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Found 114 results

  1. Charles (Loss)

    [2013-07-24-WWE-NXT] Emma vs Paige

    Talk about it here.
  2. A hair vs hair match under Super Libre rules. This is basically worked as a faux MMA match-they work in a Porky quasi-dive, but that's about it in terms of "clasic" lucha. Falls are won by shooty submissions instead of the theatrical ones you're used to in lucha matches. The crowd was molten for this one, heavily behind Porky. It's hard to describe exactly what this feels like-it isn't like a Danielson/Ki match that you can compare to Battlarts, if not in direct influence than in the conclusions they came to in how to construct a match. This feels uniquely mexican-it's not that far removed from the classic brawls. You can imagine Sangre Chicana working something like this if he was aware of MMA. It's not like there's some RINGS level matwork-much of it is boxing plus basic wrestling and punching on the ground, but there's a constant struggle to everything they do and it lacks the classic feeding lucha matches have that give matches a certain smoothness. One might be bother by the finish not being clean but Escorpion beating Porky so much it infuriated Maximo and caused him to snap and attack Escorpion was perfectly logical and felt like a satisfying finish, and the real "finish" of a hair vs hair match is the head shaving anyway. It's hard to compare Escorpion choking Porky by Headscissorsing him onto the ropes while simultaneously punching him to any other type of wrestling-he seems like a very creative wrestler, hopefully he'll get a platform to display that more often. ***3/4
  3. I have heard of both teams here, but I dont think that I have seen any of their stuff before. Then I realise that one of the members of the Sumerian death squad is tommy end aka Alistair black and I know I am in safe hands. We start with some shoot inspired mat work with end schooling one of the crists. Dante tags in, he looks like a beefy guy, I like him already some nice double teams. End back in, crists take over with a double team codebreaker and qudabra thing. End takes back over with a kick to the gut. Dante in clubs one of the crists. Quick tags beating him up. Jake makes comeback and tags in Dave, he hits a bunch of moves and then some dives. I think Dante screamed Fus Ro Dah at one point. He takes back over. Dante has his nose bust open somehow. Another comeback from the crists, cut off by high kick into German by end, retaliation from Jake with his own kick into tiger suplex, broken up . End knocks Dave out. Nasty double stomp from end. Super rana countered into a double stomp tombstone piledriver WTF. Gets the three count. I really enjoyed this, it was not an epic but at the same time felt like it could have been if it was the same story but three times the length as it felt like an epic tag match from ajpw in the Olympians era compressed into ten mins. There was zero down time and it flew by. End was violent, dante was stiff and looked badass with blood all over his face, the crists were good as a team taking a kicking but able to make quick comebacks with their innovative offense the look of them was very 80s Crockett just with extra tattoos. They finally were able to string a few moves together one of them being a nuts finisher to get the win. The only problem I see with the match was that due to it being so condensed nothing was given any time and it was back and forth very quick, there were some nasty moves such as the kicks from end or the tiger suplex that were done and then ignored, I would have liked a little more time given to selling these moves, but at its short length it was not a major problem at all. For a star rating I would go around ***1/2 it was very good a damm good upper midcard match I would like to see more of the death squad as they impressed me as a team here, can anyone recomend me any of their stuff
  4. Talk about it here.