for long-time ring announcer Joe McHugh, and jobbers Jack Carson, Ron Shaw, and the Black Demon - Slow-burn turns including random discussion of Sting's stupidity - Plus: Italian restaurants in St. Louis! The Love Brothers! The burial of David Sammartino! And much, much more. The PWO-PTBN Podcast Network features great shows you can find right here at Place to Be Nation. By subscribing on iTunes or SoundCloud, you’ll have access to new episodes, bonus content, as well as a complete archive of: Where the Big Boys Play, Titans of Wrestling, Pro-Wrestling Super-Show, Good Will Wrestling, and Wrestling With the Past.